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The best free VPNs for France in 2023

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Free VPN in France

Become a ‘citizen of the world’ by connecting to the VPN France server with Planet VPN and obtain unlimited access to all Internet resources – including those blocked in your country. Your personal data and real IP addresses are protected by military encryption and you also have the guarantee of secure access to local Internet resources.

Connection to the France VPN server when you are really in France ensures that the use of public Wi-Fi access points does not cause drawbacks. Our service guarantees secure encryption of data transmitted each time you use public access points in restaurants, service stations, airports, etc. other confidential information transmitted via public wifi from your device. Planet VPN helps to eliminate these risks while guaranteeing your anonymity.

3 steps to obtain a German IP address with Planet VPN

Just press “Download for free” on this web page. Our VPN supports all the main operating systems and devices.

The installation process may vary depending on the type of your device. Planet VPN will be either downloaded from your PC, or you will be redirected to Play Market or Apple Store, where it will be installed on your mobile

Once the application is downloaded, you are free to install it and start immediately. Choose the desired VPN server from the list, in this case being France VPN.

Your device connects to the free server of your choice and you get a fully anonymous and secure VPN connection. The recording of an account is not required, you do not need to enter your personal data to start using Planet VPN with our free VPN servers.

Free VPN for

Advantages to use a free VPN France server

Planet VPN does not store any user business log, but in addition, the hard drives of our VPN server in France are entirely encrypted. And if the hard drives were extracted from the server in one way or another in order to access the system files, this would not be possible.

Benefit from an additional safety layer when using sites and dating services and adults: your Internet service provider will not be able to record your activity and your traffic online, you will keep your anonymous identity.

France VPN offers you a fully secure connection to all local websites and services, including France, the media, the government and other services.

The best free VPNs for France in 2023

Anonymously navigate the web, strengthen its security and confidentiality on the web, preserve its digital data, get around the geographic restrictions of streaming and television services, here are some of the promises of VPN. Close -up on Best VPN services Free for France in May 2023.

  • Storage 9415 servers
  • Language 91 covered countries
  • LAN 7 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 45 days
  • Description No data log
  • Storage 5799 servers
  • Language 60 covered countries
  • LAN 6 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log
  • Storage 3000 servers
  • Language 94 covered countries
  • LAN 5 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

The best free VPNs for France in September 2023:

  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Northern
  • Expressvpn
  • Proton VPN
  • Why use a VPN for France ?
  • Selection of best free VPNs for France
  • 1. Cyberghost
  • 2. Northern
  • 3. Expressvpn
  • 4.
  • 5. Protonvpn
  • Faq

Why use a VPN for France ?

The use of VPN has largely democratized in recent years. In France as in other countries, more and more users accuse VPNs for various reasons. Starting with the possibility of hiding your real IP address by that of VPN and thus avoid the systematic tracing of services and websites, but also. By connecting to VPN servers based in France which are geographically close, users can generally benefit from a protected VPN connection as fast as that of original (without VPN).

One of the big advantages of VPNs is the possibility of being able to connect from abroad to the services of SVOD and geoblocked television in France. For cross -border workers, expatriates and other French travelers around the world, this allows access to streaming services (Netflix, Video Prime, etc.), but also TV platforms like TF1, Canal+, M6, etc. From France, it is possible to access in particular the geoblocked foreign catalogs of streaming services. Note that only a few players in the VPN market manage to bypass the blockages of these services in a constant manner.

What services can we access with a VPN in France ?

By choosing a VPN service with servers in France, the French have the possibility of continuing to benefit from abroad from their television platforms (TF1, M6, France Television, Canal+…) and their streaming services (premium Video, Netflix, Disney +…) or some geoblooked websites. Conversely, they can unlock from France the catalogs of streaming services abroad which are sometimes much more extensive in countries like the United States or Great Britain, for example.

In this area, all VPN services do not hold their promises. SVOD and TV platforms are indeed in place of crazy guards to try to block the connections that go through VPN. The best VPN suppliers must compete in efforts to get around these blockages and offer continuous streaming experience on any streaming services in France and around the world.

What are the important criteria for choosing a VPN in France ?

