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Compare all offers from Internet access providers

In the internet box market, the possibilities are multiple. Like mobile operators, internet service providers wish to multiply their services in order to meet the needs of each. A person using very little Internet will not turn to the same offer as a person with a very regular need. Here is an overview of the types of boxes available.

Internet box comparator

Internet access providers (ISP) today offer a wide choice of Internet boxes. With or without commitment, with optical fiber or ADSL, with such speed, such service included or such options … Between The Freebox free, Livebox orange, The Starter box of SFR or The Bbox From Bouygues Telecom, it is very often difficult to know which operator and what internet subscription to choose. Thanks to our Internet box comparator, Discover all the offers that match your budget and your needs. A simple and practical way to save on the price of your internet subscription. Let’s see it in detail

Internet box comparison: how to choose your offer ?

An internet box comparison Allows you to find in the blink of an eye the best offer for you, the one that perfectly suits your needs. But before choosing and taking out an internet subscription, it is important to determine certain criteria such as your budget, your use of the web or the services you wish to benefit. All these elements will depend on the price of the internet subscription.

Internet box comparator

ADSL, VDSL, FTTH fiber or FFTLA fiber: what technology to choose for your internet box ?

Today in France each operator offers adsl/vdsl offers, very high speed (THD) and fiber optics fiber Ftth Or Fftla. Very often, you will not really have the choice between these technologies, because it all depends on your eligibility. If you want, for example, subscribe a fiber box, this will only be possible if the fiber optics has been deployed in your geographic area.

Depending on your eligibility, the operator will automatically offer the fastest and best suitable technology. That is why, Before choosing an internet box offer, it is important to do an eligibility test.

Our teams can perform the eligibility test for you and guide you to the Internet box most suited to your needs. Do not hesitate to call 09 74 59 24 82.

How to choose the wifi from your internet box ?

WiFi is widely used today, especially for smartphones, tablets and laptops, to connect to the Internet via a box. The cheapest internet boxes offer basic wifi connection (WiFi 4) on a single 2.4 GHz frequency strip, which is suitable for small accommodation without high speed in terms of speed.

The more costly premium internet boxes offer WiFi 5 or WiFi 6, offering a double frequency band both on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This allows you to reach faster flows and better connection quality. In addition, high -end internet box suppliers often include a WiFi repeater that can cover large dwellings.

How to choose the best internet access provider ?

You hesitate between the Bbox of Bouygues Telecom, the Livebox of Orange, or the Freebox Revolution of Free ? If you do not know which internet offer to choose, remember to check the network coverage of each Internet access provider (F.HAS.I.)). To benefit from an optimal connection speed, it is important to select the operator that best covers your geographic area. This varies from one region to another so do not hesitate to check on the arcep website which supplier has the best coverage in your city before subscribing an internet box offer.

If you live in a white area, you can benefit from the Internet by subscribing to a satellite offer or a 4G internet box.

Choose an Internet box subscription with or without commitment ?

More and more operators offer internet box offers without obligation. The advantage ? At any time, you can Change internet subscription. These boxes without engagement are particularly suitable for students or people who are living in a city temporarily. These Internet packages can be found at Red, Sosh, or Free.

Very often, these offers are also financially advantageous, as they are at cheaper prices. That said, they include fewer services than boxes with commitment. You can find these offers in our selection of cheap boxes. Be careful however, although these boxes are without obligation, termination fees may still have been asked if you decide to change operators.

Dual play offer, triple play or quadruple play: which internet box to choose ?

Today, operators offer Three types of Internet offers : dual play, triple play or quadruple play. These internet boxes include more or less services and can be personalized according to your needs. This is still the point of using a Internet box comparison.

The Dual Play boxes

Dual Play Internet boxes are offers that Internet and unlimited fixed telephony are included. Television is therefore not understood in these subscriptions which are generally at low prices. Sosh and Red by SFR offer several Dual Play Internet offers for example.

Triple play boxes

Triple play Internet boxes are offers that include in addition toInternet, unlimited fixed telephony and television. These are the most common and acclaimed subscriptions in France. Generally, their price will vary depending on the television channels included as well as the destinations to which you are authorized to call.

You can easily Personalize your internet offer by subscribing bouquets of TV channels or additional options. These internet box offers are also very popular.

The Quadruple Play boxes

The Quadruple Play boxes are offers that include:

  • Internet
  • Unlimited fixed telephony
  • television
  • A mobile plan

These offers are particularly advantageous in terms of price if you have decided to take your Internet box and your mobile plan at the same operator, as you will benefit from an interesting reduction. Better yet, these internet box offers are perfect if you want to equip the whole family. They allow you in addition to having only one and the same invoice. Orange and SFR are the only ones to offer real quadruple play Internet boxes. In other operators, subscribers can benefit from a discount on their mobile plan, but they still keep two different invoices.

