How to do a Windows 10 PC performance test and accelerate it?, PC performance test. Test the online PC system. Online services to check the video card. Check

PC performance test. Test the online PC system. Online services to check the video card. Check


The main and most popular program to identify processors, motherboards (including the BIOS UEFI version), memory (including SPD) or graphics cards. We receive a precise overview of the equipment data.

How to do a Windows 10 PC performance test and accelerate it ?

How to do a Windows 10, 11 PC performance test ? In this article, we will present two tools to analyze PC performance and 6 methods to speed up the computer.

By EVA/Last update: 05/17/2023

Need a Windows 10, 11 PC performance test

After using a PC for several years, many users would have the impression that the computer slows down and that computer performance is no longer as good as before. So, if you can check your computer performance, you can find what slows down your PC and solve the problem to accelerate it.

In this article, we will show you how to use a tool integrated in Windows and a third -party tool to execute the performance analysis of PC Windows 10,11. Then we will list you some solutions. You can choose some to upgrade the PC and make your PC faster and more fluid.

How to do a Windows 10, 11 PC performance test ?

In this part, you can see how to check the performance and speed of the PC with 2 tools.

1. Analyze PC performance with the integrated Windows tool

Step 1. Press the key Windows + R and type: perfmony and press Entrance, or click on OK.


2nd step. In the left component of the program Performance analyzer, LOCATE Set of data collectors > System > System Performance. Then right -click System Performance and click on To start up.

System Performance

Step 3. Verification should only take approximately minute. During its execution, you will see an icon next to System Performance. Once finished, in the left shutter, go to Reports> System> System Performance.


Step 4. Double-click the report to open it, and you will find that it provides a global summary of the system, and you can deepen the components such as the disk, the processor and the network. Each section provides information on all aspects of your PC.

2. Execute a free online PC performance test with third -party software

The integrated Windows tool does not check the detailed disk performance, so if you want to carefully check for the reading and writing speed of your discs, you can choose AOMEI STANDARD ASSISTANCE PARTTION, a disc and free partition manager for free for Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista.

Functionality Disk speed test Provides simple test and test test modes to help users test disk speed for different requirements. And after the test, you can export the test result to read all the details.


Step 1. Download and perform Aomei Partition Assistant. Click on Test -> Disk speed test.

Disk speed test

2nd step. In the new window, you can select a partition to test and click on To start up.

To start up

Step 3. Once the speed test is finished, you can export the results.


Step 4. If you need a more complete test, please go to the professional edition and use the pro mode. In the pro mode interface, more information will be displayed:

Pro mode

If you find that the test result indeed indicates that the disc speed is affected by the updating of the operating system, you must take measures to solve the problem.

How to improve the performance of the Windows 10, 11 PC PC ?

After checking computer performance and disk speed, you may have found the problem that decreases PC performance. In this part, we list some practical methods to help you improve PC performance.

Method 1. Check Windows updates and device drivers

Check that the most recent version of Windows is installed. When you are looking for updates, your PC will also look for the most recent device drivers, which can help improve your computer performance.

Step 1. Select the button To start up, Then select Settings > Update and security > Windows Update > Search for updates.

2nd step. If the status indicates “you are up to date”, continue and search for optional updates. If the status indicates “updates are available”, once they are downloaded, select Install now.

Step 3. Select the updates you want to install, then select Install, restart your PC and see if it seems to work better.

Method 2. Disable certain applications in the start -up settings

You can restrict the number of programs that run at start -ups.

Step 1. Open Settings > Applications > Startup.

2nd step. Click on the menu Sort by and select the option Impact at start -up.

Step 3. Disable unnecessary programs with high impact.


Method 3. Uninstall some unnecessary applications

Your computer is delivered preinstalled with a multitude of software that the majority of users will never use, but which can consume a lot of system resources and disk space.

Step 1. Access Settings > Applications > Applications and features . You can see all applications installed in the Applications and Functionalities list.

2nd step. To uninstall little used or unnecessary applications, click on this application and choose Uninstall.