Before choosing a VPN in France, one of the first things to do is to check the number of servers available in the country. Most suppliers indicate on their website the various locations they cover and the number of physical and/or virtual servers found there. A large number of servers usually avoid overloads that can occur when too many users connect at the same time for weekends, holidays or during sports or other.

The connection speed and the stability of the VPN are also among the most important criteria to choose a VPN. Better to favor suppliers offering high -speed servers (at least 10 GB/s), an unlimited bandwidth, and the support of modern open source VPN protocols like Wireguard (Cyberghost, Pia, Surhark, etc.), or owners such as Nordlynx (NordVPN) or Lightway (ExpressVPN). So many important criteria to enjoy the best possible VPN experience.

Selection of best free VPNs for France

1. Cyberghost

  • Storage 9415 servers
  • Language 91 covered countries
  • LAN 7 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 45 days
  • Description No data log

Cyberghost brings together all the qualities that are expected of a consumer VPN, both in terms of performance and safety and features. Its modern and intuitive graphical interface makes it one of the most pleasant VPN services to use on a daily basis. The deployment of NOSPY servers strengthens its already convincing security options. We appreciate its very good management of streaming platforms and its ability to bypass the toughest georestrictions like those of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Cyberghost VPN advantages

  • Fluid graphical interface
  • Performance and value for money
  • Servers optimized for streaming and P2P
  • Multiplateform cover

Cyberghost VPN disadvantages

  • High monthly package rate
  • Somewhat poor iOS application in functionality

All lights are green to use Cyberghost in France. The Romanian service has the advantage of resting on one of the largest market infrastructure with more than 9,000 servers in 91 countries, including no less than 900 which are distributed in 3 French cities (Marseille, Paris and Strasbourg). It is the best -lot VPN infrastructure of our selection in France, and this represents many advantages. In addition to data transfers and an unlimited bandwidth, the service makes it possible to visualize servers with the lowest occupancy rate in a glance in order to take advantage of the best possible speed.

Thanks to its servers optimized for streaming, Cyberghost is one of the best VPNs to bypass geographic blockages of SVOD and TV services (Netflix, Video Prime, Canal+…) whether in France or abroad.

Renowned for its very strict privacy policy, the service does not keep any data on the activities of its users or any log. It also offers a full range of security features including an AES 256-bit encryption, support for the latest generation Wireguard VPN protocol, a Kill Switch, a Wi-Fi protection mode, or even house blockers and advertising and malicious sites. A sure value ..

Use Cyberghost for free

It is possible to use Cyberghost for free and without restriction for 45 days via the “satisfied or reimbursed” warranty. The supplier gives access to all VPN features on 7 devices simultaneously. A free trial period more generous than the average at the end of which it is possible to be reimbursed via a simple request by email to customer service.

2. Northern

  • Storage 5799 servers
  • Language 60 covered countries
  • LAN 6 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

Figure figure of VPNs, NordVPN continues to evolve on forced march. Its performance has mounted a notch thanks to the deployment of a RAM 10 GB/S server park and its Nordlynx protocol. In addition to well -constructed applications, it is distinguished by its very good performance and its excellent stability. A service that can only be recommended and that seriously competes with ExpressVPN and Cyberghost in terms of value for money. The advanced NordVPN subscription includes VPN + Nordpass (Password manager) while the NordVPN Premium formula includes VPN + Nordpass + NordLocker (secure cloud storage)

Essential northern advantages

  • Excellent performance
  • Streaming (including Netflix US) and very effective TV access
  • Very large number of servers
  • Ram -colocated servers infogured
  • Reactivity of customer support

Essential northern disadvantages

  • Complex router configuration
  • No info on the state of charge of servers

Always present in the top trio of the best VPNs on the market, NordVPN naturally stands out as a first choice solution for the use of a VPN in France. Like Cyberghost, the supplier offers a large infrastructure which is currently made up of more than 5,400 servers in 60 countries. France is rather well served with more than 230 servers and two distinct locations: Paris and Marseille. A cover that allows you to choose the nearest geographically city from home to take advantage of an optimal connection and avoid any overload of servers during peak hours.

