Low cost offers from NRJ Mobile, cheap mobile package for less than € 10: offers at low prices

Cheap mobile package for less than 10 €: offers at low prices

It is possible to personalize this subscription at will to adapt it to your needs. The SFR WiFi service allows to connect unlimited to SFR hotspots. This offer is also Usable from the European Union and the DOMs as in France, With 5 GB of mobile data allocated.

NRJ mobile low cost offers

As MVNO, NRJ Mobile has offered low cost offers since its creation in 2005. Since then, classic operators have launched their own low cost brands. Here is the comparison of the prices of the different operators.

  • The essential
  • Mobile NRJ propose 3 WOOT Mobile Packages who are all without engagement.
  • The operator’s packages and options have changed a lot in the past two years.
  • Mobile NRJ compared to competition is relatively well placed thanks to its non -binding packages.

You want to take out a mobile NRJ offer ?

Mobile NRJ packages without obligation

Without commitment, the mobile mobile plans are called Woot. These offers use Bouygues Telecom 3G and 4G networks. With these packages, subscribers cannot buy a mobile at a reduced price. There are 3 Woot mobile plans, and these 3 subscriptions are marketed for less than 20 €/month. Do not hesitate to come and discover the NRJ mobile non -binding packages

Ultimate Speed ​​Mobile Packages with NRJ Mobile commitment

Packages NRJ Mobile Ultimate Speed ​​are no longer marketed online. However, we detail their content for users still engaged with these packages

With commitment, the mobile mobile packages are called Ultimate Speed. It is possible to take out an Ultimate Speed ​​subscription with a engagement of 12 or 24 months. The packages with 12 months commitment are more expensive since the subscriber is linked to the operator for a shorter duration. There are 4 Ultimate Speed ​​mobile packages, but Only two are offered at less than 25 €/month.

Ultimate Speed ​​packages Calls from Europe Mobile internet Prices with 24 -month commitment Prices with commitment 12 months
2h00 MB 2h 500 MB € 12.99/month € 18.99/month
5 GB Unlimited 5 GB € 19.99/month € 25.99/month

NRJ Mobile’s blocked for ex-trays

With or without commitment, it is possible to take out one of the two mobile packages blocked for less than 20 €/month. These mobile subscriptions are called Be live, They both have a 12 -month commitment duration.

Be Live blocked packages Calls in France Mobile internet Additional offers 12 months prices
1h 1h 20 MB Digital Coach (parental control)
Advantage -16 years: 1 hour of calls to the 2 numbers of parents
€ 10.99/month
2h 2h 1 GB € 15.99/month

THE Be Live blocked packages are no longer marketed, it is therefore impossible to subscribe to it. However, we detail their content for users still engaged with these packages

Low cost mobile packages of French operators

The 3 main French operators, Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom have a low cost brand, Sosh, Red and B & You. Unlike Free Mobile which is considered a low cost mobile operator, due to the low prices of these mobile subscriptions.

Here is a comparison of the price of the cheapest subscriptions, with low cost offers from these mobile operators and NRJ mobile.

You are looking for a mobile offer adapted to your needs ?

With this table, the first NRJ mobile package is the most expensive compared to other comparators. However, packages at less than € 10/month are generally (B & You, Sosh and Free Mobile with only 50MB) Without or little mobile internet. NRJ Mobile, on the other hand, offers two packages for less than € 10/month.

The comparison below includes the first 10 non-binding packages less than 10 €/month Classified in order of increasing price:

NRJ Mobile customer service

NRJ Mobile has a telephone customer service that can be reached 6 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The operator also has partners who offer its mobile packages (Crédit Mutuel, CIC, Vivremobile).

If you want to subscribe to a mobile NRJ offer, you can go to the online NRJ store.

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Cheap mobile package for less than 10 €: offers at low prices

Cheap mobile package

Mobile operators have various and varied cheap mobile packages in order to meet the needs and budgets of all people. There are therefore cheap packages with many characteristics, that is to say below € 10 per month. Some are even below € 5 per month, with or without any particular promotion.