Method 4. Use third party app to move applications

If you do not want to delete any software, you can upgrade to Aomei Partition Assistant Préffessional to move voluminous programs to another reader/disc, thus releasing space on your system reader.

Pro publishing has a function Mover app which allows you to transfer the programs installed after having scanned the disc to identify mobile applications and files. Once the operation is completed, you can run your applications from the new storage path, and your data will be saved in the new place.

Noticed : Make sure the target player has enough free space to record everything you move. If an opinion tells you that space is insufficient, you can first extend the partition.

Step 1. Click on L iber above, then select the function Mover app.

All tools

In this window, choose Move apps. The option Move the files Can move any record files another disk, such as move the Documents folder.

Move apps

2nd step : In the pop-up window, you will see all the partitions of the discs, their capacities and the number of mobile applications. Select the source partition and click on Following.

Select a partition

Step 3: Find and check the applications to move, choose the target location, then click on Move.

Selected applications

Step 4: In the contextual window, you must confirm that you have closed the selected applications. Click on OK To start the process.

Comfirm the information

Step 5 : Wait for a moment, this software will be moved to the target location.


Method 5. Upgrade

If you use a traditional hard drive as a system disk for your PC, we suggest you replace it with an SSD. The SSD offers better performance, faster data processing speed and more stable physical structure. And now, the SSD with the same the capacity of a hard drive is not as expensive as before. You can take advantage of better disk performance on your PC with an adapted SSD.

To properly replace your disk, we recommend that you clone it instead of reinstalling the system and all your programs. Aomei Partition Assistant also has an option Disc cloning assistant which can clone a hard drive on another and offers two cloning methods.

You must back up important data on the target SSD because it will be erased during the cloning process.

Step 1. Run the software. In the main interface, choose Clone -> Clone the hard drive.

Disk cloning

2nd step. A window appears in which you must choose a cloning means.

  • Quickly clone the disc : it will only clone the space used on the source disk and allows you to adjust the partitions on the target disc. You can clone a large disc on a smaller disc via this method.

Clone sector by sector : All sectors will be cloned. He takes time.

Quickly clone the disc

Step 3. Choose the traditional hard drive as a source disk and click the button Following.

Source disc

Step 4. Select the SSD as a destination disk. Check Optimize performance for the SSD To align the 4K SSD. Then click on Following.

Target disc

Step 5. In this window, you can Change the partition size on the destination disc if you choose to edit the partitions. (Of course, you can also choose the other two options. The cloning option without resize will be grayed when the target disk size is lower than the size of the source disk.))

Modify the disk

You will see a note on how to start from a cloned disc after the operation. Keep it in mind and click on To end.

Starter notes

Step 6. You will come back to the main interface. Click on Apply after that Execute To validate the operation.


Tip: If you want to move only the operating system, you can choose the Migrate OS functionality to SSD/HDD.

Method 6. Clean unnecessary files

Unnecessary files will affect hard drive performance. If you have not erased unnecessary files for a long time, cleaning unnecessary files can slightly improve PC performance.

Step 1. Press on Windows + S, look for Disc cleaning and double-click the search result to open this tool.

2nd step. In the contextual window, select the reader you want to clean from the drop -down menu and click on OK.

Step 3. Wait patiently that the tool has finished analyzing this reader. Then, in the new window, choose the files you want to clean and click on OK. Or you can click on Clean system files To search for more system cache.

Files to delete

You can also automatically clean unnecessary files, access the SettingsSystemStorage, Activate theStorage assistant.


If you want a deep cleaning, you can use the PC Cleaner function of Aomei Partition Assistant.


This article shows you how to do a Windows 10, 11 PC performance test and presents 6 methods to accelerate it. To maintain PC performance at a good level, you must maintain good daily maintenance. Aomei Partition Assistant is a practical partner to help you manage your records. In addition to the functions we have mentioned above, this tool can also convert a disc to MBR/GPT without deleting partitions, convert file systems between NTFS and FAT32 without formatting, completely erase a hard drive, etc.

And if you need it, you can choose the Server edition specially designed for Windows Server users (Windows Server 2022/2019/2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003) users (R2)/2003).

