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Laptop i7 16GB RAM

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Laptop 16GB RAM i7

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laptop i7 16GB RAM


Purchase i7 16GB laptop RAM

Form factor
: Laptop
Processor : Intel Core i7 – 4 Cores – 3.00 GHz
Chipset : Intel Lynx Point LP
RAM :: 16 GB *HUGE*
Storage disc :: 256GB SSD 35 times faster

Graphic card : Intel HD Graphics
Soundcard : Integrated – speakers and microphone
Network : 100/1000 – Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless : Yes
Webcam : Yes
Numeric keypad : Yes
Keyboard : Azerty
Screen : 15.6 ” – Anti -reflective matt
Resolution : 1366×768
Operating system : Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 bit

Software provided :: Office 2021 PRO + Word Excel Access PowerPoint Outlook OneNote Publisher Teams (perpetual license)

Dimensions : Height: 2.97 cm – Width: 37.9 cm – Depth: 15 cm
Weight : 2.4 kg
Color : Black and gray
Connection ports

1 x VGA-HD D-SUB (HD-15) 15 Pins
1 x Memoir card reader: SD
1 x Express Card 54mm
1 x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100/1000MBPS

1 x Port Home Station / Duplicator
1 x microphone – input / audio – line / helmet outlet
Guarantee : 1 year

Options and accessories

Bit Defender Antivirus 1an / 1PC
Bit Defender Internet Security 1an / 1PC
Laptop PC bag
PRO wireless mouse
Replacement of the hard drive with an SSD 1000GO (35x faster !))
Pro wired mouse
DVD Windows catering support “essential to reinstall Windows in case of crash”
Anti -theft cable


Details that make a good computer today

To start, an Intel Core brand processor (CPU), the i3 version for small uses, word processing, email and internet, the i5 version for wide uses, including internet pages with high definition videos, for the Processing databases or spreadsheets. The i7 version, adding to that graphics, game, photo and video editing. To finish on the processor side on the i9, the extreme version, for big budgets which leaves nothing to chance and which is efficient on absolutely all points without exception, its specialty being the ultra -high definition image processing 8K and rendering calculations DAO software, without leaving the games aside to the number of images per second and details pushed to the extreme. The Intel Xeon processor is perfect for work, calculation and graphics stations. For simple office automation, do not formalize you by the generation of the processor which evolves every 6 months pretending to make the others obsolete. Today opt for the 3rd generation minimum for simple office automation, the 5th for web content including video. It is the generation of the processor that plays a lot in the final price.

An SSD disc see NVME for computers who accept it, exit the completely obsolete mechanical discs, an SSD is 10x faster than a HDD mechanical disc and an nvme is 35 times more. The hdd is 133mo/s, the SSD is 550MB/s and the nvme is 1500mo/s to see more, these figures are indicative of course but it is rather general. So opt for one of these two technologies that will start the computer faster and make it more responsive. 128, 256, 512, 1000 or 2000GB for you to see that you want to store in the machine.

The RAM is also important, today a big web page consumes almost 1GB of ram, as much to say that it is necessary. Today 8GB is the minimum, it is not less necessary, the new versions of Windows, the 10 and the 11 are quite greedy. Opt for 16GB DDR3 machines for oldest or DDR4 for the most recent. DDR3 or DDR4 for office automation it does not change much in speed, do not formalize on this point. The ideal being 32GB of RAM or more if there are calculations, the database or a lot of Internet pages open at the same time.

Windows version. Exit Windows 7 completely exceeded, opt for version 10 or even better version 11, which represents the future for a few years. The latter offers much more possibility of connectivity, responsiveness and compatibility.

Windows 11 on the left Windows 10 on the right

Buy a professional computer from portables.Org

Our purchasing service team only selects qualitative products, resistant in time and efficient for all uses. These computers reconditioned to nine were on their release date provided for professionals, large companies and specific trades such as DAO computers. Often very expensive they were inaccessible to individuals but also not available for those who did not have a siret number. Faced with this injustice we wanted to offer them at reduced prices to everyone. On average the price we offer is around 50% cheaper than original, namely half to see more sometimes.

– Resistant: designed to last and be used in sometimes harsh conditions (heat, dust, rain, bad manipulations)

– Sustainable: these computers have a design that allows them to be repaired in the event of a technical problem, so it is not disposable – ecology !

– Powerful: in business, no time to waste, the boss says time is money suddenly computers must be very fast and very reactive if not if they are dismissed they are replaced.

– Better thought: better design that makes them stronger but also more reliable to meet the requirements of pros.

– No planned obsolescence presents on the general public ranges of large surfaces which grow to consumption by giving a lower lifespan to the device which of course is anti -ecological.

Offer a new life to a computer that only asks to help you – why throw it away ? We recondition it is ecological and it feels good to the planet

But moreover, what does it mean ? Unlike used products which are taken up without being really tested, the reconditioned is a rigorous and long process carried out by specialized technicians.

