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Mastodon: Everything you need to know about the new alternative to twitter

Release date : October 2019

Hive Social, Mastodon, Ello: these applications that try to compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter

The Threads application, developed by the META group, has been available since Thursday and offers a new alternative to Twitter. Before her, other applications tried to compete with the social network taken up by Elon Musk in October 2022. With more setbacks than success.

They are called Bluesky, Ello, Mastodon or Hivesocial. Within the galaxy of alternative applications to Twitter has just appeared a new little: Threads. The network, developed by Meta, the Facebook parent company and hosted by Instagram, was officially launched this Thursday on the App Store, only in the United States for the moment. To compete in Twitter, the application at the black and white interface offers a discussion thread between Internet users, presented as “The place where communities come together to discuss everything”, with messages up to 500 characters (against the 280 offered by the blue bird).

Thursday, the network recorded no less than 10 million users in a few hours . A launch better successful than other applications which have also tried to compete with Twitter, especially since Elon Musk took it back in October 2022 and annoys users with its unilateral decisions. Latest: Restriction on the number of tweets reading to 10,000 per day for the accounts verified, therefore paid, and 1,000 for the others.

What are the alternatives that try to compete with Twitter ? For what success ? We take stock of the main shelters for those who want to do without Twitter.

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Bluesky: by the creator of Twitter

Release date : March 2023

Its creator: Jack Dorsey, an American co-founder of Twitter.

His goal : Unlike Twitte, R Bluesky works in a decentralized way, that is to say that it is possible to create your own algorithm by selecting centers of interest proposed by different servers.

Its operation: Bluesky looks very much like Twitter. And for good reason. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter replaced by Elon Musk in October 2022, is the creator. The American took over the same interface and features as for the blue bird network, admitting that he had called his new Bluesky application in direct reference to Twitter.

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His limits : Unlike Twitter, the platform is closed, accessible only by invitation. You have to register on a waiting list which had more than a million candidates at the end of April according to Forbes magazine . And it will be necessary to wait a long time to hope to surf Bluesky. According to the American media, the network faces repeated breakdowns in recent days and has temporarily suspended registrations.

Mastodon: for a more ethical network

Release date : 2016

Its creator: German Eugen Rochko, a German software developer.

His goal : Mastodon is also virtuous in its ethical and ethical policy. No advertising is visible on the site and, like Bluesky, it works without centralized server. “This decentralized structure is what makes mastodon fundamentally different from Twitter and other alternatives supposedly. We do not have the power to define your rules, to show you advertisements, to follow your data.”” says the social network on Twitter. In total, Mastodon has 3,330 servers worldwide.

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Its operation: The network is also very close to Twitter in its appearance and operation. You can post messages, “pouêts”, with a maximum number of characters fixed at 500 (against 280 for Twitter), publish videos, surveys, use hashtags and have access to trends. A recipe that seems to have found its audience. Between October and November 2022, the creator of the Eugen Rochko network stated in a blog post that the platform had gone from from “300,000 active monthly users to 2.5 million”. On Sunday, he welcomed that Mastodon won “110,000 people in recent days” .

His limits : But Mastodon is not to everyone’s taste. The network suffers from an overly complex interface for some users who preferred to return to Twitter. And he still has land to catch up to hoping for the network with the blue bird which has 206 million users.

Countersocial: for stricter moderation

Release date : 2017

Its creator: We have very little information about it. It is an anonymous hacktivist which operates under the nickname “The Jester”.

His goal : “No trolls, no abuse, no announcement, no fake news and no foreign influence operation” . This is what we can read on the home page of the social network Countersocial . For the sake of offering an independent and virtuous platform, moderation is strict. She has already blocked six countries which, according to her, are the hosts of Bots such as Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and Pakistan.

Its operation: As on Twitter, users can publish messages up to 500 characters, follow accounts and booster (retweet) other content. The interface recalls that of tweetdeck: the user can create and organize columns based on subjects, lists, hashtags.

His limits : The platform claims 63 million monthly users. Too greedy for its servers ? Countersocial experienced difficulties last year to guarantee fluid and without breakdowns to its members.

Social hive: the network that wants to be cool

Release date : October 2019

His designer: Raluca Pop, an American graduate of psychology who wanted to create a network less controlled by algorithms.

His goal : Social hive wants to be a “safe place”. For this, the mediation policy advocates respect between users as well as spam protection.

Its operation: Hive social is at the crossroads between Twitter and Whatsapp. Concretely, users can post photos, but also text like on Twitter. The interface recalls that of Instagram: colorful and intuitive. Its community is flourishing. On the platform site, it can be read that it reached 1.5 million users in November 2022 and that it welcomed “Thousands of new users every day”, Boosted by the influx of twittos in search of a new refuge after the resumption of the network to the blue bird by Elon Musk.