Among these cheap packages, we find them for all tastes, some blocked and some with unlimited calls and sms. Thus, this type of cheap mobile package is mainly intended for people who do not need the internet on their phone or simply not having the budget to afford a better offer. With the arrival of without commitment, There are more and more subscriptions at broken prices, which benefits consumers a lot.

However, it is not uncommon to see very complete subscriptions for less than 10 or 5 euros per month, with important internet envelopes. In this specific case, this is made possible thanks to promotions whose duration is generally limited to 6 or 12 months.

Why choose a cheap mobile plan ?

  • In order to save money: It is possible to subscribe to plans for less than 10 euros/month and considerably reduce your invoices.
  • For limited needs: offers at less than 5 euros or even 2 euros/month exist if your call needs and data are low.
  • For complete needs: By taking advantage of promotions, some very complete packages (unlimited with up to 100 GB of data) are less than 10 €/month.

The cheapest mobile plans: comparison of operators’ offers

Search Criteria

  • Without engagement
  • 12 -month commitment
  • 24 -month commitment
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Free mobile
  • Orange
  • SFR
  • Auchan Telecom
  • B & you
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Cdiscount Mobile
  • Mobile CIC
  • Coriolis Telecom
  • Crédit Mutuel Mobile
  • Free mobile
  • Mobile Post
  • Lebara
  • Lycamobile
  • Mobile mint
  • Northnet
  • Mobile NRJ
  • Orange
  • Prixtel
  • Red by SFR
  • Mobile
  • SFR
  • Sim+
  • Sosh
  • Mobile source
  • Syma Mobile
  • Telecoop
  • Youprice
  • During 3 months
  • During 6 months
  • For 12 months
  • For 24 months
  • Without duration
  • BOX customer
  • Calls abroad
  • esim
  • Package + phone at a reduced price
  • Blocked plan
  • Border
  • Multi-Sim
  • Connected watch option
  • TV
  • Wireless


  • Apple
  • Google
  • Oppo
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • 11t
  • 12t
  • 12t pro
  • Find X5
  • Galaxy A12
  • Galaxy A14
  • Galaxy A33 5G
  • Galaxy A34
  • Galaxy A53 5G
  • Galaxy A54
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 Fe
  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21 Fe
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22+
  • Galaxy S23
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23+
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 pro
  • iPhone 15 pro max
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone SE 3
  • iPhone XR
  • Mi 11 5g
  • Pixel 6a
  • Redmi 9a
  • Redmi Note 10
  • Redmi Note 11
  • Redmi Note 12
  • Redmi Note 12 Pro
  • Reno6 5g
  • Xiaomi 12
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • Xiaomi 13
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro

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Several operators have decided to launch inexpensive phones subscriptions with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for less than € 10 per month who are a real success with consumers. These subscriptions are very popular and may interest any consumer. It turns out that for less than 10 euros, Certain offers also allow access to consequent data envelopes in 4G in addition to all unlimited on communications.

Cheap mobile packages

The cheapest mobile packages of mobile operators: the comparison.

Cheap mobile packages with unlimited at less than 10 €

There are a substantial number of operators, but there are four main ones who are orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free Mobile. These operators (except Free) have specific marks for their non -binding offers. It is Sosh, B & You, and Red by SFR. Very active, their offers are generally the most attractive and cheapest.

In addition, alternative operators called MVNO are very aggressive and regularly offer the cheapest mobile packages thanks to strong reductions. We thus find the mobile post, NRJ Mobile, Syma Mobile, Prixtel, or Cdiscount Mobile and Auchan Telecom. The only peculiarity being that these inexpensive mobile packages are generally for a limited period.

