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We tested the Citroën Friend, the small electric city car which drives itself from 14 years old

My friend Buggy Ultra Limited Edition is the free illustration and full of character of an object imagined to live his leisure activities differently. An expression of backpacker with an extroverted style, colorful and muscular, while trying to stay very simple and functional

Small citroën

Friend perpetuates the tradition of Citroën which constantly contributes to the evolution of the automotive landscape.

A real solution to provide electric mobility from 16 years old.


With its 2.41 m long, 1.39 m wide and 1.52 m high, friend displays a practical template. And he only occupies half a parking lot !

Its 7.20 m robbing diameter allow friends to all maneuvers in town and considerably simplify parking.

Zero Emission Zero noise

Environmentally friendly thanks to his electric driving mode, a friend easily accesses and without restrictions on the city centers. A new mobility that responds to the urban issues of today and tomorrow.

Its technology allows it to ride in silence, for the greatest comfort and the serenity of its occupants.

Friend allows safe journeys thanks to his imprint on the ground which gives him perfect stability. With its two doors and roof, friend brings a protection greater than that of 2/3 wheels, without risk of falling.

Friend promises a serenity conduct in his closed and heated interior. Comfortably installed in the two symmetrical seats placed side by side, passengers, even large templates, take advantage of a real feeling of space without ever being forced in their movements.

Thanks to its panoramic roof, friend offers a real feeling of space and light, reinforced by the large windshield, the side windows and the rear window. Large glass surfaces provide excellent visibility to the driver and passenger.

100% recharged in 4 hours

Just connect the on -board cable on a standard socket, placed in the entrance to the passenger door, to recharge friends in just 4 hours.

Recharge solutions

Beyond recharging on a standard socket (220V), friend can also be recharged on a public terminal or a wall box with an adapter available as an accessory.

Friend benefits from autonomy adapted to short daily trips. Much greater than the average distance traveled every day, this autonomy allows you to go to an appointment, to your workplace as to an evening with friends.



Discover or/and try with a friend owner

There is no better opinion than that of our ambassadors.

Whether to answer your questions or to try the friend, these happy owners are best placed to share their experience on this emblematic car.

So don’t wait any longer to discover a friend from a new angle !

Become a friend in a few clicks

You are the owner and passionate like us ? So join the friend community and become ambassador.

Once your application is validated, you can then share your passion and gain exclusive advantages such as:

  • Participation in exclusive events from the Citroën brand,
  • Vouchers in major brands,
  • Discount on certain products from the Citroën Lifestyle store.

Discover & Try

Citroën network

You can try friends for free in the Citroën Participants outlets.

Book your test now !

Try a friend with a surface

Who better than a real user to share your experience with you and make you try a friend close to your home ? An unprecedented way to discover and exchange around friends, the small electric car.

Become ambassador

Become an ambassador and be rewarded for all the sales you help to conclude. As an Ambassador, Citroën will offer you in addition to participating in exclusive challenges thanks to which you can win additional gifts !

Whether you do not yet have the permit (if you were born before February 15, 1961), that you have an AM license (if you were born after February 15, 1961) or you have the B, friend S ‘ Address to you. Reassuring and easy to master thanks to its stability and maximum speed of 45 km/h, friend represents an ideal solution, for example during daily journeys between domicile and workplace for the whole family.

** without a license for drivers born before February 15, 1961. AM permit necessary for people born after February 15, 1961

Very easy to handle, friend benefits from absolutely fluid driving since he has no gear lever or clutch. The walking selector includes only 3 buttons, D, N and R respectively to move forward, put in dead and back.

Experts listening to you

Your questions by phone from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. via 078 05 01 43, and by cat via [email protected].

Modular financing
Personalize your funding online: cash or stretchfin plus

Choose my delivery
Receive your friend Electric at home or at the point of sale near you.

Citroën and Axa Belgium offers insurance for your friend. Contact axa Belgium for more information: 078 15 01 10


Citroën simplifies life on board by presenting “My Ami Play”, a new interface in your My Citroën application made up of key features such as navigation, music, radio and phone calls.

Simple and intuitive in use, specially dedicated to the smartphone. It is associated with a clever control button called Citroën Switch allowing its activation and which can be placed anywhere in the passenger compartment.

Available for sale on the Mister-Auto site.BE Category Accessories Friendly.


My friend Tonic

My friend Tonic, a personality apart, invigorating

My Ami Tonic is a full version of energy that stimulates the friend’s range and encourages action through its colors and equipment.

For the first time, My Friend Tonic shows us a new look highlighted thanks to the headlight hubs as a new sunglasses.

Outside, it takes up the equipment of other versions such as wheel hubs, black plastron at the front and front and rear shields. The whole gives it an energetic and fruity side.