His limits : Presented like this, Hive Social seems to be the ideal alternative to Twitter. Except that faced with its success, the platform suffers from technical problems that undermine its promising experience.

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Ello: the ascent. Then the fall

Release date : March 2014

Its creators: Paul Budnitz, American entrepreneur, and Todd Berger, a designer.

His goal : She wanted to be like a “Social networking service” in which the user was not “Not the product”.

Its operation: It is the social network that is closest to threads in appearance. Everything dressed in black and white, the platform was betting on a cooptation system to compete with Facebook and Twitter but also on a very sober and chic design.

His limits : If the success was first there, with more than 31,000 invitation requests per hour from its launch, the site quickly saturated and was temporarily out of service. In 2018, it was bought by Talenthouse, a social network that highlights artists with the help of platforms such as Ello so.

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Mastodon: Everything you need to know about the new ‘alternative’ to Twitter

This photograph Taken on November 7, 2022 shows the logos of Social Networks Twitter and Mastodon Reflected in Smartphone Screens, in Paris (AFP)

Twitter has undeniably been a tool that has helped movements in the arab world. From dissidents to journalists and activists, the social media platform has served as a conducted for free speech in places where opinions and facts have been restricted by authoritarian rule.

“The Civic Space is Almost Fully Closed and People Go To the Online Civil Space,” Says Mohamad Najem, Executive Director of Social Media Exchange (SMEX), A Beirut-Based Nonprofit Defending and Advocating for Digital Rights in the Region.

But now, following Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover and the Axing of Many of its Employees and Departments, the Platform’s Future is uncertain.

This could mean good news for activists and dissidents, who can coordinate movements without being exhibition to trolls or bad actors

While the app is presented as an alternative to twitter, it is one that works on an entirely different premise, one that that could be key to the continuation of social movements that twitter previously facilitated.

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In 2016, when mastodon was launched, it was intended to give space to marginalized people who wanted to escape twitter’s toxic. It is not a Straightforward app, and it can give headaches to people battery to twitter’s polished experience.

Middle East Eye has compiled a guide for dissidents and journalists in the middle east and north Africa who are considering migrating to mastodon.

The Basics

While Many have chosen mastodon as an alternative to twitter, the app is completely different in its nature and functioning.

For starters, mastodon is not a company. It is an open-source app, run by volunteers. This means that while the “Bird App” has a business model that focuses on ad -genoud returned through commitment – facilitated by algorithms – mastodon doesn’t have a business model.

Twitter: Fears Over Its Collapse Leave Arab Activists Scrambling

It is cented surrounded feeds called “instances”, created by users sharing similar interests, without ads, tracking or monetization of any kind kind. The “fediverse”, as the network is known, is focused on small communities and individuals exchanges, and not on hot takes that deliver dopamine-inducing content that keep you engaged for. At Least for Now.

Mastodon is built surround activitypub, a social networking protocol nown as fediverse. What this means is that the fediverse is an umbrella code under which several apps like mastodon exist. This allows these apps to be interchangeably.

In an analogy with more popular social media platforms, this means that if apps like youtube, Facebook, Instagram or twitter would fun the fediverse, users would be able to use their facebook account to follow a youtube use, or tweet from their Instagram account.

Essentially, apps in the fediverse operate under the same digital infrastructure. The apps under fediverse are used for social networking, microblogging or website, and include Pixelfed, Peertube, Owncast, GNU Social or Friendican.

Joining mastodon

Mastodon is a microblogging app in the fediverse, so it can be a platform where journalists and dissidents in the region can engage in conversations. To Join Mastodon Means You Need To Choose An “Instance”, Which is Basalely a Server where Communities “Toot” – As opposite to tweet – to each Other. Instances can be public or private and are run independently by their creators, who tweak them to run to their needs.

To Join A Private Instance, you need approval from its creator or administration. That is why it can take anyWhere from minutes to jays to Join an instance, Depending on How Many People Wish to Join It. This was intended to allow administrators to be able to sift through bad actors and unwanted users joining instances.

A dissident from Saudi Arabia, Wanting to discussion Human Rights from or form a movement surrounded by, Could Join An Instance Together with People who Share the Sale Interests. But one shoulde be careful when joining an instance, as its administrators have full access to every rappens within it. This included any Direct Messages (DMS) Someone Sends or Receives within the instance. The Admin also has full control to block or kick out anyone from the instance. Joining An Instance Means Trusting The People Within It, Especially Its Creators.

Sister of Saudi Twitter Spy Victim Urges Google to Halt Cloud Project

What this means in Practice is that if people join instances that are under surveillance by state authorities, they could be joining a tight-knit instance with members who could jeopardise their safety.

