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Pure Electric Air Electric test: the electric scooter that tames the rain

A long support on the only accessible button will light the machine. Quick pressure lights or turns off the lights. Finally, a brief double pressure allows you to change mode. It’s simple, effective. Small downside: the meter plastic scratches very quickly.

Ideal in rainy weather, the pure air electric scooter decreases € 100

Pure pure Electric // Source Air: Pure Electric

[DEAL DU JOUR] The pure air scooter is part of a range of electric scooters of the Pure Electric English brand. Its value for money is very good, for a machine with excellent finishes, handy and pleasant to drive. A scooter that will suit to most users For use in town. With the ban on self-service scooters In the city of Paris, effective in September 2023, there is no doubt that the scooter market should be worn well, especially with such promotions.

What is the promotion on this pure electric scooter ?

The pure 2nd generation air, from Pure Electric, is sold on the brand’s official website with a reduction of € 100. She sees her price going from € 499 to € 399.

What is this electric scooter ?

The pure air has a most sympathetic tube design. Its clean lines are rather elegant and pure Electric treats the finishes of its machine. The scooter is robust and good design and offers a reassuring impression of solidity once in hand. Each part is solid and perfectly assembled, from crutch to the handles. The latter, in foam, are comfortable, but keep the water a little too much in the event of rain. The deck has a very good grip in case of bad weather. Even in the rain, your feet will not slip, and there is enough room for a practical and comfortable position. The Pure Air range is IP65 certified and is therefore designed to resist water.

Lighting level, a rear stop fire, a front lighthouse and catadiopters assure you to see and be seen. Unless you ride at night, the lighting does the job requested. The circular meter is easily readable even in direct sunlight. You can see the battery level, your speed, or the selected driving mode. On the driving side, the 500 W nominal power engine offers good acceleration power. In S mode (power mode) pure air quickly reaches the 25 km/h regulatory. Even at full speed, the driving is pleasant and the turns are easily taken. The 17 kg of the scooter are well distributed.

The pure air is perfect for use in deplored time // Source: Pure Electric

Less than € 400 the pure air is a good deal ?

It’s a very good deal for a reliable brand quality scooter. Who says spring says rain. Driving a two-wheeler or a scooter in rainy weather is always a challenge in itself, it all depends on the machine on which you are. On wet floor, pure air tires correctly drain water. The eraser holds the road well and braking offers a good respondent, including on wet roads. In dry weather, driving is flexible and reassuring. Despite the absence of suspension, the 10 -inch tires absorb a good part of the shocks and vibrations.

If you want to avoid dejiled roads and play part of the public transport trip, be aware that pure air does not fold easily. The screw system is indeed long and tedious and does not make you want to fold and unfold the machine more than necessary. Side autonomy, maximum speed, count between 15 and 20 km, depending on your weight and bad weather. If you have more than 15 km to be made per day, you imperatively provide a recharge during the day so as not to have unpleasant surprises. It takes a little less than 5 hours to recharge the 280 Wh in 36 V battery.

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Pure Electric Air Electric test: the electric scooter that tames the rain

Pure Electric leaves its British market to conquer electric mobility in Europe by offering scooters with waterproofing as a watchword. What come upset the little world of urban electric mobility.


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Pure air at the best price ?
419 € discover the offer
419 € discover the offer
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This test was carried out on March 16, 2022 and the market may have evolved since. Consult our comparison to discover more recent products potentially more relevant to you.

Our full opinion
Pure air

March 16, 2022 03/16/2022 • 19:02

The new mobility market arouses lusts, but few actors capable of claiming a real part of the cake. Pure Electric is a brand that comes to us from the country of Mary Poppins and which is starting to gain a lot of magnitude, by betting on an essential point in England: waterproofing.

Our first test in the range is oriented on the Pure Air Sold model 499 euros. A price that places it in front of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, Mi Scooter 3 and the Ninebot G30. The question is therefore: is this pure air capable of dethroning the leaders of the most disputed segment on the market ?

Technical sheet

Model Pure air
Announced autonomy 30 km
Recharge time announced 300 min
Max speed 25 km/h
Engine power 500 watts
Maximum supported weight 120 kg
Price 419 €
Product sheet

This tes was made from a model loaned by the brand.



This is a nice design. The drawing all in tubes gives an industrial and clean appearance. Tubes used to connect the tubular gallows to the deck. Besides, this allows you to slide an anti -theft in the fairly tight space. What limit the travel of the chain or the U and therefore bother ill -intentioned people with a grinder.




