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5g box

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forecast of the 4G and 5G mobile network
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Which mobile network will be available at home within 3 months ?

Mobile & Voice/SMS Internet
Forecast 5G coverage (3.5 GHz)

Cover of our mobile network to be put into service in 5G (3.5 GHz) in the next three months.

Forecast 5G coverage (2.1 GHz)

Cover of our mobile network to be put into service in 5G (2.1 GHz) in the next three months.

4G/4G coverage+ forecast
Cover of our mobile network to be put into service in 4G/4G+ in the next three months.
Forecast site in 2G, 3G, 4G and/or 5G
Site of our mobile network to be put into service in the next three months.
Cartographies 2G, 2G/3G, 3G, 4G and 5G dated:04/01/2023

This document lists the operator’s mobile network sites to be put into service in the next three months:
– Data date and time: 01/01/2023
– This list of sites corresponds to the sites that the operator plans to put into service in the quarter T1 2023.
It is possible that the commissioning of these sites takes place after the quarter considered or does not intervene, due to the vagaries linked to the deployments of the mobile networks.

What mobile network coverage
is already available at home ?

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of our mobile network

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The information on the coverage is issued as an indication and does not have a contractual value. The coverage areas are simulated in a computer way, it is therefore possible that certain inaccuracies exist.
In addition, the coverage can vary over time, due to many factors: the season, weather conditions, the number of users, the appearance of an obstacle.
Finally, the coverage inside the buildings can be altered depending on the building materials used, the presence of windows and the location of the phone inside the building. The card thus reflects an average estimate of the coverage inside the buildings, which may, in some cases, be less good.
The availability of the service can be strongly affected by the type and sensitivity of the terminal used. In this regard, the cards are simulated for an average terminal sensitivity.

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5g box

5g box

This is your case ?
So here are the advantages of 5g box

An ultra-simple installation

The box is ready to use, no need to wait for the activation of your line ! The only thing to do ? Connect your 5g box. And hop, you have wifi everywhere at home.

An ultra-fast flow

With 5G and WiFi 6, you benefit from a download rate up to 1.1 Gb/s. You can connect all your devices at the same time, without cutting or slowdown. And download a movie in only 16 seconds.

Most of TV on
Smartphone and tablet

1. You download free application B.TV on your smartphone or tablet 2. You connect your device to the WiFi network emitted from your 5G box 3. You benefit unlimited from 70 live channels and 25 replays (2) 4. And in addition, reply the screen of your smartphone to your TV equipped with Chromecast

The characteristics of 5G box in a glance



A compact box: 20.8 cm in height x 0.7 cm in width x 20.8 cm deep
Up to 64 users simultaneously
5G signal up to 1.1 Gbit/s for download (maximum theoretical flow)
WiFi 6 – Mimo 4×4 Double frequency (5 GHz / 2.4 GHz)
5 Ethernet ports for maximum speed on your devices

Questi O Ns on our 5g box ?
We answer you !

Why choose 5g box ?

You don’t have the fiber yet in your neighborhood ? While waiting for its arrival, a 5G box is the ideal solution to enjoy a very high speed internet connection.

How a 5g box works ?

Once connected to an electrical outlet, the box connects to the 5G network as a mobile phone. It then generates a WiFi signal in your accommodation, to which you can connect up to 240 devices (phones, tablets, computers, smart TV, connected speakers, etc.).

What is the Internet flow with a 5g box ?

With 5G Box, enjoy an ultra-fast speed up to up to 1.1 Gb/s for download and 58 Mb/s in sending. For telework, video games, movies and series in very high definition. Or for all this at the same time !

How to install the 5g box ?

The installation is very easy: simply connect your 5g box to an electrical outlet, and off we go ! Ideally, you have to place the 5g box where you best capture 5G in your accommodation (usually near a window). And hop, you just have to connect your devices to the WiFi network issued by your 5G Box !

Can we watch TV with a 5g box ?

Your 5G Box offer allows you to use the B application.TV on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It includes 70 live channels and 25 replays. If you wish (and your TV allows it), you can then duplicate the screen (“Caster”) on your TV.

1) 5g box offer: Offer valid from 01/02/2023. € 40.99/month for any new subscription subject to 5G (3.5GHz) and 4G coverage and commercial eligibility for your subscription address. Provision and termination costs: € 19 each. 5G network (3.5 GHz) being deployed. Theoretical maximum flow rates up to 1.1 gbit/s in downward flow and up to 58 Mbit/s in speed up according to the aggregated frequency bands. 5G coverage on and conditions of the offer in “prices”.

2) B.TV: List of TV channels at 23/01/2023 on Bouyguestelecom.en likely to evolve in mainland France.