Usally, joining a public instance first is the way to go. Then, you can find More Private ONES Populate by Activists, Dissidents or journalists you share interests with and, MOST IMPORTYLY, TRUST. You can use specific tools to help you narrow down your choices in terms of instances you can Join. If you want to change instances, you can take your followers and follows with you to another one.

After Joining Mastodon Through An Instance of Your Choice, you need to set up your profile. As with Twitter, some users chooses not to use their names. This Will Likely Come As Good News to the Many Activists and Dissidents in the Middle East and North Africa Who Would Face Consequences for Openly Criticising Authorities.

Verification, Which has also important for activists, dissidents and eSpecially journalists, is also possible on mastodon, even though it works in a completely different way to twitter. To get the Coveted Tick, you need to Edit Your Profile, Scroll Down to the Verification Section and Copy the Rel = “me” code. After that, you paste your verification code into your website, which will ensure that the same person on your mastodon account also controls your profile.

IT Using

After you’re all set up and Join an Instance, there are a few Things to keep in mind. No algorithm is pushing Things you might like, or suggesting instances, or people to follow. Everything you see is dictated by the people you choose to follow.

You can reply to posts, boost them (which is similar to retweeting), or you can like and save posts. LIKING DOESN’T BOOST THE POST; It just the uses the user who tooted it know you apprecate it. You can only Search for hashtags and not text, so unless you hashtag your post, it is that hard to be found by oters, unless you share a similar instance with them. There’s an explore section that lets you find popular posts and news, but many servers opt of this. The Local Tab Shows You The Posts Within Your Server, While The Federated One Shows You Every Post in the Fediverse.

Consenting to sharing your information to your server, the white fediverse or just through a hashtag is the core design feature of the app, which gives users a lot of control over who they interact with. The Downside is that it’s hard to explore new circles and ideas. It’s Rather More Focused On Sharing Ideas Within Circles, and you Decide How Open they are to Others. SO, Within Your Own Closed-Off Server, Or Community Instance, Sharing is Easier, But More Limited Outside of it.

Palestinian Wary of Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition

Mastodon has a content warning system that lets users choos where obscure photos or videos they share, if they think they might have a negative impact on other users. Instances can make conversation between people more focused, as opposed to the very public nature of twitter. This could mean good news for activists and dissidents, who can coordinate movements without being exhibition to trolls or bad actors, to whom they can deny access.

Now, servers are very busy with new applications, and the fact that mastodon is run entirely by volunteers will make the experience different to social media platforms that have billions of dollars and thousands of employers.

“If people do go to mastodon and twitter disappears, i think mastodon Eventually will become far more functional than it is,” Marc Owen Jones, Assistant Professor at Hamad bin Khalifa University in Qatar, Who Researches Disinformation and Digital Media, TOLD MEE.

“I alredy sorted it a bit, and it is a bit cumbersome. But it dues provides a lot of the same functionalities. The Influx of New Users Will Generate the Requisite Pressure to Actually Improve the Platform, ”Added the Professor, Author of Digital Authoritarianism in the Middle East.

Mastodon is not a product and you’re not consumer. It is a place where Communities Grow and for Political and Social Movements to Form in Safe Spaces. This focus on communications makes the platform healthier and safer, as long as the instances one chooses to Join are veted.

In theory Everyone who joins, or is allowed to Join, has a jacket interest in helping the communities in the instances grow in a healthy, organic way. But we all know that from May Begin to Appear Soon, as users migrate en mass.

“It’s a totally different animal Than Twitter,” Said Najem, Director at SMEX. “It Needs More Investigation and More Visibility. I DON’T THINK IT’S READY FOR ALL THIS MASS MIGRATION OF PEOPLE LEAVING Twitter.””

Dania Akkad contributed to this report.

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10 alternatives to Twitter to communicate and make your day before

Want to change air and turn to an alternative to Twitter ? We must admit that the social network, bought by Elon Musk, continues to be in turmoil and to arouse controversy … The new rules are perhaps far from the values ​​of your company. So who to turn ?

We advise you to call on a community manager on, to support you in your media social strategy.

Mastodon, bluesky, tumblr, countersocial… Discover our Top 10 alternatives to Twitter !

1. Meta’s social network, future alternative to Twitter

The fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg is launched. If it may take place in a cage (see the Instagram story below), it is also on the field of social networks that it takes place. Meta, Facebook parent company, plans to launch its microblogging service in mid-July, directly competing Twitter.

The platform, which is called “Project 92” internally and could be called “Threads” for the public, will be promoted within Instagram. Which will give him a huge boost, to attract “tens of millions” of users in just a few months.

Here is what we already know about this Meta project:

  • Publications would have a maximum length of 500 characters.
  • The contents can take the form of link, photo and video of 5 minutes maximum.
  • Members will have the opportunity to like, respond or republish the posts.

