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How to use Instagram


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How to use Instagram ?

Instagram passionate or simple novice looking for information ? You may be here because you are wondering how to use Instagram, this social network that revolutionized our way of sharing our lives in images. Or maybe you are just trying to perfect your skills and become a real Instagramming pro. Whatever your motivation, you are in the right place !

Instagram is not only a platform to share your selfies or the photos of your lunch (although we all like a good avocado brunch from time to time). It is a real global community, a space for creative expression, and for some, a powerful marketing tool.

In this article, we will explore the wonders of Instagram together. Whether you are looking to create an account, publish your first photo, manage your confidentiality or optimize your use, we have covered all aspects. In addition, as a bonus, I will share a personal anecdote and some pro tips to help you shine on Instagram.

So, are you ready to dive into the fascinating universe of Instagram ? Let’s go !

Summary of the article

Understand the basics of Instagram

We all felt this slight apprehension by entering a new labyrinthine shopping center for the first time, isn’t it ? Well, starting on Instagram can sometimes give this same feeling. However, do not fear, I’m here to help you transform this jungle of icons and hashtags into a pleasant promenade park.

Create an Instagram account

The opening of an Instagram account is as easy as eating a part of pizza … and probably less messy. You just have to go to the Instagram website or download the application on your phone, click on “register”, enter your information and hop ! You are propelled into the sparkling universe of Instagram.

Download and install the Instagram application

Download Instagram, it’s a bit like downloading a little concentrate of joy. You can get it from the App Store or Google Play. It’s fast, easy and the best for the end, it’s free !

Navigate the Instagram user interface

Instagram’s interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible. A bit like when you get on a bicycle for the first time, after some hesitation, everything seems natural. The buttons are clearly indicated, almost as if they invited you to a finger dance. Explore, click, Swipez ! It’s your world now.

Confucius said: “The man who moves a mountain begins by moving small stones”. So don’t worry if you feel a little lost at first, it’s completely normal. With practice and time, you will become an Instagram master !

How to use Instagram

How to publish content on Instagram

It is often said that “an image is worth a thousand words”. And if this quote has been repeatedly repeated, it is because it is true, especially in the universe of Instagram. Prepare to share your story in a thousand words … or rather in pictures.

Publish photos and videos on Instagram

Imagine the scene. Your adorable cat, in a perfectly executed yoga posture, and you have captured this moment on your device. To share this epic shot, simply click on the ” +” located in the center of your navigation bar, choose the photo and click on “Next”. You can add filters to accentuate the Zen side of your feline, register a legend that will attract attention, then press “Share”. And there you go, your feline masterpiece is now visible by the whole world.

Create Instagram stories

Stories are like fragments of your life, captured moments that disappear after 24 hours. It’s a bit like being a secret agent, leaving behind clues of his passage. To create a story, simply click on your profile photo with the ” +”, and let your creativity take control. Show us a day in your life, make us laugh, share your passions. The story is your moment.

Use Instagram editing tools

Instagram offers you a wide range of simple and powerful publishing tools. You can transform a banal photo into a real work of art, like a modern picasso armed with an iPhone. Play with the filters, adjust the brightness, add contrast. With Instagram, you have the opportunity to give life to your vision.

By following these tips, you can navigate Instagram as an experienced sailor in the social media ocean. And as Oscar Wilde said so well: “Be yourself; Everyone is already taken ”.

Interact effectively on Instagram

Interacting on Instagram is a bit like being a big evening, where each guest has something fascinating to share. It is a digital world filled with conversations, connections and overflowing creativity.

Follow other Instagram accounts

Following someone on Instagram is like giving them a virtual hat. This is your way of saying: “Hey, I appreciate what you do, and I want to see more of your universe”. To subscribe to an account, simply click on the “follow” button located on the person’s profile page. Here you have just opened a new window on the world of another Instagram user.