Free partition manager

  • Extend/move the partition
  • Clone the system/disc
  • Convert an MBR/GPT disc
  • Check the disk errors


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PC performance test. Test the online PC system. Online services to check the video card. Check

How to define components that are inside the computer and display their settings? How to check the processor or video card for performance and no overheating? Enough to use Test and diagnostic program.

Alternative programs: Catzilla, Superposition Unigine, Heaven Unigine, 3D 11 brand

PCMARK is in turn a popular tool to verify the overall performance of the computer. The tests include, among other things, such applications such as work in office sheets, 2D graphics operations, online pages navigation, as well as videoconferencing.

In the latest version, however, they refused from the media test (SSD or HDD). Free version of basic only.

If you want to check how your computer leads to a virtual reality task and serves games for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive glasses, VR Mark will be useful to you. As in the case of other Futuremark programs, only the basic version is free.

The tool is equipped with three tests, including one base (orange), for VR games using DirectX 12 (Cyan) and the most demanding (blue).

Alternative program: Steamvr performance test

CPU -Z – To identify the equipment

The main and most popular program to identify processors, motherboards (including the BIOS UEFI version), memory (including SPD) or graphics cards. We receive a precise overview of the equipment data.

You can also test the processor in mono-threaded applications and compare the results with other processors of the database. If you want to know what is exactly on your computer and how it works, this is the first application that you must install.

Thanks to CPU-Z, you can easily check, for example, from what frequency and delay the RAM is running, as well as the processor clock frequency in real time. It should be noted that the version for Android is available.

Alternative programs: CPU CRYSTAL, Speccy

GPU-Z is the main program for the definition of video cards and their characteristics, including their current frequency. The application has a basic test that allows you to “quickly” make sure that the video card is working properly.

This is worth, however, it should be noted that the test of this program will not give confidence to what, for example, when accepted, the video card will be completely stable. To do this, it is worth using more advanced products, such as a resistance test in the 3D-Mark program.

Alternative program: GPU CAPS viewer

Cinebench is a testing tool based on the 4D cinema engine and is intended to verify processor performance. He creates a 3D scene – The test can be carried out using all the flows of the central processor or a single flow. This gives a good idea of ​​the processor capacities.

Cinebench also has an integrated video card test which uses a complex three -dimensional scene which, on the example of persecution on vehicles (manufactured renderraron), measures the performance of the graphics card In OpenGL mode.

Alternative programs: Luxmark (3D graphic rendering using CPU or GPU), Compubench (3D graphic rendering with GPU)

OCCT 4.5.1 – Check stability and temperature

Alternative programs: Furmark, premium95 or speedfan, realtemp and coretemp temperature surveillance.

Memtest86 is an excellent program to check the proper functioning of the RAM. This is one of these components whose stable work is very important for computer performance.

The program starts from the starter flash reader (or CD / DVD if someone else uses them).

Alternative program: Premium95

Prime95 – Stability or temperature test under load

Another excellent program to test the stability or temperature of computer components under high load. We can choose between the most busy tests, such as the RAM or the processor.

Programs, alternative: OCCT, MEMTEST86

It is difficult to specify one, the best program to verify the performance of the data media (HDD and hard disks SSD), but if you already have to do, the favorite will be Crystaldmarkmark. It allows you to check media performance, both in the case of data / writing serial data and small files.

This gives a good idea of ​​the real characteristics of the tested knot. If you are not only interested in performance (and, for example, intelligent readings, the possibility of downloading a new firmware or running secure erasure), it is useful to ask the applications attached to manufacturers. For example, in the case of Sandisk, Sandisk SSD dashboard is available and Samsung – Samsung Magicician.

Alternative programs: Like SSD, SSD, manufacturer’s software included

The need to check this or that the component of the computer system can occur for various reasons. Some simply want to check the stability of the iron, others are looking for the causes of the dysfunction of the device or reach maximum speed. To do this, you need a program to test a computer.

Computer test for online performance

Verification of the equipment must always start to collect information on this subject. If you do not know exactly which components are installed which software is used, it will be more difficult for you to carry out a computer performance test. These parameters can say that to correct the problem, simply modify the operating mode (often on laptops) or update the pilot.