B & YOU low prices

Bouygues Télécom offers subscriptions without commitment under the brand B & You. This range has a cheap package below 10 €. With Its unlimited B & You subscription (24/24), The operator is distinguished by offering calls, SMS and unlimited MMS as well as 100 MB to consult a few pages on the Internet with the 4G network. This package also includes unlimited calls and SMS to the DOM. For this package, we must pay € 9.99 per month, Difficult to do better at this price.

However, the operator regularly offers interesting promotional offers in order to benefit from a cheaper phone package with a lot of data. Currently, Bouygues Télécom offers the following subscriptions:

  • B & YOU 5 GB package With unlimited telephone communications + 5 GB in Europe/DOM for € 4.99/month.
  • B & you 40 Go package With unlimited telephone communications + 16 GB in Europe/DOM for € 9.99/month.
  • B & you 130 GB 5G package Always with unlimited telephone communications and 25 GB of data to consume roaming in Europe and in the French overseas departments, all for € 15.99 per month. Existing offer with 200 GB of 5G for € 19.99/month.

Red by SFR’s cheapest offers

Red by SFR, the operator’s subsidiary to the Red Carré also offers a very complete and cheap unlimited mobile plan. This offer to € 4.99 per month Includes calls, SMS and unlimited MMS in France, and even 5 GB of data as well as the possibility of adding several options to complete the offer.

It is possible to personalize this subscription at will to adapt it to your needs. The SFR WiFi service allows to connect unlimited to SFR hotspots. This offer is also Usable from the European Union and the DOMs as in France, With 5 GB of mobile data allocated.

Currently, Red by SFR offers several cheap mobile packages on promotion:

  • The unlimited RED package 5 GB, Including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 5 GB of mobile data for € 4.99 per month only.
  • The unlimited Red Package 40 GB, Including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 40 GB of mobile data for € 9.99 per month only.
  • The 80 GB unlimited Red Package, Also including unlimited all in France and 80 GB of mobile data for € 11.99 per month. Existing offer with 130 GB of 5G for € 15.99/month.

Sosh’s low prices packages

The subscription offered by Sosh is just as interesting. In addition to having 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS & MMS, this cheap mobile subscription also offers 100 MB in 4G to have minimum access to the Internet. As for the Red by SFR package, the SOSH offer also allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi Hotspots of Orange unlimited as well as many additional advantages. SMS and MMS are also unlimited to the French overseas departments. The price of this low price package is set to € 5.99 per month.

Sosh can make promotions on his subscriptions or special series in order to lower his prices in the face of competitors’ offers. Currently, there are several interesting special series:

  • The 130 GB package offered at € 15.99 still with unlimited telephone communications and 20 GB usable in roaming;
  • The 1 GB package at € 7.99/month, with the whole unlimited and 1 GB in Europe;
  • A last 40 GB package marketed at € 11.99/month with 12 GB in roaming, and always unlimited communications.

Choosing a cheap mobile package with free mobile

The Free Mobile operator is historically The cheapest operator on the market And it is therefore important to regularly consult your offers. In addition to the cheap historic mobile package at only € 2.00 per month, and even free for Freebox subscribers, with 2 hours of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 50 MB of data, the operator also offers another subscription in series very attractive limited.

Each week, the Free Series offer evolves between € 8.99/month and € 14.99/month and includes many advantages. With this cheap mobile package generally less than € 10/month, subscribers will be able to call and send unlimited SMS/MMS, while enjoying a very large Data 4G+ volume, between 60 and 140 GB on average. With this, 18 GB are generally included for your trips to Europe/DOM, in addition to unlimited for calls and SMS/MMS.

To summarize, Free Mobile offers 3 offers, including 2 that can easily characterize “cheap”:

  • The 2h package Displayed at 2 €/month with unlimited SMS/MMS and 50 MB of data;
  • The 120 GB package displayed at € 12.99/month with the whole unlimited + 120 GB of Data in 4G + and 18 GB in Europe/DOM.

