List of mobile operators in France |, Mobile and Internet operator: List of suppliers in France

Mobile and Internet operator: List of suppliers in France

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Mobile operators

Auchan Telecom is an MVNO type telecom operator belonging to the Euro-Information Telecom group (1.7 million customers in all). Auchan Telecom has the competitive advantage of having established partnerships with the three classic operators: SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange. This allows him to have more flexibility in these offers with or without commitment. You can subscribe to Auchan stores or online.

Bouygues Telecom is one of the historic operators of the Telecom network in France. It offers many offers for both mobile and internet access via ADSL or fiber. B & You offers as well as sensation are spearheads of the Bouygues Telecom telephony offer. Internet access is available according to multiple packages that allow you to adapt to the needs of each.

Cdiscount Mobile is a MVNO type mobile operator founded in 2011. He used the frequencies and infrastructures of SFR at first, then knotted alliances with Orange and Bouygues Telecom afterwards. All offers are without commitment with round prices: 2 euros/month, 9 euros/month or 15 euros/month (all unlimited + 40 GB of data).

Coriolis Telecom is founded in 1989. This MVNO has established partnerships with SFR, Bouygues Télécom and Orange and offers mobile plans and Internet access offers with fiber or ADSL. The operator is notably very present among professionals with the provision of services such as the management of multi-operator fleets or dedicated invoicing.

Free is one of the 4 operators with its own antennas network. Free has always been the troublemaker of internet access and mobile telephony by offering more services for cheaper. Free has established itself today as a safe bet thanks to effective packages and internet access offering today ADSL and fiber.

La Poste Mobile is the mobile phone offer offered by La Poste and using the SFR network. It allows access to mobile offers without commitment as well as the Internet by ADSL. La Poste is based on its large postal agency network in order to be able to offer a local service, in particular for the opening of a new line or new Internet access.

NRJ Mobile is a MVNO held by EI Telecom. It offers a wide range of low-cost mobile telephony offers. The operator offers SIM alone non -binding packages as well as offers with smartphone and commitment. Although NRJ mobile subscriptions rather target a young audience, some of its packages are intended for professionals.

The Orange operator is the first French operator in number of subscribers, since it is formerly France Telecom. The operator offers a very wide range of offers for all needs and all budgets both in the field of mobile telephony and in internet access, especially by fiber. Orange also offers low-cost packages for simplified access.

Prixtel, bought by Altice (SFR) in the summer of 2021, offers the fairly rare choice of packages whose invoice adapts to your consumption. Building on the SFR network, the operator’s packages allow you to have data consumption varying depending on the month, at low cost. This is a good combination between low price and adaptability. In addition, Prixtel undertakes to offer mobile plans with neutral carbon footprint by planting trees to compensate for all CO2 emissions from their packages.

Red by SFR is the brand under which SFR markets its many access packages for mobile and internet telephony. The customer is offered a wide choice of non -binding packages, covered by 4G. Options allow you to personalize your package in addition to being able to choose your amount of data. It is also possible to personalize your box offer.

Formerly Afone Mobile, Réglo Mobile is a MVNO which was launched in 2009 by the Leclerc group. The brand uses the SFR network to offer low -cost mobile packages, some of which are made for people using their mobile phone.

SFR is one of the four historic operators in France to have its own network of antennas for mobile telephony. This allows SFR to offer a wide range of packages for telephony or Internet access. With or without mobile, with or without commitment, at various price levels depending on the characteristics, there is something for all needs.

Sosh is the Low-Cost brand of Orange for access to mobile telephony. The operator offers packages with or without mobile and with or without commitment as well as Internet access. The packages are reduced to the various conventional options to offer effective and affordable access for the greatest number, while enjoying the quality of the Orange network.

Source Mobile is a virtual operator launched by Bouygues Telecom with a simple idea: to offer a responsible and united mobile operator. The principle is simple: a unique package, at a single price, and all excess gigas can be offered to the association of its choice. In this way, the consumer has a cheap package, capable of satisfying the majority of his needs, and which can help him support a cause that is close to his heart.

Syma Mobile is a mobile phone operator that offers a particularly simplified low-cost offer. It thus proposes that 4 packages ranging from minimum to unlimited on calls, SMS and data. The operator also offers a prepaid card charging system. All packages are without commitment to Syma Mobile.

Youprice is a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) which has just arrived on the mobile telephony market for the general public. Its trademark: offer cheap and non -binding packages, with the possibility of adjusting its subscription to its consumption. That is to say that every month, your bill adapts to your mobile internet consumption. Like that, thanks to the adjustable youprice package, you are sure to always pay the right price.

What is a mobile operator ?