To collect data, it is not necessary to download utilities, at the first step, you can check online. To do this, the MA-Config is well suited, which can also make diagnostics of the remote computer. To work the tester, you must first download and define the addition on the browser. Depending on the functionality, this online service is similar to the popular Sisoft Sandra. The report will provide complete data:

  • on the manufacturer and the motherboard model;
  • type of chipset;
  • the quantity of RAM, its frequency of operation;
  • processor models;
  • BIOS data;
  • About the periphery linked to USB bus.

It is also useful to verify computer performance on the network, for example bandwidth. To do this, go to the Speedtest website.Net, on the site, press the Begk Test button and the service will give you data on data unloading speed on the network and download. This is one of the simple ways to check the supplier “honesty”, that it cuts you off. He must coincide with the test results with the data on your online pack service.

How to check the computer for performance

When errors occur on the computer with a hardware side, a person faces dysfunctions in the form of a “blue death screen”, spontaneous restarts, suspension and “braking” of the system. Sometimes this condition causes a virus and a complete verification of the search for threats, but in the worst case, it is connected to breakdowns in the equipment. At first, it should be discovered that the element causes problems, then determine what caused such behavior.

RAM verification

The ventilation of this part of the computer is extremely rare, but with the acceleration of the system always occurs that they were burning. The RAM test can be carried out using the Memtest + 86 program. Test diagram:

  1. Download the utility.
  2. Create a moving flash player.
  3. Run the program from the USB flash drive and check the RAM.
  4. The test will last infinitely long. If, after several errors are not detected, this means that RAM is working properly.

How to test the video card

More often, the desire to test the video adapter occurs when necessary to recognize its maximum power. It is necessary to increase its indicators on factory parameters in the event of resource disabilities for new games. Sometimes such “acceleration” leads to ventilation, but it already remains to the conscience of the owner. If you buy an item used, it is necessary to know how to check the video card. This will avoid the acquisition of false, which are much. In addition, the test will help identify hidden failures at the chip during operation.

To test the video card in the load state, Furmark suits you. It supports all modern operating systems, adapter models, provide the most complete data in all respects. To start, download and install the utility itself, once the window is started to open, in which these following elements must be carried out:

  1. By clicking on the CPU-Z button, you can get full video card data: the release date, work frequency, video memory and operational model.
  2. The sensors tab displays the load and temperature of the device at the moment – these are indicators in a simple.
  3. To test the adapter, press the Burn key in the test, then go.
  4. A graph will appear with the temperature data and the “hairy bagel” will run on the main screen.
  5. At least assess the card performance should wait 15 minutes. In the absence of geles, the restart may be assumed that the test has been passed.
  6. Pay attention to the temperature, it should not be more than 80 degrees Celsius. If the indicator is higher, it is possible that the item behaves unstable and at a given moment can overcome. The problem is either in poor cooling of the fans, or in the incorrect operation of chipsets.

Stress test processor

To test the performance of the processor, you can use the CPU Test Pro program. This program helps test not only the CPU, but also other system details. Used to check at home and in commercial organizations. The program contains several modules that check the CPU, the cache, the memory, the chipset.

The computer stress test creates heavy loads. This is done to verify the limit stability of the parts and the detection of defective fragments. The program can test for 6 hours if the system is essential to all tests, it is simply excluded with its usual use. Before testing the computer, think about it and if you really need it. The stress load is not normal for any processor and can cause its breakdown.

How to check the hard drive

Another important detail of the computer system is a hard drive or a hard drive. When it breaks, no utility will no longer be useful, because it will not be possible to start the “car”. As a rule, it is used using programs when you need to test the part used or reveal the possible causes of the operating system failure. The most popular is the Victoria HDD utility. After starting the program you need:

  1. If you have more than one hard drive, select the one that should be tested in the right window.
  2. To start, smart status is checked in the second upper menu tab. Press the Get Smart button. The results must be a good word. The hard drive temperature indicator should not be more than 40 degrees.
  3. Then you must select the Tests tab. On the right side of the screen, select the “Read” item to put a brand on ignore and press the Start button.
  4. The program has rectangles of different colors. There should be no red at all, orange can be found from 5 to 10, but that it is better. Better if all sectors are gray.

