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House app

Control your smart home in a simple and secure way thanks to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, Apple TV and Mac.

House app

Solid bases for a more intelligent house.

With the house app, more easily control your connected accessories 1 from all of your Apple devices. Perfectly secure, it protects your personal data. And with your homepod, homepod mini or Apple TV configured as a domestic hub, the house app releases all the potential of your connected home.

A fully revisited experience.

iPhone Displaying My Home, Cameras, Scenes, and Entry

At the top of the home tab, categories like lights, safety and climate allow you to consult the accessories and their status directly.

Display up to four cameras both to take a look that everything is in order.

Color icons help you identify the accessories you are looking for.

The parts and your favorite accessories are gathered in the home tab to allow you to visualize and access your connected devices more easily.

Thanks to a practical widget on the locked screen of your iPhone, always keep an eye on your home.

Respect for home privacy has never been so essential. This is why the data of the house app is stored in such a way that Apple cannot read them. Your accessories are checked from your Apple devices and not in the cloud, and communication is encrypted from start to finish. Apart from you, and the people of your choice, no one can access your data.

Lighting on the Home App.

Configure your homepod or Apple TV as a domestic hub

Create Automation with the Home App

See the comings and goings with activity history 5

Monitor your home privately with the Homekit 6 secure video

Share your home control



Control your smart home in a simple and secure way thanks to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, Apple TV and Mac.

The app allows you to manage each of your compatible Homekit accessories individually, or group them in scenes in order to make them work all together using the same command. Among the accessories supported, we find lamps, thermostats, door locks, speakers, televisions, blinds and shutters, garage door opening systems, surveillance cameras and bells, detectors, etc.

Siri can also be weight support. The Apple voice assistant can respond to your orders from any mobile or Mac device, or even the HomePod speakers: “Lock the garage door”, “Jazz in the living room”, or even say “good Night »to turn off all the lights. •

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