– A control over fifty points (visual, aesthetics, screen operation, battery, components, USB connectors. ))

– An interior and exterior cleaning pushed with specific professional products which requires dismantling each computer.

– A replacement of components such as the RAM and the storage disc that are very demanded components.

– A complete installation of the operating system with all Windows drivers and updates.

– A test series before packaging with specific software and applications (processor, RAM, screen, graphics card, connectors, battery, motherboard, load circuit. ))

– Finally, packaging in tailor-made and recyclable flickering packages

– Handed over in the hands of our carrier with insurance and follow -up on each shipment.

An Intel Core i7 processor

The Core i7 processor that equips this computer offers first choice performance with its 4 cores and its frequency of 3.0GHz It is ready to execute all office automation applications such as Office or other commercial management software. In addition, the use of business software like Autocad, Archicad can work on this computer thanks to this processor. This processor is a benchmark and teams a good number of brand PCs today.

Shuffled by 16GB of RAM

With such a quantity of RAM at its disposal this PC Dell will offer exemplary speed. Faster, more responsive you can surf the internet quickly, open a dozen internet tabs at the same time. Gourmet software will therefore be welcome.

An SSD disc of 256GB

Start in less than 10 seconds, this is the promise made by this component that has become essential today. Software access times are in the order of the fraction of a second. This disc has a good storage capacity for all that is documents, photos ..

Windows 10 Pro operating system

Successor of Windows 7 Pro, this version 10 of the Popular OS of Microsoft keeps its promises, reactive, intuitive, reliable and stable it remains compatible with 95% of the applications operating already under Windows 7 Pro.

Intelligent computers you can count on

For 28 years, Optiplex has responded to consumer innovation requests for office computers by offering constantly smarter and fast experiences. It offers versatile and compact formats, with personalized deployment options and latest generation Intel ™ Core ™ processors.

Expressresponse: with Intel ® Adaptix ™ technology, give priority to your favorite applications, so that they open faster and work better.

Intelligent audio: collaborate as if you were in the same room. The intelligent audio functionality improves your audio quality and reduces substantive noises so that you can hear and be heard, thus creating a better conference experience for all.

ExpressConnect: The new ExpressConnect tool automatically connects to the most powerful access point and directs the bandwidth to strategic applications, whatever your workplace

Work intelligently

Flexible configuration: adopt new productivity features at a competitive price to your measurement. With several formats, you will find the desktop computer ideal for your workspace.

Thermal management: with the design of cooling on the front panel, the Optiplex i5 model optimizes the air inlet to maintain your system at a low temperature

Uncompromising productivity

Boost your work power: designed with Intel ® i5 processors, and up to 32 GB of RAM DDR3 memory for compromise performance. The optional Intel ® processors provide companies with performance, management facility, integrated safety functions and stability of the Intel ® platform, and line up on a scalable launching calendar. This computer with 16GB of RAM and Windows 10 Pro is extremely fast for all daily tasks. Thanks to the PCI Express X16 ports it is possible to add a compatible DAO compatible and 3D graphics card.

Promote sustainable development

Ecolabels: This product is certified Epeat Gold and Energy Star (on certain configurations). This certification varies from country to country. For specific information on the assessment and participation by country.

Products and packaging: Dell Technologies now manufactures products and packaging from recycled and renewable resources, and strives to improve the energy efficiency of its products. We also want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as part of our operations and our exchanges with our direct supply chain partners. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable development and on our social impact objectives for 2030

Carbon footprint: one of Dell’s main objectives is to reduce its ecological impact. This involves reducing the carbon footprint of our products at each stage of the life cycle, from development to recycling. To learn more about the carbon footprint of our products

Supplied with Office 2021 full version

Included in this offer, the Office 2021 Pro + office suite including all Microsoft Office office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access.

This version provided is permanent and does not require any annual subscription as on Office 365, you therefore have it for the entire duration of use of your computer.

A reconditioned laptop available under the Intel Core i7 and 16 GB RAM processor

You still have not found the laptop with SSD solution you need despite the broken holidays of the holidays and the list of starry items on the web? This offer is made for you. While other laptops will simply be used for basic at Home use, it is possible to find a wide variety of very starred laptops on the market. This is the case of Tuf Asus computers, Apple laptops, Lenovo products, Full HD devices with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels as well as Acer laptops and MSI or Dell Inspiron Star. Some may embark a size processor like Intel Core or its competitor: AMD or AMD Ryzen processor in addition to a powerful graphics card such as the Nvidia GeForce graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card, the card NVIDIA Quadro graphics and AMD graphics card.

