Instagram: how to create a story to share with your loved ones?, 15 tips for Instagram stories

15 tips for Instagram stories


Namely: the operation carried out by Instagram to pin the sticker/text on your video can take a little time (different depending on the length and weight of the video).

Instagram: how to create a “story” to share with your loved ones?

Instagram: how to create a

Seduced by this application of sharing photos and videos or encouraged by your loved ones, you are registered on Instagram? After creating your account and perhaps published your first photos, and if you try the “Stories”? Step by step, discover this Instagram feature.


  1. What is a story?
  2. 8 steps to create and share your story
  3. Your grandchildren, your best friend … who can watch your story?
  4. How to delete a story already posted?
  5. Also share your older photos from the photo gallery of your smartphone

A “story”, or story in French, is an ephemeral photo or video that you can share with your loved ones on Instagram. Our advice to master this very practical feature, and post your most beautiful shots!

What is a story?

Ephemeral, spontaneous and fast to post, stories are photos or videos created on Instagram. They are distinguished from classic publications that you may have already published on Instagram, visible permanently on your account.

Your grandchildren or friends will see your story for 24 hours, then it will disappear! Ideal for capturing everyday moments: a landscape video on vacation, the cliché of an animal seen in hiking … You can also personalize these stories by adding stickers, text or emojis.

8 steps to create and share your story

1-step step: Open your Instagram application on your tablet or phone. If this is not already the case, log into your personal account.

2 You will find the main page with the publications of your friends, your family, or other people to whom you subscribe. At the top left of this page, your profile photo is displayed in rounded shape, and accompanied by a blue “+”. This “+” allows you to add your photos or videos and thus create your stories.

3-click on CE + blue, the camera of your phone will then open.

4 This is the time to take a photo or a video! Your apple pie of the day, a pretty flower in your garden or your smiling grandchildren by your side … Choose your subject and press the circle at the bottom of the screen to capture this moment.

5-For take a video, keep your finger pressed on the circle and let it go to finish filming.

6-your photo is blurred or does not suit you? To delete it, click on the cross at the top left of the screen, and start the previous step.

7-UNDERMAND your future story is right for you, you just have to click on the “your story” icon, displayed at the bottom left of your screen to share it with all your subscribers.

8-your story is posted! Your friends or family can admire your ephemeral publication for 24 hours.

In pictures, the steps to follow:

15 tips for Instagram stories

Tips to know to use Instagram stories effectively.

Estelle Raffin / Published on July 26, 2021 at 9:56 a.m


1- Create a photo montage on a single Instagram story

For a frame photo editing

Open your Story editor, and press the “layout” option to the left of your screen (see below), choose your grid model (up to 6 images maximum), then add the desired images one by one via The ” +” located at the bottom left. The images are added in the order of the grid (from left to right). Once the photos are added, press the white circle at the middle to validate the photo assembly. You can then add text or stickers if necessary before putting online.

For a freer and creative photo montage

Another very interesting possibility: you can import a first photo, then select the “Sticker” option at the top of the screen, and press the icon representing an image (as you can see below). This allows you to add one or more other photos. Then you can move or resize these images as you wish to make the photo assembly of your choice.

Namely: you can save your draft story if you want to finalize it later.

2- Publish a story of several successive photos

You can create a story with several photos that are linked by using the “Multicapture” option. You can take up to 8 photos. You can then modify each photo one by one. Once the creation is finalized, all your photos are published in your story simultaneously.

3- Add a filter to your Instagram story

3 options are available to you to add a filter or an effect to your photo:

  • Open the Story editor, choose a filter/effect before taking the photo (at the bottom of the screen, you can scroll to test them),
  • Take the photo, then take a swipe from left to right or from right to left, these are the “classic” filters,
  • Press the “Effects” option at the top of the screen.

4- Save the Instagram stories filters of other users

You come across the story of another account and you love the filter that has been chosen ? No need to ask him, you can save this effect, by pressing the name of the filter which is displayed just below the name of his profile. You can try the filter or save it. You can then find it in your favorite filters when you open the editor to create a new story (at the bottom of your screen).

5- Customize the color of your text

Did you know that you could choose a color for your text that is not suggested by the application ? You can press the “pipette” icon for example, and choose a color already present in your photo in order to make a “reminder” of colors, which can allow a beautiful harmony between your photo and your text.