Once you have managed to test the computer for the presence of broken sectors, you can run them to replace, restore or delete. This will provide a more stable system of the system. To do this, select the necessary action instead of the ignore element.

Hello everyone! Many PC owners often relax to think that their car does not work quickly enough, so to speak “outside”.

In this case, it is necessary to test his “iron friend” and to identify the cause of this behavior. Today I will tell you how to check the speed of the computer. But first, let’s decide why it should be done.

Why do you need to check?

Spend precious time on tests follows for a number of reasons:

  • The check will allow you to understand the tasks that your computer is able to work easily and which is difficult for that.
  • If you are going to buy a new PC or a new laptop, we can use the results of the check, you can choose the most suitable model that will meet all your requests.
  • You will learn which components work slowly and during upgrade will be able to replace them.
  • You can compare the characteristics of your computer with PC a person of your friends and learn whose PC is the most powerful.

How to do?

Well, speed check is very necessary and important, but how to know speed, how can it be measured? In order to find the speed of the computer, you will need a PC with a Windows system installed on it, the usual set of applications of this operating system and my instructions that I will describe below.

You can check with three simple ways:

  1. Using Windows performance level index;
  2. Use of the Windows task manager, which must already be familiar to you;
  3. based on the use of special programs.

Consider each of them in detail.

First method

Under Windows, there is an extremely useful service program called ” Productivity index“This application makes it possible to measure the indicators of your PC, shows the estimate of each and, of course, the performance of the system assesses. In this case, the size of the general indicator does not exceed the smallest indicator among the elements.

In 7, 8 versions of Windows and Wasta in the configuration panel, you need a “Counter and performance” section (under Windows XP, it is impossible to check in this way).

If we talk about the 7th version: maximum score 7.9, average – from 3.5 to 5. If the performance index is greater than five, you cannot worry about anything. However, if the indicators are lower than the estimate “3.5 “, your PC must be replaced by a new one or produce an old upgrade (which will be much cheaper).

In waste, the maximum is 5.9 and in 8 -KE – 9.9.

In Windows 8.1 and 10, performance tests are carried out using the PowerShell software shell. To open it in the start -up screen search bar, write “PowerShell”, in search results, right -click the right mouse button to find out the icon of the ‘Utility found and select the line “Execute from the administrator” in the context menu.

In Windows PowerShell, write winsat formal and press Entrance. Following these actions, you will see the following:

There is a small feature: if you do a laptop test, it is necessary that it is connected to the 220V network, otherwise the program will give an error.

The entire process can take a few minutes and the result will be recorded here:
C: \\ Windows \\ Performance \\ Winsat \\ Datastore \\ . formal.Assessment (recent) .Winsat.XML.

In the Windows PowerShell program without administrator rights, the system test cannot be carried out, you can only see the performance estimates issued following the previous test. For this, register “Get-Ciminstance win32_winsat” And press Enter. Consequently, you will see:

Second way

If you want to have an extremely precise idea of ​​the speed of your system, this method will be the most practical for you. The main advantage of its advantage is that it is capable of demonstrating not only the speed with which the computer itself is rapid, but also what speed has separate elements.

To determine the quality of the work in this way, you must carry out the following actions:

  1. At the same time, press the alt, ctrl keys, delete.
  2. Click on the “task manager”.
  3. In the task manager, select the tab called “Performance”.

In “Performance”, you will see how fully your computer works. If the level of quality of its work is insufficient, you can try to upgrade your car.

The graphics allow you to determine with which the slow work of the PC is connected: with a processor load or with a shortage of RAM. The green line testifies to excellent work, yellow – on the admissible level, but if the line is red, it must then act urgently.

Third way

This method is to use special programs. There are special applications created specifically in order to collect computer data data.

There is only one bunch of all kinds of tests, figures and information. Using these products, you can get the most complete data on your PC speed. What are these programs? Here is a list of those who at least once I used:

Everest.. Created mainly to analyze the PC configuration, however, gives a large number of different tests.

