How to download Netflix series and movies on a PC? | Tunepat, how to download films and Netflix series on an SD card or a USB key

How to download Netflix movies and series on an SD card or USB key

Select the video you want to download and click directly on the download icon to download the video. Choose the episodes to download from the drop-down list, if you want a specific track or French subtitles, click on advanced downloads, it gives you the possibility of choosing the tracks or the subtitles. After confirming your choice, you can see the download process on the left of the interface.

How to download Netflix series and movies on a PC

Netflix only allows its members to download a limited number of emissions and films on supported devices. Its download feature is only supported on Windows PCs but not on Mac. If you want to download series and movies to the computer, you must have a computer running Windows 11 version 1607 or a later version. In addition, it requires the maximum number of downloading. You cannot access television programs and movies downloaded once they pass the expiration date, because Netflix has a period limit to watch offline titles. Strict video download conditions from Netflix limit the scope of Netflix visualization.

If you are looking for a way to download Netflix videos from Windows 11/10/8/7, or you want to watch TV shows and Netflix movies simultaneously on several PCs, we could provide you with the best solution for Download TV shows and high definition Netflix films in MP4/MKV on the PC under Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7.

Download Netflix series and movies to a PC

How to download series and movies in HD quality

It is essential to download Netflix series and films using a Netflix video downloader. Tunepat Netflix Video Download is distinguished from a certain number of Netflix Video Downloader, which can Download MP4/MKV in HD quality at high speed while preserving subtitles and audio tracks. With Tunepat Netflix Video Downloader, Downloaded Netflix videos are supported on different devices.

Tunepat Netflix Video Downloader is available under Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7. First install this program on one of the Windows PCs running Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, then we will show you how to download Netflix series and films with Tunepat.

Key characteristics of Tunepat Netflix Video Downloader

Tunepat Netflix Video Downloader

Tunepat Netflix Video Downloader

  • Download movies and television shows from Netflix.
  • Netflix HD video download support..
  • Keep the audio tracks and the subtitles.
  • MP4 and MKV as output format.
  • Download Netflix with fast speed.

STEP 1 run tunepat and connect to Netflix

Double-click the Tunepat icon to launch the program. Please enter a word in the search field. You will be asked to connect to Netflix with your email address and password.

Connect to Netflix

Step 2 Define the quality, the tracks, the subtitles and the output path

Click on the adjustment button in the upper right corner to choose video quality, tracks, subtitles and output path. You can choose the high -definition bass video quality. We define the quality in low, the tracks and subtitles in default, if you have bought a Tunepat license, it is possible to personalize the quality of output in high.


Step 3 Search for series and films on Tunepat

Copy and glue the URL of the video in Tunepat, or enter the keywords of television programs and movies if you know, Tunepat Netflix Video Downloader will display the corresponding videos.

Copy and glue L

Noticed: If this is the first time you use Tunepat, you will be invited to connect to Netflix with your account. We make sure that your personal information will not be recorded by Tunepat.

Step 4 Download Netflix series and movies

Select the video you want to download and click directly on the download icon to download the video. Choose the episodes to download from the drop-down list, if you want a specific track or French subtitles, click on advanced downloads, it gives you the possibility of choosing the tracks or the subtitles. After confirming your choice, you can see the download process on the left of the interface.

Download Netflix series and movies

Step 5 Check the download history

Tunepat Netflix Video Downloader records the history downloaded in the Library, You can see the number of videos you downloaded during the period and also help you find local destination video files quickly.


Once TV shows and movies downloaded, you can find local files on your computer and read them on the devices you have without time limit to watch them. These downloaded videos are also supported for simultaneous reading on several devices. So take full advantage of your time on television shows and Netflix films.

Note : The free trial version of Tunepat Netflix Video Downloader only allows to convert the first 5 minutes of the videos. You can unlock the limit by buying the full version. In addition, all the Netflix content is protected by copyright. It is only for personal appreciation, without authorization, dissemination and commercial use are prohibited.


Amazon Video Downloader

Amazon Video Downloader

You want to read an Amazon video on more devices? Tunepat Amazon Video Downloader is exactly what you need. It supports the download of any video from premium video in MP4 or MKV format, with preserved HD quality. Give him a chance now!

What you will need

How to download Netflix movies and series on an SD card or USB key

How to download Netflix movies and series on an SD card or USB key

You would like Download Netflix movies and series on your SD card or USB key ? Thanks to its official application, it is possible. This function helps you reduce the impact of downloads on the internal memory of your mobile phone.

To use a microSD card or a USB key with Netflix on Android, you will need the following elements:

  • Download the latest Update of the Official Application. At Malavida, we offer you a safe and fast download of the latest version.
  • Have a device with a memory card location.
  • Have a USB-C to USB-A converter to connect USB keys to your device.