Love, share and comment on publications

In the universe of Instagram, your love and your appreciation manifest itself by “like”. If you come across a publication that speaks to you, let it know by clicking on your heart. If a publication seems to you worthy of being shared, do not hesitate to rest in your story. And of course, if you want to participate in a conversation or express your admiration, leave a comment. Be the kind of person you would like to meet during this great virtual evening that is Instagram.

Use direct Instagram messages

Direct messages (or DM) are your private communication line with other Instagram users. It’s a bit like putting notes in class, but in a more modern and sophisticated version. You can send private messages, share posts or even create a discussion group. In short, Instagram DMs are a great tool to stay connected and engaged with your community.

As Mark Twain said so well: “The good word can make the difference between a flash and a flash in the bottle”. So go, share, connect, and transform your Instagram experience into a vibrant and bright bottle of lightning.

Manage confidentiality and safety on Instagram

Confidentiality and safety on Instagram are essential. It’s a bit like having a personal safe, but instead of protecting your money, you protect your digital space.

Configure Instagram’s privacy settings

To manage your privacy settings, it’s simple. Just go to the “Parameters” section, then click on “Confidentiality”. This is where you can decide who has the privilege of seeing your information and your publications. Imagine this as being the sovereign of your own digital kingdom.

Manage Instagram notifications

Notifications are the little reminders of the digital world that tell you: “Hey, something interesting happens”. If you want to control the flow of these small reminders, you can do so by going to “parameters”, then by clicking on “notifications”. It’s like having control of the volume of your Instagram radio.

Secure your Instagram account

Finally, the security of your account is essential. To give an additional level of security to your account, activate two -facts authentication. It’s a bit like having a virtual watchdog for your Instagram account.

As Benjamin Franklin said: “Three people can keep a secret, if two of them are dead”. So be sure to protect your secrets on Instagram well by taking your confidentiality and your safety seriously.

Optimize your use of Instagram

Instagram is not only a social network to share your life moments, it is also a great platform for branding and marketing. It’s like having a personal television channel at hand.

Increase the number of subscribers on Instagram

If you want to increase your number of subscribers, you must above all interact with other users. It’s like being the host of the biggest evening in the city. Show originality, stay authentic and above all, be yourself.

Improve the commitment on your publications

The commitment of your subscribers is crucial. It’s about transforming your followers into a real community. Ask questions, answer comments, create surveys in your stories. The more your subscribers interact with you, the more your influence grows.

Use Instagram for professional or marketing purposes

Instagram is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Use it to share images of your products, customer testimonials, or to give a backstage of your business. The time is no longer waiting, it’s time to act.

As Sun Tzu said in “The art of war”, “each battle is won before it is even fought”. So be sure to prepare your Instagram strategy to guarantee your success.

Pro anecdotes and tips to shine on Instagram

For a number of us, Instagram has become an integral part of our daily life. Let me share a personal anecdote to illustrate this.

The other day, I walked in the park, savoring the fresh air, when suddenly, I came across the most adorable show: a small poodle performing a series of impressive laps under the watchful look of his master. Like any seasoned Instagram user, my first thought was: “It’s a perfect Instagram story ! »». Without hesitation, I released my phone and I captured this moment of pure canine joy to share it with my subscribers.

It brings me to a crucial tip for Instagram: always be ready to capture the moment. Precious moments arise when we expect the least, so keep your phone at hand.

Speaking of tips, here are some that could help you raise your Instagram game:

The power of hashtags

Hashtags are like Instagram salt and pepper – they enhance the taste of your content. Use relevant and popular hashtags to give your posts better visibility.

Filters are not everything

I know, I know, Instagram filters can transform a banal photo into masterpiece. However, do not forget that sometimes, the less it is more. An undeveloped photo can often be just as, or even more, impressive.

Interacting is the key

You want more engagement on your posts ? Start by engaging with the posts of others. Comment, share, love. Be the changer you want to see in the world of Instagram.

Optimizing and creating effective content on Instagram

For your Instagram account to be effective, the content you create and share must be well optimized. It’s a bit like cooking a good meal – you need good ingredients and the right recipe. When you create Instagram content, remember to use relevant keywords in your legends and hashtags. These are like beacons that help Instagram to understand what your content is talking about and present it to the right people.

