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MacOS Monterey for Mac

Presented at WWDC 2021, it was developed to improve group productivity and share with other users all the work we do on our computers. This is why productivity tools have been improved to provide the best possible experience and applications such as Facetime play a particular role.

MacOS Monterey Mac

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MacOS Monterey is version 12 of the Apple operating system for laptops and office computers. He replaces MacOS Big Sur and held his name of the city of the same name (Monterey in Spanish) founded at the end of the 18th century and famous, among others, for his jazz festival.

Improve individual and collective productivity

Presented at WWDC 2021, it was developed to improve group productivity and share with other users all the work we do on our computers. This is why productivity tools have been improved to provide the best possible experience and applications such as Facetime play a particular role.

At a time when we became aware of the importance of sharing and proximity to others despite the physical distance, Apple focused the development of macOS in this direction, but has not forgotten relevant design adjustments or improvements brought to certain features to make them more agile, functional and private. These are the main news offered by Monterey:

  • FaceTime presents improvements in the transmission of video and sound, such as voice insulation or background blur. It also incorporates the Shareplay function to share the viewing experience with other people and the use of links to invite other users to call from Apple, Windows or Android devices.
  • Sharing functions in messages are improved.
  • Safari offers a new way to organize tabs in groups and a compact tabbar.
  • Customizable focusing mode with advanced filters to block non -important notifications. Can be adjusted for games, films, work.
  • Function allowing to create fast notes at any time, website or application with marking system for organization.
  • Direct sharing of the content of the iPhone or iPad on the Mac thanks to Airplay.
  • The Live Text function that makes all the text of the photos interactive on the system, which allows you to copy, translate them and search for them.
  • New shortcut application to define personalized shortcuts for computer functions.
  • Improvement of the Card application, which includes more details on cities and benchmarks.
  • Improved confidentiality in messaging to prevent activities.
  • iCloud is updated with new confidentiality features to prevent the transfer of emails or companies from following your navigation activity.

Monterey works on the following devices:

  • MacBook: In early 2016 and subsequent.
  • MacBook Air: early 2015 and subsequent.
  • MacBook Pro: early 2015 and later.
  • Mac Mini: late 2014 and more recently.
  • Imac: early 2015 and subsequent.
  • Imac pro: late 2017 and more recently.
  • Mac Pro: late 2013 and more recently.

Additional conditions and information:

  • Minimum operating system required: macOS 10.9.

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MacOS Monterey for Mac

MacOS Monterey

macOS Montery is the 18th major macOS update. This system was presented at a conference in June 2021 and offers interesting improvements for Mac. It brings a new life to the latter, with in particular silent use, optimal autonomy and exceptional performance. He also benefited from the improvement of office tools, the reshuffle of safari and the appearance of iOS shortcuts.

macOS Montery is the perfect representation of Material optimizations and Apple recent software outlets. The alternatives to Montrey include MacOS Big on, Mac OS Catalina and MacOS High Sierra.

What are the new features of MacOS Montery ?

The Safari address bar has been fully reviewed and its colors automatically adapt to those of the site consulted. For information, this presentation can be deactivated via the parameters.

The new ones Concentration modes synchronize with all Apple devices. They filter the notifications according to the activity and allow you to create different profiles.

FaceTime not only available on Mac. Android or Windows users can now join conversations through links.

The application Shortcut offers new automation for the completion of different tasks.

How to install MacOS Montery ?

Open the Mac App Store and click on the banner that informs of The availability of the update. Download will launch automatically.

A safe and efficient system

macOS Montery makes the bone more practical and easier to use, especially on iPad and iPhone. It also improves compatibility, performance and Mac stability, Without ignoring security. It has several unpublished features, including Livetext, iOS shortcuts or the Universal Control.

  • Secure browsing
  • Efficient concentration modes
  • Presence of iOS shortcuts
  • FaceTime available on other supports

Download MacOS 12 Monterey Beta Public (free)

Download MacOS 12 Monterey Beta Public Free 02 - Download MacOS 12 Monterey Beta Public (free)

You will therefore be able to install it on your Mac or MacBook Pro to discover in preview its new features. Among these, there is, among other things, universal control, which allows users to simultaneously operate a Mac and an iPad using a single mouse or Shareplay. There is also the function to watch several and at the same time television shows and films on FaceTime.

Download MacOS 12 Monterey Beta Public Free 03 - Download MacOS 12 Monterey Beta Public (free)

You can also test the improvements made to your favorite native software. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you will finally be able to use facetime with all your contacts both on iOS and on Android. Although this version of MacOS 12 Monterey is relatively stable, it is not recommended to install it on your main computer due to the many bugs that could still remain. You can also follow the installation procedure in the video in French following.

Mac lists compatible with this update

  • Mac Pro (late 2013 and beyond)
  • Mac Mini (late 2014 and beyond)
  • MacBook Air (early 2015 and beyond)
  • MacBook Pro (early 2015 and beyond)
  • iMac (end of 2015 and beyond)
  • MacBook (early 2016 and beyond)
  • IMAC PRO (late 2017 and later)

The latest version of the MacOS 12 alias Monterey Beta Public for MacOS 12 and Plus operating system is to download for free on the Apple site here. Note that you must have an Apple identifier to access it.