Freebox Delta: The Devialet Player takes its early retirement, Freebox Delta: Enjoy the fiber the fast, TV content included

Freebox Delta

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Freebox Delta: The Devialet Player takes his early retirement

Launched in 2018, the Devialet Player came from a close collaboration between Free and the famous French audio systems company, based in Paris. This revolutionary TV box, endowed with six loudspeakers and compatible Alexa, was then offered as a “luxury” player, at a price of 480 euros.

In January 2022, the Devialet Player was finally available for rental. It was then offered at 6.99 euros per month for new Freebox Delta subscribers, and in multi TV for 9.99 euros per month for Freebox Pop & Delta subscribers. Today, Free sounds the death knell for this player, which has never really succeeded in seducing.

Choice: POLYER POP or Apple TV 4K

Put (more or less discreetly) away for some time now, the Devialet player is no longer available today for new free subscribers. These can always take advantage of the Freebox Delta offer, but without the high -end TV box signed Devialet.

Instead, new subscribers have the choice between the POLy POP box, included in the subscription, or the Apple TV 4K 128 GB case (purchase), provided, however, to pay 2.99 euros per month , over 48 months. Note that Netflix essential HD is also included in the offer. The Devialet Player is still available for migration.

The Freebox Delta offer is currently offered at a price of 39.99 euros per month for a year, Player TV Pop included. The subscription is without commitment, and the price will be reassessed at 49.99 euros per month once the promotional period of twelve months has passed.

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Comments (20)

My parents have and personally I have never been really impressed by audio quality. My sound bar is much better for a completely honorable price and it is not “devialet”
It remains a good box anyway, even if too expensive for free certainly.

“Le Player Devialet is put out of service by Free” .
Wait, you are saying that the reader will no longer be recognized by the Freebox Delta ?
So people who have helmeted € 480 ends up with a box that will no longer work ?
I am rather happy with what Free has brought to the universe of ISPs, but the !?

No, that’s not what they said.

And for those who have no use of the TV part etc. And which are interested in 10g, there remains the Delta S offer, always as much highlighted on the site (at the bottom of the Delta page, in gray on a black background …): Freebox Delta S: Enjoy the fiber faster (39.99 €/month. No reduction)

I don’t understand the usefulness of these TV boxes
While it would be enough to develop apps compatible with Android boxes and certain TVs

I don’t even understand the interest of the boxes, it would be enough to have the possibility of renting or buying any fiber and basta router
Free really invented what is worse in the field of interest, the box and the TV decoder that goes with

Bha it’s simple: at least 60/70% of the ordinary people do not know what a router is, and even less how to configure it. This is why we made boxes.

I have pop and the TV case never left its box. I already had a 4K appletv (and a shield pro) and finally the OQEETV application is the best thing that free.
No need to develop a player. Especially with connected TVs.

Exactly this is the best offer

I used the Devialet Player for a long time … And I naively believed that the bugs raised on the bugtracker would be taken into account, at least those impacting the use strongly.
Today, he is disconnected ..
assistants ultimately not very useful who are triggered as they want.
HS touch remote control
Catastrophic HDMI CEC support
I only put it back in mains when I have a punctual need
Reading of Media on the Nas Freebox
Program recording
In daily use, I went to Oqee on Android TV.
What is missing is local recording or on nas.
The interface/navigation is less worked but we adapt.
At worst, there is also an Apple TV by Free which drags somewhere.

For some time since Bouygues offers Samsung TV (well for less than 50 euros) 4K, with their TV app installed on it.
Otherwise, I have been using the Apple TV for a while which is much more practical than the TV boxes ..
In short, the boxes are overwhelmed, from my point of view ..

After that depends, I have an old LG 4K TV, I find the webos particularly Naz.
I have my little 4K SFR box, it largely does the job for the little that I watch TV.

You rent a classic router where you just have to connect as you would with a box (which is only a router) and case set and leave the TV available through any router via an app Or what else do I know

Freebox Delta

Watch a movie or a series, make your Visio calls, download your files, play in network … All your uses at full speed, at the same time and without interruption thanks Ultra-powerful 10G fiber technology.

In descending flow

In rate rising

faster than ADSL

Fast flow and slowdown even in ADSL

Even in ADSL, take advantage with the Freebox Delta of a Fluid and fast flow without slowdown Thanks to the combination of ADSL and 4G (250 GB, reduced flow beyond). It’s simple, as soon as your connection slows down, 4G automatically takes over to boost your internet connection.

Wi-Fi 6th, the best of Wi-Fi.

The Freebox Delta now incorporates Wi-Fi 6th to offer you latest generation of Wi-Fi.
This new standard improves the quality of your Wi-Fi and allows you to connect even more devices without the clutching your network.
Using a new little used frequency strip, the 6GHz band, the 6th Wi-Fi also limits the disturbances caused by neighboring Wi-Fi for maximum comfort.

Take advantage of speeds up to 3 times faster than Wi-Fi 5 !*

The Pop Wi-Fi repeater included on request.

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Let him settle alone : the installation is automatic, just connect it and it is ready to be used !

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Freebox Delta: The Devialet Player is bowing

Freebox Delta

The high -end free player, designed with Devialet and which was part of the Freebox Delta offer is no longer offered to new free subscribers.

After five years of good and loyal service, Free withdraws its Devialet Player from the sale. And it’s not really surprising. From its launch, in 2018, this high -end case designed in partnership with Devialet, had disappointed.

Too high a price

By launching his Devialet player, Free promised to access excellence and luxury at a content rate. Unfortunately for Free, his case, who embarked six speakers, including three specially designed by Devialet, the French high -end audio specialist, could not find his audience. It must be said that the Deviart Player was UFO in the catalog of the Internet Access provider. In addition to displaying an imposing physique and quite difficult to assume in a living room: its format forced it to be placed flat next to the TV. But his main problem was undoubtedly his price which most certainly weighed his career as soon as it is launched. To acquire the beast, Free still asked to spend some 480 euros. A deterrent rate that did not reserve him in all budgets, especially since the device lost all its interest if you were no longer subscribed to the operator.

To try to put the ship afloat, Free had, in early 2022, made a concession by offering it to rental to its subscribers. With the hope of reviving interest in its high -end player, the operator offered it at around 7 euros per month, before finally reviewing this price up. Last April, Free increased the rental price for its Devialet player to ten euros per month. A strategy that has not been paid since Free simply decided to stop offering it to new subscribers to its Freebox Delta offer.

POP Player or Apple TV 4K instead

Now, new subscribers who would like to subscribe to a Delta offer have two possible choices: opt for the purchase of an Apple TV 4K, invoiced 3 euros per month over a period of 48 months, or choose the Player Pop. And it was undoubtedly this one who got the better of the Devialet Player. Because the Freebox Delta offer, which notably includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Cafeyn, is much more affordable with the POP Player, the latter being offered without additional cost.