Google Pixel 6A test: a balanced, versatile and pleasant mid -range on a daily basis, Google Pixel 6a test: the mid -range all in balance – digital

Google Pixel 6a test: the mid -range while balanced

The photos taken with the 6a pixel are very satisfactory with a very good dive and a certain dynamism. The colors are rather well respected. For night shots, The whole is also convincing Even if the level of detail is lower than on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The Grand-Angle module also offers Detailed images with very low distortion at the ends of the photo.

Google Pixel 6a test: a balanced, versatile and pleasant mid -range on a daily basis

After the release at the end of last year of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models, Google recently presented the Pixel 6A which offers several compromises in particular in terms of its photo sensors as well as on its battery with more modest capacities in a more compact format and therefore such a smaller screen. Available at € 459, he nevertheless has the Google Tensor chip and we wanted to see what he was really capable of during a full test.

Google Pixel 6a test

Main technical characteristics of Google Pixel 6a:

  • 6.1 inch AMOLED screen, 1080×2400 60 Hz pixels
  • Google Tensor chipset
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • 128 GB of non -extensible internal storage
  • Double photo sensor 12.2+12 megapixels
  • 8 megapixel front sensor
  • Fingerprint reader under the screen
  • Battery 4400 mAh Charge compatible 18 Watts
  • Operating system: Android 12

Google Pixel 6a design

The design of the Google Pixel 6a smartphone is directly inspired by the other models in this series, which is completely logical. He therefore takes up the lines of his elders with rather rounded forms on profiles. Its back is divided into two parts separated by a strip which occupies the entire width of the device and which contains the photo sensors.

Google Pixel 6a Back

The “bass” part is in a certain color while the “high” part, above the band, is in another shade. The band comes out much less than on the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro. She is totally black. We can distinguish the two sensors on the left while the LED flash is installed to the right. THE Back is rather shiny, completely smooth with a touch. However, he leaves many fingerprints.

Google Pixel 6a Detail Back

Regarding the dimensions, the Pixel 6a is more compact that the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro given that it measures 152.2 mm high and 71.8 mm wide against 158.6×74.8 mm for pixel 6 and 163.9×75.9 mm for the pro version. It is just as fine with 8.9 mm thick at the level of its profile. Who says smaller template also involves less weight. Indeed, the 6a pixel is 178 grams against 207 grams for the Pixel 6 and 210 grams for the Pixel 6 Pro.

The Pixel 6a competes with several models including the Nothing Phone (1), the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 PRO+ 5G, the Motorola Edge 30, the Oppo Find X5 Lite, the OnePlus North 2T 5G and the Sony Xperia 10 IV, for example. At the level of the template, it makes almost equal game with the Sony Xperia 10 IV (a little more fine however) but is ultimately more compact than all the others. Only the Motorola Edge 30 is lighter with only 155 grams on the scale.

Google Pixel 6a Profile

Google Pixel 6a Côté Profile

The profiles of the Pixel 6a are therefore particularly round while several models have flat edges such as the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G or the Nithing Phone (1), for example. This allows him to offer Excellent handling. If we go around the device, we notice the presence of antennas all around so that the mobile can capture the networks whatever its position. The standby button is installed on the right profile, such as the double button to manage the volume but while all the mobiles offer the standby button below that for the sound, here is the reverse. It’s quite disturbing at first but, by force, we get used to it. The smartphone is not very high but with this organization, it must be said that we must go up the thumb to reach the button to turn on the mobile. However, note that The locking screen lights up as soon as it is grasped And we can then put your thumb on it to read the fingerprint, thus limiting calls to the standby button. On the upper profile, there is a microphone and the left profile hosts the SIM card drawer. Only one is accepted and it is not possible to add a memory card. It’s always a bit of a shame that the mobile is offered in only one version with 128 GB of space internal storage, like the other Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. On the lower profile, there is the USB-C connector and two speakers. The sound is Stereo here. Listening, it is quite surprising because the left and right channels do not seem correctly separated. Indeed, if we only ask for the sound from the left channel, we hear on the left but also a little on the right. If we request a sound from the right channel, it remains located on the right. THE noise level is correct and rather balanced But however lacking a certain dynamism. It may be enough for notifications, watch some videos and possibly a series but better listening is possible with a helmet, via a USB-C to Jack adapter or via Bluetooth.