How to subscribe to an internet box ?

Once your new operator is chosen, subscription to an internet subscription is a simple administrative formality. You can subscribe online or by phone.

How to subscribe to an online internet box ?

If you choose to subscribe a Internet box Online, here are the steps to follow:

1) Test your eligibility: even if you already know it, your operator will ask you to test your eligibility in order to offer you the most suitable internet offer. To do this, you will have to communicate the number of the fixed accommodation line concerned or its address. You will then immediately know if you are eligible for an ADSL/VDSL or fiber optic offer.

2) Inform the information on the line holder: communicate the name of the person who will have the line. Some operators carry out an additional verification by asking you to also present an identity document or proof of address.

3) Indicate your billing information: give your banking identity statement (RIB) so that the operator can proceed to the automatic monthly direct debit. Know that some suppliers accept that you pay every month by bank card, but this is not always possible.

4) Choose the delivery method and the date of activation of the line: during this last subscription step, you will be requested the desired delivery method but also the date you wish to start the internet subscription. Depending on the operators, a minimum period of 1 to 2 weeks is imposed before the commissioning of your new offer.

How to subscribe to an internet box offer by phone ?

You can also Subscribe an internet box by phone by using our services at 09 74 59 24 82. Our teams take care of all the steps for you.

How to terminate the subscription of your Internet box ?

In the event of termination of your internet, Several cases are available to you. Very often, your new operator will take care of the procedures to terminate your subscription to your old F.HAS.I. Note that if you are tied up an internet offer before the end of the commitment period, costs may be invoiced to you. It is undoubtedly for this reason that internet boxes without commitment are on the rise .

Termination with fixed line portability: how to do ?

If you have decided to change F.HAS.I, but want to keep your fixed phone number, you can request the portability of your line. Just give your new operator your RIO code (operator identity statement). In this case, do not terminate your contract with your old supplier, because it is the new one that will take care of it. You will still have to return all the old equipment constituting your old internet box. When you choose portability, the line activation time is shorter. Think about it !

Be careful, however, if you resilled theInternet box subscription Because of a move. The portability of the fixed line will not be possible if you move to a region where the fixed geographic number is different. On the other hand, if your current number starts with 09, you can request portability whatever place where you move.

How to terminate an internet offer without portability ?

If you have not opted for portability, unless otherwise indicated from your new supplier, you will be asked to terminate your old Internet offer yourself. To do this, get closer to your F.HAS.I. To know the procedure. You will also be asked to make the equipment either by post or directly in the store.

How is the change in your Internet box ?

If you have an ADSL/VDSL internet subscription and you want to change it for an offer with equivalent technology, you just have to connect your new Internet box. You may be under an internet cut of a few hours to a few days, except in the event of portability.

If you decide to change to go from an ADSL internet subscription to an offer fiber box, the connection will not be done from the same case. Unlike the ADSL which takes the taking of your phone, the fiber optic takes another path. You can therefore connect the two boxes at the same time. On the other hand, The installation of fiber optics requires the intervention of a technician. You can therefore have costs and waiting time depending on the availability of the service.

Need help for your search for internet boxes ?

Our experts remind you for free to accompany you

Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m

Compare all offers from Internet access providers

Internet service providers are numerous. And their offers even more. It becomes increasingly difficult to have an overview of all the possibilities of the market. Especially since there are several subtleties to know before subscribing to a new Internet box: options, budget, the desired number of debit, and many others. To help and support you in your search, we provide our online internet box comparator. Fill out your criteria and get a list of offers that will suit you perfectly. No more long hours spent on each supplier site, everything is grouped on a single page: thanks to our comparator !

Compare and choose your internet subscription

We have defined selections that have the main objective, help you find the Internet box that meets your needs. With or without commitment, with or without TV, ADSL or fiber, thanks to our selections, you will have direct access to all the offers available from operators without having to check your search criteria.
Updating the offers of our selections is done in real time and you will always be aware of new products.

Internet box without obligation

The commitment scares you and you want to subscribe to an internet box offer that you can terminate when you wish, our selection will facilitate your search for boxes without obligation offered by some operators.

See offers

Adsl Internet box

If you are not eligible for optical fiber and you are looking for an ADSL box, our selection lists all the ADSL offers available from operators and MVNO and updated in real time depending on the coverage zones.

See offers

Optical Fiber Internet box

Your home is connected to the optical fiber ? We have selected all the fiber optic offers currently available. You can sort your sorting or change your search criteria at any time to find the box that suits you.

See offers

Cheap Internet box

Price is your first research criterion ? You are in the right place: our selection of cheap internet boxes lists the offers that meet your need. With or without commitment, you will surely save money.

See offers

Internet box without television

Need an internet connection or an additional landline, but you don’t want to pay to access TV channels ? Our selection of internet boxes without television presents the offers without TV with operators.