In any case, you will surely not find a laptop as efficient as this product Dell i7 16 GB RAM offered at such a price. Aligned with the Dell Inspiron range, this laptop version has a huge RAM or RAM, a latest generation Intel Core Intel Core processor, a high -performance Windows 10 Windows 10 operating system and an SSD storage disc with significant storage capacity that a gamer could even love. Need more details ? Discover more information on the i7 16 GB RAM laptop reconditioned in the following parts.

Robust laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor and a 16 GB RAM

We have seen several varieties of processor pass. The Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the Intel Core i3 processor, the Intel Core i5 processor and the recent Intel Core i7 processor. This version of the Intel Core processor is much more efficient than other products that precede it. In addition, it is largely the size in front of its competitor of AMD or AMD Ryzen. Its power allows this Dell laptop to gain speed levels speed, fluidity and efficiency. The Intel Core i7 processor is much more economical than the other Intel Core versions which precede it despite its performance and allows you to support a DDR type RAM or Important RAM with the best software and applications and a worthy graphics card ‘A resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels like Nvidia GeForce.

Its frequency of 3 GHz largely increases the speed of the Dell laptop, in competition with ASUS products (TUF), Acer, Lenovo, Razer PC for Gamer, Apple and MSI very starry. It differs from other processors of its kind that these generally only offer a frequency of 1 GHz, 1.7 GHz, 2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 2.6 GHz or 2.7 Ghz. Thus, this i7 16 GB RAM laptop can be used intensively in any professional sector of activity, at home (at home) or personally by a student or a gamer. He will have the ability to accomplish all your daily tasks without difficulty without forgetting the speed to which they will be carried out. And all this at a price less than 1000 EUR (price including tax of 958.80 EUR) and with a free warranty of one year after delivery.

DDR (DDR 3, DDR 4) RAM with a capacity of 16 GB DDR, for its part, promotes the management of the most delicious applications. Combined with a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce RTX or an AMD, this laptop under Intel Core i7 and with a 16 GB RAM will make an ideal for game product. It allows you to work tirelessly without the computer slowing down. In addition, a capacity of 16 GB DDR will also allow the opening of several applications and files at the same time so that you can work simultaneously on several projects, chain your meetings, monitor your employees or simply distract you while working. If you are looking for an extremely powerful computer for graphics we recommend this 17 -inch laptop . These performances will be of first choice with its 32GB of RAM.

The attractive design of the laptop Dell i7 16 GB RAM

The refined design of this i7 16 RAM laptop appearing among the best starry is undoubtedly at the origin of its price which amounts to 958.80 EUR EUR. It is a 15 -inch, extremely modern and elegant slim laptop. It can easily optimize your workspace. This reconditioned laptop is also transportable, it weighs 2.4 kg and has reduced dimensions to easily enter your luggage. The product is 1.16 inches high, 15 inches wide and about 6 inches deep in addition to the 15 -inch 15 -inch screen. Its black and gray color is also elegant.

Laptop i7 16 GB RAM: A technological arsenal for your productivity

Receive a reconditioned laptop whose storage capacity exceeds that of basic computers. It has a much more modern SSD storage solution than competition, including MSI, Tuf Asus, Acer, Lenovo and even Apple and Razer PC for games products. This laptop reconditioned with a free one -year warranty after delivery no longer uses the HDD disk and has the SSD storage solution like most of the most starry items in Dell. The SSD disc has the advantage of turning 35 times faster than an HDD. This will allow you to load your data quickly. Without forgetting the reliability of the SSD solution compared to HDD. Its storage capacity is 256 GB SSD.

As a modern and reconditioned product, the I7 16 GB RAM laptop can now access Wifi and take on a webcam for possible meetings and video conferences. The integrated graphics card, on the other hand, is far from equaling the performance of an Nvidia GeForce version, Nvidia GeForce GTX and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX because it is an Intel HD Graphics. Being part of the Intel Graphics series with Intel UHD Graphics, the Intel HD graphics graphics CA-Present will still have the capacity to display HD content on the screen. Despite the fact that the resolution does not reach the 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) and that its graphic memory is less than 2 GB, the Intel HD graphics graphics card included in the laptop 16 GB Ram and under Intel Core i7 that You will receive in 2 days Max will still be in size.

Laptop i7 16 go ram: more practical, more productive

The laptop is ready to use upon delivery since it already has a Windows operating system. These are Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 -bit, an improved version of Windows 7 32 Bits, Windows 7 64 Bits and Windows 8 64 Bits or Windows 8 32 Bits. Also receive a 2021 professional office pack up. And all this at an accessible price and with a free warranty. Apart from that, the 15 -inch screen has anti -reflective mat technology. It is indeed not a Full screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) HD. Nevertheless, its size and resolution are more than enough for optimal comfort of use.

In addition, this product being among the best star on the web offers you the opportunity to work on a larger screen if necessary. It is thanks to the availability of a VGA port for the connection of a second screen of your choice. For example, it is an LED screen, a Full screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) and even a touch screen and full.