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Oppo Find X6 Pro

The Oppo Find X6 Pro is currently announced only in China. Rumor, however, wants it to be marketed internationally and remains the exclusivity of its domestic market.

If the Oppo Find X6 Pro does not go out in France, we will regret it bitterly according to DxOMark

The company specializing in DXOMARK LABORATORIES TESTS ranked the first Oppo FIND X6 PRO of its photo classification. What to regret once again what rumor has been heard for several weeks: it should not go out in France.

You miss a single smartphone and everything is depopulated. This is undoubtedly what the Oppo fans feel, since the rumor has been wanting for several weeks that the Oppo Find X6 Pro does not come out by us. Here is one more nail on the coffin of their hopes: according to DXOMARK, the successor of the Oppo Find X5 Pro is simply the best Photo phone present on the market.

As a reminder, DXOMARK has made a specialty of scientific tests for smartphones cameras. Faced with such a rigorous approach, it is not always easy to squat the top of the table and even crowned champion phones by the general public like the ultra galaxy s22 struggle to squat the top 10.

A bokeh champion

The Oppo Find X6 Pro therefore arrives at first place in this ranking with 153 points. He is ahead of the former first, the Honor Magic5 Pro of only one point.

This note can be seen as an average of several subcategories. Find X6 Pro excels in particular on color rendering, grain or image noise which is well controlled in all conditions. He is slightly exceeded by his rival on the management of artefacts or the exhibition and is missing a little on the management of the autofocus. Do not fear, it remains reliable and fast, but simply a little less effective than its competitors.

In a completely different category, on the Bokeh, the Oppo Find X6 Pro dominates its subject. He is one of the best phones in circulation on this subject.

Of course, everything is not perfect. DXOMARK points to a lack of contrasts on certain portraits in the background, exposure concerns, a slightly weak depth of field which forces to move away to have net group shots, or even skin colors that lack a little natural under certain conditions.

Frustration points to its nose

Faced with such an excellent result, there is enough to regret all the more rumors that OPPO does not plan to take out its flagship in Europe and therefore in France. It seems that the critical success of the Oppo Find X5 Pro has done nothing. Like the Xiaomi 12S ultra last year, which has never reached us, we will probably have to be satisfied with the opinions and tests published by the International Press.

Good news, however, the second in the ranking, the Honor Magic 5 Pro will be well in France. What widely catch up.

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Oppo Find X6 Pro

Oppo Find X6 Pro

Oppo Find X5 Best Price: 402.89 €

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Best Price: 134.23 €

Honor 90 Best Price: 279.9 €

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Find X6 Pro is the new Oppo Premium smartphone. It has a large AMOLED screen of 6.82 inch QHD+, at the cooling rate varying between 1 and 120 Hz. The device is driven by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, like the Xiaomi 13 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S23, and benefits from 12 GB of RAM at least. Its battery displays a capacity of 5000 mAh and its charger delivers a power of 100 W.

The smartphone is very largely placed for photography, since it is equipped with three modules of 50 megapixels each, the first relying on a sensor of an inch, like the Xiaomi 13 Pro and the Vivo X90 Pro. The second is supplemented by an ultra-wide-angle optics and the third, by a telephoto lens (magnification x3). Find X6 Pro runs on Android 13 associated with the Coloros 13 interface.1.

The Oppo Find X6 Pro is currently announced only in China. Rumor, however, wants it to be marketed internationally and remains the exclusivity of its domestic market.

The Oppo Find X6 PRO becomes the best photophone in the world, according to DXOMARK

The new Oppo Find X6 Pro smartphone has just been placed in the first place in the DXOMARK independent laboratory classification, exceeding the Honor Magic5 Pro which had been in the first row since its release in early March. Here are all the details.

Oppo Find X6 Pro

The Oppo brand has presented smartphones Find X6 and Find X6 Pro But unfortunately they are not available in France, at least for the moment (can we hope). Rumors have recently surfaced mentioning a potential abandonment of European markets by Oppo and OnePlus, remarks immediately denied by the two Chinese companies that intend to maintain their activities in Europe, without being more aware for the moment. While waiting for the situation to light up, the tests continue and it was the DXOMARK laboratory that was able to test the high -end smartphone, Oppo Find X6 Pro on its skills in photo.



Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus (Xiaomi)




The Oppo Find X6 Pro surpasses the Honor Magic5 Pro, the Huawei Mate 50 Pro and the Google Pixel 7 Pro

Thus, according to DXOMARK, the smartphone Oppo Find X6 Pro represents the best photophone in the world currently available. He obtained a global score of 153 While so far, first place was occupied by the Honor Magic5 Pro which had won a score of 152 exceeding the Huawei Mate 50 Pro but also the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
This score could be obtained thanks to the technical configuration particularly advanced on the Find X6 Pro. Indeed, it is equipped with a 50 megapixel main photo sensor, 1 inch Sony IMX989 With 8 lenses and stabilized optically associated with a Sony IMX766 sensor of 50 megapixels for shots in ultra-wide-angle mode and a 50 megapixel telephoto lens too, Sony IMX890 stabilized optically and capable of offering a 3X optical zoom zoom. There is a 32 megapixel selfie camera at the front.

Why was Number 1 classified ?

The Oppo Find X6 Pro was appreciated for theExcellent level of details in photo, with the zoom and also in video, even in low light. According to DXOMARK, it offers a well controlled image noise in all conditions and offers a Reliable and fast autofocus Both photo and video. The Bokeh effect was appreciated With a good level of details on the subject. Video stabilization has been considered effective. It was compared to the Vivo X90 Pro+ and the Xiaomi 13 Pro (of which you can read our full test), equipped with the same main sensor. The Find X6 Pro, despite its prowess in photo and video is not perfect, however, since Dxomark has spotted a Lack of contrast to the backlit portraits and some Photo and video exposure instabilities. Mobile has, it seems, produces non-natural skin tones under certain conditions and there are Dynamic range differences between capture and image preview, due to the image processing produced by the main chipset and the dedicated Marisilicon X chip, developed by the brand.
The full report of DXOMARK’s tests and assessments is available here.