We come to this waterproofing story. We were quite intrigued, since it is a subject that makes a lot of talk in the world of scooters. The whole pure range is IP64 certified. Beyond certification, there is a conception designed to resist water. For this, all the elements are protected. The cables are all wounded and the battery is isolated on its side.

Obviously, that was not enough for us and we had to have a clear heart.

So we took our parka and our courage to ride in pouring rain. It’s simple: throughout the duration of the trial, 80 % of the journeys were made in the rain. We will approach the behavior of the scooter later in this test.








With this tubular look, its black wheels and its hidden battery block behind the deck, the pure electric appeals by its design, from a subjective point of view. Out of step with the GUNDAM aspects of competitors. Admittedly, design is generally not the main criterion when buying a scooter, but as much to attach the elegant to the useful and the pleasant.

On the finish side, it’s really very good. Nothing moves and everything is in its place: the brake handle offers a good respondent, the gallows, despite what was inflicted on him (vibration, light wheel raising, crossing small obstacles) did not show a game. Even the crutch does the job, although a little low.

Simple but effective use

The wrists are made of foam, of any quality but offering very good comfort. Only downside: they take time to dry.



On the lighting side, there is the minimum panoply: a rear LED game with stop fire, catadiopters and an old -fashioned design at the front at the front. This lighthouse lights up well, quite widely and can be adjusted vertically by hand. Again, nothing prevents you from adding additional lighting, but the one provided is already doing the trick.

The deck is wide, offers an excellent grip and even wet. Everyone will be able to drive in great comfort because even a pair of 45 has found their place there.




The meter is circular, easily readable and a blue which does not attack the eyes in a night environment, and which remains completely readable in full sun (thank you the black background). We see the battery indicator, speed, mode (here the red “s” indicates the most powerful mode). Another slower mode and a walking mode are available, but you will probably never use them.

A long support on the only accessible button will light the machine. Quick pressure lights or turns off the lights. Finally, a brief double pressure allows you to change mode. It’s simple, effective. Small downside: the meter plastic scratches very quickly.

We note the absence of a mobile application, which means that no tracking GPS is not there. Nor even the application or scooter software update. It’s also a good way not to take the lead.

Starting requires launching the scooter at the foot. More than welcome security elsewhere. Because the acceleration wheel is a sensitive chouya.

A tedious folding system

We arrive at the thorny part. The pure air does not benefit from the rapid fixation of its great sisters, the pro and pro LR. Result: we find ourselves turning, and this on several laps, the fixing wheel to rotate the gallows. It’s tedious. Especially in public transport that you will probably take with this model, as we will see later in the autonomy part.



The system is resistant, but like all screw systems, avoid going there, under penalty of having trouble unscrewing next, then at the risk of damaging the wheel. On the other side, a metal attachment blocks the folded gallows, to make the scooter easier to transport.

Finally, the distribution of weight once the pure air is not ideal: the 17 kg place it in the models that are quite heavy daily in public transport.


The first thing that will shock the regulars of the scooters is the lack of electromagnetic braking. When you let go of the accelerator, nothing curls the momentum. It’s very nice. However, which can the most can the least and if it is possible to minimize it on competitors, here it is not the case. Is it embarrassing ? No. Which necessarily brings us to braking.

Braking is entrusted to a drum system located at the front and managed by cable. Despite all my efforts to block the wheel on wet ground, at no time has the front driven or slipped. However, unique front braking associated with the lever effect (as a reminder, you have a weight at the top of the handlebars which creates a lever effect) is not the best idea.

If the brake is at the front, it is mainly because the engine is at the back. In scooter, it is better to propulsion than a traction. This allows the front wheel to be removed in the event of a small obstacle. Maneuver which, on a xiaomi 365 pro very often ends in a small slippage of the front wheel in stride.

Agile and powerful

Of all the scooters in this range, this pure air is the most pleasant to drive. It is super agile and can take very appreciable angles in turn. We come to avoid small obstacles at the last moment. The center of low gravity helps a lot and the 17 kg of the machine absolutely do not feel.

The engine is powerful. The couple arrives strong in “red” mode but not brutally either. We quickly go up to the regulatory 25 km/h, despite the driver’s 100 kg on it. Note that the engine power remains the same for the duration of the battery. Unlike other models that quickly break speed at 15 or 10 km/h.

In fact, we take a real pleasure on the handlebars, the muscles of the cheeks relax and we smile. What seen, the current situation, is a small luxury.

10 -inch tires are not tubeless But embark an anti-hack liquid. As for the Xiaomi, it will be necessary to carefully watch for pressure: between 3.5 and 4 bars. During the test, we were at 4 bars. The cubit valve makes the inflation practical but the change of air chamber is even more delicate.

