Installation of optical fiber: how to connect to fiber?, What are the steps in fiber connection?

How is the fiber optical connection going

For a building apartment, connection and installation costs are systematically offend. If you have been connected to the fiber but want to change the placement, you may have to pay fees of approximately 60 €.

Installation of optical fiber: how is a fiber connection ?

You have just subscribed or plan to subscribe to an internet fiber offer and you want to know how a fiber optic installation is going ? Follow our guide to learn everything about the stages of the connection of your accommodation. Who are the main players, what should be expected as an individual, and what is the price of the connection ? Response elements.

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  • The essential
  • Before installing the fiber, you must Test the eligibility of your accommodation fiber optics.
  • The installation of the fiber requires the intervention of a technician for the connection and installation of equipment.
  • The costs to be expected depend on the type of accommodation, connection necessary and your operator. If the costs are not included in your offer, plan between € 149 and € 299.

Fiber installation: what are the prerequisites for fiber connection ?

Test your fiber eligibility !

Before you think about installing fiber optics, think of first test your eligibility. Indeed, the main prerequisite for the installation of fiber at home is first of all reside in a very high speed area. By testing your eligibility at each operator, you can determine if one of them has already connected your neighborhood, or if work is underway in this direction.

Compare Fiber Internet offers

To install the fiber at home, you must Subscribe an offer with an operator. To help you make your choice among all the offers on the market, we have gathered in a table The best offers of the moment. Compare and find the one that meets your needs.

Fiber or THD: what is the difference between fiber (ftth) and THD (fttla) ?

There FTTH fiber technology means “Fiber to the Home”, either “Fiber to the home”. This technology consists in connecting the Optical connection node directly to the accommodation by a optical cable. From an optical case located in the street (horizontal deployment), the optical fiber is brought to the building (vertical deployment) then the apartment. Then just install Optical socket in the home to connect the cable.

Connection and operators: which one to choose ? The installation of the fiber in your building is independent of the connection of your accommodation. So you can choose to take out a Fiber box to the operator you want, Even if it has not installed the fiber in the building (provided that this installation was carried out).

There FTTLA technology means “Fiber to the last amplifier” , But SFR markets it under the simpler name of THD for very high speed. Unlike FFTH, THD stops at an optical knot, Located in the street or basement of the building. The connection to your home is then by a coaxial cable and non -optical.

But this technology is little used in France since it is only deployed by SFR, who reused the coaxial cable networks deployed by SFR-NUMERICABLE. The operator has also committed gradual stop of its use : in 2022, the number of FTTLA subscribers was only 970,000 Against 1.19 million in 2019.

This is why we will treat in this article only Installation of FTTH optical fiber.

Our FFTH VS FTTLA comparative guide explains in detail the differences between the two types of fiber.

Installation of optical fiber: in which case are you ?

Fiber connection according to the accommodation

According to housing type that you live, the fiber access conditions are different. We detail the possible cases so that you can take the corresponding procedures:

  • Apartment in a condominium building : the operator who supports the installation of the fiber in the building is chosen by the condominium trustee and voted by the owners during theGeneral Assembly. The owners and the tenants can then choose the operator of their choice to connect their accommodation, after a period of “commercial gel” of 3 months following the connection to the fiber.
  • Apartment in a rental building : is the lessor send a connection request to install the fiber in the building.
  • Individual house : the owner take the steps himself to the operator.
  • House in subdivision : as for a building, it is a condominium. The installation of the fiber is therefore Voted in general assembly.

Fiber installation by the tenant: do we need the owner’s agreement ?

You are tenant of an apartment And you want to install optical fiber ? As a tenant, you must beforehand in inform the owner and obtain his agreement. For that, you can send him a registered letter specifying the installation work you want to undertake.

Can my owner refuse ? Legally, the owner cannot refuse you the installation On behalf of “Right to fiber” which aims to guarantee internet access in high speed to all citizens.