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2. Mastodon, main alternative to Twitter

With more than 2 million active users per month and an iOS and Android application, Mastodon is certainly One of the main alternatives to Twitter ! This decentralized open-source platform allows you to create and use your own websites, called “instances”.

At the time of your registration, you will have to choose between several servers (which are similar to communities) or create yours. Each server has its own rules and its ethics. It’s up to you to choose the one that corresponds to the values ​​of your business !

Level features, mastodon looks like Twitter: you can create short content called toot (Pouets en VF), setbacks them in the form of a retort, follow other users, make a watch with the hashtags, respond to members, etc.

To facilitate the transition between the two social networks, you can connect your mastodon account to your Twitter profile.

3. Bluesky, the decentralized microblogging application

Bluesky is one of most popular alternatives to Twitter, Although it is still in beta phase ! Launched by the former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, the platform has more than 100,000 users.

Built on the Twitter model, Bluesky borrows some features of the site today belonging to Elon Musk, such as its news feed, its content format, Likes, mute, etc.

To access Bluesky, it is necessary to obtain an invitation code or register on the waiting list.

4. Countersocial, for effective watch

Looking for a alternative to Twitter without advertising, without trolls and with better protection of your data ? Countersocial is the platform you need. Managed by the hacktivist “The Jester”, which describes it as a parade to disinformation, this social network allows you to carry out a healthy watch, sheltered from Fake News. Indeed, this is one of the few media social platforms to have deployed AI for content moderation.

On the publications side, Countersocial accepts the maximum 500 characters messages, to which you can annex photos and surveys. In order to ensure the confidentiality of your information, the application offers a private mode and the self -destruction of messages.

5. Post, watch tool created by the old CEO of Waze

Developed by the former Waze CEO, Noam Bardin, post remains At the top of the alternatives to Twitter. Its minimalist, but attractive minimalist user interface emphasizes the quality and tone of the content. On the platform, you have no limits of words, which allows you to share articles and publications with high added value.

In addition, Post has its own moderation policy with strict actions against intimidation, harassment, news fakes and the promotion of hate speech.

In addition to being a powerful tool to manage your brand image, Post becomes a relevant watch platform for companies, journalists and other content creators.

6. Social hive, a hybrid application between Twitter and Instagram

If you love Twitter and Instagram, discover Hive Social ! This hybrid platform takes up the best of these two social networks. The interface is very similar to the famous Mark Zuckerberg network, while the features are similar to those of the Elon Musk Microblogging site.

On Hive Social, you can publish updates in the form of video, image or text. You can also subscribe to interesting accounts and create your own community.

Another strong point: the news feed is chronological, preventing an algorithm from deciding, for you, items to display ..

7. Cohost, an alternative to Twitter without advertising

Still in beta phase, Cohost promises to offer an experience without advertising. Its interface looks like that of Twitter, which facilitates its grip. The features are also similar: short contents, likes, re-party, comments, hashtags…

The moderation of the content is managed by the parent company of Cohost, which claims to have taken measures to avoid spam. Regarding sensitive content, the platform recommends adding warnings to messages, in order to keep a friendly news feed.

Its main difference with Twitter is that Cohost offers a vertical flow without algorithm. User messages are therefore displayed in chronological order.

8. Substack Notes, the alternative Twitter for editors

Substack, famous American platform dedicated to content creators who want to reach their audience by email, launched a service called notes. The latter strongly resembles Twitter !

Indeed, editors, journalists and entrepreneurs using substack can now share rapid reflections, newsletter extracts or a watch from other sources.

Even if the site is aimed at a niche market, there remains a alternative to relevant twitter To discover specialized content and receive a new audience.

9. Tumblr, famous microblogging platform

Is it useful to present Tumblr ? The platform is more like a microblogging site than to a traditional social network … just like Twitter ! Tumblr offers a flow of messages from the people you follow, composed of images, gif, videos, texts, etc. You can leave comments on a publication, love it and leave it. There is even a “Trending Topics” section, as on the Elon Musk platform. It may be time to (re) put in Tumblr ?

10. Medium, monitoring and publication tool for inspiring stories

If you are looking for an alternative to Twitter for your watch, look at Medium. Launched by the former founders of Twitter, the platform centralizes stories, studies and experiences from different content creators (entrepreneurs, experts, journalists, influencers, etc.).

You will find inspiring items to fulfill your objectives (personal or professionals). As on all social networks, Medium allows you to follow your favorite authors, but also to comment, love and share your favorite content.

Of course, you can also create publications, collect a community and optimize your e-reputation thanks to Medium.

Our tip for choosing an alternative to Twitter

There are many alternatives to Twitter, that meet different needs. Take the time to establish a media social strategy including your expectations, your goals and the audience to target. This will help you select the platform adapted to your company.

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