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Electric cars: the wind is turning

With a range of innovative technologies, intelligent features and comfort equipment, IONIQ 6 opens a new way to you: that of responsible mobility tinged with elegance. With its fluid silhouette, environmentally friendly materials and a high level of performance, Ioniq 6 is 100% electric streamliner. Take advantage of a recharge of 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes thanks to 800 Volts technology available as standard.

Our electric cars

No fuel consumption, no CO2 emissions, silent trips: your electric car will contribute – with other solutions – to the mobility of tomorrow. Clean, innovative and fascinating mobility. Hyundai offers you a extensive range of electric cars, where you will find the emblematic SUV Ioniq 5 and Kona Electric and the Ioniq 6 sedan. With a distribution of instant power and reinforced driving comfort, our models combine performance and driving pleasure. And it’s incomparable. Hyundai electric cars incorporate a concentrate of technologies. Their high capacity lithium-ion batteries allow autonomy ranging from 305 to 614 km (depending on the WLTP model / cycle).

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Ioniq 6

  • Main characteristics :
  • Up to 614 km of autonomy (WLTP mixed cycle)
  • 77.4 kWh battery, recharges in 18 min (10 to 80 %)
  • Power from 229 to 325 hp

Ioniq 5

  • Main characteristics :
  • Up to 507 km of autonomy (WLTP mixed cycle)
  • 77.4 kWh battery, recharges in 18 min (10 to 80 %)
  • Power from 229 to 325 hp

Kona Electric New Generation

  • Main characteristics :
  • Up to 514 km of autonomy (WLTP mixed cycle)
  • Quick recharging in 41 minutes (10 to 80%)
  • Up to 493 liters of loading volume (including front trunk)

Choose an electric car if:

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You want to drive in zero emission mode.

In town (especially in ZFE), on the highway, in the countryside: opt for our 100% electric cars and move without issuing polluting emissions in the atmosphere. Our vehicles provide you with clean, silent and comfortable driving.

You browse short and long distances.

Contrary to popular belief, electric cars are not reserved for short trips. The Hyundai electric range is compatible with your daily life trips but not only ! Go on vacation or make your business trips with confidence. Our electric cars are designed to simplify your life while guaranteeing comfort and safety.

You have access to charging stations.

In your street, at your workplace or at home, connect where you want your Hyundai electric car. The charging stations are accessible anywhere. As a bonus: the autonomy and the recharge time of our vehicles are fast and efficient to never make you waste your time. And time, as everyone knows, is precious.

Our electric cars

Ioniq 6, 100% electric streamliner.

With a range of innovative technologies, intelligent features and comfort equipment, IONIQ 6 opens a new way to you: that of responsible mobility tinged with elegance. With its fluid silhouette, environmentally friendly materials and a high level of performance, Ioniq 6 is 100% electric streamliner. Take advantage of a recharge of 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes thanks to 800 Volts technology available as standard.

Ioniq 5, E-mobility in beauty.

With Ioniq 5, the ideas received on electric cars are jostled. Under its futuristic and refined lines, Ioniq 5 has a multitude of intelligent equipment. Elegant and high-tech, the SUV benefits from an ultra-fast 800V recharge, many driving aids and can even recharge a scooter, a bicycle or another vehicle (V2L technology, vehicle to load).

Kona Electric, the 100% electric SUV.

A pioneer. A revolutionary, in the era of time. The Kona Electric – First Compact Electric SUV in Europe – combines an impressive autonomy of up to 484 kilometers with a daring and spacious SUV style. Without compromise, it wants to be above all versatile and focus on driving pleasure, without C02 emission. Let’s say it loud and clear, yes an electric car to run serenely on a daily basis.

Optimize your driving pleasure.

The Bluelink Hyundai application has been designed to offer you incomparable driving pleasure. Configure the settings of your car before you even go on a trip: heating, GPS air conditioning, it is you who decide ! Throughout your journey, take advantage of connected navigation, voice command and other connected services to run safely.


You arrived at destination ? The Bluelink application takes over and allows you to locate your vehicle in a few clicks, lock it remotely and even send you a notification in the event of a flight attempt.

What is an electric car ?

An electric car is a type of vehicle operating with an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. Unlike “classic” vehicles, electric cars do not need petrol or diesel to work since they have no internal combustion engine. This mechanism allows electric cars to be nonpollutant, more economical and just as powerful depending on the battery used.

How does an electric car work ?

An electric car works thanks to a battery that feeds an engine. This battery is generally located in the base of the car. The engine converts the electrical energy of the battery into a force allowing the car to move.

The autonomy of an electric car depends on the capacity of the battery, which is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) and the engine power (KW). The higher the battery capacity, the larger the car autonomy. Electric cars are equipped with an energy management solution which makes it possible to maximize the autonomy of the car by adjusting the power provided according to the needs. This is “modes” to dose the available power and the energy recovery level for example.