Sisoftware Sandra.. For the moment, the most optimal option, if you want to test the level of health.

3dmark.. Its main specialization is to test IT video cards. It consists of a large number of different texture tests, working with 3 -dimensional modeling, etc. There is a full test version that looks like a video game in which you are not played, but a program. During his work, this gives an assessment of the stability of the video card during large charges, measures the frame rate.

Pcmark.. This is light software designed for limited use. It only serves to check the speed. Allows you to perform integrated tests from any PC component. The main characteristic is the presence of the capacity to compare the performance of your own business with an average coefficient of the world.

You can download these programs on the official Internet resources of their online developers.

In fact, all, dear friends! In the end, I would like to tell you about the learning course, the efficiency I could “check” on myself. We are talking about the course “successful work secrets on the computer”.

Of a large number of other similar courses, presented is mainly different from the high professionalism of the author and the simplicity of the presentation. All the subtleties of work on the PC are described so simple and it is clear that even the elderly of old age, known to deal with modern technology, in a few months of studies are transformed into experienced users.

I want you to be literate people in computer science and I will help you help my blog. Therefore, do not forget to subscribe to updates and follow the publication of the new article.

Share information in social. Networks, see you!

yours faithfully! Abdullin Ruslan

If you are interested in questions such as checking the speed of your internet connection, test the monitor or by taking care of the stereo sound of the device with speakers, our article will help you do the necessary tests quickly and without installing software!

All about your computer – it’s quite important. First, it allows you to better understand the potential of your PC, and on the other hand, to compare the results of your system with the results of other users.

In order to fully test your PCs, you can take advantage of special complex utilities, in a way, and to it like. Something on the system can be found in the properties of the computer, but there are a number of easier, faster and more practical indicators to recognize with the help of special online services. They are them who will be discussed in this article.

Which cannot test and why

Some could not be modern Internet resources, the fact that they only work in the browser environment imposes a number of restrictions on them. Specifically, with their help, we cannot obtain direct access to the system and its parameters. Consequently, there are not, for example, operational memory test services or online video cards.

True, several portals have found how to get around this restriction. They offer to install a special plug-screen screen, which collects data on your PC, transmits them to the server where they are processed and issued in the form of a ready to use result in the browser window. It is not a clean online service, but always. Such Russian -speaking sites, I recommend

After clicking on the “Start analysis” button, the plug-in start charger must be automatically downloaded, which is on the established form that it takes just over 11 mega-typles (if the download has not started , you can download manually on the page “How can I delete the plugin? “). If everything is already installed, the tests will start, the result of which will be approximately from this consolidated table:

We will receive generalized information to almost all the components of the PC. However, this is not all the data! To the right of each description module, there is a more button by pressing which you can select a certain number of additional characteristics in each category.

But that’s not all 🙂 How to guess from the name, Driverscloud allows all the main nodes of your computer! In order to familiarize yourself with the suggestion of the update list, click on the “search for pilots” button under the characteristics of your PC table.

In short, the DriverCloud service is rather judicious, but, alas, not completely independent of third -party software. Completely online using a conventional browser, we can only test for multimedia capacities or network settings:

  • operation of the microphone (requires availability) and speakers;
  • Monitor settings (display dimensions, color parameters, brightness, contrast, etc.);
  • work with files;
  • Network connection settings (speed, browser used, IP address, etc.)).

I suggest everything I managed to find :).

Internet speed check

Probably the very first and most logical, which requires an inspection, is the speed of the Internet connection. We will not break the logic 🙂

To test the internet speed, there are many different services. Each of them can produce different results, in order to obtain more precise data, I would advise you to check the readings on different sites and to calculate the average value which will be as precise as possible.

Here is the list of the most efficient internet speed test services:

The essence of all is one: your computer connects with any server, download some test files from there, then returns them. Based on the speed with which the data is obtained and unload, the average speed of your internet connection is calculated on the server. The data obtained is displayed in the form of beautiful images or simple text.

From the above list, one of the most precise and most beautiful internet speed control services is speedtest.Net:

A feature of this service is that before testing, you can choose from any server available in any city of the card! If you don’t, Speedtest will choose the one closest to your current location, calculated by the IP address.