Namely: you can make a long support on the cursor (pipette) to move it and select the color you want to extract from your image.

Another tip to know: you can make a long support on the color round, a color palette is displayed. Just move the cursor to choose the one you want.

6- Apply a color background to your text

For some fonts, you can add a color background to your text. Just press your text to open the publisher, press the “A” icon in the middle. If you press on it a second time, the colors wonder !

7- enlarge or shrink the text easily

You have just added a text to your story, two ways to resize it: you can enlarge it or shrink it by making a “finger pinch” on the text as if you want to “zoom in” or “diveom” on a photo. Another solution: once in the text editor, you can use the vertical bar on the left to make the desired adjustment.

8- Animate text in your Instagram stories

If you want your text to be animated, just press the “A” with the two small lines that is at the top of the screen on the right as you can see in the image below. Each font offers a different animation.

Do not hesitate to test them all !

9- Add an arrow already traced (and animated)

If you want to add an arrow to highlight an element of your story, you can do it using the “Sticker” option and entering the word “arrow” in the search bar. Just scroll down to see stickers or gifs appear. Another possibility: you can use the “drawing” tool to the right of the “sticker” option at the top of the screen, and choose the dedicated option to create arrows.

10- Freeze stickers or text on an Instagram video story

When you make a video story, you can make a text or sticker fixed to a specific element of the video.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Open the publisher to create a new story,
  • Add a sticker/text,
  • Make a long support on the sticker/text,
  • Place your item wherever you want (you can see its progress using the horizontal bar located at the bottom),
  • Once your item is well placed, press “pin”.

Namely: the operation carried out by Instagram to pin the sticker/text on your video can take a little time (different depending on the length and weight of the video).

11- Add music to your Instagram stories

You can add music to your stories thanks to the “music” sticker. Once the music is added, you can choose the extract you want to broadcast, by pressing the album cover. Then just slide the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen to select the best moment in the song. In addition, you also have options to display the lyrics in the song if they are available. The color round at the top of the screen also allows you to modify the color of the lyrics.

Namely: some types of accounts do not have access to this “music” sticker but there are solutions to remedy this problem.

12- Put a story in the front page on his profile

Go to your profile, press “New”, choose the past story that you want to highlight. Once selected, you can enter a title and modify the cover photo of your Story on the front page (this allows you to make your different themes of Story more visual). To validate the operation, press “Add”.

13- Choose who can answer your Instagram story

On your profile, press the menu at the top right to go to your settings. Choose the “Confidentiality” section, then “Story”. In the “Answers” subsection, you can select who can respond to your stories: your subscribers, your subscribers you follow, or no one.

14- Hide its Instagram story for some users

Also go to your settings, in the “Confidentiality” section, then “Story”. In the first “views” subsection, you can hide the story for some of your subscribers, and also select your “close friends” if you want to publish stories only for some people.

15- How to find his old stories

You must first make sure that you activate the “Save the Story in the archive” option: Settings> Confidentiality> Story. Once this option is activated, go to your profile, press the menu at the top right, then on “archive”. You can view your stories in chronological order under a photo mosaic, on a calendar per month, or by location.

Create Story Instagram

New call-to-action

The different functions of Instagram stories

When you create a story, Instagram offers useful tools to personalize the contribution as needed. The following functions are available in Story mode:

Boomerang : a recording function that allows you to make an Instagram story in the form of a small video that is repeated in a loop -back.

Layout : allows you to make collages of photos in a story.

Multi-cap : this function allows you to take several photos (up to eight) in a row and to choose the best or to download them all as a series of photos.

Real : with Reel, it is possible to create several short videos (maximum duration: 60 seconds) one after the other, which you then publish as a full video. The advantage is that the different videos, including music, appear as one and the same video.

Hands free : If you do not want to keep the white button pressed for the duration of the creation of a video, use the “Hands Free” function.

Face filter : the “Filter Filter” function automatically adds filters, effects or animations to faces in a video or a photo.

Level : if a photo seems wobbly, the “level” function allows you to add auxiliary lines that tell you if the shooting is straight.

Live : Instagram lives offer special proximity and more interaction with followers. The “Live” function is in Story mode, sweeping to the left in the lower menu bar. A stream can last a maximum hour and allows followers to react and comment.

If you want to market or sell products and services via Instagram, use the Ionos purchase button. You thus benefit from many advantages such as intuitive use, many payment methods, synchronization with all channels and much more.