There is a fingerprint reader that is installed under the screen. This is placed 4 cm from the lower edge which is an ideal location to naturally place the thumb over. It is not not the most responsive but does the job having climbed the road to any other finger than those of our tester. Several users seem to have encountered some problems on this subject, the reader opening all the time. We have not seen any concern at this level. An important system update was carried out in early August to correct several bugs.

In terms of connectivity, the Pixel 6A is as well equipped as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models with Access to 5G, Wi-Fi 6th, Bluetooth and NFC. Like its elders, Pixel 6a benefits from a waterproofing certification with fresh water and dust, IP68 which allows it to be completely immersed for several minutes without suffering damage. It is a fairly rare feature in this price range. Only the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and Sony Xperia 10 IV can claim the same level of protection, the others are able to resist splashes, without more.

A small screen that is easily handled but not with the best refresh frequency

As mentioned above, the Pixel 6A is more compact than other mobiles and therefore its screen is smaller. It measures 6.1 inches diagonally against 6 inches for the Sony Xperia 10 IV and at least 6.4 inches for other competitors. He takes advantage ofAn Amoled slab With a definition of 1080×2400 pixels HDR compatible. Where Google’s mobile accuses the blow is its refresh frequency that is here limited to 60 Hz. This is also the case of the Xperia 10 IV screen while all the others offer at least 90 Hz (Pixel 6, Oppo Find X5 Lite, OnePlus Nord 2T 5G), 120 Hz (Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, Nothing Phone (1) and Google Pixel 6 Pro) while the Motorola Edge 30 can even go up to 144 Hz. On the 6a pixel, the scrolls are not very fluid And there are many jerks When you quickly scroll through the long pages of certain social media sites or applications, for example.

Google Pixel 6a screen

The display settings allow you to change the color mode by selecting one of the options: natural, enhanced, adaptive. This is one of the only settings that can be made. The brightness offered by the slab is sufficient for outdoor use. The edges of the screen are not the finest we have seen on the front but remain contained. Those of the Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G are less thick. Here, they are almost all equal on both sides and up and down, which allows you to have a reduced “chin” which is always a good thing.

Google Pixel 6a Colors screen

Google Tensor, like its elders

If the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 had inaugurated the very first chip developed in collaboration between Google and Samsung, the Pixel 6a also benefits. This chipset is engraved in 5 nm and it is baptized Tensor. It combines CPU and GPU, security and connectivity. We can count on the presence of a Titan security module To secure user data.

Google Pixel 6a Data Safety

This chip allowsaccelerate certain existing features and authorize the execution of certain routines which could not be considered before. The Google Tensor processor is associated with 6 GB of RAM on the 6a pixel, half as much as the pro version. With such a configuration, the smartphone is very fluidity. It must also be said that its Android 12 system in its purest version can also help. Multitage management is fast and we go from one application to another very quickly which is also the case for the launch of the different mobile programs. The video game game also benefits with excellent performance and extreme playability. Note despite everything that L’Device heats a little after several minutes of play.

In order to assess the raw performance of the Google Pixel 6a, we have submitted it to several measuring tools and of which here are the main results. In addition, it seems that the processor does not hold on the length at least to express all its power and to certainly limit overheating. Indeed, the graphic of CPU Throttling Test shows that the chipset works between 100 and 80% for 15 minutes then drops to 50% of its potential to go up to 90% every 3 minutes to relapse almost immediately. Ideally, the graph must remain as high as possible during as long as possible.

Google Pixel 6a Performances

Android 12 on board and its personalization functions

Google’s pixel 6a operates logically on Android 12. Compared to the previous version, its interface is totally redesigned graphically since it is now possible to harmonize the colors of it with those of the wallpaper.