Unlimited mobile package

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Cheap phone packages at less than € 10 of MVNO operators

In addition to the main mobile operators that are Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Orange, Other so -called virtual operators offer cheap phone packages for less than 10 euros per month, with the whole unlimited. These offers are sometimes more attractive, especially during special promotions.

Subscriptions at low prices

The Prixtel operator offers a very low price subscription with its adjustable package called oxygen. In addition to this cheap subscription, another offer is offered at € 10 per month with the whole unlimited. This is the Subscription Le Petit whose minimum price is displayed at € 5.99/month. The latter provides access to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 4G with 10 to 20 GB each month.

The price oxygen range is interesting since it evolves according to the consumption of members via three levels. The rate evolves according to 4G Internet consumption with a first level at € 7.99/month up to 30 GB, a second level at € 10.99/month up to 50 GB and a last level at € 12.99/ month up to 70 GB. All these prices are valid without duration.

Currently, the most affordable mobile plan is the small:

  • Prixtel package – Le Petit 10 GB at € 5.99/month with unlimited (calls/SMS/MMS).
  • Prixtel package – Le Petit 15 GB at € 7.99/month still with the whole unlimited.
  • Prixtel package – Le Petit 20 GB at € 9.99/month with the same advantages.

The most affordable mobile packages in Syma

Syma Mobile is a very attractive alternative operator that offers the cheapest packages on the market. Several of its subscriptions are advantageous with many services for competitive prices. This is the case with the unlimited and without commitment package called “Le Neuf”. For only € 9.99/month, It allows its users to telephone and send unlimited SMS/MMS, and above all to use No less than 100 GB of Data in 4G.

In addition, it is possible to call to the international to 100 destinations from France, as well as towards European mobiles, without limit of hours per month. In Europe, homelessness is possible (calls, SMS and MMS), and 10 GB are included.

here are the Syma packages at less than 10 €/month:

  • The six at € 6.99/month with unlimited + 20 GB of data.
  • The new one at € 9.99/month, all unlimited with 100 GB in 4G.

The cheapest packages of mobile post

La Poste Mobile offers several cheap mobile packages for less than 10 euros with the whole unlimited or with a restricted period of calls. All subscriptions therefore benefit from unlimited SMS and MMS in France. The data volume varies however depending on the offer chosen since the 1st offer will have 100 MB against 120 GB for the more complete offer. The same services are also available in Europe and from the French overseas departments.

Currently, La Poste Mobile offers:

  • A package with 60 GB For € 10.99 with the whole unlimited and 10 GB in Europe and DOM.
  • The most complete package with 120 GB For € 14.99/month, always with unlimited communications and 15 GB in roaming.
  • A 2 hour package with 100 MB For € 4.99/month with unlimited SMS and MMS.
  • The first four months of subscription offered with these three packages.

The least expensive subscriptions of mobile NRJ

NRJ Mobile, using the Bouygues Telecom network, also displays a package for less than 10 euros per month. This offer then allows access to several advantages. First of all, as with other packages, unlimited is included (calls, SMS and MMS). Finally, to access the Internet, an envelope of 100 MB is included in 4G, and also usable in Europe. This non -binding package is then proposed to € 9.99/month.

NRJ Mobile regularly displays attractive promotions with large data envelopes for advantageous prices. Currently, there are three offers without a low price:

  • NRJ Mobile Package 30 GB For € 7.99/month.
  • 80 GB Mobile NRJ package at € 9.99/month.
  • 100 GB mobile NRJ package For € 10.99/month.
  • Mobile NRJ Package 150 GB 5G for € 12.99/month.

Phone packages at a very low price with Cdiscount Mobile

On the side of Cdiscount Mobile which works with the Bouygues Telecom network, there are very frequent cheap mobile packages thanks to high temporary promotions. Apart from these ephemeral offers, the operator has a range of plans with very affordable rates from € 2 to 11 € per month.