About the installation costs, these are Supported by the operator and not by tenants and owners.

Installation of fiber in apartment: the steps of the connection in the building

The essential step to connect your apartment is Make an appointment with a technician with the operator with which you have subscribed to your fiber offer.

If you are in apartment, Here are the steps followed by the technician to Install the fiber in your accommodation. Note that if your apartment is already connected to the fiber of the building, Step 1 does not concern you. On the other hand, the intervention of the technician is still necessary to Check the conformity of your optical case (or PTO: Optical termination point) and proceed to installation of your equipment.

  1. Connection of the accommodation : the technician uses an optical cable for Connect your accommodation to the fiber box in the building. To do this, it brought the cable out of your apartment generally by a discreet drill above the front door to circulate it in the common areas equipped with technical ducts.
    Inside your apartment, the technician will take care to circulate the cable in the plinths as much as possible or along the ceiling to the optical case. Do not hesitate to tell him the location you want To connect it so that it remains discreet. However, we recommend that you place it in your Salon, near your box equipment In order to enjoy a optimal connection.
  2. Installation of equipment : now that you have been connected to the fiber, the technician can proceed to connection of your equipment (Fiber box, decoder, landline phone if necessary).
  3. Connection of equipment : once everything installed, all you have to do is Connect your box and decoder. The technician will deliver your access codes to WiFi so that you can connect your various devices (computer, phone. ))

You live an apartment ? Discover the fiber offers

Home fiber installation: the fiber optical fiber installation scheme in a house

Schema of L

In the case of a individual house, The steps are identical with the exception of step 1 about the fiber connection conditions in the accommodation.

To connect to the fiber optics, the technician must Connect a cable between your house and the optical box located in the street. According to the technical installation present on the premises, it has the choice between Two types of connection ::

  • THE underground connection : in the event that the case is buried in a underground room. The technician will bring the optical cable into your house by the grounds on the ground.
  • THE air connection : in the event that the case is in height, On an electric pole most often. The technician will then bring the optical cable into the house by a small drill above your front door.

Once the connection is made, the technician proceeds to the same steps as for an apartment: installation and connection of equipment.

You live in individual house ? Discover the fiber offers

Fiber connection price: is the installation of optical fiber free ?

The pricing of the fiber installation differs According to operators And The type of connection required.

For a building apartment, connection and installation costs are systematically offend. If you have been connected to the fiber but want to change the placement, you may have to pay fees of approximately 60 €.

In House, If it is connected, installation is generally offend by the operator. On the other hand, the use of underground and aerial connection is often paid. It is necessary to count on average between € 149 and € 299 According to operators. Also, if you live in an old house and your external technical installations are in poor condition (optical cable sheath, underground case. ), the re -compliance work is your responsibility.

Here, below, details of the prices applied by Bouygues, Free, Orange and SFR ::

From what moment can we subscribe to a fiber offer ?

Depending on the state of deployment in your city, the time at which the commercial offer is available can vary significantly. Concerning Fiber connection at the level of a city, It is generally necessary to count 3 years so that all the accommodation in the city is connected after the start of the work. Go to the optical fiber card to get an idea of ​​the progress of the work in your region. But you can very well be part of the first connected dwellings.

Then at the level of the building, Once the building operator has been chosen, it has 6 months to deploy its network. On the other hand, you may have to have an additional time beforehand, until the trustee meets and chooses the Internet supplier.

Finally, the law imposes a 3 -month deficiency period to operators once the building has been connected Before formulating their commercial offers. After this period, all you have to do is contact a technician of your operator, who should be able to put your line into service during the day. So as long as a very high speed network is available in your neighborhood, that your building has been connected, and once the waiting period has passed, you can Subscribe to all the fiber offers to which you are eligible. The building operator has moreover the legal obligation to allow access to the network that he installed in the building to other internet access providers, so that they can offer their offers once their equipment has been brought to the area. Nothing prevents you from carrying out a free optical fiber installation at home when Orange is a building operator, as long as free covers the area of ​​your home.