Google Pixel 6a Personalization screen

The shortcuts of the functions available within the notification bar are now on two columns with an oval form easier to activate or deactivate. These operations are made much easier with regard to microphone and camera functions since they have a shortened from the notification bar. In addition, when an application uses one or the other of these devices, a small green light appears in the upper right corner of the screen to report to the user that he is being filmed or listen by the application in progress. The parameters offer the possibility of saving personal data to be helped in an emergency. The Multi-Tâches Manager allows you to make screenshots and also to select only certain parts of these captures in order to carry out a search or to copy only a specific zone. What is a little annoying with this application manager is the fact that it is necessary to go completely on the left to find the button to close them all. We prefer by far that this button is permanently available.

Google Pixel 6a Interface

THE Sharing a Wi-Fi connection is facilitated via a CT code to establish the link. The instant subtitles function allows you to display subtitles on the screen depending on what is said on the device. All data is processed locally which reassures the recovery of information from this service. Aside from Google applications, there are no other preinstalled.

A more modest photo configuration than its elders

Pixel 6a is The most affordable model of this series and therefore had to make some compromise. This is the part of optics which is here more modest than on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It is also lighter than competition except the Sony Xperia 10 IV which is satisfied with a main 12 megapixel sensor and two 8 megapixel sensors. On the 6a pixel, there is A main objective of 12.2 megapixels which takes advantage of a double stabilization to limit the bounds and a secondary 12 megapixel sensor also for shots in ultra-angle mode. For selfies and video calls, on the front, there is a sensor of 8 megapixels, Installed in the center, behind a punch.

Google Pixel 6a Example Photo

Google Pixel 6a Photo 2

The photos taken with the 6a pixel are very satisfactory with a very good dive and a certain dynamism. The colors are rather well respected. For night shots, The whole is also convincing Even if the level of detail is lower than on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The Grand-Angle module also offers Detailed images with very low distortion at the ends of the photo.

Google Pixel 6a Photo Interface

The camera application interface is quite simple With options available from the upper corner, at the top left of the screen and the possibility of choosing the image backup folder from the upper corner to the right. The 0.6x, 1x and 2x zoom modes are available immediately. The shots are night vision, portrait, camera, video and modes. This last menu is not customizable and contains the Panorama, Photo Sphere and Lens modes. Note the integration of the mode Top Shot, Available in the settings. This is a function that records a short video and then being able to choose the most beautiful photo or the most representative of the situation. This mode is not available if one of the options is activated: flash, depth for social networks, night vision mode or lighting for selfies. Like the other Google smartphones, it takes advantage of the editing functions to adjust the blur after taking the photo and for use magic gum In order to delete an unwanted element on the image.


While the Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel 6 respectively carry a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh and 4600 mAh, the 6A pixel must be content with 4400 mAh. With it, we were able to use the mobile for a big day with a single load and with a rather intensive use. It is not exceptional, but still in the upper average compared to other smartphones and almost equivalent to the autonomy obtained with the elders. The latter consume more mainly because of their larger and better refreshing screen. If the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro supports the load at 30 watts which is far from exceptional at a time when the first smartphones accepting the load at 150 Watts point the end of their antenna, such as Realme GT Neo 3 or The OnePlus 10T, the 6a pixel is here limited to 18 watts. So count be able to spend 9% to 28% in 15 minutes loading. Like its elders, the box does not contain a power supply. On the other hand, here, no question of wireless or inverted load, a function however proposed on the Nothing Phone (1) and the other Pixel 6 of Google.

Box contents

The Google Pixel 6A smartphone comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, an extraction tool for the SIM card drawer and a USB-A adapter to USB-C.