Another tip to optimize your content is to make it visually attractive. High quality and well -edited photos tend to perform better. Instagram offers a range of publishing tools directly in the application to help you refine your images. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and much more.

Now let’s talk about stories. Instagram Stories are ephemeral publications that disappear after 24 hours. They are perfect for sharing spontaneous moments, backstage, or to interact with your audience in a more personal way. Instagram offers many tools to make your stories more interactive and engaging. You can add survey stickers to collect the opinion of your followers, use the “Questions” function to organize a question-answer session, or even add music to your stories to make them more dynamic.

As a conclusion, it is important to recall this wise quote from Peter Drucker: “What is measured is improving”. On Instagram, maintain consistency and regularity in your publications while keeping a unique visual style is the key. This is not that strengthening your brand, it also makes your account more recognizable. Follow your statistics on Instagram, enter what works and what requires improvement, and adapt your strategy accordingly. Even if Instagram may seem to be a game, it is a game that requires a winning strategy. With these tools and techniques at your disposal, you are ready to create and optimize content for Instagram as a real professional.

FAQ on how to use Instagram

How can I manage several Instagram accounts at the same time ?

You can add up to 5 accounts on Instagram and easily switch from one to the other without having to log out and reconnect.

Can I download photos from Instagram from my computer ?

Yes, although the platform is designed to be used on mobile, Instagram recently introduced the possibility of downloading photos from the office version of the site.

How can I block someone on Instagram ?

Go to the person’s profile, click on the three points in the upper right corner and choose “Block”. Don’t forget, it’s your space, you have the right to protect it.

How to use Instagram for companies ?

You can create a professional account, use analysis tools to understand your audience, create ads and use shopping on Instagram to sell directly from the platform.

Can I share my Instagram publication on other social networks ?

Absolutely ! When you create a publication, you have the option to share it simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Ia @Sperance | Digital at the service of decision -makers ����

How to use Instagram

This article was co -written by Ramin Ahmari. Ramin Ahmari is CEO and co -founder of finesse, a fashion house that uses automatic learning on social media to predict trends and remove overproduction problems. Before joining finesse, he worked with influencers on growth and patronage. He has also collaborated with major brands on the implementation of influenced marketing strategies by taking advantage of his expertise in data science and artificial intelligence on social data.

This article was consulted 841,887 times.

Instagram is a platform for sharing photos, which is now one of the main social networks. The site was put online in October 2010 and is now available in 25 languages. The application ranked first on the App Store, just 24 hours after its launch. Kevin Systrome is the CEO of Instragram. Using this application is very fun, while you share your daily adventures. You want to learn to use Instagram ? You will have to start by downloading and installing the application, then learning to navigate your interface. You will then only have to publish your photos !

Install Instagram

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 1

Download the Instagram application. To do this, search for “Instagram” in the download center for your device: the IOS or Google Play app on Android. Then select the relevant result.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 2

Open the Instagram application. To do this, click on the Instagram icon (it represents a multicolored camera) present on the home screen of your phone.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 3

  • You can choose to add some personal information in the adequate section, such as your name and first name or personal website.
  • If you already have an Instagram account, click the Connect button, at the bottom of the Instagram connection page. Enter your identifiers.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 4

  • You can choose to subscribe to users who will be suggested to you by Instagram. To do this, click on “To subscribe”, alongside the user name in question.
  • By subscribing to a user, you will be able to see their publications on your home page.
  • You can add your friends at any time, even once the creation of your account is over.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 5

Click Finish . Once you have informed the fields, click on the “Finish” button. You will be redirected to your Instagram home page, where you can see the photos published by the people you have chosen to follow.