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How is the fiber optical connection going ?

You do not understand why the deployment of the fiber takes so long time ? We explain the different stages of fiber optics connection to you.

The fiber connection is made up of several key steps. Optical connection knot, no pooling, connection point … It is important to have in mind all the deployment phases of optical fiber to understand why this new technology sometimes puts a little more time than expected to be accessible in the housing. We come back together on the different phases of the fiber optic connection.

The connection of optical fiber in French homes is not done in a snap … If only, you will tell us ? This is why it seems important to us to recall the different key stages of fiber connection. This will help you, at first, to understand the deadlines between the start of its deployment in your city and the moment when the fiber arrives in your accommodation.

These explanations will allow you, in a second step, to understand your eligibility for fiber while your neighbor opposite may already benefit from it already.

Fiber: a new network to replace the ADSL

Before explaining the different stages of fiber connection, let us briefly remember what fiber optics is. It is a glass or plastic wire, as fine as a hair, which guides light to transport a large number of data at a very high speed. It is also thanks to its many qualities that the optical fiber gradually replaces the ADSL on French territory.

But the deployment of the fiber comes up against some difficulties. Which ? First of all logistics. At the start of its launch in 2013 with the France THD plan, the deployment of the fiber had lagged behind. But since 2018, the pace has accelerated strongly.

Because of the many steps necessary to connect housing to fiber, deployment is done in a non-uniform manner in the territory. Indeed, despite a deployment of fiber in several areas of the territory, the densest cities have benefited from more intensive deployment, sometimes at the expense of more rural areas. But over the years, the trend has almost reversed and the fiber is now being deployed more and more in rural areas.

Despite these some difficulties, fiber optics is on the right track to become the first Internet network in front of the ADSL, making France the European fiber deployment champion.

You want to know if the fiber has arrived near your accommodation ? Launch our fiber eligibility test.

How is fiber optical connection ?

Four primordial steps are necessary for accommodation to be connected to fiber optics. NRO, PMZ, PBO and PTO: we explain these acronyms to you and you will see it, the deployment of optical fiber is very simple to understand.

Step n ° 1: Installation of the optical connection node (NRO)

Let’s start by the beginning: before it can be deployed in the accommodation, the optical fiber must first be brought to your city. To do this, you must install an optical connection knot (NRO). This is actually a large optical central: a building which generally measures 6 to 10 meters long.

To be able to fuel the city with fiber optics, it is connected to the heart of the national fiber optic network. You should know that this NRO can feed several kilometers in fiber optics with identical flow everywhere. In other words: if your accommodation is 30 meters or 10 km from this NRO, there will be no flow of flow.

The optical connection node (NRO) is necessary to diffuse the fiber in each district of

Step n ° 2: Creation of area pooling points (PMZ)

The NRO is in place and can therefore now spread the fiber. In order to distribute the fiber in the different districts, it will however need precious help, that of the area of ​​area pooling (PMZ). These pooling points are installed in the various districts of the city in order to Connect buildings and fiber accommodation. Once these pooling points have been created, it flows a period of three months between the time of their installation and the moment when the third step can be set up.

For what ? Simply so that each internet access provider (Free, Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom) can connect to this PMZ if he wishes to offer his fiber offers to the inhabitants of the neighborhood. It is above all a question of avoiding the monopoly of an operator and of offering varied fiber offers to users.

Connected to the NRO, the PMZ is installed in each district to distribute the fiber optics

Step n ° 3: Installation of optical connection points (PBO)

Your city and your neighborhood are now connected to fiber optics. Still remains your street ! To supply the fiber optic street, it is necessary to connect the pooling point to optical connection points (PBO). These allow indeed Drift fibers to the connectable premises on one or more floors. These PBOs can be located inside a building, in this case they become BPIs (building foot box).