Although NordVPN is particularly present in the most popular destinations (Europe and North America), it guarantees access to 5 continents. NordVPN does not offer servers optimized for streaming, but it is still one of the most effective players in this area and allows easy access to the exclusive services to France of TV and SVOD such as TF1, Canal+, France Television, Netflix, Apple TV +, Video Prime, Disney +, etc. On the other hand, it has different very interesting specialized servers: Over Over VPN (access to the TOR Network), Double VPN (traffic transferred to 2 separate servers), and Obfuscés (censure bypass of certain countries) and P2P (download).

Based in Panama, NordVPN enjoys particularly advantageous legislation to preserve the confidentiality of its customers. The company has also just confirmed for the third time its data journalization policy by the independent firm Deloitte. In addition to the essential security features (Kill Swtich, Split Tunneling, Dark Web Monitor, etc.), the supplier has developed its own Nordlynx VPN protocol based on Wireguard. This usually offers better performance and increased security.

Use NordVPN for free

NordVPN does not offer a free version, but a 30 -day trial period via the “satisfied or reimbursed” warranty. Available with all its packages, it allows you to use the service without restriction on 6 devices. Just contact customer service at the end of the first month to request a refund.

3. Expressvpn

  • Storage 3000 servers
  • Language 94 covered countries
  • LAN 5 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

ExpressVPN offers a level of first -rate service. Difficult to take it in default, both concerning its privacy policy and the subject of the performance and safety of its servers, the quality of its applications or its multiplatform coverage. Its ability to unlock streaming sites abroad, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, make it an ideal travel companion, especially since it displays impressive connection speeds and minimal latencies, whatever the server selected. Only shade on the board: high prices that could push Internet users to turn to more economical and equivalent quality offers, such as Cyberghost or NordVPN.

Expressvpn advantages

  • Very high and linear connection speeds
  • Vast geographic coverage
  • Unlock foreign streaming catalogs including Netflix Us and Amazon Prime Video
  • Careful interface accessible to all

Expressvpn disadvantages

  • Higher price than other equivalent VPN solutions

True technical and ethical reference of the VPN market, ExpressVPN checks all the boxes. Its infrastructure of 3000 servers may seem modest compared to those of its two main competitors (Cyberghost and NordVPN), but it remains one of the most stable, fast and reliable VPNs on the market. It is distinguished in particular by its ultra fast servers which operate only on the RAM (RAM), that is to say on a volatile memory on which all the data is erased with each restart. Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN has developed its own “Lightway” VPN protocol recognized for its lightness and performances.

ExpressVPN offers as a bonus, particularly extensive coverage with 94 countries around the world and no less than 5 locations just for France: Alsace, Marseille, Paris 1 and 2, and Strasbourg. For many years, ExpressSVPN has been one of the champions to unlock TV and SVOD services, whether in France or abroad. A sure value for French people who wish to be able to access the streaming services exclusive to France such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Canal+.

At the cutting edge of technology, the VPN has protective features such as Kill Switch the Split Tunneling, or DNS leaks. Originally from the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN applies a “Zero Log” policy which has never been default since the creation of the service.

Use Expressvpn for free

Always a little more expensive than its competitors, ExpressVPN nevertheless offers the possibility of trying its service for a free period of 30 days via the “satisfied or reimbursed” warranty. Available for each subscription, it allows you to use VPN on 5 devices simultaneously. Another 7 -day free trial offer is automatically offered during the first download of the application on smartphone (Android and iOS).

Free VPN for France: 3 options to consider in 2023

Faced with ever more present threats on the Internet, Internet users use VPN software. Whether to protect their data online, guarantee their anonymity, ban the malware and untimely advertisements or access geo-limited content, VPNs have become essential tools.

These cybersecurity solutions are numerous, they can cover multiple countries and give access to various services. Also, their offers and prices are very varied, ranging from free services to expensive subscriptions. So how to find your way around and find free solutions adapted to your needs ?

