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Test and optimize your internet speed

The average connection amounts to an average of 8.64 Mb/s for download, 1.2 Mb/s in sending with a response time of 73 milliseconds. The average degree of speed of optical fiber in France is relatively similar depending on the operators:

Check your Internet connection visity with the debit test

A debit test is an online tool that indicates the quality of your line and at the speed at which you can load pages on your browser, download files, etc. In order to know more precisely the real offer of your Internet provider (in ADSL, fiber or 4G), you can perform an online test. What are the advantages of testing its connection speed ? How does it work ? What is a good connection ? How to improve it ? We go around the question in this article.

Is your accommodation eligible for fiber ?

Our speedtest allows you to know if your accommodation is eligible for optical fiber and especially with which operator with what offer exactly. Optical fiber always offers you a better speed than ADSL. Depending on the flow that you get on our speedtest above, compare here the fiber offers to which you are eligible with which speed available:

Why test the Internet connection flow ?

There real network speed is often different from that announced by your operator. A debit test allows you to learn about the loading time of your internet line.

Indeed, the value communicated by your supplier is based on a general estimate. The latter is essentially based on technical criteria concerning the state of the network. Consequently, it is still representative of your situation.

In practice, it is unlikely that your connection in real situations really reach the flows announced by your supplier.

You can then quickly locate the causes of slowdowns likely to disturb your line. The results are communicated almost instantly and they are accompanied by different internet offers adapted to the condition of your connection.

How to translate flow test results ?

The flow test (or speedtest) Analysis of the flow on your network by measuring the flows in sending and reception. The speed of your internet connection depends on many parameters:

  • Descending speed (Download): It represents the duration to which data from the Internet server arrive on your computer. It allows you to watch streaming movies, TV, download a file or a video;
  • Ascending speed (upload): It represents the sending of data. This is the duration to which they are sent from your computer to the Internet server. Thanks to her, you send emails, photos, files, etc. ;
  • Response time (ping): This is the response time (latency) for a round trip between your computer and the server. They host files that measure the time (microseconds) for data receipt;
  • Technology or protocol that you use for your connection: WiFi, VDSL, ADSL, Ethernet, USB, etc.);
  • Your IT equipment: Your computer, software requires a lot of resources, possible malware or viruses;
  • Your Internet Access Provider and the offer you benefit.

The indicator of descending speed is the most important to take into account, because it is the one you most need in your daily use of the Internet. Nevertheless, the ascending factor (Upoad) remains very useful. In all cases, The higher the indicators, the more good the connection is.

A ping (latency) is deemed excellent when its return time is less than 30 ms, very good between 30 and 60 ms. If you play online video games, a ping between 0 and 60 ms is recommended for an optimal experience.

Average flows by technology: optical fiber, 4G and ADSL

The average connection amounts to an average of 8.64 Mb/s for download, 1.2 Mb/s in sending with a response time of 73 milliseconds. The average degree of speed of optical fiber in France is relatively similar depending on the operators:

We are talking about a Good ADSL line Between 40 or 50 Mb/s. The best connections offer 95 Mb/s, and the lowest are below 20mb/s. However, even if you are in the lower fork, you can still use the Internet normally. On the other hand, the download of data will be slower.

THE 4G theoretical maximum flow is 150MB and 300MB/s for 4G +.

The figures concerning all technologies are constantly evolving. Do not trust average speed, you will rarely reach it. The important thing is that your connection is sufficient for the use you want to make it

How to improve your internet connection speed ?

Your connection is too slow ? Nothing is lost, you can play certain settings to improve it ! Already, do a free speedtest. Then you can:

  • Prefer an ethernet cable: A wired connection gives better results than a WiFi connection, your connection will then be faster;
  • Add a WiFi amplifier: Internet can slow down if your box or router is at a distance too far from your computer. However, also happens that it is not possible to change this configuration. This device bears the signal of your WiFi network further and you can more easily hang it throughout your accommodation;
  • Take an eligibility test: The low speed of your connection may depend on your current offer (ADSL, VDSL, optical fiber, etc.). By doing an eligibility test, you will know if you are eligible for new technology that offers a faster line;
  • Change operator: You can also change operator. Do not hesitate to use a Speedtest type tool before subscribing, to have an idea of ​​the quality of the connection to which you will have access.

The debit test is different from the eligibility test: the latter simply informs you if your accommodation is eligible for optical fiber.

What are the reliable flow tests ?

The debit test offered by Lemon is to date one of the most reliable on the market. Descending speed, ascending speed, response time, internet operator, location. All the information necessary to judge the proper functioning of your connection is available in a single click.

How much a good ADSL flow is fixed ?

The government believes that a good adsl debit is around 8 Mb/s. These figures are likely to evolve with technological improvement to connect to the Internet.

How much is a good fiber connection ?

In terms of connection speed, the fiber has no equal. With a speed of 200 Mb/s you can consider that you already have a good fiber connection. Nevertheless, be aware that your connection speed can go up to 2 Gb/s.

How to get fiber ?

To have the fiber, you must already know if you are eligible or not. To do this, you just have to go to the operator’s website which offers an interesting fiber offer and make an eligibility test. If you can have the fiber, your operator will provide you with all the necessary equipment and move a technician if your building has not yet been connected.

Fiber is more expensive than ADSL ?

Yes, the fiber costs an average more than the ADSL subscription. The first year will cost you the same price as with the ADSL with some operator but the bill will swell by around 5 euros the second year.

Which operator has the best fiber ?

To date, Free offers the best fiber on paper with a speed that can be around 8 GB/s if all the geographic and material conditions are met.

I live in the countryside and I don’t have the fiber yet. When knowing that fiber arrives at my place ?

To find out when the fiber arrives, we advise you to get closer to the customer service of your operator: 39 00 for Orange, 1023 for SFR, 3244 for Free and 1064 for Bouygues Telecom.

For further !

How to perform a speedtest ? Find out what Speedtes are, what they are for and how to interpret the results of your speedtest with Lemon !

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Bouygues debit test

In order to precisely measure the power of its connection, it is recommended to perform Freebox flow test test. To do this, simply use our online tool and a multitude of choices are offered. Free has a very wide range of Freebox which allow various uses depending on the eligibility of the line and customer needs.

Test and optimize your internet speed

Follow the steps to properly carry out your Internet connection test by cable or Wi-Fi. Once the speedtest has been done, don’t miss our tips and tricks to surf or play faster!

To have a reliable result:

  • Do your test when no other user surfs.
  • Do not download during the test.
  • Close the other applications, windows and tabs of your browser.
  • Make sure your computer is not the target of a virus or malware, using your anti-virus.

Your computer must be connected to the modem via a network cable and you must have deactivated WiFi for testing.

  • Make sure you be connected to the right Wi-Fi network. You must connect to your network.
  • Test your Wi-Fi in several places: Start by testing your connection right next to your modem to have a reference measurement.

Pull the maximum of your Wi-Fi

The quality of your Wi-Fi is influenced by the distance that separates you from your modem, the number and type of connected devices, the interference possible with other signals, the layout of your home, etc. Many factors must be taken into account.