Our opinion on the Google Pixel 6a

With the Pixel 6a, Google offers a smartphone rather well balanced Even if compromises must have been made. However, it lacks a better frequency of refreshment and a faster load possibility for it to be really interesting especially in the face of more swivel competition on these rather important points for users. The photo part is done from it thanks to Image processing applied very good And we can also appreciate its rather compact format as well as its sealing, rare at this price level without forgetting its large connectivity, perfectly in agreement with his time. Its design can also seduce or on the contrary be unacceptable for some, a matter of taste.

Opinion of Internet users

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Google Pixel 6a test: the mid -range while balanced

Writing note: 4 out of 5

Google had reserved its Pixel 5A in 2021 in rare markets. Building much more on its 6 series, Mountain View declines its smartphones in a mid -range pixel 6a. It is less expensive, but is not lacking in interest.


The most high -end models are eagerly awaited, but their more affordable variations are just as. This is the case of the Pixel 6, whose version 6a which interests us here challenges all the more since Google has left France aside for the launch of its predecessor, the Pixel 5A (reserved for the US and Japanese markets).

The smartphone was shamelessly desired since Mountain View chose to present it during its traditional conference I/O in May 2022 for marketing scheduled for July 21. And since the deadline comes to an end, here we are with, in our hands, this smartphone equipped with an OLED screen of 6.1 inch, the famous Tensor chip signed Google, a double dorsal photo module and A 4410 mAh battery. If we compare it to the Pixel 6, some compromises are to be noted, but they result in a substantial economy to the purchase: the smartphone is billed € 459 in France in its only 6/128 Go.

Faced with him, that beautiful people: all recent phone (1) of Nothing, Apple’s iPhone SE 2022, Realme GT 2, or even at Samsung the Galaxy A53 5G, also billed € 459 when it was launched.

Writing note: 4 out of 5

Ergonomics and design

The pixel 6a is almost like pixel 6 and 6 pro. But the devil hides in the details, and there are actually many of them to postpone on this device.

The format of the smartphone, of course, is different. More compact than its elders (152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9 mm against 158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9 mm for Pixel 6), it is especially much lighter with its 178 g on the scale (207 g for pixel 6). The use of plastic on the back of the smartphone, which nevertheless imitates glass very effectively, is not for nothing. It is mixed with chassis aluminum and facade glass. In the compromise department, we note a protection of the screen in Gorilla Glass 3 instead of the Gorilla Glass Victus reserved for models 6 and 6 pro.

This screen is flat and occupies 82.6 % of the facade of the device. The borders that surround it are a little wider than those of other pixel, but without excess. In return, the characteristic photo block of the Pixel 6 series is much less protected than on the other smartphones in the range.

The design of the device is not surprising and without misstep. Just regret a ignition button located above the volume adjustment bar (on the right slice of the smartphone) and a little high to our taste. The fingerprint reader, located under the screen of the Pixel 6a, did not play us in a bad turn during our test, but it is not the fastest that we had the opportunity to test. Finally, we note that the smartphone is devoid of Port MicroSD (like all pixel), jack, but that it offers Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6, and turns out to be compatible with an ESIM. Special mention to its IP67 certification, reserved for too rare mid -range smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.

Overall, the Pixel 6a is therefore a compact, and above all lightened version of the other pixel. Some material compromises are visible, but in a contained proportion. The gap that separates it from its elders is much less marked than that which was observed between the Pixel 4 and 4A, the latter being the last declination “A” to be released on the Hexagonal market.

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Writing note: 4 out of 5


More compact than the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the Pixel 6a has a 6.1 inch screen, slightly larger than that of the excellent Pixel 5 (6 inches). It retains the definition of Pixel 6, namely 1080 x 2400 pixels, which allows it to display a mechanically higher resolution, at 429 pp. From this point of view, nothing to report: it is part of the current trend.

This slab is based on OLED technology, like the rest of the pixel, but loses a key element: the refresh rate at 90 or 120 Hz depending on the model. It must be admitted that with the exception of entry -level smartphones, there are few devices to settle for the traditional, fixed, 60 Hz rate. On the other hand, those who offer more at equal price are sometimes satisfied with an LCD slab … or not, like the Nithing Phone (1) which hosts an OLED slab at the maximum cooling rate of 120 Hz.