Use the different Instagram tabs

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 6

  • Click on the + button in the upper left corner of the screen, to save and publish an Instagram Story for your subscribers. To make it work, you will have to allow Instagram to access your microphone and your camera.
  • Click on the box icon, at the top right of the screen, to access your messaging. This is where your private messages will appear.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 7

  • The Instagram Stories of the stars will also appear on this page, directly under the search bar.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 8

Click on the heart to follow the activity of your account. This icon is located two icons to the right of the small magnifying glass. This is where all your Instagram notifications will appear (for example, “like” comments and mentions on your photos, subscription requests, etc.)).

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 9

  • Click on the + at the top left of the screen, to add friends from your Facebook account and your contact list.
  • Click on the small wheel or on ⋮, at the top right of your screen, to access the options of your account. You can adjust your account settings, add friends or connect your Instagram account to your accounts on other social networks.
  • Click on Modify the profile to the right of your profile photo to change your name and username, add an organic or a website and provide your personal information (for example, your telephone number or your email address).

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 10

Return to the home page by clicking on the small house. This icon is located in the lower left corner of the screen. If users you subscribe to have published since your last visit, their content will automatically appear on this page.

Ramin Ahmari Influencer of Social Media

Ramin Ahmari is CEO and co -founder of finesse, a fashion house that uses automatic learning on social media to predict trends and remove overproduction problems. Before joining finesse, he worked with influencers on growth and patronage. He has also collaborated with major brands on the implementation of influenced marketing strategies by taking advantage of his expertise in data science and artificial intelligence on social data.

Ramin Ahmari
Social media influencer

Slide to the right to share your story with the people who follow you. Ramin Ahmari, co -founder and president of finesse, tells us: “To have more people who follow you, use the Stories of Instagram to talk about your adventures. Instagram has a new great feature that allows you to ask questions in your stories and read the answers. Use it ! It allows you to communicate with the people who follow you and show that you compromise yourself. »»

Publish photos on Instagram

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 11

Click on the small camera. This icon is located below in the middle of the page. From there, you can publish photos that you took previously or take a new photo.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 12

  • Gallery : This option allows you to download a photo from your gallery.
  • Photo : you can take a photo directly from the Instagram application. You will first have to authorize the application to access your camera.
  • Video : you can film a video directly from Instagram. You will first have to authorize the application to access your microphone.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 13

  • If you want to select a photo already taken, you will have to click on the next button, at the top right of the screen.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 14

  • You will also be able to click on the small wheel keystone, at the bottom right of the screen, to adjust certain aspects of the photo, such as brightness, contrast, structure.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 15

Click on the small arrow. This button is located at the top right of the screen.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 16

  • If you want to add tags to your photo, you will also do it in this field.

Image entitled Instagram Step 17

  • Click on tag users, to tag subscribers in the photo.
  • Click on add a place, to enter your geographic location in the description of the photo. You will then have to authorize Instagram to access your location service.
  • Share your photo on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr accounts by dragging the corresponding buttons on “on”. To do this, you will first have to have connected your external accounts to your Instagram account.

Image entitled Use Instagram Step 18

Click Share, at the top right of the screen. You have published your first photo on Instagram !

  • If you want to have a lot of subscribers, try to take unique photos.
  • You can access Instagram from a computer, but you will not be able to update or publish photos. To do this, you will need to connect from the application.
  • Avoid publishing photos containing personal information, especially if your account is public. Do not share your address or other contact details (for example in a photo of your driving license).
  • When you try to add a place to your photos, the application will ask you to allow access to location information on your phone.

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This article was co -written by Ramin Ahmari. Ramin Ahmari is CEO and co -founder of finesse, a fashion house that uses automatic learning on social media to predict trends and remove overproduction problems. Before joining finesse, he worked with influencers on growth and patronage. He has also collaborated with major brands on the implementation of influenced marketing strategies by taking advantage of his expertise in data science and artificial intelligence on social data. This article was consulted 841,887 times.

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Why and how to use Instagram ?


