How to subscribe or share a Salto subscription? | Sharit, which platform can choose the ex-briefs of Salto?

Which platform can choose the ex-briefs of Salto

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Everything about Salto account sharing

Salto is the French streaming platform born under the leadership of M6, TF1 and France Télévisions. The platform offers both series, films but also direct and replay. In all, more than 10,000 hours of content is offered.

Enjoy more salto, pay less.

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Take advantage of a subscription

Take advantage of a subscription

Salto subscription types and characteristics

The platform offers several types of subscriptions, some of which can be shared to save each month ��

Solo Subscription

  • 1 simultaneous screen
  • Access to the whole Salto catalog on all your screens (TV, computers, tablets)
  • More than 10,000 hours of content: films, series, documentaries, youth programs and live TV programs, replay and before first
  • Price: € 6.99 per month

Salto Duo subscription

  • 2 simultaneous screens
  • Access to the whole Salto catalog on all your screens (TV, computers, tablets)
  • More than 10,000 hours of content: films, series, documentaries, youth programs and live TV programs, replay and before first
  • Price: € 9.99 per month

Salto tribe subscription

  • 4 simultaneous screens
  • Access to the whole Salto catalog on all your screens (TV, computers, tablets)
  • More than 10,000 hours of content: films, series, documentaries, youth programs and channels and TV programs live, replay and before
  • Price: € 12.99 per month

With duo and tribe subscriptions, saves every month by sharing your subscription, we explain how to do right here ⬇️

Join a subscription

How to share your Salto subscription

Type of sharing: by password.

For the owner of the Salto subscription

To share your account for other users, you just need to create a free Sharit account, then create your ad and indicate your identifiers and your salto password. No security problem, they will only be sent once the payment validated by Sharit, via a secure space.

For the Subscription Subscriber

Nothing could be simpler, register for free on Sharit, select the subscription you want, then the group you want to join. Once the payment is validated, no waiting, you will have access directly to the connection identifiers, to return to Salto.

Please note, we advise you to use a single password for each shared streaming subscription.

Share my subscription

Why go through Sharit for your Salto subscription ?

If you share your account, you realize on average 0.00 € in savings /month

If you enjoy a subscription, you realize on average 0.00 € in savings /month

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Questions answers

How it works ?

Sharit is a marketplace for connecting people who offer one or more free places on their streaming subscription and people who want to subscribe to one of these places.

On sharit you can be shared and tike.

With us, shaore it is the person who offers places on his subscription. Taker is the person who wants to subscribe to a place.

Once connected to your personal space, you will arrive on your page of management of your subscriptions.

By clicking on ” +” in the Taker section you can subscribe to a subscription. By clicking on ” +” in the Sharer section or “Share a subscription”, you can offer places available on your subscription and start saving every month.

No need to worry about the money, Sharit takes care of payments by taking the price of the Takers subscription and by donating it to shaore every month.

Is my information safe ?

Which platform can choose the ex-briefs of Salto ?

Netflix, Disney+, Video Prime, Apple TV+, Paramount+, Molotov. Small comparison of alternatives for former subscribers to the French platform.

Posted on 03/29/2023 at 6:00 p.m

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    Audio reading reserved for subscribers

    The misfortune of some makes others happy. If Salto stop this Monday, March 27, signs the failure of the French streaming platform, a competitor takes the opportunity to send a call for the subscribers left on the tile. Molotov, which allows you to watch TV streaming and replay, offers the disappointed Salto a year of free subscription to discover its services.

    The deceased platform launched by TF1, France Télévisions and M6 offered for 6.99 euros per month an offer of replays of TNT channels enriched with some unpublished programs and above all previews. All without the endless advertisements whose channels water viewers consuming replays on their sites. Where the 800,000 Salto subscribers may take refuge on the tile ? Review of streaming offers.

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    The “Welcome” offer, created only for ex-bodies of Salto and free for a year, offers 80 channels and replays, but remains extremely limited. There are mainly free TNT channels, France 24 or the locals of BFM… and again ! Group M6 channels are only included in the offer for the first two months ! It is also not possible to control the direct (Put on pause, return to the start of the program, pass the ad), one of the rare reasons for which to subscribe to Molotov is useful.