This point except, Google offers a successful screen, but without madness. Its maximum brightness points to 498 cd/m², in the vein of Pixel 6, to compensate for a high reflectance as on all smartphones, but without excess (reflectance of 47 %). This screen manages to descend up to 2.1 cd/m² to ensure good reading comfort in the darkness. Still in the comfort department, there is zero remanence and a touch delay of 85 ms.

Its default adjustment is certainly not entirely perfect, but it will ensure good experience for those who do not apply any particular adjustment to their smartphone. The drifts are imperceptible, the Delta E measured being less than 3 (2.9), while the color temperature, a little cold, is 6935 k. This applies to the default adaptive colors mode. You can swap it against natural colors mode which reduces the Delta E to 1.9, but does not correct the color temperature (6923 k). In short, overall, this screen is pleasant to use, but suffers from a few technical shortcomings in front of the rest of the market.

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Writing note: 4 out of 5


Google’s Tensor chip, engraved in 5 nm and comprising eight cores, is responsible for animating the smartphone. The Pixel 6a therefore does not undergo a differentiated treatment of Pixel 6, except that it is satisfied with 6 GB of RAM (128 GB of storage, not expandable).

The optimization work operated by Google is noticeable and the device does not suffer from any slowdown on a daily basis. He manages to endure a demanding multitasking without flinching, just as much as the other Pixel 6.

The difference is more marked in the field of gaming. The smartphone was able to display an average of 61.7 images per second (I/S) on all of our sessions, without reaching the records of its elders. He especially has the merit of being extremely stable during the game sessions, since he actually oscillates between 60 and 62 i/s permanently. An excellent point that classifies it among the most efficient in its price range.

Our performance tests are carried out with aim, the application developed by the company Smartvis.

Writing note: 5 out of 5


If there is a point that distinguishes the 6a pixel from other Pixel 6, it is photography. The main sensor of 6 and 6 pro models, provided with a large angle, displayed a definition of 50 megapixels and, thanks to the pixel-binning, delivered images of 12.5 million points. The Pixel 6a is more in line with the Pixel 5 series and has a main 12.2 Mpx sensor in a large-angle module. A second module, ultra-angle this time, is based on a 12.2 Mpx sensor, like the other smartphones in the series.

Main module: 12.2 Mpx, f/1.7, eq. 27 mm

THE pixel-binning seems only very little to the pixel 6 if they are compared to the pixel 6a. Because in terms of dive, the shots are perfectly comparable, which is frankly satisfactory for the case of the 6a pixel. The treatment provided by Google bears its fruits and the sharpness of small elements, combined with very low digital noise and control of the peripheral areas of the image, flies easily. Some will regret a treatment missing a little natural, but that is another debate … For more accuracy, let us specify that we spot a slight distortion by the image, which the Pixel 6 does not concede.

This observation is worth the day. At night, the treatment applied by the Mountain View firm remains very convincing, but less than on the Pixel 6 series where the pixel-binning seems to show all his interest. In itself, the images are detailed and very little smoothed, but the level of precision (for example, on mapping) is not as high as with models 6 and 6 pro. Faced with competing mid -range smartphones, the efficiency of this model nevertheless jumps to the eyes.

Ultra big angle module: 12.2 Mpx, f/2.2

Google does not change – on paper – the equipment of its pixel 6/6 pro. However, improvements are perceptible, the difficulties in focusing on the models of the end of 2021 are no longer visible here, at least by day. Resulting from very detailed shots, without blurred areas, but revealing a slight smoothing of textures. A small distortion is visible around the images.

In low light, the Pixel 6a is more difficult. The noise is present, the smoothing also, but in a lower proportion that with many smartphones at comparable prices. The Pixel 6, better mastering the exhibition, deliver to this game more successful images.