The absence of suspension is usual in this price range and the slightest portion dressed in cobblestones will remind you. Nothing really problematic that said, because the 10 -inch tires already absorb a good part of the vibrations.

In the rain, good behavior

If you go out well covered, the pure air scooter can accompany you strictly everywhere as long as the floor is not muddy. Do not mistake us, other scooters without certification do the same, except that they have no guarantee covering the problems that can be generated. While the Pure range registers the management under the warranty conditions.

Which brings us to the handling and behavior on wet or even flooded soil. First point, tires. They drain water enough. Unlike a car or motorcycle, the scooter is limited to 25 km/h. THE Aquaplanings are almost impossible. Braking can however, forcing enormously, blocking the front wheel a little.

As mentioned above, this was not the case. But when I reported the loan model, one of the people in the shop told me that it had happened to him once to avoid a car and that he had been able to brake in time, because even by sliding, the scooter had stopped.

When we talk about maximum speed, it is not so much the speed itself that is dangerous, but what can happen in the event of an unexpected. At 25 km/h, the pure air is reassuring.



Regarding turns, the gum, rather tender, holds the pavement well. Finally, the couple, although they are alive in “sport” mode does not slip the rear wheel. To summarize, you can use the wet floor scooter without any apprehension.

You will just have to cover yourself well.


We come to the other problematic point after the folding system: autonomy. She’s not bad. With 100 kg on it, it was possible to travel a journey from boulevard Sebastopol to the Créteil Soleil shopping center in one go, with a speed of 25 km/h and several stops and departures linked to lights and intersections. This represents exactly 18 km.

On the other hand, lighter templates should surely reach the twenty kilometers. By way of comparison, we had noted a range of approximately 20 to 22 kilometers in the Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3, which therefore does not fly over its subject either on this area.

Following this route, it took almost 5 hours to fully recharge the 280 Wh battery in 36V. Good point, however, a total whistling absence during the load.

Since we are talking about battery, know that the indicator is not very precise and offers only a game of bars as information. No exact percentage unfortunately.

This is the decisive element concerning the purchase of this scooter. If you have 15 km to do, and then, you can recharge it with 5 hours in front of you, then this scooter is an excellent proposal and can follow you every day on this distance, even at -5 ° C with 100 kilos above. If, on the other hand, you must go through the public transport box, it is not ideal.

Pure Electric Electric Scooter Pure Air Pro – Black

  • Pure Electric Electric Scooter Pure Air Pro - Black
  • Pure Electric Electric Scooter Pure Air Pro - Black
  • Pure Electric Electric Scooter Pure Air Pro - Black

Pure Electric Electric Scooter Pure Air Pro – Black

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THE Pure Air Pro model is designed to be used in wet environments. THE Chassis and the sustainable steel frame of the pure air pro model are designed to cross the puddles of water and the torrential rains without fear of the damage caused by water.
Her 500 W engine delivers the respondent in acceleration and allows you to climb ribs up to 24 ° with ease. The pure air pro scooter has a Autonomy of up to 50 km in a single load, thanks to its battery with a 36V capacity – 12800 mAh, All to a speed of up to 25 km/h. Thanks to its 10 “wide wheels”, with tires and inflatable airlines filled with anticipate liquid For maximum comfort and safety, road steps and imperfections will no longer be a problem. The pure air pro allows you to sustainably continue your route, while offering better grip. She joined a double braking system, With a mechanical front brake with drum and an electronic rear brake with energy recovery which produces a reliable and safe braking power in all conditions, while reinjecting energy in the battery for an additional autonomy. The pure air pro is also equipped with all intelligent control systems (including 3 driving modes), an integrated display screen and a USB load port Located on the handlebars, allowing you to recharge your smartphone, portable speaker or lamps as you wish. She is accompanied by the Pure mobile application which provides additional data on your journeys and practical maintenance reminders. For quick opening and closing when traveling, this model has a “Clicklock” locking mechanism, which allows you to put it in a cupboard at home, or to slide it under your office at work, and to take it easily with you in public transport.
The advanced “click-lock” locking system blocks the column safely, for a simple and practical opening and closing during your trips.

IP65 sealing standard :: Dust seal and protection against water jets of all directions to the lance.

Be careful to adapt your use well to the waterproofing of your scooter.


Autonomy 50 km
Battery capacity 12800 mAh
Battery warranty 24 months
Loading time 510 min
Weight (kg) 16.5 kg
Maximum load (kg) 120 kg
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Tire type A air chamber
Tire pressure 3.5 bar
Wheel diameter 10 “
Maximum climb slope 24 °
Availability of spare parts · 2 years