The cheapest offer of Cdiscount Mobile is therefore the 200 -minute package at € 2/month, with unlimited SMS and MMS. Even if this subscription can attract, consumers are more attentive to other limited offers which offers 30 to 200 GB of data from € 1.99/month during strong promotions.

Currently, Cdiscount Mobile highlights several attractive offers ::

  • Cdiscount Mobile 10 GB package for € 5.99 per month;
  • Cdiscount Mobile 80 GB package for € 9.99 per month;
  • Cdiscount Mobile 30 GB package for € 7.99 per month;
  • Cdiscount Mobile 150 GB package For € 12.99 with 5G.

Lebara’s really inexpensive mobile packages

Lebara is a rather known mobile operator for its prepaid SIM cards but which also offers a range of mobile packages without a really cheap. The operator succeeds in competing with the main operators by regularly displaying the cheapest mobile offers on the market.

Lebara offers a very first price at 2 euros/month for a very limited package with 2 hours of unlimited calls and SMS. However, it is above all Cheap mobile packages with Lebara data that seduce subscribers. The operator offers 20 to 130 GB of data from € 5.99/month, all on the Orange mobile network.

Here are the cheapest packages of Lebara:

  • Lebara 20 GB package for € 5.99/month;
  • Lebara 40 GB package for € 7.99/month;
  • 100 GB Lebara package for € 9.99/month;
  • Lebara 130 GB package For € 13.99/month.

Cheap packages with a few hours of calls for less than € 5

Monpetitforfait has selected all cheap mobile packages with a limited volume of calls for less than € 5/month. And we can see that there are sometimes substantial price differences from one package to another. This comparison allows you to choose the best offer comprising a few hours of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS and a limited data volume.

Mobile packages at less than 5 euros are increasingly rare. However, there are still some operators offering this type of mobile packages, generally with a limited call period, and a very low data volume. These offers are appreciated by consumers using their phone very little.

Here are the operators offering packages for less than 5 euros:

  • YOUPRICE: From € 4.99/month for the mini mobile package with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, as well as 5 GB of data. This cheap mobile package is available with the SFR or Orange network.
  • Mobile Post: € 4.99 per month to benefit from a subscription with 2 hours of calls every month and unlimited SMS and MMS in France. An internet envelope is included with 100 MB of data, and it is possible to use this package from Europe and the DOM as in France.
  • Sosh: € 5.99 per month for this offer allowing to call for 2 hours every month, to France and the DOM. In addition, SMS and MMS will be unlimited, also to the French overseas departments and France. For the internet, 100 MB are included in 3G/4G, and access to Orange Wi-Fi on the operator’s Wi-Fi antennas in France is unlimited.
  • Free mobile : € 2.00/month to enjoy 2 hours of calls to fixed and mobile in France. The volume of calls also makes it possible to telephone international by calling the fixed to 100 countries and the mobiles of the USA, Canada, and other countries. SMS and MMS are unlimited and 50 MB are offered in 3G/4G with the cheapest package on the market, without forgetting unlimited access to freewifi hotspots.
  • B & YOU: € 4.99/month for this subscription which includes unlimited to call and SMS and MMS unlimited. The offer includes a data envelope amounting to 5 GB in 4G, fully usable in Europe and DOM. A 5G option is available for € 3/month.
  • Cdiscount Mobile: € 2.00/month for this entry -level package which has the fault of not including unlimited SMS and MMS (limited to 200 per month). However, it has a 200 -minute call, or 3 hours and 20 minutes of communications. On the other hand, 200 MB in 4G are offered to browse the internet.
  • Lebara: For only 3 €/month, the operator has a subscription with 2 hours of calls as well as unlimited SMS on the orange network. However, there is no accessible data volume to go on the internet.

Free Mobile remains the leader in the field of cheap packages With in particular an unbeatable advantage for Freebox subscribers: free for the package usually billed € 2 each month.

0 euro mobile package for children

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What are the best cheap mobile packages in September 2023 ?

