Leisure: a new electric bike allows you to fly over the water, it is now possible to cycle. on the water!

It is now possible to cycle. on the water

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Leisure: a new electric bike allows you to fly over the water

For lovers of strong sensation here is one of the new summer sports: the aquatic bike ! This electrical bike on foil propels practitioners out of the water.

This summer, a new vehicle has been released: the aquatic electric bike. It allows you to gain height, just above the water. “”As there is the electric assistance, we manage to get out of the water without pedaling and then it is the electric assistance that takes over“explains Kévin Pruvot, manager of Vel’eau. For the time being, there are only two spots in France to test this new leisure machine, the fruit of the work of a New Zealand engineer.

Baptism time costs 65 euros

Practitioners are delighted. “”Super sliding sensation. We gain speed when at the start we don’t think we have. Then it’s very nice because you feel like you are flying over the water ”, says a practitioner. For the interested parties, the time of baptism costs 65 euros.

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It is now possible to cycle. on the water !

The Paris Nautical Salon presents a whole new invention which allows cycling on the water (illustration)

This week, at the Paris Nautical Salon, a brand new New Zealand invention attracts the attention of the curious: a bike to pedal on the water ! It will be sold in France next year against the tidy sum of almost 10.000 euros for an entry -level model.

Going bicycle on the water is possible ! A New Zealand invention, different from the pedal boat, also different from the aquabiking which consists in cycling in the water, allows this little feat. It will be marketed in France next year and, for the most impatient, it is possible to discover it in preview this week at the Paris Nautical Salon located Porte de Versailles.

10.000 euros for entry -level

A handlebar, a saddle, pedals but instead of the wheels, this bike has a rudder, a propeller and two horizontal foils, these carbon wings that allow you to get out of water. “It is an aquatic bike that surfs on the waves and which mixes the feeling of gliding with that of cycling, pedaling. It is a great innovation, it did not exist until then, “explains at the microphone of Europe 1 Myriam Cabrol, an exclusive distributor for France of this invention through the company The Hydro Experience, which she founded with her husband after a professional retraining.

Electric assistance allows you to extract the bicycle from the water and then pedal more easily. According to Myriam Cabrol, the balance is easy: “You start, you are in the water, you press the bike to sink it, you span it to climb on it. Then you feel like you are taking off like on an airplane. You press the accelerator, the front goes up, goes up, go up and presto, you rebiller your body forward to rebalance and here you go “.

This hydrobike allows you to walk at sea or on water bodies. The autonomy of electric assistance in optimized mode is 4:30. Owning such aquatic bike costs almost 10.000 euros for entry -level. It is therefore above all the market for professional rental companies that is targeted.