Front module, portrait and video mode

The 6A pixel is betting on a 8 Mpx front photo sensor (f/2) allowing to make portraits certainly not very detailed, but enjoying good colorimetry. The clutch is effective in the use of the portrait mode and properly accommodates hair in battle. Finally, videos can be captured up to 4K at 60 i/s, Google offering optical stabilization in addition.

Writing note: 4 out of 5


A little more compact, the 6a is provided with a accumulator slightly less substantial than those of its elders: it claims 4410 mAh to the clock, against 4614 mAh for the Pixel 6. This does not prevent it from ensuring an autonomy after all correct, measured at around 16 h 12 min during our tests aim. This score allows a real day of use far from the charger which, let us recall, is not delivered in its box. Loading side, limited to 18 W, count 1 h 47 min: we saw more swift, even (and especially !) for mid -range smartphones.

Detail that is not one: unlike other Pixel 6, 6a ignores the wireless load. A compromise not surprising for its price range, the Nithing Phone (1) being exceptional to the rule.

Our battery tests are automated by target, the application developed by the company Smartvis.

The results obtained with target come from measurements made in real conditions of use (calls, SMS, videos, application launch, web navigation, etc.).

Writing note: 3 out of 5


Our sustainability score makes it possible to determine the lasting aspect of the smartphone as much for the consumer as for the environment. It is based on the repairability index, sustainability criteria (protection index, standard connectors, duration of warranty and updates, etc.) and an assessment of CSR policies (corporate social responsibility). You will find all the details of the analysis in our article presenting the sustainability score.

The Pixel 6A collects points thanks to its IP67 compatibility, rather rare in its pricing segment and which guarantees its water resistance.

Like all pixel, the 6a runs under the latest version of Android, stamped 12. He will be one of the first to benefit from an upgrade to Android 13 and should obtain three major updates. Add five years of security updates that guarantee a certain durability to the smartphone.

There are various functions exclusive to pixel, such as the “magic eraser” tool allowing to delete unwelcome photos of photo backgrounds.

News: smartphone / mobile phone
All about Android 12

Announced in May 2021, Android 12 will have put near a semester to make his real beginnings. For the moment only available on P.

Google Pixel 6a test: the little one who has almost everything of a big


Pixel 6a, “little” last from the 6th generation Pixel family, has just been created. Despite his size, the newborn is in great shape and makes the admiration of his brothers 6 and 6 pro. The Mountain View firm has skipped this range of phones for Europe last year. For 2022, the whole family is present on the old continent. A 6A pixel who does not intend to leave on his feet by his brothers, nor not his mid -range comrades.

  • Price and availability
  • Technical sheet
  • A design that reuses that of Pixel 6
  • A beautiful OLED screen
  • A Google Tensor always at the rendezvous
  • A convincing camera
  • A pure Android 12
  • A surprisingly robust battery
  • Comments


Presented during the Google I/O of May 2022, Google Pixel 6a finally arrives at retailers and operators. On paper, Mountain View seeks to rattle users capable of aligning almost 500 euros for a smartphone wide. The medium-range phones market is quite competitive, with the South Korean Samsung ogre and its Galaxy A53 5G, the Realme GT 2, the original Phone (1) of Nothing, or the iPhone SE 2022.

Price and availability

The Google Pixel 6a has been officially on sale since July 28, 2022 from the Google site For a public price of 459 euros. However, it was already found with operators. There is only in a single configuration: 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. The States mastodon thus intends to set up in Europe on the intermediate smartphones market, when it had abandoned it last year with the Google Pixel 5A 5A. Another striking fact, the price of 459 euros for a mid -range phone is rather an aggressive price for a marketing. In the United States, he was sold $ 449, therefore at the same price as his ancestor Pixel 5A.

But to compete for the best mid -range smartphone, Google to do. Not only does he find himself confronted with his eternal Samsung rival with the Galaxy A53 5G (launched at 459 euros, but around 370 € when we test), at Realme GT 2 (80 euros more expensive), with Motorola G200 ( -90 euros) and even at the iPhone SE 2022 (60 euros more expensive).


