MG Motor launches his social lease at € 99 per month on the MG4, Leasing MGMOTOR MG4 in LOA or LLD

Leasing MGMOTOR MG4: your car in LOA or LLD

Standard MG4, excluding option, the rental contract of which is signed between July 1, 2023 and August 31, 2023 and the circulation is carried out before September 30, 2023.

MG Motor launches his social lease at € 99 per month on the MG4

Courbevoie, June 30, 2023 – The manufacturer MG Motor continues its mission to make electric mobility tangible for French motorists by offering for the first time a 100 % versatile electric car at less than 100 € per month, without any other contribution than incentives for government purchase For an electric car.

Electric mobility is progress to reduce the environmental footprint of our trips and MG Motor has been striving since its return to the French market to promote this technology. Its objective is above all to democratize it to make it accessible to the greatest number, and allow French motorists to free themselves from fossil fuels.

Despite the urgency of this transition to electric mobility, the largest brake remains the price. With our financial partner Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, we set up our social leasing: without any contribution and subject to benefiting from the ecological super-bonus (€ 7,000) and the conversion bonus (€ 2,500), residents French will be able to subscribe to an LLD offer for a standard MG4 from 99 € per month for 2 years, without personal contribution as soon as August 1,. Note also that many local authorities have set up systems to further support government measures (ex. Low emissions areas).

Haojie Guo, CEO of MG Motor France:

“” Our wish is to make the electric car a reality in the life of French motorists. With our social leasing offer, we allow those who really need it to access an offer never seen before and discover the comfort of electric cars. »»

Julien Robert, director of sales and the MG Motor France network:

“” Social leasing has been at the heart of the news for over a year, but so far, without real concrete solution proposed to motorists initially targeted by the project. By launching this offer at € 99 per month without personal contribution, MG Motor continues its mission, that of making electric mobility tangible with a very equipped vehicle and a size suitable for family use. The MG Motor range allows the greatest number to make the transition to more responsible individual mobility. »»

The MG4, the first 100% electric versatile compact MP of MG Motor, in its “standard” finish is equipped with a 51 kWh battery of the LFP with reduced environmental impact which allows to reach a range of 350 km according to the WLTP cycle and recharges from 10 to 80% in 37 min on a continuous current charging station (88 kW). The MG4 is equipped with the latest driving and comfort aid technologies such as the adaptive regulator allowing semi-autonomous level 2, automatic air conditioning, 100% LED automatic lights or hand-free opening.

This offer at € 99 per month is reserved for individuals and consists as follows:

Standard MG4, excluding option, the rental contract of which is signed between July 1, 2023 and August 31, 2023 and the circulation is carried out before September 30, 2023.

Long -term rental contract (LLD) of 24 months and 20,000 km

1st rent of € 9,500 reduced to 0 € after deduction of:

  • € 7,000 ecological bonuses (under income conditions – € 14,089 in reference tax income per share)
  • € 2,500 of conversion bonus (subject to the rebate of a diesel vehicle put in circulation before 2011 or petrol put into circulation before 2006 and subject to eligibility)

23 monthly rents of € 99 including tax.

All details on the MG Motor website from July 1:

Find all the conditions of eligibility for purchase aids:

Ecological bonus: Decree n ° 2022-1761 of 30/12/2022

Leasing MGMOTOR MG4: your car in LOA or LLD


Agilauto offers you LOA or LLD for your future MGMOTOR MG4 !

Leasing*: Rent your mgmotor mg4 in LOA or LLD

The idea of ​​leasing for your MGMOTOR MG4 is attracting more and more but you do not know which formula to choose between the LOA (rental with option of purchase) and the LLD (long -term rental) ? As a self -leasing, Agilauto, Automobile Mobility Loan Crédit Agricole group specialist, answers all your questions.

Your MGMOTOR MG4 in LOA with Agilauto

LOA is a flagship formula from Agilauto. It allows users to ride with high -performance vehicles and acquire it or change it once the contract is completed. As its name suggests, it is a rental. This means that a fixed sum, corresponding to rent, is due each month.

Browse our catalog and discover a selection of MGMOTOR MG4 vehicles in stock and available immediately, or many other other vehicles available on order to personalize according to your desires !

With Agilauto, you can rent your next mgmotor MG4 with serenity. Our partner dealerships are committed to resuming your old vehicle, to deliver your MGMOTOR MG4 to you (the option is paid) and to personalize your LOA contract according to your needs.

What can we personalize in the LOA contract ?

Your contract is modular according to your needs and means. You can customize its duration, the amount of your possible contribution, the mileage, the options and other additional packs which determine the amount of the rent of your MGMOTOR MG4.

By opting for the LOA for your MGMOTOR MG4, you make sure to drive a reliable and maintained vehicle while mastering your budget thanks to the personalization of your contract.

At the end of it, you will have the choice: return the car to Agilauto or buy your MGMOTOR MG4 by adjusting the balance called “purchase option” in order to become the owner of it.