A mobile operator provides mobile telephony services, including networking the customer’s phone through a SIM card, invoicing and an assistance service. There are four network operators in France: Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile. Virtual mobile network operators called MVNO such as the mobile post, NRJ Mobile, CIC Mobile also offer telephone services by praising the networks of network operators.

Mobile operators history

In 1955 the first Manuel R150 mobile phone network opened in Paris and in the Paris region. To its automation in 1973, there are 500 subscribers. Thirty years later, France Telecom created the Radiocom 2000 which mobilizes transportable analog phones integrated into cars. It constitutes the first network (1g) and reaches more than 60,000 subscribers. It was from 1987 that the market opened with the entry of the first private mobile operator SFR, created by the Compagnie Générale des Eaux. Its network is gradually competing with that of France Telecom. The first wireless “mobile phone” was launched by France Telecom in 1991 and is named Bi-Bop. However, its scope remains very low and is therefore used only in urban areas. It was not until 1992 that France Telecom developed the first French digital mobile telephony network which used digital technology mobilizing the frequency band of 900 MHz. It follows a democratization of the use of mobile phones with the boom of major brands such as Nokia, Alcatel or Ericsson. SFR was quick to follow France Telecom a few months later, the two operators engaged in rude competition. Marketing operations are multiplying to seduce customers. In this regard, SFR offers in 1994 an hour of communication to all new subscribers. 280,000 there are then.

In 1996, the first general public package “Déclic” was born, launched by France Telecom. It offers customers a price of 100 francs per month which charges 4 francs per minute for calls during the day and 1 franc during off -peak hours. However, the arrival of a new mobile operator the same year upset the market. In 1996, Bouygues Télécom offered his “mobile telephony package”, much more practical because taking into account the communication minutes directly in the package. Bouygues Telecom also adopts the targeting of young people as strategy because they are more able to change their habits. The prices of mobile telephony offers gradually decrease in the face of this development of competition. The year 1997 also marks the appearance of prepaid cards offered by Nomad de Bouygues Telecom. They allow you to benefit from a SIM card without necessarily subscribing to a monthly package. Two years later, the same operator launched the “Millennium” package which allows you to telephone unlimited weekend. Thus, in 1999, there were nearly 20 million mobile subscribers including 10 at France Telecom, 7 at SFR and 3.5 at Bouygues Telecom.

In line with its strategy in favor of young people, Bouygues Télécom launches new packages in the 2000s including the “Ultym’up” package which allows adolescents to benefit from a blocked package coupled with dedicated services. For its part, SFR creates red square guarantees to increase the loyalty of its customers. At the same time, Nokia is developing her first phone which gives access to the web, giving birth at the same time the first internet subscription for mobile phone.In 2001, France Télécom and its brands such as itineuris or Mobicarte joined under the Orange brand. The same year, the first GPRS network was launched by SFR. It allows access to the Internet with a better connection than the GSM.

The third generation (3G) arrived in 2004. Indeed, it is only from this year that the mobile internet is developing via SFR and Orange that launch their UMTS network (3G). For its part, Bouygues Télécom created its Edge network (2.75g). At the same period, Orange becomes a private company and the first MVNOs were born. The history of mobile telephony in France is also marked by several scandals, notably that of illegal understanding on market share concluded between Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom. The three operators received in 2005 534 million euros fine. The 2000s are also those of the development of smartphones with a touch screen. In 2007, the emblematic iPhone arrived in France exclusively at Orange. Bouygues continues to revolutionize the mobile telephony market by offering an unlimited package 24 hours a day called NEO 24/24.

The arrival of Free on the Internet Access Provider Market

Permitted by Arcep’s decision, the arrival of Free in 2012 as the fourth mobile operator has deeply shaken the market with a significant drop in prices (-11.4 % from the first year), the generalization of subscriptions without commitment and the significant increase in the number of customers. History dates back to the end of 2009, when Free Mobile won the ARCEP call for tenders for a fourth mobile network.

Free’s success is based on the proposal for much cheaper offers than its competitors. This success can in particular be explained by the national roaming agreement signed between the fourth operator and Orange in March 2011 which allows subscribers of the Free network to be able to telephone and exchange data through the Orange network. In addition, the operator presents two revolutionary 3G offers for the time: on the one hand, at all unlimited for the price of 20 euros, on the other hand, benefit from an hour of call and 60 SMS for 2 euros.

Consequently, many low-cost brands hatch in the face of the harsh competition from the new operator. B & YOU, SOSH or the RED series of SFR develops having in common the proposal for tenders without commitment to duration.

4G development

3G, 4G and 5G are the successive generations of mobile network, wireless internet connection technologies. If 3G developed in France in 2004 through SFR and Orange operators, 4G does not appear until 2012 in 2012. Launched by the three historic operators Bouygues Télécom, SFR and Orange, the LTE networks (4G) are deployed everywhere in France and come into service in 2013. In 2015, there are more than 20,000 4G branches.

