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Private sale Free Mobile 2022 – Promotions on packages and internet boxes


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Free private sale: when and how to take advantage of it ?

Free regularly offers private sales with discounts up to -90%. Free private sales take place online on the Veepee site and relate as much to freeboxes as on free mobile plans. From August 21 to September 12, Free organized a detailed private sale in this article.

  • The essential
  • The next free private sale took place August 21 to September 12, 2023 .
  • Free offers private sales every quarter.
  • Free private sales relate to mobile packages and the Internet subscriptions.
  • Free private sales take place on the site of Veepee.
  • THE discounts can go as far as -90% !

Free private sale Date: when the next session is ?

Next private sale free the next Private sale Free was held from 21st of August At September 12, 2023. This private sale focused on the Freebox Revolution, Available for only € 14.99/month for a year, then € 39.99/month With engagement 1 year ! This offer allowedSave no less than 60 € per year on your Freebox Revolution !

THE Private sales Free usually last from A few days to a few weeks Depending on the offers. However, it is necessary to be reactive because the Mobile packages and Internet subscriptions are available in limited stock During private sales.

The detail of this Freebox private sale You are presented below:

09 71 07 88 21
Free Jechange Service

  • ADSL2+, VDSL2, fiber to 1 Gbit/s
  • 270 TV channels included (including 50 chains TV by Canal))
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile + 110 destinations
  • Canal+ Series offered during 1 year
  • Amazon Video Prime Free 6 months
  • Free Ligue 1 Uber Eats: Premium access
  • Oqee cinema : more than 300 free access films and series

Details of the Private Sale Freebox Revolution (08/21/2023 to 12/09/2023).

THE Private sales dates are not always announced in advance by free. To not miss any private sale Free veepee, We advise you to follow the steps described in the tutorial Present below in this article. You will receive by email a alert A few days before the start of the private sale allowing you to register and not to miss it. Note, however, that there are almost every quarter and especially during the following periods:

Free private sale: what is ?

Free private sale in progress ! Of 21st of August At September 12, 2023 a Freebox private sale on the Freebox Revolution. Xavier Niel’s flagship box saw its price drop to only € 14.99/month for 1 year, then € 39.99/month, with 1 year engagement. Available on Veepee, This free private sale saved 5 €/month or no less than 60 €/year !

Principle of private sale at free

By definition, a private sell corresponds to a sale to which everyone is not invited. Generally, the products offered are at reduced prices and on Limited periods in time. Customers thus feel a feeling of exclusivity by benefiting from preferential rates.

This practice is strongly widespread in the fashion sector but has extended to the fields of electronics, household appliances and telecommunications for several years.

Since this event is deprived, it is necessary to receive a invitation To take part in a private sale. Generally, it is the online sales organizing site that sends the invitation to the customer once they have registered. In the case of Private sales of Free, Veepee is the site that will send you your invitation After registration.

Attention ! THE number of places To participate in the sale being limit, you have to be careful register Before the entire stock of available places has passed.

Free and veepee organize private sales in order to win new customers. This allows Free to strengthen its operator image capable of offering Petits among the lowest on the market. The advantage of private sales for free is also to benefit from the positive mouth of its customers who will be happy to pay to very reduced price their Free Mobile Package and / or their Freebox internet subscription.

You want to enjoy a Freebox promo ?

Free Jechange Service

You want to enjoy a Freebox promo ?

On Veepee, Free organizes private sales on mobile packages, THE Box offers and sometimes both, although it is rather rare. It is during these events that you will find the Best Freebox promotions Or Free mobile.

With private sales, you can benefit from Several tens of euros in reduction per month on your telecommunications invoices.

Veepee: platform favored by Free for its private sales

The name Veepee does not tell you anything ? It’s normal ! Created in 2001 under the name of private The site changed its name in January 2019 to become Veepee. This appellation refers to the English pronunciation of the initials of “private sale”. Thus, free private sales are now made on veepee.Fr.

Veepee free

Even if Veepee is one of the main players in the Online private sale, other websites offering similar services exist. Indeed, many sectors call on private sale today (textiles, tourism, beauty, electronics, etc.) which has caused an increase in the number of sites specializing in private online sales.

Among other websites specializing in online private sales, we can notably mention the general practitioner, for premium fashion, travel for tourism or Zalando-Prive.FR for fashion and lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Veepee remains the privileged partner of Free as part of its private sales. So if you want to miss any free private sale, We advise you to regularly monitor this platform and possibly Activate notifications On keywords “free” or “free mobile“”. We explain how to do below.

  1. Meeting on veepee.Fr And create your account.
  2. Once connected to your account, access your personal space since the home page By positioning your cursor on the menu in the upper left corner and click on “My account“”
  3. Then choose the submenu “My preferences“To adjust your notification settings.
  4. Go down to the section “My brand alerts“And inform the brands that interest you in the search bar: in this case we advise you to write “Free” or “Free mobile“and click on” subscribe “once the research result appears.
  5. We advise you to Check the email box to receive alerts concerning the launch of Private sales Free on Veepee.

Free private sale: how to take advantage of it ?

As explained previously, the number of places is limited and we must therefore think of register on veepee.Fr – or another site if free changes partner – to be able to participate in the sale and benefit from the offer offered by the operator. If you have Activated notifications By following the above tutorial, you will not miss any private veepee free sale.