To boost sales, Google offers its wireless Pixel Buds A-SERIE headphones (worth around 100 euros) for any purchase of a 6a pixel. The proposal is enticing, but the Google Pixel 6a is the best Android smartphone for less than 500 euros ? Answer in the following lines.


Technical sheet

Under the psychological bar of 500 euros, the Google Pixel 6a has everything to please on paper: 128 GB of storage, An AMOLED screen of beautiful quality, a powerful processor, a large battery and a high -end sealing. However, he ignores the microSD slot or large photo sensors. In addition to the classic loading cable and the traditional SIM card pin, Google includes a USB type B converter to USB Type C. Data transfer to an old Android smartphone (with a USB-C connector) to therefore be done more quickly, without going through WiFi. Attention that deserves to be underlined.

Chipset Google Tensor
Screen FHD+
6.1 inches
5g Yes
Ram 6 GB
Battery 4410 MAH
Fast wired recharge 18 W
Photo Main sensor 12 MP IMX363
Ultra Grand Angle 12 Mp
Selfie 8 MP
Biometry Fingerprint sensor under the screen
Certification for water resistance IP67
Storage 128 GB
BONE Android 12
Pixel Launcher
Dimensions 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.7 mm
microSD No

A design that reuses that of Pixel 6

You liked the original design of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, with its black bar hiding the photo and flash sensors ? If so, you will like that of the Pïxel 6a. By far, the resemblance is such that the looks of the 3 google phones of 6th generation are almost the same. In hand, the (subtle) differences are revealed. Pixel 6a is slightly more compact than a Pixel 6 Pro but also a pixel 6. To save some savings, the Mountain View firm replaced the superb rear side in reinforced glass Gorilla with a shiny plastic back (aka “in 3D thermoformed composite material” according to the name Google). The difference to the eye is imperceptible, but in use, the key mixture/telephone or the slides on the ground do not forgive. The entry -level of Google phones is scratch sensitive. The screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla Victus glass, like its big brother Pixel 6.


In addition, the black bar exceeds the smartphone shell of about 1mm (more than a bank card). A millimeter doesn’t seem like nothing, but it’s a lot. This micro-exclusion undergoes multiple friction in a jeans pocket or systematically affects the surface on which the phone is placed on. A shell is therefore more than recommended To preserve its Pixel 6A in the long term. Google provided us with a plastic shell that perfectly enlisses the smartphone (and optical protectors and back of scratches) … but it costs 29 euros on the official Google store.


To stand out from the pop shades of other manufacturers, Google perpetuates the pastel trend. The rear side will be sage in color (pale green close to the ocean gray of 6), roller (light gray) or charcoal (black). Google opted for it to offer different shades of other ranges 6 and 6 pro. These powdery colors give distinction and elegance to this 6a pixel. Our test copy has a sage color dress.


For the rest, This smartphone follows the line of its ancestors: Robustness and exemplary finishes. A satin black paint covers the metal chassis. The edges are slightly rounded like on a Samsung A53 5G or an iPhone 6. The Pixel 6A also shares the IP67 certification with the South Korean mid-range phone. In other words, they are resistant to dust (number 6) and an immersion in water 1m deep for 30 minutes (the number 7). The relative narrowness of this smartphone (71.8 mm) gives it excellent grip with one hand, despite a large screen.


A beautiful OLED screen

In the previous lines, we noticed more compact dimensions of Pixel 6a, compared to its generation brothers 6. The reason is obvious: The screen is smaller (6.1 inches or approximately 156 mm) that his big brother Pixel 6 (6.4 inches). A nice balance between comfortable display size and handling. Besides, Mountain View backs over the previous generations. Instead of increasing the size of the screen (also reducing the edges), the Pixel 6A has a smaller screen than the Pixel 5A (6.34 ’’).


