Good news, Nickel offers you a new sponsorship offer! | Nickel, Nickel launches its very first sponsorship offer!

Nickel launches its very first sponsorship offer

2- If one of them opens a nickel account Before January 15, 2020 – Online – You will be notified by e -mail.

Good news, Nickel offers you a new sponsorship offer !

From October 14, Nickel offers you sponsor your loved ones and of accumulate ! ?

Are you ready ? we’ll explaine everything here !

How does this sponsorship offer work ?

If your godson uses your sponsor code Between October 14 and October 28 inclusive, He wins 3 €.

In exchange ? For each sponsored person, you win € 3 on your Nickel account. Not bad is not it ?

How to sponsor my loved ones and friends ?

Nickel client, you have received an email (at the address indicated on your customer area) including your unique sponsorship code. It is thanks to this code assigned to you that you can participate.

For that it is very simple: transmit this code to your friends, share it ! By email, not sms, messenger or directly on social networks to increase your chances of sponsor ! ?

This code must then be indicated by your godson when opening your account to make your sponsorship work !

What do I win ?

If you sponsor a person around you, 3 euros will be credited to your account for each godson subscribing to Nickel by entering your sponsoring code.

No limitation for your referrals, they may have several to use your code and also benefit from 3 euros credited to their accounts.

And for you, the gains are accumulated !

  • 1 godson = 3 euros
  • 2 godchildren = 6 euros
  • 5 godchildren = 15 euros
  • 15 godson = 45 euros
  • 1.000 godson = a lot of euros . (3.000 euros, to be precise)

What are the tips for sharing my sponsor code ?

“A friend of a friend told me,” it tells you ? Word of mouth can be very effective !

At your favorite merchants, on social networks, by emails, telephone, with your family, in business, with your friends, all means are good ! So what are you waiting for ? Quickly share your sponsor code to those around you !

Is this offer limited ?

Yes, this new sponsorship offer is limited in time, until October 28, 2021 included.
As for gains, There is no limit ? Multiply the godchildren to multiply gains !

You can combine as many sponsorships and referrals as you want ! So let’s go, it’s up to you to sponsor ?

Nickel launches its very first sponsorship offer !

You were waiting for it, you claim it on the networks: Nickel launches its very first sponsorship offer from November 15 to January 15, 2020 ! We take stock with you in this new article in the Mag ‘Nickel to benefit as quickly as possible from this exclusive offer !

#1: nickel sponsorship offer, let’s go ? !

From November 15, you will all receive an individual sponsorship code by e-mail, composed of 10 characters (figures and letters).

This individual code is to be disseminated to the greatest number, because precisely thanks to it you may be able to benefit from a chrome nickel card at half price or have you reimbursed your Nickel Chrome contribution up to € 15 if you have already taken out ! Interesting no ?


#2 A very simple mechanics, to enjoy a half -price card:

1- By e-mail, sms, telephone, in the oral voice, communicate your personal code around you: work colleagues, friends, family, maximize your chances and talk about it without !

2- If one of them opens a nickel account Before January 15, 2020 – Online – You will be notified by e -mail.

3- The subscription of your godson (E) to the classic Nickel offer, or the Nickel Chrome offer automatically triggers a reduction or a refund of 50% on the Premium Nickel Chrome card: € 15 instead of 30 € ! For his part, your godson will be registered in the draw allowing him to be able to win a two -seater packs to attend a meeting of the Champions League ⚽

4- To take advantage of it, you just have to order your personalized chrome nickel card, in the color of your choice on your web customer area or your app before January 15, 2020.

You want to know in detail the Nickel Chrome offer, its insurance and assistance included ? Consult our dedicated article on the 6 good reasons to subscribe to it

#3 Still a few questions ? We answer it:

Can we benefit the offer to several of our loved ones and combine gains ?

Yes, it is quite possible that several people use your personal sponsor code to subscribe to the nickel offer, nevertheless your earnings are not accumulated. You benefit from a 50% reduction on the Nickel Chrome offer to use once.

I am already a customer nickel chrome, what can I earn if I sponsor in my turn ?

Good news, if you are already a customer nickel chrome we reimburse you 15 € directly on your account, i.e. half of your annual nickel chrome subscription !

My godson (e) in turn benefit from the sponsorship offer ?

As soon as your godson becomes a nickel client, he will in turn receive a sponsorship code. Same principle while for you: he becomes a sponsor, shares his code and can benefit from 50% reduction on the Nickel Chrome offer in turn if one of his relatives becomes a nickel client.

Is the reduction on Nickel Chrome renewable each year ?

The nickel chrome offer at half price is valid for a year, in maturity (one year after your subscription therefore) The offer will be offered again at € 30/year. Unless in the meantime new sponsorship offers are emerging ! ))

What is the deadline to benefit from the Nickel sponsorship offer.

Your godchild must become a nickel customer before January 15, 2020 midnight, and you must subscribe to the Nickel Chrome offer you too before midnight midnight ! After this period, it will no longer be possible to benefit from the half -price offer !

Questions about the nickel sponsorship offer, need more information ?

  • Consult this page dedicated to sponsorship
  • Contact Nickel customer service directly:
  • By phone: on 01 76 49 00 Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m,
  • On Facebook or Twitter social networks,
  • Via our contact form.