To choose the most enlightened way possible, we have made an overview of the best offers in 2023. This article offers you several solutions in the search for your free VPN for France:

  • The first options are truly free VPNs that do not require payment methods
  • The second option is to choose one of the two best VPNs for France which, thanks to their repayment period, allow free use while taking advantage of unlimited advantages

Selection of 3 best free VPNs in France

A free VPN for France offers many assets on the web. Whether you are an occasional or usual user, such a tool will allow you to unlock French content from a foreign country or to navigate confidentiality and security within France. And this is only a little overview of the use of VPNs. Now, make way for our ranking of the most efficient free providers in France.

ATLAS VPN: VPN 100% free favorite users

Let’s start this ranking of the best free VPNs for France with Atlas VPN. This supplier founded in 2019 offers an ideal free version for French Internet users who do not want to spend a penny in their VPN service. Besides that, a paid (and more complete) formula is also available. But do not trust the young age of this VPN because it already records more than 6 million users. It is appreciated for its confidentiality, its transparency and the ease of handling its application.


The free version of Atlas VPN gives access to three locations: Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Los Angeles and New York in the United States. Certainly, Atlas VPN does not cover French territory, but you will have access to a secure and encrypted connection from start to finish. You can therefore access American or Dutch content wherever you are in the world. On the other hand, know that you will be limited to 5 GB per month. If you go on the internet occasionally and are looking for a solution to browse with confidentiality, Atlas is undoubtedly the best free VPN in France for your use.

To go beyond classic VPN protection and preserve your privacy, Atlas VPN offers a more complete device with its additional features. We can for example cite his anti-tracking filter, his advertising blocker or his multihop mode+. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our full opinion on Atlas VPN.

Your private data do not have to be seen by other Internet users and even less by potentially malicious individuals or software. To do this, Atlas VPN ensures your protection at home, but also on public Wi-Fi networks. In this way advertisers and other untimely advertisements will no longer be able to track you down online. To resume and keep control of your privacy, this free VPN for France offers you various offers at various prices.

In addition to its free version which is without commitment and usable for life, Atlas VPN is accessible from € 1.45 per month for its offer two years, or € 2.90 with the annual offer. Its prices are extremely attractive compared to competitors. This is all the more true knowing that an account includes unlimited simultaneous connections. This can therefore be worth going to a premium subscription if the free option is no longer enough for you.

Proton VPN: the free and unlimited Swiss provider

The second alternative of this comparison of the best free VPNs in France is Proton VPN. This Switzerland service provider quickly made a name on the cybersecurity scene. Since its beginnings in 2014, he has always bet on transparency by offering its users a advanced security and a successful application.


The Free VPN Free version covers 3 countries, namely Japan, the United States and the Netherlands. Unfortunately, France is not part of this list, but you can still navigate anonymous and safely on French soil since Proton VPN masks your IP address and figures the incoming and outgoing data from your device. Note that he makes no difference with users who have paid others by protecting them just as seriously using AES-256 encryption. On the other hand, access to geo-blocked content of streaming platforms and TV programs is likely to be compromised with only 3 available territories.

The advantage is that Proton VPN free does not cap the consumption of monthly internet data. It’s rare enough for a free VPN for France, so we wanted to mention it. If you will not be limited in terms of the duration of your navigation sessions, the same cannot be said about the quality of the navigation. Indeed, the speeds of the free servers of Proton VPN leave something to be desired. The connection is therefore slow and sometimes interspersed, especially during influx during the weekend for example. If you plan to have a fluid flow, it’s missed.

Finally, it should be noted that its application is a little more difficult to take in hand than that of Atlas VPN, but the purists will appreciate its interface all the more with its extensive parameters.

Windscriber: free servers in France

The latest possibility that is available to you if you are looking for a free VPN for France is the Windscribe VPN. How Windscribe works ? Like all VPNs, it protects your data and anonymity by encrypting your digital information and modifying your IP address. But Windscribe does not stop there.

Windscriber Servers France

Its main advantage is that it has servers in France, which represents a guarantee of proper functioning and efficiency. In addition to France, the Free version of Windscriber gives you access to 10 other locations: the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Hong Kong.

Windscribs allows you to navigate in all discretion and have access to normally blocked content. Indeed, governments prohibit access to certain content or websites according to your location. With this VPN, these contents are available to you, while always protecting you from companies that may want to track down your personal data to use it for commercial purposes.

