How to perform Bouygues consumer monitoring? | Bbox Actus, Bouygues consumer monitoring: how to follow its mobile, internet and fixed consumption?

Bouygues consumption monitoring: how to follow your mobile, internet and fixed consumption

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How to perform Bouygues consumer monitoring ?

Bouygues consumption monitoring allows you to monitor the consumption of its mobile or internet subscription package. For holders of a mobile package or a 4G key, the Bouygues Telecom consumer monitoring makes it possible to avoid off -package. For Bbox subscribers, he details, among other things, purchases of videos or calls made from his fixed line.

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  • The essential
  • Bouygues consumer monitoring allows you to keep up to date in its consumption of mobile data and past telephone communications For Bbox subscribers or mobile package.
  • To access the Bouygues Portable consumption follow -up, it is possible to connect via the customer area orSend an SMS or make a call to 680.
  • Bouygues consumer monitoring is an effective tool for Avoid off -package but also configure its uses of consumption.

Why do Bouygues consumer monitoring ?


THE Bouygues consumer monitoring is an interesting feature for all Bouygues and Fortiori subscribers for Bouygues Mobile subscribers. Even if most of the operator’s mobile plans now offer substantial envelopes, many packages that remain are still far from an unlimited data envelope.

Perform it Bouygues Telecom consumer monitoring thus allows to avoid off -package Whether in terms of calls when these are not offered in unlimited (or in the context of roaming during a trip abroad) or in terms of data consumption to avoid unpleasant surprises during the Reception of the monthly invoice.

THE Bouygues portable monitoring is thus a real Mobile Package Management tool To escape the off -package and find alternative solutions especially for those who have subscribed to a blocked package, whether it is a sensation or b & you package.

THE BBOX consumption monitoring also exists and allows you to obtain the Detailed invoice for calls for its fixed line But also lists purchases from VOD Bouygues or even Internet purchases for those who have subscribed to the Internet service +.

For holders of a 4G key subscription or a 4G box with a limited data envelope, the consumption monitoring allows for mobile plans to avoid consumption out of data package.

What are the services available with consumption bouygues telecom monitoring ?

The Conso Bouygues monitoring service first allows you to carry out the Monitoring of its mobile data consumption (since the last reset of the package), calls (total duration and report of minutes if necessary) and the Monitoring of mobile internet options and recharges subscribed which affect calls or consumption of data.

The offset is also indicated if it is necessary by detailing calls, SMS and data consumption not included in its package But also the recharges purchased for customers prepaid cards as well as calls for special numbers or the purchase of games or ringtones for your mobile.

Bouygues Telecom consumption monitoring also configures the use of its mobile internet. It is thus possible to manage your data envelope during trips abroad and follow his consumption but also to choose Data consumption mode Once the envelope has been consumed (the flow rate or the billing in the MO).

BBOX consumption monitoring as well as monitoring a 4G key also makes it possible to monitor data consumption and avoid overconsumption for 4G or 4G box packages.

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How to access the Bouygues Portable consumption follow -up ?

Bouygues consumer monitoring from the customer area


To carry out the Bouygues CONSO CONSO CONSOLES, it is possible to connect directly to the BOUYGUES Customer area. Bouygues Customer Consulting Consultant Monitoring is accessible from the operator’s website and the customer area application.

To connect, simply go to the online customer area and enter your identifiers. You must then select the section “My consumption” And “Follow and master” To access its CONSO BOUYGUES PORTABLE FUNCTION. For those who use the customer area application, just click on “my consumption” from the home page.

Information on mobile consumption is available in real time, 24 hours a day 24 and 7 days a week. Note also that the B & You consumer monitoring is also carried out from the Bouygues Customer Espace Application.

Bouygues consumer monitoring by SMS

Bouygues CONSO MOBILE FUNCTION can also be carried out via theSending a simple SMS. To carry out the consumption by SMS, simply send “Conso” At 680. A summary SMS is then sent to indicate the consumption of mobile data in progress and exceeding the package if necessary.

