How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video?, Video premium: help

How to abandon yourself to video premium

If you pay your Prime Video Channels Subscription via Apple, any subscription cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the date of renewal of your subscription, otherwise you can be invoiced.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video ?

Amazon Prime Video is a video service service to which you can only have access by subscribing to the Amazon Prime supply. It is one of the streaming video platforms that have the most subscribers, next to Netflix and Disney Plus. Appeared in 2007, she managed in a few years to find a place on the very competitive market in video on demand. For people who already take advantage of the Amazon Prime Video offer and who wish to terminate this subscription, we explain how to proceed in this article.

How to terminate its Amazon Prime Video subscription (paid version) ?

To end your Amazon Prime Video subscription, log into your Amazon Prime account, from the Amazon, by providing your username and password. From the Amazon Prime home page, you will find your profile at the top right, select ” Accounts and lists“, Then unroll the new page that appears, click on” Your Amazon Prime subscription “And, finally, on” End of membership“” . You will be asked to confirm again that you really want to terminate your subscription. Do it to finalize this operation.


This process applies to people who have chosen the paid version. They are even entitled to a full refund if they have not used the advantages that accompany the formula as the product order service. Those who only called on the delivery service can benefit from a partial refund. Just contact Amazon Video Prime Customer Service to report it. The subscription will be reimbursed in a maximum week if the request is accepted.

It is important to specify that once you have taken advantage of the benefits of premium video, you can no longer claim a refund.

How to terminate its Amazon Prime Video subscription (free version) ?

free video premium

If you only use the free version to find out what the platform offers in terms of content and you no longer want to continue, You must ensure that this evaluation period does not convert into a paid version. This is indeed what is happening if you do not unsubscribe before the end of the one -month trial period. To avoid this, go to the settings and click on “Do not continue”.

It is good to know that if you decide to terminate your subscription to Amazon Prime Video while you are still in the trial period, you will continue to benefit from the offer until it ends at its end.

Note that Prime Video is integrated into the Amazon Prime subscription. However, you can maintain your account while deciding to no longer use the video offer. But if you choose to stop your Amazon Prime subscription, you also delete that of Amazon Prime Video. The additional advantages associated with the Amazon Prime Video account will also not be renewed once you have canceled your subscription.

Interrupt your subscription via an internet box

The success of on -demand video services (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) has prompted more and more Internet access providers to now include these platforms in their offers. If you have subscribed to the Amazon Prime Video offer through this and wish to terminate this subscription, here is the approach to follow.

To start, click on theCustomer Area from your operator and select, from the options that arise, those suitable to delete your Amazon Prime Video formula. Generally, cancellation is automatically carried out.

If you cannot end your subscription via the supplier’s interface in question, ask a technician help. You should also know that if you pass via an operator to have access to Amazon Prime Video, your termination will only be effective from the date when the contract is usually renewed.

If you subscribed to Amazon Prime Video via your Orange box, know that The termination is carried out directly from the Amazon website. Connect to your Amazon Prime account, go to the ” Manage my subscriptions “And click on” Do not continue“” . Then choose ” Put an end to my advantages” , Then ” End of membership “And finally select” Cancel and lose my advantages“” .
As soon as the procedure is completed, Amazon will send you a confirmation email with the end date of your subscription.

Cancel your Prime Video Channel subscription

You can cancel your subscriptions Prime Video Channels online.

  1. Access into account and settings and select channels from the upper menu .
  2. Look for the subscription you want to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel the channel and confirm.

The end date of your subscription is displayed on the confirmation screen. You can return to your cancellation decision until this date. After the end date, you will no longer be billed and will no longer have access to the content of this channel. The cancellation of a subscription does not give rise to any reimbursement of the previous subscription costs.

If you pay your Prime Video Channels Subscription via Apple, any subscription cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the date of renewal of your subscription, otherwise you can be invoiced.

You must have subscribed to an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription to access Prime Video Channels. If you cancel your Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, your Prime Video Channel subscriptions will also be canceled.

Noticed : Customers residing in India can continue to access the content of your Prime Video Channel subscriptions via eligible devices after the cancellation or expiration of your Amazon Prime subscription. However, the Prime Video Channel subscription will not be automatically renewed and you will have to buy an Amazon Prime subscription before being able to re -take up at Prime Video Channels.

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