Modify Instagram stories

Stories are popular because they can be used for spontaneous, unusual or limited posts in time. They also offer many effects and publishing options. You can in particular insert text, stickers, emojis and icons as well as original filters, animations and links. We present the main functions to you.

There are also different Instagram tools such as over, canva, unfold, wave and cutTory, which offer useful functions for processing images and videos.


Thanks to filters, photos and videos can be in shape in a dynamic way, decorated and supplemented by Effects or animations. The available filters can be found directly to the right of the white button. About 25 filters are listed here. Others can be found via the search function at the end of the filter bar and added to the filters displayed using bookmarks.

Insert and tag text

You can insert text into a photo or video story or create an Instagram story in the form of a text by pressing “AA”. If you want to create a text directly, select “AA” In the left menu in Story mode. Type on the screen to write. If you wish to modify the text, change the font and the background or insert effects, select the corresponding icon in the menu bar at the top left or the three-point icon to discover other options.

Gif and stickers

GIFs and stickers are not only practical tools to decorate and animate a story. It is possible to generate visibility for your brand by creating your own GIFs. You will find the GIFs and stickers commonly used by pressing The sticker icon at the top of the page. You also have the possibility of going in search of stickers or GIF in this place. The size and position of the stickers can be personalized at will. If you want to create your own gif, you can download them to and insert them via Instagram.


If a story must be accompanied by music, just press the sticker icon and the button ” Music “ After having created it or downloaded. A list of preselected music is displayed then but there is also a research function with “Browse”.

Questions and surveys

If you want to increase the commitment of your followers, use questions and polls. Press on The sticker icon To integrate a question or a survey directly in the story. The followers then only have to press the integrated sticker to interact. You alone can see the questions and polls to which you answered or even share them anonymously.

Hashtags and tagged people

Another possibility of generating more visibility and commitment is to integrate hashtags or tag people in stories. Personalized hashtags lend themselves particularly well to the creation of a community and the increase in scope. In this way, it is possible to attract people sharing the same ideas and business partners, but also to increase the brand’s marketing strategy and visibility. To access the functionality of hashtags and tags, simply press the sticker icon.


What is called CTAs, that is to say the “call-to-action”, represent the direct opening of pages via a Swipe up link. You can invite the Story followers to sweep up to open a desired link. In this way, advertising and marketing actions are particularly effective in an Instagram story. The integrated swipe up swipe function or the insertion of links is only available for accounts verified or having at least 10,000 followers.

Additional Information

Give more depth and realism to your stories by inserting additional information such as your location, the time, the day of the week or the temperature. Photo or video information can be integrated into the story via the sticker icon.

Put a story Instagam in the

It is possible to put Instagram stories at the : These are the recorded stories you see on the profiles below the Instagram organic. Particularly creative or informative Stories or Reels Instagram can be integrated permanently into your account via “at the front page” in order to serve as a FAQ or introduction, for example. You can put your current story in one by clicking at the bottom right on the heart -shaped symbol. You can add stories to the older one via your Instagram archive.

If you want to see in your Instagram feed not only new publications, but also recent stories, press the corresponding Instagram profile photo.

Hide or share an Instagram story

As mentioned above, you can define who can see a story before publishing it via “your story” or “close friends”. If you want to define in a targeted way that can see your story in the future, go to the settings of your profile on ” Confidentiality “ and “story”, then “Hide the story for”. You can then define the people for whom the stories will be invisible in the future.

Remove Instagram stories

Although Instagram stories automatically disappear after 24 hours, you can choose to delete a story earlier than expected. To do this, open the Instagram application and select your story at the top left of the home screen. You then see your current stories. Select the corresponding story as well as the Three -point symbol lower right of the screen. You will find the option ” DELETE “.

You want to store your data centrally and securely and access it flexibly on all your devices ? It is possible with the Ionos Hidrive cloud storage solution. Trust certified European data centers and automatic synchronization.

Save Instagram stories on your device

Instagram stories certainly disappear after 24 hours, but they are still recorded in your Instagram archive. You will find it by pressing the three-stroke icon in your profile and selecting “Archive”. It is also possible to record a story on your device, either via current stories or via archives. For current stories, go to the top of feed in the area “Your story”, Select the story and press the three -point icon. Then go to “Save” and “Save the photo” or “Save the video”. In the archive, select the story you want to download.

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