Be careful, however, the Cons -Cons -SMS Bouygues monitoring service is free in mainland France but can be billed abroad. L’Option followed by free SMS can also be subscribed via the customer area and allows you to receive the weekly details of its mobile consumption automatically.

The number followed consumer bouygues telecom

It is also possible to call the 680, The number followed consumption Bouygues Telecom to follow its uses and mobile consumption. As for SMS followed by Bouygues consumption, the data consumption and past calls are then indicated during the call.

If the package is being exceeded, calling the number followed consumer bouygues telecom allows you to know the amount of the off -package in progress. The call to 680 is 2 hour mobile package for example but included in unlimited calls of the operator.

How to access the consumption bbox monitoring ?

BBOX consumption monitoring is also accessible via the operator’s customer area. To access it, just follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to the Bouygues customer area by entering its identifiers.
  2. Select your Bbox line
  3. Click on “Follow and master” in the “My Conso” section.

As with the consultation of the Bouygues Mobile monitoring, Bbox consumption monitoring is accessible via theCustomer area application directly in the section “My consumption”.

Bouygues consumer monitoring for BBOX subscribers allows Monitor calls made from its fixed line in details. The date, the duration of the call and the compound numbers are indicated, as well as the cost of the potential calls made out of the package.

THE Bouygues VOD purchases monitoring is also indicated by specifying the title, date and duration of the video rental on request. It is also possible for people with Internet service + to consult all of their purchases made online.

Note that the 4G box consumer monitoring or 4G key is accessible in the same place in the operator’s customer area. For these limited subscriptions in data, the consumption bouygues telecom monitoring makes it possible to keep up to date with its data consumption and also indicates any exceedations.

Bouygues consumption monitoring: how to follow your mobile, internet and fixed consumption ?

You want to follow the consumption of the mobile package or the internet offer you hold at Bouygues Telecom, to find out where you are on a daily basis and to avoid making an outpatient ? We explain to you how to access the consumption monitoring of Bouygues Telecom in this guide !

  • The essential
  • THE Bouygues Telecom consumption monitoring is a free service which allows Mobile and Internet customers to follow their consumption in real time, so as not to exceed the limits provided for by their package.
  • THE Mobile subscribers can access their consumption follow -up from their Customer Area or theBouygues Telecom customer area application, but also by calling the 680, or by sending ” consumption ” by Sms At 680.
  • THE Internet customers only have the possibility of consulting the consumption monitoring of their offer via their Customer Area or since theBouygues Telecom customer area application.
Info Conso Bouygues: The different means available

Mobile consumption monitoring BBOX consumption monitoring
By text message Consumption at 680
By telephone 680
From the customer area Follow and master in category My consumption Follow and master in category My consumption
From the application Section My consumption Section My consumption

Bouygues mobile consumption monitoring: how to follow your mobile consumption ?

Several solutions are available to you to consult your Bouygues Telecom consumer monitoring As a customer of a mobile offer: from your Customer Area, From the Bouygues application, by SMS and by phone.

  1. Since your Customer Area Online: select the line concerned in the section My consumption of the line concerned.
  2. Since theBouygues Telecom customer area mobile application : click on the section My consumption From the home screen.
  3. By telephone, call him 680. THE Bouygues consumer monitoring number is a free number from an unlimited Bouygues Telecom mobile line or Package For offers with limited calls.
  4. By text message, send Consumption at 680 To receive the summary of your mobile consumption.

By activating the option for free Monitoring by SMS From your customer area, you will automatically receive the details of your mobile consumption every week. The options Hors-Forfait SMS alert or SMS Alert Conso can also be activated if you want to take advantage of optimal follow -up.

Info Conso Bouygues Mobile: What are the features of mobile consumption monitoring ?

THE mobile consumption monitoring is broken down into several sections, in order to allow you to know precisely where you are in all your uses: Data, Calls, Package overtaking.