As part of an individual home, these PBOs are generally located outside houses. You wonder where the fiber cables go between the pooling point and the optical connection point ? Simply by already existing underground or air equipment (below the roads or on a post).

This step can sometimes take time since, to install the BPIs, operators need the authorization of the trustee of the building, which therefore leads to a vote of the co -owners in general assembly. Another condition that can slow this step: the operator who deploys the fiber must give the other operators time to position himself on the PBO (or the BPI) so that they too can market their fiber offers. In general, a minimum period of a month is necessary for the ISP to decide to connect it.

The PBO allows you to broadcast the fiber optics in a street

Step 4: You are eligible for fiber !

Here is the stage that everyone prefers: fiber eligibility ! All the lights are green, so you can now take out a fiber offer. Whether you take Bouygues Telecom, SFR, Free or Orange, you will only have to pass the last step: the installation of the PTO (Optical end point) in your home. Do not worry, its installation will be done directly by a technician from the operator with whom you subscribe to the fiber offer. This installation will allow you to determine the location of the socket so that it corresponds to your uses.

The last step in the fiber connection is to bring the fiber to the PTO which will be installed in your accommodation

You live in a building

If you are a tenant of an apartment and want to benefit from fiber optics, you will have to apply to your landlord by registered letter. Once this request has been accepted by the trustee and the fiber arrived in your building, a technician will have to move to your accommodation. The technician must indeed draw the fiber from the optical connection point, located in the common areas of the building, to your apartment. Once the fiber has arrived in your apartment, you will have to determine, with the technician, the location of the socket.

You live in a house

If you live in a house, the fiber connection is done in two steps. The technician will first have to draw the fiber from the optical connection point to your home. He will be led to unravel a small hole in one of your walls to bring the fiber to the point of optical termination (PTO), which is inside your home. You will have, beforehand, determined with it the location of this PTO so that you are suitable for your daily uses.

How much does the fiber connection cost ?

In general, fiber connection is free from all operators, except in the event of specific work to be carried out. However, ISPs can charge you the installation of equipment and the operating test of your box. If you request it, it will cost you for example € 89 at Orange but will be free at Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free.

Recordable home or Addressable fireplace: Kezako ?

Addressable accommodation is an address where the fiber optic network is present in the street, near the accommodation. However, the BPO installation step has not yet been carried out. The accommodation is therefore not yet eligible for fiber. For the accommodation to become connectable, boxes called connection points must be installed in the street.

You just have to choose your fiber offer

All the steps necessary for your fiber eligibility are now completed ! You just have to choose your fiber offer to take advantage of the speed of this technology. Today, six operators offer fiber offers. First there are the four major operators: Bouygues Telecom, SFR, Free and Orange. But also two other Internet access providers (FAI): Sosh and Red by SFR. These two operators are respectively the Low-Cost subsidiaries of Orange and SFR.

To choose your fiber offer, we advise you to compare the different fiber boxes. Debit, price, services … For an internet box adapted to your needs, it is indeed wise to determine your uses and habits beforehand to benefit from the best speed and the best services. Box with or without commitment ? Premium offer or entry -level subscription ? You will have to ask yourself all these questions, essential for the purchase of your fiber box.

Where is the deployment of fiber in France ?

The French government provides that The entire territory is fully fiberly by 2025. On average, each year since its deployment, the fiber has been connected to around 4 million premises. As seen previously, the deployment of the fiber is done by zone. It is therefore not surprising not to have the same eligibility as his neighbor opposite. But how do you know if you have fiber at your address ? There are several ways of knowing it. Finally, to find out more about the deployment of fiber in your city, it can be clever to find out to the town hall which will communicate to you the work in progress or the future major projects to come.

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  • How to know if I have fiber at my address ?
  • Why is eligibility different from one address to another ?
  • What are the public initiative networks that deploy fiber in rural areas ?
  • How to have the Internet in a new accommodation ?

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