Rent your mgmotor mg4 in LLD with Agilauto

For a duration ranging from 12 to 60 months, you can use the LLD (long -term rental) to finally have the steering wheel of your MGMOTOR MG4 in your hands. Unlike the LOA, you cannot buy the vehicle after the rental contract. If you fell in love with the MGMOTOR MG4, you can however sign a new LLD contract for the same vehicle or a similar vehicle. The other option is simply to return the vehicle to Agilauto.

As soon as the contract is signed, our teams undertake to deal with all administrative procedures: gray card, registration, etc. (in accordance with the law). At the end of the contract, these same teams intervene once the MGMOTOR MG4 returned to manage the steps that mark the legal end of your LLD (in accordance with the law). You just have to make sure for civil liability: Agilauto takes care of the rest !

Agilauto advantages

You still hesitate ? Did you know that the vast majority of repairs and maintenance operations of your MGMOTOR MG4 are included in your LOA or LLD leasing contract ?

But that’s not all: well aware of the importance of switching to green mobility, Agilauto is committed to offering you a large offer of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Select your MGMOTOR MG4 by browsing our catalog and contact us to finalize your project !

Agilauto experts will be delighted to accompany you in the different stages that will take you behind the wheel of your .

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Objective and clear advice.

Opt for one of our formulas for the maintenance of your car.

Roll in a safe and comfortable car.

The Agilauto solution

LOA: Rental with purchase option

Agilauto is a brand of Consumer Finance.

Rental offer with purchase option reserved for individuals subject to acceptance by consumer finance donor, of which Agilauto is a brand, its capital of 554,482 € 422, 1 rue Victor Basch – CS 70001 – 91068 Massy Cedex, 542 097 522 RCS Evry. Insurance intermediary registered in the ORIAS under n ° 07 008 079 (ORIAS). You have a legal withdrawal right.

Optional insurance subscribed to Caci Life DAC (death), CACI NON LIFE DAC (total and irreversible loss of autonomy, permanent and total disability, total temporary incapacity for work) Fidelia Assistance (Home Assistance).

Excluding additional costs and gray card. Guarantee insurance compulsory purchase value to be subscribed to CA Consumer finance or with your insurer, and according to its own tariff conditions. The cost of this insurance is added to that of your rent and its amount will be deducted at the same time as your monthly rent if you opt for security insurance. Pacifica (RCS Paris 352 358 865, 8-10 bd Vaugirard, 75724 Paris Cedex 15). Foylia Diaperia (RCS Nanterre 377 768 601 – 27 Quai Carnot, BP550, 92212 Saint Cloud Cedex). Subscription to the purchase value guarantee is compulsory. It conditions the granting of the LOA Agilauto and must be maintained for the duration of the Loa Agilauto contract.

LLD: Long -term rental

Long -term rental offer subject to acceptance by CA Mobility SAS with a capital of € 22,700,000, 1 rue Victor Basch – CS 70001 – 91068 Massy Cedex, 832 479 133 RCS Evry. Insurance intermediary registered in the ORIAS under n ° 21 007 784 (www.orias.Fr).

Particular LLD: membership of services and insurance guarantees described in this document is optional and can be proposed in addition to a rental contract (membership subject to the agreement of insurers). The information communicated is non -contractual. All the guarantees are subscribed by CA Consumer Finance through EDA, a simplified joint -stock company with a capital of 22,700,000 euros, 1 rue Victor Basch – CS 70001 – 91068 Massy Cedex – 316 136 506 RCS Evry – ‘Insurance, registered at n ° 07 008 288 (ORIAS). EDA and CA Consumer Finance are companies governed by the Insurance Code and subject to the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority, 4 Place de Budapest – CS 92459 – 75436 PARIS CEDEX 09.

Professional LLD: Guarantee insurance compulsory purchase value to be taken out with CA Mobility or with your insurer, and according to its own tariff conditions. The cost of this insurance is added to that of your rent and its amount will be deducted at the same time as your monthly rent if you opt for security insurance: Pacifica (RCS Paris 352 358 865 – 8-10 bd de Vaugirard, 75724 Paris Cedex 15). Fidelia Assistance (RCS Nanterre 377 768 601 – 27 quai Carnot, BP 550, 92212 Saint -Cloud Cedex). The Aeras agreement facilitates access to insurance and credit for people with aggravated health risk. For more information, see the website: www.Aeras-Infos.Fr.

The description of the products offered for rental comes from the information of the manufacturers.. He cannot engage the responsibility of the company CA CONSUMER FINANCE. Photographs or illustrations are not contractual. Vehicles subject to availability.

*Since September 1, 2018, new light vehicles have been received in Europe on the basis of the harmonized test procedure for light vehicles (WLTP), test procedure to measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, more realistic than the NEDC procedure previously used.

** Information to benefit from the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus: from 2023 (according to decree n ° 2022-1761 of 30/12/2022), the amount of the ecological bonus is determined according to the engine of the new vehicle, its purchase price (maximum € 47,000), is capped at € 5,000 and possibly increased by € 2,000, therefore up to € 7,000 for individuals (1). On the other hand, the conversion premium is also conditioned on the eligibility of vehicles put to the rebuilding, the motorization and the price of the new vehicle: it can amount to € 6,000 (up to 80 % of the vehicle purchase price) for individuals (1). (1) According to the reference tax income of the household

***In accordance with the law.