  • Section Data allows you to Consult the mobile internet go that you have consumed in the form of a progression bar and thus know how much.
  • The section Calls tells you the remaining appeal over the current period, or what you have consumed If you have a package including unlimited calls.
  • Section Package overtaking Reference your possible off-forming: communications in exceeding or not included in your package (calls, SMS, MMS, Data), Refills purchased during the month of invoicing in progress, or even Services provided by third parties :: Special or surcharged numbers, Sms+, Internet+, games, ringing, etc. You can also control your expenses by defining a blocking and alert threshold by SMS, or managing your subscriptions from this same section.

If you hold options or some recharging, or You have used data in Europe or in DOM (excluding metropolitan France), the sections Options and recharges and or Mobile data abroad will allow you to know where you are in your consumption.

Bbox consumption monitoring: how to follow the consumption of your Bbox subscription ?

Unlike mobile subscribers, BBOX customers can follow their consumption only for two means:

  • Since their Customer Area : after selecting the fixed line concerned, go to the section My consumption and click on Follow and master.
  • Since themobile app : click on My consumption From the home screen.

THE BBOX consumption monitoring Allows you to follow the details of your Calls included and not included, of yours VOD purchases, or your Purchases made on the Internet with service Internet+. For example, the Bbox Fit does not include calls to mobiles, unlike other Bbox offers. Thus, the calls made to the mobiles will be deducted in out-for. In addition and if you call foreign numbers not included in your offer, you will also be billed in excess. THE Bouygues Telecom consumption monitoring Also allows you to view all the numbers you have called during the month from your fixed line.

Customers with a 4G Box offer or customers Internet Key can follow the consumption of their mobile data and exceeding their package by proceeding in the same way as Bbox customers.

What is the use of the consumption monitoring of Bouygues Telecom ?

THE internet offers And mobile of Bouygues Telecom offer different services (communications, data, etc.) and do not provide the same consumption limits according to their price.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises on your bill, the Bouygues Telecom consumption monitoring allows you to Keep an eye on your real -time consumption, Whatever offer you have: mobile phone plan, Bbox, Internet Key Or 4G Box ! You are thus able to control your consumption so as not to exceed your package, or simply know where you are on a daily basis !

You will also be able to know the Date of reset of your package. Concretely, all the activities related to your offer are referenced in the consumption monitoring of Bouygues Telecom from the last date of reset of your package, until the day of the consultation. If you have, for example, sent an SMS to an area not included in your offer or called a special surcharged number, the detail of the outpatient made may be consulted in real time from your consumption follow-up.

BOUYGUES CONSO INFO: the number followed consumer bouygues is free ?

THE Bouygues Telecom consumption monitoring is a free service reserved for subscribers who hold a mobile offer Or Internet at the operator.

Bouygues consumption monitoring: what to do in the event of an error on your invoice ?

You had the annoying surprise to see an exceeding of package by consulting your consumption follow -up ? Whatever offer you have, you can consult theBouygues Telecom assistance or obtain more detailed monitoring of your communications by subscribing to the option 10 -digit consumption monitoring, In order to understand where the outlaws come from and to prevent it from happening again in the future !

Furthermore, it is not impossible that the operator made a mistake. If this is the case, you have the possibility of Make a complaint to Bouygues Telecom customer service, If you wish to contest the amount of an invoice that you find incorrect. To do this, you can call the operator, YOU store To directly expose your problem to an advisor or send a letter to the following address.

Bouygues Telecom customer service – TSA 59013 – 60643 CHENTILLY CEDEX

If the operator’s response does not suit you or your request has remained unanswered for a month, you can in this case send you to Consumer service By mail: consumer service Bouygues Telecom – TSA 59013 – 60643 Chantilly Cedex as a last resort, it is also possible to contact a mediator If the response of the consumer service still does not suit you, or if your request has been once again unanswered for a month. To do this, simply build a file on the site of mediation of electronic communications.

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