See offers

Internet box promo

Your internet subscription is expensive ? You do not have time to browse all the offers and choose the one that suits you ? With our selection of boxes on promo, your time will be spared and the best offers are integrated there.

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Refit your internet box: how to do ?

Internet boxes have been present in the majority of households for several years now. They allowed everyone to be able to enjoy the internet from home, without having to consume the data included in their phone package. Only, they don’t just have access to wifi. Internet service providers also offer to be able to make free calls to fixes for free as well as enjoy several television channels. The offers are complete and varied.

This variety of choices is an advantage for consumers, but can also become a brake. To which supplier to turn ? How to know your needs ? What are the differences among all these offers ? So many questions that do not always have clear and precise answers. To best help you make your choice and subscribe to a new Internet box, we provide our comparator. Depending on your criteria and needs, you will get the best offers to which you can subscribe.

What are the different types of Internet boxes ?

In the internet box market, the possibilities are multiple. Like mobile operators, internet service providers wish to multiply their services in order to meet the needs of each. A person using very little Internet will not turn to the same offer as a person with a very regular need. Here is an overview of the types of boxes available.

The internet box without obligation provides freedom to its user. The latter is not bound by a contract with the access provider over a given period, generally from 12 months to 24 months. Thus, if the customer finds an offer cheaper or more in line with his needs, he has the possibility of putting an end to his commitment to the supplier without having to pay termination fees. This is a very popular type of offer that seduces many consumers. They are free of their choices and are not linked to anyone.

The ADSL box is more limited to a type of user: customers who are not eligible for fiber optics. To do this, it is important to test your eligibility upstream in order to be sure to subscribe to an offer that corresponds to your needs, but especially to its possibilities. ADSL allows you to take advantage of a broadband internet connection to browse the computer or on the different applications of your smartphone. This is a quality offer, which often evolves like ADSL2+ or VDSL. This allows customers to increase their internet flow rates and therefore the quality of their navigation.

Optical fiber is a new way of being able to enjoy the internet. This is one of the concerns of the State that hopes that 80% of households benefit from it by 2022. This new connection mode allows its user to be able to enjoy the Internet in very high speed. Except that for that, you must be eligible. And just like the ADSL boxes, test its eligibility before subscribing to a box. However, it is not because it is a novelty intended to be standardized in all households that the packages are more expensive. The offers remain affordable and do not explode budgets.

When a customer subscribes to a cheap internet box, he chooses to keep an eye on his budget. This can be a purchase lever for more and more consumers. Access providers that have understood, they offer reduced prices. However, the customer is not limited in his use. The services are complete and depend only on the personal expectations of each user. The cheap internet box is a good alternative to subscribe to a subscription while having a limited budget.

As said above, internet boxes do not only offer wifi. It is also possible to benefit from calls to fixes as well as additional television channels. Only, this is not necessarily a priority for everyone. It is for this reason that access providers sell boxes without the TV option. Thus, the customer only benefits from what he needs: Internet. Few people are aware of this possibility, which however can reduce its monthly bill. It is therefore good to know that this option is also available.

The promo Internet box is not the same as the offer of cheap boxes. Indeed, access providers surf on certain periods or on special events to offer promotions to its future customers. Thus, the consumer can subscribe to a complete package without having to compromise, while paying a reduced price. It can be very interesting to save money. It only remains to check the terms of the promotion and voila.

How to let what offer to subscribe to ?

Like any important purchase, before subscribing to an internet box, you will have to ask yourself questions upstream. This phase is very important because it will allow you to target your needs and identify your expectations. What debit do you want to benefit ? Do you need additional option ? Do you want with or without television ? What budget are you ready to pay each month ? Do you prefer one operator rather than another ? Once these questions be answered, you can go to the search phase.

Why use an Internet box comparator ?

A comparator is an ally in your search for a new Internet box. It prevents you from scanning one by one the pages of access providers to find the offer that could suit you. Thanks to this tool, you will have an overall and clear vision of all the offers currently available. In addition, you can customize your search according to the criteria you have. It is a saving of precious time and energy. All you have to do is select the most interesting offer for yourself and searched your new Internet box serenely !

All internet package offers have been selected and validated by Clic2Shop, partner of Lenumeriques.

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Internet access providers still present on the market (Orange, SFR, Free, Bouygues Telecom, etc.) all offer offers, via their Internet box, which vary according to the services offered: Internet, Television, Telephone access (so -called triple offer Play), calls from a mobile (offer called quadruple play). Whether you are connected to the Internet by cable, in ADSL or eligible for optical fiber, whether your accommodation is located in the unbundled area or not, there is necessarily a package that corresponds to your needs and your means. Our ISP comparator allows you to obtain an exhaustive view of the offers of the different operators, their prices and the different costs (connection, termination, etc.) that will be taken from you.

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