To you the SVOD platforms of the US, Canada, foreign TV programs and French channels abroad, as well as the download of torrents in a 100% anonymous manner. As the supplier masks your IP address, these navigations are private and unlimited. However, before you rejoice too quickly, let us specify that, unlike Proton VPN, Windscribe imposes a bandwidth limit. The total data transferred amounts to 2 GB per month (for registration without e-mail address) and can go up to 10 GB (by entering the email address).

There is a free downloadable version of Windscribe, offering a large number of advantages but a limitation in covered countries. For the rest, the offers range from € 5.50 per month (annual subscription) to € 8.60 per month (monthly subscription). With these formulas, you are guaranteed to benefit from all of its services.

This VPN offers you very interesting services with a plan that can be free or at prices that adapt to your budget according to the subscription conditions (engagement period). However, Windscriber is not the only option to take into account when you are looking for a free VPN for France.

ExpressVPN: a premium and free VPN 30 days

Expressvpn software also represents a non-negligible solution for your digital tranquility, this is why this is the second option that we invite you to consider if you are looking for a free VPN in France. In addition to offering a much more complete and efficient service than all other VPNs (free or paid) it has an important advantage: its guarantee satisfied or reimbursed for a period of 30 days.

Expressvpn is a serious VPN. Like Atlas VPN, it proceeds to encryption of your data so as to protect it from possible pirates, as well as a masking of your IP address for anonymity guaranteed. With more than 3000 servers, ExpressVPN is certain: it covers more than 90 countries to follow you wherever you need it. Obviously, what will interest us here are its 3 server locations in France, allowing you to obtain a French IP in one click.


You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and always be protected, which allows you to cover all your digital devices. The advantages of ExpressVPN do not stop here: this VPN gives you access to content from around the world, including multimedia content (music and video) blocked in your geographic area. In this way, it opens the door to a world of entertainment that was previously inaccessible to you.

Among other things, you can enjoy other catalogs of SVOD platforms, but also foreign channels or French channels abroad. This diversion of geographic blockages also allows you to download torrents by remaining completely anonymous and protected. When you know that Hadopi in France attacks torrents, this VPN will hide your IP to make you completely anonymous.

In addition, your ExpressVPN subscription provides you with applications, very easy to handle, to be active on all the devices you have, regardless of their operating system or configuration. Online protection is among the most powerful in the current VPN market and software is boosted due to VPN servers with ultra-fast bandwidth at its disposal.

Regarding pricing, ExpressVPN is not a free VPN for France. However, its guarantee satisfied or reimbursed lasting 30 days allows you to use it “free” throughout this period. This is how you will have the best free VPN for France which has no limits … apart from its duration.

This solution seems to be a perfect alternative to free VPNs always very limited, but also to the expensive aspect of quality VPNs. In this way you will have access completely for free to all the services offered by ExpressVPN for a period of 30 days. This option is the perfect solution to benefit from the advantages and quality of a paid VPN, free of charge.

This offer makes sense when you know that free VPNs have weaknesses that make them much less attractive. They even include for the worst certain dangerous aspects if they are not secure enough: such as espionage or the sale of your information.

Cyberghost: the other excellent free VPN in France for 45 days

Before concluding this article, we wanted to give you a last tip to take advantage of another premium VPN service at no cost. The procedure is similar than that of ExpressVPN, that is to say that you will first have to go through the subscription and purchase box. We recommend opting for its annual or bi-annual package to benefit from 45 free days (the monthly offer only gives access to a free 14-day test). Then, obtaining reimbursement is made on request from customer assistance. The teams can be reachable day and night, from an instant messaging system.

All you have to do to be reimbursed is to respect the 45 -day period. Aside from this time constraint and the fact that you must advance the money, the free cyberghost trial is ideal to benefit from a high quality VPN for France for a limited period. In case you are convinced by the service, let us specify that you can obviously continue your subscription.

During these 45 days, Cyberghost will provide you with optimal security on the net by encrypting your data and hiding your real IP address. In addition, the supplier has more than 9,000 servers worldwide, including nearly 850 in France. The latter are distributed in three different locations: Paris, Marseille and Strasbourg. You can therefore simulate a presence in France by being abroad or connect to it from French territory to sail anonymously. And as an account authorizes up to 7 connections in parallel, these online protective parameters and bypassing geo-blockages will be valid on all your devices.


