Galaxy S21 FE 5G, S22 or S23: which Samsung smartphone chooses right now?, Galaxy S22 or S21: which Samsung Choose?

Galaxy S22 or S21: which Samsung Choose

The great novelty of the Galaxys22 is Bluetooth 5 compatibility.2 [against 5.0 for S21]. Excellent news that saves battery all reducing the latency of earphones and Bluetooth speakers.

Galaxy S21 FE 5G, S22 or S23: which Samsung smartphone chooses right now ?

The Samsung Galaxy are among the best smartphones but how to choose from the many references of the brand ? We help you decide between three of the best Samsung models of the moment !

Which Samsung Galaxy to choose

The editorial staff Ariase – Published on 08/03/2023 at 3:36 p.m

Galaxy S21 FE 5G, a powerful and fluid smartphone

Let’s start with the Galaxy S21 FE released in 2022 shortly before the Galaxy S22, a 5G smartphone with a Snapdragon 888 chip coupled with 8 GB of RAM and at a 120 Hz refresh rate: what to provide power and fluidity in All daily tasks. With its 6.4 -inch Full HD+ AMOLED screen to excellent colorimetry and protected by a Gorilla Glass Victus window, you can visualize your most beautiful photos and selfies, made day and night using its quadruple module photo module of which :

  • a main 12 Mpx sensor;
  • an 8 Mpx sensor with X3 optical zoom;
  • an ultra-wide-angle 12 Mpx sensor;
  • A 32 MP front camera also filming in 4K.

On the autonomy side, the telephone does however less well than the S20 FE version, its 4500 mAh battery holding only 14 hours in standard use, which does not prevent the Galaxy S21 Fe de charm by its high -end performance !

Galaxy S22, a compact format and good autonomy

Released in February 2022, the Samsung Galaxy S22 combined an ultra compact design and incredible performance. He takes on a Exynos 2000 chip coupled with 8 GB of RAM which allows you to perform all the tasks without flinching. Its 3700 mAh Battery Offers Until 7 p.m. video reading and overall better performance than the Galaxy S21.

Its small 6.1 -inch Dynamic AMOLED screen allows for use of great fluidity thanks to a 120 Hz cooling rate. The smartphone will be able to fill photography enthusiasts with its 50 Mpx main sensor, its ultra-wide 12 Mpx English sensor and its 10 MP telephoto lens. A triple photo module also boosted by an artificial intelligence to produce magnificent shots.

Galaxy S23, the smartphone that checks all boxes

The latest of the Samsung giant takes over the design of the Galaxy S22 with a difference in the photo sensors that exceed the back of the device as on the ultra models. The smartphone presents an Amoled Full HD+ slab and a refresh rate that can vary from 24 Hz to 120 Hz, enough to maximize the battery if necessary. A 3900 mAh battery that still surpasses the Galaxy S22 !

The Samsung Galaxy S23 also dazzles us by its power, largely linked to its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor which allows high fluidity navigation on the web and social networks. Above all, he will be your ally to play the most gourmet video games ! Finally, the photo part has nothing to envy to the other Samsung models with its three 50, 12 and 10 Mpx photo sensors allowing to take exceptional photos and videos even in low light. It is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones of the year 2023.

But then what model Samsung Galaxy to choose ?

The best Samsung Galaxy is especially the one that suits you ! After comparison of smartphones, the choice depends on your budget and your needs. The Galaxy S21 FE 5G is an excellent device with a good photo module and good overall performance, it is also a little cheaper than the S22 (on average 500 €).

For a hundred euros more, the Galaxy S22 is growing in power and fluidity with an excellent photo module as a bonus. It is a good alternative to the very recent Galaxy S23 that we find at high prices but which to date offers the most advanced features of the Samsung Galaxy range in terms of photography, autonomy and power.

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Galaxy S22 or S21: which Samsung Choose ?

Galaxy S22 or S21

Like every year when Samsung is launching its new galaxy, we ask ourselves the same question: is this model really better than that of last year ?

If you hesitate between these two models, here is some information to help you make your choice.