When the car slows down or brakes, the electric motor turns into an alternator and allows you to recover part of the kinetic energy generated by the car to recharge the battery. This technique is called regenerative braking and increases the car autonomy.

To recharge the battery, simply plug it into a home socket or a charging station (public network, private terminal in a company for example or via an operator). The recharge speed depends (in particular) on the power of the charger used and the on -board charger.

What are the advantages of an electric car ?

Electric cars have many advantages. They help preserve a cleaner environment thanks to zero emission mobility. There are no pollutants rejected in the air when the car circulates. Electric cars also help reduce noise pollution because they seem to “spin” on the road without making noise.

An electric car also has the advantage of being able to drive everywhere, especially in low -emission areas (ZFE) and other sections subject to restrictions. In some cities, it is possible to benefit from free parking!

In terms of financial level, an electric car has several advantages if it is compared to a car with thermal engine. First of all, it is eligible for purchasing assistance devices. This is the first good news. The price of electricity is attractive, and this translates for you by a cost per kilometer significantly lower than a petrol or diesel engine. In addition to lower costs of use, it is also the costs of interviews that are lower. Finally, note that the resale value is often more important for an electric car due to its rarity and high demand on occasion.

By combining all the advantages of an electric car, we can say that this is a solution that provides better driving experience, more economical and responsible.

How to choose your electric car ?

The first thing to do when you get into your search and want to choose an electric car is to define your need. Here are some questions you need to provide your personal answer.

  • What use will you do with your car ? Daily, punctual ?
  • Will you use it to go to work, for long journeys ?
  • Will anyone else regularly use the car ?
  • How much space do you need for passengers, races ?

These questions will directly determine the use you will make of your electric car and guide you on a type of size (city car, SUV, sedan), a level of power and autonomy.

When you have selected some models that match your criteria, the time has come to test. Between several models of electric cars, compare driving flexibility, acceleration and overall experience. It is by trying that you can also judge the real level of autonomy and the consistency of this or that electric car according to your personal need.

What is the autonomy of electric cars ?

The autonomy of electric cars vary depending on the model, driving and use you make. Speed, use of air conditioning and heating act on the autonomy of your electric car. Take the example of Ioniq 6 and the Ioniq 5 77 kWh, which respectively have an autonomy of 614 and 507 km on a single load in mixed cycle (WLTP). In town, you can do more than 600 km with Ioniq 5 and more than 700 km with Ioniq 6. Knowing that a Frenchman is driving on average less than 45 km per day, our vehicles offer most of you a much sufficient level of autonomy. In addition, all Hyundai vehicles benefit from innovations that promote ecoconduite, reduce energy consumption and improve autonomy.

Electric cars: the wind is turning ?

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While electric cars are supposed to be the future of our mobility, it would seem that the wind is turning.

The electric car is the future of the automotive industry. A statement that we can see through political decisions in the world.

However, reality is very different: Sales who are struggling, waves dismissals in large groups or emerging tensions with China.

The wind Is he in the process of turn For the electric car or is it a compulsory passage as the issues are tidy ?

Sales that struggles to take off

Lsales Electric cars increase step by step in Europe. Proof The historic record during the month of August with an increase in 20% over one year.

The toll is far from being far from being satisfying, especially after an investment massive manufacturers.

These are besides pessimists and no longer hide their concerns Following the low increase Sales.

Let’s go reach a kind of glass ceiling of the electrical industry ? Fears to put back in the international context where inflation touches the purchasing power client.

Electric cars remain too expensive for the vast majority of population and the spectrum of 2035, where the sale of new thermal cars will be prohibited, worried strongly the builders.

A wave of layoffs at Volkswagen

Here is a news that made Featured newspapers, including Auto Plus: the wave of dismissal At Volkswagen. The German manufacturer will delete 269 ​​jobs In its Zwickau factory.

It follows, at first, to suppression German government, Aid precious in procurement electric car.

You have to add to that, prices increased energy, purchasing power in Europe down as well as the investment of several billion euros in the transition Volkswagen electric verse.

All these factors make the German manufacturer did not have other choices what to dismiss. Evidence that the electric industry is not going so good that.

Higher customs fees to counter Asian manufacturers ?

To finish, the European survey of Chinese public subsidies continuous electric manufacturers His little guy path.

So much so that it could unclog on higher customs fees for Asian cars.

Currently, there is 10 % customs duties on Electric vehicles Europe.

The EU would like to increase this figure by 10 to 20 %. It is based on the United States where rights customs are 27.5 %.

For its part, China believes that it has only the fruit of its past investments, while Europe denounces an illegal practice.

Pekin said that recent steps of Europe would have a negative impact on relations economical And commercial Between China and the European Union.

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