To start testing, just click on the “Start the check” button and wait for download and send data. By the way, the whole process is animated and you can see the progress of the transmission of test files. At the end of the test, the result will open in which the ping time will be reflected, as well as the speed to receive and transfer data to megabits per second:

The most informative, in my opinion, is Yandex’s internet speed test:

There is no decoration, however, there are a few shades that have a distinguished internet counter from other services. First, the measurement results are displayed not only in the bits, but also in bytes, which allows you to quickly estimate the real use of data download on the usual form. Second, if you scroll down the page, we will see a whole section with various technical and reference information!

The remaining mentioned services work almost identical. Pay attention to the fact that the fastest is Inetzamer.Ru, handspy.Ru allows you to see the dynamics of speed changes at different stages of the tests, and 2ip.Ru has a number of useful and uniform services. that you can love.

Test monitor

When buying an instructor, many users don’t even think it can be personalized. Usually, the work of the instructor is estimated by us by the criterion: “shows, does not show” 🙂 So it costs years without coloring in color, brightness, etc. And, check the monitor settings, like, recommended twice a year!

As in the previous case, I offer you a number of tests and correction services for your display parameters:

Each service allows us to determine:

  1. The homogeneity of color reproduction and the lack of “broken” pixels.
  2. Screen update frequency (particularly relevant for ELT screens).
  3. Clearness.
  4. Brightness and contrast of the display.
  5. The accuracy of the geometric proportions of the screen.

Before going to examining the services themselves, let’s decide a little with the algorithm of our actions. For displays on electronic radial tubes, you must spend all tests in turn and correction of each disadvantage of deficient using the menu on the screen called by the monitor of the monitor.

However, for LCD monitors of the tests, it is generally necessary less, because they are not so subject to knock out the settings like their analogues ELT. First of all, you should pay attention to the homogeneity of color reproduction when the screen was flowing in a color. If on a monophonic background, you will find one or more points of another color – these are “broken” pixels .

Sometimes you can get rid of the “warm -up” matrix by a dynamic change image (for example, white noise) during a clock pair. For broken pixels of the “treatment” point, you can use the jscreenfix service.Com.

The second common error in the LCD monitors settings is an incorrect adjustment of the brightness and the contrast. For its correction, test images are generally used with grades of gray levels to the most shiny, almost white moving items. If you see all the gradations, it means that everything is true, if not, try to change the brightness and contrast parameters.

I think it will be easier for you to determine why and how to use the surveillance tests offered online tests. Therefore, let’s talk about each of them now. And the first on the list is the Monteon service.Ru:

It is a Russian -speaking service that contains all classic monitor tests. All tests are better performed in full screen mode by pressing the keyboard F11 key or a special button located at the bottom of the toolbar. For ELT screens, it is advisable to spend all tests. And for the LCD screen, you can selectively check color reproduction and brightness / contrast settings.

Fans to do everything quickly, as well as fans of cats for the soul, another Russian -speaking service for online catlair creators will have:

There are not so many tests, as in the previous resource, however, in all tests, there are images of cats on the pictograms of the pimples :). To hide cats and all panels with prompts that you just click on the screen. The new click will return to its place. Naturally, tests are better in full screen mode.

The latest service on our list is English, however, it offers a number of very interesting and useful tests at our disposal (especially for electric monitors):

All tests are divided into three large subgroups: “color range” (color reproduction), “leak” (dynamism) and “homogeneity” (homogeneity). Particular interest is the second partition that allows you to check the capacities of the screen to dynamically modify the position of objects on the screen without distorting their shape. There are parameters for background colors and objects, as well as travel speeds.

The only drawback in the service is to work on the computer there should be a flash reader not lower than the 8th version.

Sound check

It seems that you can record your sound: this is, either it is not 🙂 However, competent people working with sound or simply audiophiles can tell you that there are many tests that allow you to determine The sound frequency response reproduce equipment, noise levels and other parameters.

