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Pixel 7a: Built to perform, Packed With Value

Always eagerly awaited, the “A” stamped version often redistributes cards on the mid -range smartphones market. This pixel 7a is fortunately not different from the previous model and constitutes one of the most relevant proposals of this mid-2023.

Google Pixel 7a

The Google Pixel 7a, successor to the Google Pixel 6a is equipped with a Google Tensor G2 Soc coupled with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. It has two photo sensors at the rear: a 64-megapixel large angle and an ultra-angle of 13 megapixels. Its 4385 mAh fast load battery (18 W) can last more than 24 hours in a single load depending on the brand. Finally, it is certified IP67.

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Learn more about the Google Pixel 7a

That’s it ! The Google Pixel 7a was officially presented at the Google I/O 2023 opening conference. Like its predecessors of the A range, this new smartphone wants to offer an Android experience with small onions, but at a more affordable price than the flagship models that are the pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro.

Thus, this Google Pixel 7a promises to rectify the shot on some frustrating aspects of Pixel 6A from last year. An enticing program on paper, but which also generates an increase in the price.

Hello 90 Hz screen

Side design, there is quite little to say. Google DNA is present on this 7a pixel with the famous photo bar crossing the back of the smartphone on its width. Two cameras and a LED flash are housed.

At the front, classic formula: a flat screen pierced with a centered punch. The OLED and FULL HD+ slab of 6.1 inch reserves good news: a 90 Hz refreshment rate To ensure good fluidity. The previous generation was blocked at 60 Hz and suffered greatly from comparison with competition at this level.

The Mountain View giant also ensures that the maximum brightness increases from 25 % from one generation to another.

A more muscular camera

Each fan of Pixel smartphones will tell you: Google knows how to treat its photo experience between sophisticated algorithms and messy functionalities.

Google Pixel 7a is no exception to the rule and even displays its ambitions in this area. He thus has a main photo sensor of 64 Mpx (against 12.2 Mpx on the 6a). Also count on an ultra-angle of 13 Mpx.

You are also entitled to the Super Res Zoom function to X8. That is to say that the Google Pixel 7a promises to maintain a very good image quality on the magnifications X8 even if we are not dealing with an optical zoom.

Also note that the magic eraser or the UNBLUR option are available on this smartphone. On the video side, the main sensor allows you to film up to 4K at 60 fps. However, you should know that all the cameras of Pixel 7a know how to film in 4K at 30 images per second, even that dedicated to selfies.

Face Unlock is finally there

Let’s talk about it, the selfie camera. It has a definition of 13 MP, but real information lies in the fact that it finally allows you to take advantage of facial recognition. You can unlock the Google Pixel 7a with your face thanks to FACE UNLOCK.

While it is not a more sophisticated 3D solution, Face Unlock was unavailable on the 6a pixel 6a.

Wireless recharge arrives

The Google Pixel 7a is equipped with a 4385 mAh battery which can recharge up to 18 W with a cable. Wireless recharge also takes its first steps in the Pixel range. Here, we can go up to 7.5 W in wireless.

Moreover, know that the pixel 7a is animated by a Google Tensor G2 chip like the Pixel 7, but the power should be less. The SOC is helped by 8 GB of RAM and an internal storage space of 128 GB.

An upward price

The Google Pixel 7a is already available and highlighted on the official Google website. You will also find it at Fnac Darty, baker, Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Auchan, Carrefour, Cdiscount and Amazon.

It is available in four colors: coal, ocean, snow and coral. What about the official price: Google Pixel 7a costs 509 euros, about fifty euros more than the previous model.

Nb. Our journalist Omar participates in the Google I/O in Mountain View as part of a press trip organized by Google.

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Google Pixel 7a test: the best mid -range ambassador

Writing note: 4 out of 5

Always eagerly awaited, the “A” stamped version often redistributes cards on the mid -range smartphones market. This pixel 7a is fortunately not different from the previous model and constitutes one of the most relevant proposals of this mid-2023.


After two successful tests in the high -end, Google takes advantage of May to unveil its pixel 7a. The newcomer takes over from the Pixel 6A of 2022, but also Pixel 7 and 7 Pro released a few months earlier. This variant has been designed for the mid -range, which offers the best of what the firm can do in a more compact hair format. The opportunity to acquire a concentrate of what is considered the best photophone on the market, at a mild price.

The Pixel 7A is marketed at € 509 during its launch. It is resolutely less than the Pixel 7, but more than the Pixel 6A which was billed € 459. Hopefully this price difference is justified. Faced with him, very few opponents; There is hardly the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ from Xiaomi and the Samsung Galaxy A54 with almost similar placement.

Writing note: 5 out of 5

Ergonomics and design

Like the Pixel 6A which was a continuity in the design of the Pixel 6, the Pixel 7a takes up the codes of the pixel 7. Plastic shell (which may make you think of glass) and metallic photo island of the most beautiful effect are therefore. This large headband offers certain stability to the smartphone when placed on a flat surface. Maybe the best integration on a phone. The glass finish is still as pleasant, but still grabs fingerprints. This is particularly seen on the black model, the blue, coral or white colors not suffering so much from the phenomenon.

The front remains quite classic and looks a lot like the 6a pixel. The 6.1 -inch slab occupies just over 83 % of the total front area. The borders are relatively fine, that of the bottom being thicker than the rest. Side dimensions, pixel 7a measures 152.4 x 72.9 mm for 9 mm thickness. It is therefore very slightly more imposing than its predecessor. He is also heavier since he is tutoring 200 g with 193 g on the scale.

Aluminum surrounding the smartphone protects volume controls and the start button. The fingerprint reader is located under the screen and has no particular problem, unlike the 7 and 7 pro pixel when they are released. The USB-C-Crôme Port on the Low Slow, just like the speakers. Bluetooth 5.3 and WiFi 6e are responsible for connectivity. Like Pixel 6A, this pixel 7a takes advantage of the IP67 standard. It is therefore not waterproof like florets, but benefits from a certain protection against a temporary immersion.