Comparative table of offers from mobile telephony operators (excluding 5G packages)

According to the best customer satisfaction

Ranking Operator Note
1 Sosh Very good
2 free mobile Very good
3 Orange Good
4 Red by SFR Good
5 Mobile Post Good
6 Bouygues Telecom Good
7 IS telecom Good
8 SFR Good

Online survey that choose 13 to 31 October 2020

According to the best simulated mobile internet coverage

5G packages with limited flows

According to the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (ARCEP), few subscribers really benefit from improving their flows with a 5G subscription. The 5G of Free Mobile would even be slower than 4G. Indeed, some mobile operators promise flows “up to 3 times faster than 4G”. However, according to the arcep, the flow increases only 50 % in the best of cases. However, the results vary strongly according to geographic locations. Thus, if you live in rural areas, the difference is nonexistent between 4G and 5G regardless of the operator. On the other hand, in cities and tourist areas, there is indeed an increase in flow.

Which operator provides the best rate in 5G ?

Regarding the best operators offering 5G according to ARCEP, Orange arrives in first place both for 4G and 5G, followed by SFR, Bouygues and ending with free. Indeed, Free has adopted a 5G deployment strategy on the frequency of 700 MHz allowing it to quickly cover the territory, to the detriment of the quality of its flows. Technically, the operator’s frequencies cannot currently offer high flows.

Comparison table of the main 5G offers

Operator Package Price Data envelope Commitment
free mobile 150 GB package € 19.99 150 GB Without engagement
SFR 110 GB package 20 € 110 GB Without engagement
SFR 120 GB package € 29 (12 months) then 44 € 120 GB 24 months
SFR 160 GB package 49 € (12 months) then 64 € 160 GB 24 months
SFR Unlimited package 60 € (12 months) then 75 € Unlimited 24 months
Red by SFR 130 GB package 24 € 130 GB Without engagement
Bouygues Telecom B & you € 24.99 130 GB Without engagement
Bouygues Telecom Sensation € 16.99 (12 months) then € 31.99 70 GB 24 months
Bouygues Telecom Sensation € 19.99 (12 months) then € 39.99 90 GB 24 months
Bouygues Telecom Sensation € 28.99 (12 months) then € 48.99 120 GB 24 months
Bouygues Telecom Sensation € 39.99 (12 months) then € 54.99 150 GB 24 months
Bouygues Telecom Sensation € 54.99 (12 months) then € 69.99 200 GB 24 months
Orange 120 GB package € 20.99 (12 months) then € 32.99 120 GB Without engagement
Orange 130 GB package € 29.99 (12 months) then € 44.99 130 GB Without engagement
Orange 200 GB package € 49.99 (12 months) then € 64.99 200 GB Without engagement
Mobile NRJ WOOT 5G package € 24.99 130 GB Without engagement

Table made on the basis of online offers in December 2021

Comparative table of the most economical mobile package offers

Operator Price per month
(Price if the operator’s customer)
Calls, SMS and MMS Data envelope Commitment
Free 2 € (0 €) 2 hours unlimited sms & mms 50 MB 4G+ Without engagement
Orange € 2.99 for 12 months then € 7.99 (€ 0 for 12 months then € 4.99) 2 hours (blocked or not) unlimited SMS & MMS 100 MB Without engagement
SFR 3 € for 12 months then 8 € (0 € for 12 months then 5 €) 2 hours unlimited sms & mms 100 MB Without engagement
Sosh € 4.99 2 hours (blocked or not) unlimited SMS & MMS 100 MB Without engagement
Red by SFR 5 € Unlimited SMS & MMS unlimited calls 200 MB Without engagement
Bouygues Telecom 3 € for 12 months then 7.99
€ (0 € for 12 months then 4.99 €)
2 hours (blocked or not) unlimited SMS & MMS 100 MB Without engagement

Comparative table of premium mobile package offers

Operator Price per month (price if the operator’s customer) Data envelope Roaming Data 5g Mobile included Calls, SMS and MMS Commitment
SFR 60 € for 12 months then 75 € (45 € for 12 months then 60 €) Unlimited 5G 100 GB Yes Possible Unlimited Without commitment, 24 months with mobile included
SFR 49 € for 12 months then 64 € (34 € for 12 months then 49 €) 160 GB 5G 100 GB Yes Possible Unlimited Without commitment, 24 months with mobile included
Orange € 49.99 for 12 months then € 64.99 (€ 34.99 for 12 months then € 49.99) 200 GB 100 GB Yes Possible Unlimited Without commitment, 24 months with mobile included
Bouygues Telecom € 54.99 for 12 months then € 69.99 (€ 48.99 for 12 months then € 63.99) 200 GB 130 GB Yes Possible Unlimited Engagement 12 months, 24 months with mobile included
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Mobile and Internet operator: List of suppliers in France

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All operators

Alphabetical order relevance

Since its creation in 1994, Bouygues Telecom has been one of the main operators in telephony, Internet and TV. This historic operator is known for its internet and mobile offers at very competitive prices, without sacrificing customer service.