My Significant Friend

Pure pleasure

My friend Buggy Ultra Limited Edition is the free illustration and full of character of an object imagined to live his leisure activities differently. An expression of backpacker with an extroverted style, colorful and muscular, while trying to stay very simple and functional

My friend Buggy Ultra Limited Edition is above all an invitation to have fun and quench his thirst for freedom, fun, nonconformism. It is proof that an object of mobility can mix the useful with the pleasant.

Friendly universe

Supervise everything with My Citroën

With the My Citroën Mobile Application via the Dat@friend Accessory Connected Case, you can access all your friend’s data: Autonomy available, mileage, time remaining for 100% recharge and maintenance alerts.

This application also makes it possible to locate the nearby public charging stations.

Transform your smartphone into dashboard

My Ami Play is a new interface in your My Citroën application made up of key features such as navigation, music, radio and phone calls.

This application is coupled with Citroën Switch, connected in Bluetooth with your smartphone, it allows you to directly access these functions without leaving your eyes of the road and then piloting them either tactile or by voice recognition.

New features

Once the bluetooth pairing has been carried out between the Citroën Switch and My Ami Play, you will only have to choose your favorite applications to take advantage of your journeys.

You will benefit from the following 4 sections:

  • With the section “Nav”, You can use a navigation application like Waze, Google Maps, Apple Plan…
  • It is possible to make and receive calls thanks to the function “Call” in all simplicity by accessing, among other things, to the list of his favorite contacts or to his repertoire.
  • Section “Media” Allows you to select the musical application from those offered like Deezer or Apple Music ..,. This device combined with the nomadic Bluetooth enclosure, will punctuate your journeys.
  • There “Radio” Integrated into the My AMI Play application, will allow you to listen to your favorite station.

Enjoy a wide range of accessories created specially for friends.

From the inside to the outside everything goes there to improve comfort, style,

Safety aboard your small electric car without a license.

Create personalized stickers to complete your color pack

and give your personal touch to a friend.
An expert in the matter has teamed up with a friend to create

Quality and sustainable stickers over time.
Using a personalization module you will be able to

to create a unique style for your friend or to deal with the proposals.
Citroën exclusive collections are also available for sale.

Finally there are also personalized plates to have on the front of your car.

You can affix your logo, emoji or you play it gangster*.
Indeed friend being a quadricyle it is authorized to put a plate on the front of the vehicle.

*A moderation service will remove any offensive creation

Friendly lifestyle accessories

Discover the selection of miniatures and accessories echoing the atypical Citroën Friend.

Elegant products available in different colors: friend is proud of his colorful identity !
You will find notebooks, speakers, miniatures, mugs, pens … in the colors of the Citroën Friend.

Let yourself be seduced by our wide range of friendly products for all tastes and desires.

My friend Care, your tailor -made service contract

With my friend Care, you take advantage of your friend with confidence by benefiting, depending on the duration of the contract, assistance in the event of a battery failure, an extension of my friend’s warranty and his battery, of taking In charge of maintenance operations and replacement of wear parts.

My friend care only available when your friend’s online purchase !

Maintain your friend with our dedicated network

Specially trained, our my friend’s after-sales experts bring you their know-how to guarantee you comfort and safety of driving

Make a meeting directly with them in the My Citroën application and also find all the information on your friend’s maintenance.

We tested the Citroën Friend, the small electric city car which drives itself from 14 years old

Small, agile, electric and inexpensive, the Citroën Ami creates the event. For urban and driving courses without a license, it is displayed from € 6,000, bonus included.


By its size and curves which give it a malicious air, the friend immediately attracts the benevolent attention of pedestrians like motorists in the city. The city is precisely its favorite field since it has been designed to compete with public transport and two wheels, while evolving in complete safety unlike these.

With its 4 wheels and a closed interior, sheltered from bad weather and heated, The friend can accommodate two passengers in acceptable comfort with a driver barely 14 years old !


75 km of maximum autonomy

The friend is driven by a 6 kW electric motor powered by a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery block housed under the floor. It recharges in just 3 hours on an electrical outlet of 220V thanks to the cable stored on the passenger side.

The friend can also be recharged on a wallbox via an appropriate cable (optional) or a public terminal. Its autonomy is maximum of 75 kilometers and its speed is bridled at 45 km/h.

Citroën therefore did not consider it necessary to offer him a lighthouse commodo, the friend always moving the codes on.

Perfect visibility

Philippe Lacroix

By settling behind the steering wheel, we appreciate the incomparable brightness of the friend thanks to the large glass surfaces associated with standard panoramic roof. Visibility is optimal.

On the left side of the driver’s seat, three buttons command the car: front, zero and rear.

Its featherweight and low speed do not require assistance or steering (with a short -term steaks of 7.20 m), or brakes that are drums.

Rolling trains from the 208 offer a handling without problem, but suspension comfort is rudimentary and the nonexistent soundproofing lets you perceive the noise of the electric motor.

APEI-Actualities. Philippe Lacroix

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