    Prefer the “Extra” offer, which offers all these services. Why pay for free channels ? Because these charge in Molotov, as well as Internet operators, the dissemination of their flow. At 5.99 euros, it’s cheaper than Salto, and cheaper than the TV option at his operator. But we don’t have a program in addition to what is on television.

    The price : Free one year for Salto subscribers
    Advantages : easily accessible replay, a good alternative to an operator TV box
    The inconvenients : It does not offer all the free TNT channels, nor the service allowing to navigate in the direct


    For a cheaper call price than the late Salto, the offer is plethoric and the platform still manages to create the event with quality series. It also offers a large panorama of foreign series, from Norway, Iceland or Mexico in which, if you have a little time, you can find a few nuggets. As for the proposal for documentaries, it continues to expand. But this wide and bushy offer can frighten. In addition, a number of new series offered give pride of place to the “young adults”, at the risk of discouraging a little older audience.

    The price : 5.99 euros per month with advertising at 17.99 euros per month for the full multi-screen offer
    Advantages : A plethoric offer, diversity of programs
    Disadvantage : difficult to find his happiness in such a volume


    The very supplied catalog is based on strong house marks, enriched with some quality new products that mainly feed Marvel or Star Wars franchises. Parents will easily find enough to fill the “Disneyvores” appetites of their children. The offer is however less diverse than in the competitor Netflix, and could be reduced, warned CEO Bob Iger, who thinks of starting to sell certain group programs to other competitors. The unique price, more expensive than Salto, could also soon increase.

    The price : 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year
    Advantages : A rich catalog of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars classics completed productions from the gigantic American group
    Disadvantage : still little diversity of programs

    Amazon Prime Video

    The platform has proposed two events in recent months to the staggering budgets, Power rings drawn from Tolkien’s work, or the excellent The Last of Us Inspired by the video game of the same title, just to finally enter the courtyard of the big squattées long by Netflix. The platform remains little identified, with a relatively empty catalog beyond the call products and especially many paid options: Ligue 1 is not included, any more than the recently chips HBO series but accessible now with the Warner pass. In short, for the basic subscription, there is not much left.

    The price : 6.99 euros per month (+ 12.99 euros for the Ligue 1 pass; 9.99 euros for the Warner Pass; 3.99 euros for Tfou Max, the youth offer of TF1)
    The advantage: Beautiful quality series
    The inconvenients : A slightly empty catalog, too many paid options


    If Canal+ has weakened in recent years, the encrypted channel still offers a good catalog of films and series (many new products are to come, especially the police series B.R.I)). And offers an advantageous subscription for those who cannot choose, with the Canal+ Ciné Series offer. For 25.99 euros per month, there is the offer of the chain and a bouquet of thematic channels, but also Netflix, Disney+, OCS and Paramount+.

    The price : 25.99 euros per month
    Advantages : several platforms and an offer that could not be more complete
    Disadvantage : the price, not given

    Apple TV +

    After a half-tone start, the platform accelerated its programs in 2021. The watchword is simple: quality before quantity. And for a price of 6.99 euros per month, the platform to give pride of place to four -star castings (Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Live, Chris Evans in Defending Jacob, Vincent Cassel and Eva Green in Connection Since February. )). But if some of his series have aroused a nice craze, if the film Coda has even been rewarded at the Oscars, the platform is still a little (too) confidential in France.

    The price : 6.99 euros per month
    Advantages : The advantageous price for quality programming
    The inconvenients : The lack of wealth of the offer

    Paramount +

    The latest born of platforms in France-it appeared on December 1, 2022-offers some original series and programs from CBS subsidiaries. Series Tulsa King With Stallone served him as a launch pad. The catalog gives pride of place to cinema and series classics and promises unprecedented content.

    The price : 7.99 euros per month or 79.99 euros per year
    Advantages : access to some new series or integrals such as The experts
    The inconvenients : still few original creations

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