Of course, Cyberghost is an ultra -reliable VPN, present in the cybersecurity sector since 2011. As proof of his transparency, he had his tool audited by Deloitte. The cabinet has confirmed its No-Log policy. Users are therefore certain that no information concerning their online activities is collected by the VPN.

And with its unlimited bandwidth and broadband connection, you can really enjoy it without constraint. Note that Cyberghost covers 91 countries around the world. It is therefore a very good VPN for France, but not that. In addition, it provides specialized servers for streaming, downloading in P2P and gaming (exclusively on Windows).

In order to test this excellent VPN for France for free for 45 days, go to its website:

Free VPNs: what limits ?

Free VPN software may seem attractive to those who want to save money, but in fact, it turns out that many negative points are to be raised. Hence the interest of the 30 -day “satisfied or reimbursed” offer that we promote at ExpressVPN as a free VPN for France.

Dysfunctional services

First, access to foreign catalogs of SVOD platforms is not possible with free VPNs. This is however one of the main advantages of VPNs, but it turns out that free software is directly spotted by SVOD platforms and therefore do not allow to unlock foreign catalogs.

The same problem arises for P2P downloads: they require too much bandwidth and free VPNs do not leave you to do P2P with their service.

Deplorable customer assistance

Very few free VPNs (not to say almost none) offer an online cat. The responsiveness of customer support for free VPNs is therefore very bad. If you happen to encounter a problem (which is likely to be the case with a free VPN), you will have to wait for hours, or even days, for a solution to you.

Indeed, you will only have a FAQ or a contact email as the only recourse. Paid VPNs offer cats and a technical team reachable 24/7, which avoids any inconvenience. With ExpressVPN, which in our view, the best free VPN for France, you will have an online cat that can be reached 24/7/365 which responds in just a few seconds.

Data transfer

Reduced data transfer

The number of data that you can transfer with a free VPN is always (or almost) limited. You will generally find yourself with a transfer capacity of around 10 GB per month for free or worse, 0.5 GB per month for the less good. This number of data is unlimited among paid VPNs, which allows you to never be restricted in your transfers.

Bad treatment speeds

As we said above, one of the main VPN services is access to several SVOD platform catalogs, HD streaming or torrent downloads. However, if you opt for free VPN software, the processing speed will be so bad that you will probably not be able to take advantage of these services fluidly.

The bandwidth of free VPNs is not enough to meet the needs of such services, however essential in the choice of a VPN. In the same vein, the number of servers of free VPNs (on average between 5 and 30) is much less compared to a premium VPN (which can have up to more than 9000): the difference in efficiency and coverage is therefore considerable.

Conclusion: What VPN solution for France ?

If you are looking for a free VPN for France, two options are available to you.

1) The first is to choose a free “really” VPN like Atlas VPN, which we presented at the start of this article. However, its limits are very quickly felt. If your use is daily, it may not be free VPN for France that you need.

2) The other option, much more interesting in our opinion, is to opt for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN (or Cyberghost VPN), which has no limit (bandwidth, many covered countries, servers, excellent customer support) and which has a 30 -day reimbursement guarantee. It is thanks to the latter that you can have the best free VPN in France for a period of 30 days. Thus, you will benefit from all the advantages of the best paying VPN, without having to pay anything.

To discover its offer, it’s here:

Frequently asked questions

Although we have already been able to conclude this article, we will still take the time to answer a few questions that come back on the subject treated here.

What is the fastest free VPN in France ?

Before answering the question, it is good to note that there is not really a free VPN which is fast, whether in France or elsewhere. There are simply services that are a little less slow than others.

And the one who gets the best out of this level according to our tests is Atlas VPN. He delivers rather speeds

Why use a VPN in France ?

Using a VPN (free or paid) in France will offer you a lot of advantages. Such a service will give you the possibility of improving your online safety, ensuring compliance with your privacy, accessing normally geo-restaurant content, unlocking blocked sites, and a lot of other things Again.