What technical differences between the Galaxy S22 or S21 ?

Of course, the galaxys22 is more recent, benefits from the latest technological innovations, and is therefore intrinsically better.

However, it is good to understand exactly the technical differences to know which one will suit you best.


Draw in this category with capital importance: the two benefit from an AMOLED 6 screen.1 with Full HD+ resolution (2400 × 1080) at 120 Hz.

The S22 and S22+ range has smaller screens:

Series 21 Series 22
6.2 inches 6.1 inches
Series 21 + Series 22 +
6.7 inches 6.6 inches
Series 21 Ultra Series 22 Ultra
6.8 inches 6.8 inches

Galaxy S22 or S21


The galaxys22 benefits from the last chip from Samsung: an exynos 2200 engraved in 4 Nm which replaces the exynos 2100 of the Galaxy S21.


Another draw, whether in terms of RAM (8 GB) than storage (available in 128 and 256 GB on the 2 models).

Operating system

The two models work on Android 12 and one UI 4.1. Draw.


At first glance, one might think that the S22 prevails with a main sensor of 50 MP compared to the 12 MP of the Galaxy S21.

But the S21 telephoto lens is 64MP, while that of S22 is 10MP. That said, the S22 benefits from a 3x optical zoom ..


Slight advantage to S22, with a 4000 m battery against 3700 my H for the S21.

The two models are charged 25W with cable, and 15W in wireless.

Is the design of the S22 different from the Galaxy S21 ?

No revolution at Samsung The design of S22 is very similar to that of S21. We thus find the three objectives at the top left of the rear facade, with a remote flash.

In terms of dimensions, the S22 is slightly lower: 5 mm less than the S21. It is also less wide [-0.6 mm] and finer [-0.3 mm], but that does not jump out.

Likewise, the difference in weight [the S22 weighs 3 g less than the S21] is anecdotal.

On the other hand, the big difference comes from the edge, which is now reinforced in aluminum. This gives it a more massive and robust appearance.

Equipment and accessories

The Galaxy S21 already benefited from 5 g and Wi-Fi 6 Dual Band, the S22 continues of course to offer them. The same applies to the NFC sensor, the ultrasonic fingerprint reader, the double speaker and the GLILEO, GLONASS, A-GPS and BEIDOU GLONASS Sensor Compatible.

The great novelty of the Galaxys22 is Bluetooth 5 compatibility.2 [against 5.0 for S21]. Excellent news that saves battery all reducing the latency of earphones and Bluetooth speakers.

In terms of accessories, the S22 is too recent to benefit from a wide range of quality accessories quickly available. Finding a screen protective film or a Samsung Galaxys22 shell is not easy (but it is possible here), while for the S21, we find everything, everywhere.

That said, the situation should change quickly, and in a few months it will most likely be a draw.

Galaxy S22 or S21: the price difference

Those who hoped for a discount of the Galaxy S21 with the arrival of the new model are for their expense … And for good reason, the S21 remains one of the best smartphones on the market, and there is no reason to be sold out.

The galaxys22 is slightly more expensive than the S21, but the difference is far from being decisive.

Knowing that the galaxys22 is still more recent and that it offers possibilities that the S21 does not have, we could therefore conclude that the winner of the value for money is the Samsung Galaxy S22.

The two Galaxy S22 and S22+ start at the same price as their predecessors, from 859 euros for the Galaxy S22 and 1059 euros for the Galaxy S22+.

Galaxy S22 or S21: which one to choose ?

Everyone is free to choose with knowledge of the facts, but, in view of the comparison, against all odds, the happy owners of a Galaxy S21 have no interest in changing it for the new S22.

Performance is similar, and there is no improvement that justifies investing in a new phone.

On the other hand, if you have an old smartphone you want to change, it seems more judicious to decide for the Galaxy S22 which, for a similar price, benefits from more recent technology and some interesting innovations.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe 6.4 ″ 5g Double SIM 128 GB Graphite gray

Large ultra fluid screen
6.4 ’’, 120 Hz
Light photos day and night
Zoom x30
Hybrid optical zoom x3
Powerful processor