This month, operators offer many cheap mobile packages thanks in particular to numerous promotions or fleeting special offers. We can therefore find mobile packages at reduced prices for 1 year, and sometimes without duration specified by the operator.

In this month of September 2023, here are the best cheap mobile packages:

  1. Pricetel: The small at € 5.99/month with 10 GB of Data in 4G;
  2. Lebara : The 20 GB at € 5.99/month with 20 GB of 4G Internet;
  3. Syma: The six to 6.99 €/month with the whole unlimited and 20 GB;
  4. B & YOU: The 40 GB at € 9.99/month with unlimited and 40 GB;
  5. Red by SFR: The 5 GB at € 4.99/month with 5 GB of Data in 4G;

What are the advantages of a cheaper package ?

A low -cost phone package is no longer as difficult to find as before. The fact remains that these subscriptions at less than 10 euros, or even less than 5 euros, do not have as much services and data as the more expensive offers. Unless you find a cheap subscription with an exceptional promotion, as frequently happens, the services are actually rudimentary.

It is thus quite rare to find a mobile plan for less than 5 euros with the whole unlimited and an important internet envelope. Rare does not mean impossible. Such offers are thus regularly offered during major promotions periods, like the holiday season, sales or black friday.

Cheap mobile package

Find a cheaper mobile plan, less than 10 euros or 5 euros/month depends on the promotions and needs of each.

Low -priced packages are therefore advantageous to save money, but also to benefit from an offer rich in services, And all the more during special promotions. Several times a year, operators offer some of their subscriptions at broken prices or with boosted services, for a period limited to 6 or 12 months or sometimes without specifying.

Please note: even when operators do not specify the duration of the promotion, these are not valid offers for life. On the contrary, the operators can increase the price and / or tenders at any time, even without the consent of the member.

During these periods, it is therefore strongly recommended to change telephone subscription. You will understand, a cheap package does not necessarily want to mean that the services are lower, at least, this is not the case when promotions are applied to certain subscriptions which are very comprehensive.

The other advantage of cheaper packages, is that they are generally without non -duration, this is particularly the case for offers at less than 5 euros at Sosh, Red by SFR, B & You, Free Mobile and other operators.

Promo mobile package

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How to find a cheap mobile plan ?

Operators without commitment and with engagement therefore offer subscriptions at sometimes very attractive prices, which we characterize as a cheap mobile package. In most cases, The cheapest plans will be those of operators without commitment such as Red by SFR, Free Mobile, Sosh, B & You and other MVNOs. However, it is also possible to subscribe to mobile plans sometimes free of charge when you are already internet subscriber at certain operators, which can be a real plus for certain families. The operators offer special discounts for 1 or more mobile packages, this is particularly the case with Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free.

To be able to take advantage of the best possible promotions, certain periods are more conducive. Operators regularly offer promotions and special offers which are generally very attractive and thus make it possible to achieve significant savings. In general, we find this type of offer several times in the year, such as for the Christmas period with very competitive offers, or for the start of the school year. In order not to miss the opportunity to reduce your bills, so you have to stay alert And regularly consult the sites of operators, where to subscribe to their Twitter account so as not to miss the best offers.

To find a cheap mobile plan, you have to:

  • Regularly consult the sites of operators or package comparators to find the best cheap package.
  • Stay particularly attentive during periods of sales, back to school, and end -of -year (Black Friday and Christmas).
  • Regularly change operator to always take advantage of the cheapest mobile offer.
  • Check the private sales sites and the exclusive promotions of certain comparators of mobile plans such as MonpetitForfait.

Advice from myLittlePackage

Operators also offer reduction codes For some of their packages in order to drop the monthly invoice of the mobile package. This is the case of many operators such as SOSH, NRJ Mobile, La Poste Mobile, B & You and others.

You can for example consult the Red by SFR promo codes to be sure that you will take advantage of the right offer. MonpetitForfait also frequently updates these reduction codes for each operator in order to keep you informed of the latest innovations.

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