All theory is not particularly important for the usual user. However, there are practical cases of real life. For example, you bought headphones, but there are no marks, where the left, and where the right channel . Determine the correct online stereo will help the Audiocheck service will

We are simply going to the site, connect the headphones to the computer and click on the channel check button (for example, “left” for the left). If you hear the sound in the left helmet, it means that you put them correctly in the ears, otherwise you must change them in places 🙂

The service, alas, English, but the competent people can find a lot of use. Here are gathered and tests to determine the frequency characteristics and test the dynamic range and even the online hearing test! The list of all tests is available on the https: // www


The last thing you can check online on our computer are files. They are gigabytes lying on the hard drives of our PC and some of them can be quite dangerous! If you have downloaded something on the internet and you don’t trust yourself, check it out using an online antivirus scanner recognized

This service allows you to test all types of data up to 128 mega-typing with more than 50 anti-virus engines with the latest databases. Everything you want with you, choose a test file on the computer, transfer it to the analysis and wait for the results. If your file has already been tested previously, the results can be practically instantaneous!

Likewise, there are still a number of popular services, such as Virusscan.Jotti.Org (up to 5 files no more than 50 MB at the same time), Virscan.Org (up to 20 files no more than 20 MB) or online metascan (1 file up to 140 MB). However, the total virus is the most famous and authority. Foolish, however, say that 100% say if the file cannot be dangerous. Virus scanners only suggest a threat, but to resolve you 🙂

If you want to scan the entire computer, not just specific files, that is to say such an opportunity. True, you will need to use the Internet Explorer and a special expansion. However, if that does not confuse you, I bring to your attention Eset Onlie Scanner:

It is a service for developers of the popular antivirus nod32. It allows you to use the real ESET database to detect dangerous software on your computer using a special plug-in for IE. Everything you have to do is an open service, click on the “Execute Eset Onlie Scanner” button and confirm the installation of the addition, then start it.

It is worth saying immediately that you cannot cure the viruses found using the service, alas, you will not be able to do it. The scanner only defines their presence and offers to download and install a trial version of the ESET Smart Security anti-virus package. However, the list of dangerous files you get and nothing prevents you from manually deleting everything you deem necessary!


Modern Internet services, as we could make sure that they have reached the limit of their capacities, which are limited only to the characteristics of the work of browsers. And some even try to “skip” established restrictions due to the use of customers and plug-ins online.

Of course, in terms of full -fledged programs in some cases, online services are pronounced. However, to solve a certain circle of tasks, they are even better than the usual software, because they hardly depend on the power of your PC and can work at all on any device where there is a browser!

P.s. It is authorized to copy freely and to quote this article if you specify an active reference open to the source and to maintain the paternity of Ruslana Trader.

Performance This is today one of the important indicators of the relevance and speed of the PC, it allows you to understand the relevance of your computer or not to identify the weak points, which, in the future, modify computer nodes or buy a new PC. Check performance PCs can be programmed using integrated or third -party programs.

Integrated programs.

Windows 7 has a program designed to check performance, go to the starting and enter “meters and performance funds”.

We are launching the program in the window that opens, we assess (Attention! Close all programs before checking, and if you test the laptop, then connect the charger.)), After 3 to 5 minutes, we get a photo on the similarity of this.

If the evaluation is 3, 7 and below should think about replacing the computer or its more recent and productive nodes . The maximum evaluation that can be obtained in Windows 7 is 7, 9.

In the Windows 8, 1 and 10 Performance assessment using PowerShell. Open the start-up screen search area that we write in the “PowerShell” search, run it in the name of the administrator. A blue window will open, in which we enter Winsat formal and press “Entry”. After which the check will start performance duration of the computer 5 to 10 min. After finishing the result, you can see the C: \\ Windows \\ Performance \\ Winsat \\ Datastore \\ file will be called formal .Winsat .XML It can be opened by programs: Word, Notepad, Notepad ++.

Third -party programs.

Everest. – has a very large number of different CPU performance tests, memory, test stability test, disk test and also allows you to see all the PC characteristics.

3dmark – Designed to test video cards, includes a large number of tests tested by a performance video card and gives the work after completing, the program gives an assessment of stability and performance card performance.