If you meet these conditions, open the application settings by pressing the avatar of your profile.

Open Netflix settings

Open Netflix settings

Select Application settings To access Netflix settings.

Access preferences

Access preferences

Find the section Download location and click on it.

Download location

Download location

In the dialog box displayed, select SD card. Note that this is the name that will appear, that you have inserted a memory card or connected a USB key.

Select an SD card or USB key

Select an SD card or USB key

Allow Netflix to access your phone files.

Allow l

Allow access to storage

After applying these settings, it’s time to launch a download. Locate content that is compatible with Netflix downloads and press Download.

Start downloading content

Start downloading content

If you want to manage your downloads, go to the section Downloads Located to the right of the navigation bar. There, use the pencil button to see more options.

Change downloads

Change downloads

Select an item and type on the cube -shaped icon to delete it.

Delete a download

Delete a download

This simple method allows you to use a USB key or a microSD card to download movies and series from Netflix. This is a completely legal method, officially proposed by the company. Downloaded files will be hidden and cannot be used on other devices. On the other hand, if you choose to use a USB key, don’t forget to connect it every time you open Netflix.

Download Netflix videos: Simple solutions

It is not essential to be connected to the Internet to watch a Netflix video: on PC as on mobile, you can perfectly download movies and series in advance to enjoy it without connection, in transport, on vacation, and wherever Wi-Fi does not pass !

  • Download Netflix videos on smartphone
  • Download Netflix videos on PC

Watching movies and series streaming with Netflix on your PC, tablet or smartphone remains very comfortable … as long as the Internet connection remains stable. Even if the Netflix application for Windows, iOS and Android (there is still not currently Netflix official application on MacOS) knows how to adapt to the connection of the connection for a minimum of comfort, impossible to read anything without the internet, in the event of a cut or the absence of a Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G network. This is the main limit of streaming.

Also, it is better to anticipate. Netflix actually allows you to download films and series on Android, iPhone and iPad devices and on Windows PCs. By repatriating the desired content, you will therefore no longer be dependent on an internet connection to appreciate the show. Practical for transport, where the connection can be very capricious, but also for the holidays and the places surrounded by nature, and, in general, in all the parts and all the private places of Wi-Fi or Internet. The only limit is the storage space that you can devote to the repatriation of files. Be careful, because the repatriated videos are not usable forever: after download, you have a variable delay to look at them, by identifying yourself with your account to avoid any illegal “sharing” temptation ..

How to download Netflix videos on smartphone ?

Whether you use an iPhone, iPad or Android device, the Netflix app offers to download the movies and series you want to your mobile. You just need to have an internet connection, preferably in Wi-Fi so as not to “explode” your data package !

  • If you don’t have it yet, download the Netflix free app to your device.
  • Open the Netflix app on the mobile and connect to your account. Press, at the top right of the screen, on your avatar.

  • On the displayed page, press Application settings.

  • In the section Download, Choose if you allow Netflix to download content without Wi-Fi connection (using your data package therefore).

  • Press the menu Video quality. Opt for a quality Standard If you do not want to engorge the storage space of your mobile or High If you have a lot of space.

  • To note, On Android, you can define the location where files will be repatriated (practical if you have a microSD card inserted in your smartphone).

  • When your settings are ready, come back to the main menu by pressing the arrow placed at the top left of the screen. Choose the content you want to download by pressing it. In the description sheet, press the button Download (placed to the right of the button reading On Android, just below on iOS).

  • Download starts immediately. Once completed, appears next to the reading button a small checkcet struck by the mention Downloaded. You can start playing without your mobile being connected to the Internet. All downloaded files are listed in the menu Downloads lower right of the screen.

  • To delete a file, go to the folder Download earlier. Press the name of the film or the series then press the check Located at the end of the line. Choose Delete video In the menu appearing.

How to download Netflix videos on PC ?

The Netflix application, available on the Microsoft Store, allows you to watch but also to download videos directly on your PC, whether it is fixed or portable. For ‘hour, there is unfortunately no equivalent on Mac ..

  • If you don’t have it yet, download the Netflix app for Windows to your PC.
  • Download completed, launch the application and connect with your Netflix account. Click on The three suspension points top right of the screen. In the menu that unfolds, choose Settings.

  • Click on Video quality and choose between Standard so that the downloaded content occupies little space) or High If you have the whole desired space. Then close the settings window.

  • Then choose the content you want to download. Click on the arrow pointing down, to the right of the description text block. Download starts immediately.

  • To find the items you downloaded, click on The three bunk lines, Top left of the Netflix window. In the menu that unfolds, click on My videos.

  • All the files you have downloaded are there. If you want to delete one or more of them, click on your sticker. Then click on The blue check Next to its description. Then choose Delete video.

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