In terms of definition, status quo, finally almost. We always stay on an OLED panel in 20: 9 Full HD format+ (2400 × 1080 pixels, as on the Pixel 6 or even the Pixel 5A). However, the size of the screen being more narrow, the pixel density increases to 429 pp (against 411 on the 6 and 413 on the 5A). In terms of screen specifications, the Pixel 6a is equal to its big brothers 6 and 6 pro with a depth of colors reaching 24bits/16 million colors. HDR is there to maximize contrasts, reveal the shades of dark and bright shades in videos.


Our probe tests have shown that differences with higher -end models (such as the Pixel 6 marketed 90 € more expensive or the Pixel 6 Pro sold 450 euros more expensive) were tenuous. So we find the supremacy of OLED technology with balanced colors, deep blacks, luminous whites, ensuring an excellent contrast.


In order not to cannibalize the higher models (and do some dollars in production in production), Google is satisfied with a maximum refreshment of 60 Hz. This is enough for everyday life: navigation on your favorite sites like Phonandroid, consultation of social networks and reading videos. We are far from the 90 Hz (Pixel 6) and 120 Hz (Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy A53 5G) more suited to video games. Nomadic gamers are warned. But this standard refreshment authorizes greater autonomy as we will see later. A criterion that pleases players as well as non-players.


The AMOLED screen hides a fingerprint reader. Unlike others, our test phone did not present a lax authentication problem as it has been reassembled recently. Probably the Titan M2 security chip deserved a small update. Our pixel 6a of test refused to unlock with other imprints than the checked thumb. Identifying yourself by your thumb when you wear a mask is on the more comfortable paper. In practice, it is necessary to position the finger calmly so that “sesame, open yourself”. The responsiveness of the masked fingerprint reader deserves to be optimized.

A small 4mm diameter punch Let guess the presence of a front camera, in the middle of the screen. It is certainly visible by default, but for economic and aesthetic reasons, we systematically activate the Dark mode. The punch is then almost undetectable. The front camera does not interfere with the countless apps we have tried.


AMOLED technology (material) has many advantages, but small software support is not refusal for comfort. So, Google introduced three display modes with Android 12 : natural colors, enhanced and adaptive display (which automatically selects the best colorimetric profile). The natural colors profile is pleasant, but will suffer from strong luminosities, outdoors for example. The colorful colors profile tends to increase saturation, brightness of colors, therefore generating more artificial shades. With adaptive display, we have the best of both worlds and therefore opted for this mode for our daily use (excluding screen tests).

A Google Tensor always at the rendezvous

As with the previous generation, Google did not break his head: he kept his house SoC (in collaboration with Samsung) The famous Google Tensor and its Titan M2 chip dedicated to the security part. The results are therefore of the same barrel as for the Pixel 6 and even the Pixel 6 Pro. Our benchmarks have revealed slight differences from its brothers, because the Pixel 6a only embarks 6 GB of RAM LPDDR5 (against 8 GB on the 6 and 12 GB on the 6 pro). Inevitably, our test model sins on big applications that are resource -gourmet such as the last games of the moment. For the user who plays from time to time at Candy Crush or just read videos, the difference is invisible.


The tests on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro had highlighted “raw performance below a Snapdragon 888 and the A15 Bionic”. This SOC thus offers power comparable to a Snapdragon 870. The last offspring of the Pixel family is thus slightly more powerful than the Nothing Phone 1 (and its Snapdragon 778 g+ / 8 GB RAM in 128 and 256 GB) or the Samsung A13 (and its Exynos 880 /4 GB RAM). The Tensor chip seems more designed for calculations related to artificial intelligence than for video games. Thus, it is reminiscent of Apple’s Bionic fleas. Mountain View, like Cupertino, believes in the assistance of man by AI. The neural engine is useful for voice recognition, battery optimization, but also for photos.

On the game of a human impact, the load is fairly fast, the display is fluid, But we perceive here and there a few slowdowns. Like Pixel 6, the quality of graphics caps at “Middle”. For less gourmet games (League of Legends Wildrift, Clash of Clans, etc.), no problem. In general, when you request the SOC in photo/video processing or video games, the smartphone heats in a reasonable way.