Why use-installation

Instagram is an application on mobile whose principle is quite simple in fact: sharing photos and or short videos. Many filters make it possible to embellish your creations before sharing them which makes its use more fun. There is also the possibility of creating image compositions, hyperlaps or animated animations animated using applications such as Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse (which belong to Instagram). In short, Instagram gives pride of place to the creativity of its users which makes it successful. Like on Facebook, you can follow other users, dialogue, like their photos and use hashtags (read our article on what a hashtag). Intagram is a network that achieves users worldwide and local according to its objectives and targets.

Instagram in figures

  • 41 % of users have Between 16 and 24
  • 35 % users have Between 25 and 34 years old
  • 95 million photos/videos posted per day in the world
  • 4.2 billion of “I love” per day

What benefits to draw from Instagram ?


Depending on your objectives, the use of the Instagram social network will be beneficial for:

  • Redirect the audience to your website
  • Increase the conversion rate on your site (online sale)
  • Increase engagement on your brand (post and sharing)
  • Improve your brand visibility
  • Increase the number of views of your videos
  • Increase the installation number of your application

How to use Instagram for your activity ?

1 – Post photos regularly

There is no photo … or rather if in fact �� as for any social network, the golden rule isbe, Otherwise it doesn’t work. You have to post at least 2 to 3 times a week at least and 2 times a day at most. It will depend on your time and your content to be disseminated of course. If you are an occasional Instagant, it will be difficult to retain a community.

hashtag-instagram2 – Use the hashtags

This is an essential element to publicize your account. Indeed, The hashtags you use will redirect users to your images Using internal social network research. For example an ice brand can use the hashtags #Glace #sorbet #cremeglacee #Gourmand, etc. in order to attract followers and increase its visibility. Hashtags must be related to your activity or geographical position. In addition Instagram allows you to know the most popular hashtags, take advantage of it and use the !

3 – Contact your community

  • Offer a great description on your photos (text + hashtags + quote qq + emoticons)
  • comment on posts related to your activity
  • Rest the photos of your products taken by users
  • answer the questions
  • Ask questions to start a conversation
  • Give tips or useful information on your products
  • tag friends
  • Like comments ..

4 – Follow the right accounts

It is strongly advised to Follow the most influential accounts in your sector for several reasons: You can hope that some of these accounts follow you in return on the one hand, on the other hand following accounts established with a large community will be a good source of inspiration to make your account attractive and attractive. Finding this genres of account is a stain made easy by the use of the Instagram internal search engine.

5 – Like the photos of others

Like photos of other accounts can also Bring you some subscriptions from time to time. Choose with the search engine a hashtag linked to your activity to discover the photos of this hashtag, then just like certain photos in the list. On the other hand it shows that you are active regularly on the network. It’s always good !

6 – Quote people

In the commentary party of your photo, it is possible to quote other people using the @ monitoring of the name of the targeted account. By quoting a better known account, You can hope that it relays your photo and gives you access to its community. You will then touch more people ! In 2014, a study showed that mentioning another account in its general description could generate 56% additional commitments. It is also possible to quote people in a photo but be careful because it may not appeal to the interested parties.

7 – link your Instagram account to Facebook

Everything is in the title … in this way you will double the numbers of post photo (1 photo on Instagram will be taken up on Facebook) and therefore increase the chances of being seen and followed. Your Facebook followers will thus have to follow you also on Instagram.


8 – Use advertising

A little paid help that can bring you good visibility and subscribers in no time. Sponsored posts are a good way for Make your account take off by properly targeting your audience. Advertising allows you to redirect to your site or reach nearby users (good idea for a business). To be used in moderation all the same so as not to be cataloged with “advertising account”.

9 – Be creative .

One last piece of advice and it is the most important for me: have the creative attitude ! Instagram is aesthetic or fun photos and videos. The essential condition is to offer quality and fun content in connection with your activity and your values. You can follow trends and find inspiration using search with hashtags. Don’t be afraid to be original to stand out. This will help and report visibility, subscriptions and interactions for your account. Attractive and unique appointment to stand out.

To go further in the practice of Instagram

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  • The 158 most popular hashtags in 2017
  • 50 influential Instagnors in France