Subsidiary of the Iliad group, Free is one of the 4 major French network operators. The brand is characterized by a low price policy.

SFR is one of the historic operators on the telecoms market in France. It offers a wide range of full internet offers and mobile packages, on its network widely deployed in France.

Afone Mobile is a fairly discreet operator, little known to the general public, and the latter stands out by offering only one mobile offer for individuals. For professionals, two offers are accessible.

Auchan became an MVNO operator in October 2006 by creating the A-Mobile brand, and today offers mobile packages without commitment.

Canal+ is the very first encrypted and paid French television channel belonging to the Canal+ group, a subsidiary of the Vivendi group. The group offers thematic and complete TV bouquets for sports, series and films fans.

Cdiscount, the low cost distribution leader, markets low -cost mobile packages for all tastes.

Coriolis, more commonly known as Coriolis Telecom benefits from 21 years of experience in the field of telecommunications, and offers a wide range of mobile plans.

La Poste Mobile offers mobile packages with and without purchase of a smartphone, on the SFR mobile network.

Known for its prepaid offers for the international, Lebara Mobile now offers complete mobile packages for daily use in France.

Lycamobile is a virtual mobile operator known for its European and international offers. It now offers complete mobile packages to use on a daily basis.

Mint Mobile, formerly Budget Telecom, is a virtual mobile operator that offers movable non -commitment plans.

NRJ Mobile is a virtual mobile operator, known for its inexpensive packages appreciated by young people. He offers several non -binding offers, and often launches limited series.

Specialist in satellite internet offers, Nordnet offers complete offers on a set of alternative technologies. Nordnet is thus the reference to enjoy the internet in white areas.

ONOFF is a virtual mobile operator that offers an innovative subscription offer to enjoy a 2nd phone number simply.

Orange is the French historic operator on the telecoms market. It always offers a wide range of internet offers and mobile packages, with customer service and a network known for their quality.

Prixtel is the only mobile operator to offer eco -responsible non -commitment packages that adapt to everyone according to their consumption.

Subsidiary of the SFR group, RED is a telephone operator and an internet access provider. Red offers non -binding offers.

Réglo Mobile is the mobile operator of the Leclerc group. It offers very low price packages.

Sosh is the low cost brand of the Historic Orange operator. It offers internet boxes and non -binding mobile packages at a reduced price.

Syma Mobile is a virtual mobile operator that offers non -binding offers on the SFR network. His speciality ? Calls to many international destinations.

Transatel Mobile is a mobile operator specializing in trans-primary offers.

Youprice is a young mobile operator who offers non -binding and low -price packages. Their particularity ? They operate by landing system, and give the choice between the Orange network and the SFR network.

Historical internet and mobile operators

SFR, Orange (heir to France Telecom), Bouygues Telecom And Free : These are the 4 main operators in mainland France.

All the network infrastructure (Mobile, ADSL or fiber) present in the territory are under the responsibility and management of these suppliers.

The overwhelming majority of Internet and mobile subscriptions are divided between these 4 operators, present for many years in France. Among the four, Free was the latest to the mobile market in 2012.

SFR and Orange have two low-cost brands, Red And Sosh, which are full -fledged entities and which offer different internet or mobile offers of their mother houses. Bouygues, on the other hand, has B & you, But this is only a low-cost range of the operator, and not an independent brand.

The presence of MVNO mobile operators on the market

Many small operators, called Mvno (for Mobile Virtual Network Operator), use the mobile networks of 4 historic operators with agreement and propose Their mobile tenders.

There are mobile operators Offering large subscription selections, while others have specialized towards special population segments, such as young/teenagers or seniors.

Large telephone suppliers see their mobile networks 2G/3G/4G/5G used by several small operators, and here are some examples:

  • Orange : Bazile Telecom, Lebara Mobile, YouPrice or Nordnet all use the Orange mobile network, up to 5G.
  • SFR: telephone operators like Coriolis, Joi Telecom, La Poste Mobile, Prixtel, Ridlo Mobile or Syma Mobile all use SFR’s mobile network to distribute their mobile packages.
  • Bouygues Telecom: Here, we can cite mobile operators like Auchan Telecom, Cdiscount Mobile, CIC Mobile or NRJ Mobile.

The detailed list of all MVNOs currently active in France and their mobile host operators can be consulted on the Arcep site.

For the moment, alone Free does not hold MVNO operating under its mobile network.

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