Do not miss any private sale ! Not to miss no private sale, We advise you to go to the site deprivation.Fr and activate Mail notifications on the brands and products that interest you most. Thus, you will be informed in advance as soon as your operator favorite organizes a private sell.

How long the private sales of free ?

THE Private sales free mobile and freebox usually last from Several days to a few weeks. Even if the duration of the private sale seems relatively long, we advise you to go to Veepee.Fr as soon as possible Once the sale started. Indeed, given that stocks offers are boundaries, These are the first arrivals that are the first served !

What is the frequency of private sales free ?

Every quarter, Free offers Private sales in Veepee usually relating to his mobile packages and his Internet subscriptions. By organizing almost monthly Veepee private sales, Free is the most regular operator in this exercise. It is important to know the frequency and the dates of private sales free in order to organize yourself as well as possible to take advantage of it as regularly as possible.

You want to compare the internet offers available ?

Free Jechange Service

You want to compare the internet offers available ?

On which offers are the private sales free in 2023 ?

During its private sales, Free offers to reduced price of the Internet box subscriptions and Internet packages. Sometimes even happens that devices such as smartphones be offend Based on a longer -term commitment.

Free mobile private sale

Free Mobile Package

Private sales Free mobile occur several times a year and are an opportunity for the operator to sell high -end packages to Price defying any competition.

Some broken price Free mobile private sales are Guaranteed for life and without commitment, while other offers are accompanied by a smartphone Provided you get involved in the longer term (generally 24 months).

During the private sales free veepee, The operator notably offers free mobile offers guarantees at the price of 8.99 €/month for life. However, this offer has been Free Mobile 8.99 for life has not been proposed by Xavier Niel operator. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know when the Next free mobile private sale, nor to what will the next offer will. We can still assume that the next private sale of the operator could occur around the Back to school 2023 and that she will put them mobile packages in the spotlight (the latest Veepee Free offers were on the Freebox Revolution).

You want to take out a Freebox offer with mobile package ?

Free Jechange Service

You want to take out a Freebox offer with mobile package ?

Veepee Free: Freebox in private sale

Free Internet box

Free private sales on Internet subscriptions Also take place on veepee.Fr. Freebox promotions frequently concern the Freebox Revolution As was the case until September 12, 2023. Given the price of a free box subscription is higher than that of a mobile plan, the reductions granted are more substantial and allow savings of several tens of euros per month, or several hundred euros per year !

You want to take out a Freebox offer ?

Free Jechange Service

You want to take out a Freebox offer ?

What are the conditions for participating in a free private sale ?

To enjoy a Private sale Free, Several conditions must be met. We have listed them below:

  • Private sales conditions Free
  • Be registered on veepee.FR (or another online private sale site if free changes of partner)
  • Fill them Conditions of eligibility of the free private sale offer offered.
  • Not having benefited from a private sale offer from Free during the Last 13 months.
  • Not have terminated your free contract in the 3 months preceding the subscription to the promotional offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of private sales free

Advantages of private sales free

THE private sales free veepee have many benefits ::

  • Broken prices: with discounts that can go as far as -90%, You can save several Tens of euros per month and therefore several hundreds of euros per year On your telecom budget !
  • Some packages at reduced prices are accompanied by a smartphone oraccessories During private mobile sales.
  • Free is the operator who makes the most private sales: If you are attentive, you will undoubtedly find the most interesting promotional offer according to your needs !

Disadvantages of private sales free

However, there are also negative points Not to be overlooked about private sales of Free:

  • It is impossible to benefit from several promotional offers during the same year: you must wait 13 months Between each subscription to a free private sale offer.
  • THE Very attractive prices sometimes are accompanied by a long -term commitment (12 to 24 months generally).
  • Promotions are offered on Limited durations and within the limit of stocks available : You have to be on the lookout !

All answers to questions on private sales free

When is the next free private sale ?

The last free private sale has been held 21st of August At September 12, 2023. However, it is not possible to know in advance the date of the next private sale free. To be warned when a private sale will take place, we advise you to register on the site veepee.Fr and D’Activate notifications on the operator Free By following our tutorial.

What is the frequency of private sales free ?

Free private sales take place almost every three months. With this quarterly frequency, Free is the operator who most regularly organizes private sales.

How to participate in private sales free ?

To participate in free veepee private sales, you have to create an account on the site veepee.Fr And Register for private sale as soon as possible. Once the registration has been recorded, You will receive an email the day before of the start of private sale allowing you to be sure not to miss it !

What are the conditions for participating in private sales free ?

In order to take part in private sales free veepee, several conditions must be met: be registered on veepee.Fr, fulfill the conditions of the offer In question, not to have taken advantage of a promotional offer of a Free private sale during the Last 13 months and not to have terminated your free contract in 90 days preceding the subscription.

Private sale Free Mobile 2022 – Promotions on packages and internet boxes

Free mobile private sales

Free Mobile is one of the most active operators in terms of private sales. Regularly, via the Veepee site (formerly, the operator offers its mobile plans and internet boxes at considerably reduced prices.

Free Mobile offers promotions through two different ways ::

  • On its website.
  • Through the Veepee platform.

Private sales in Veepee have particularities: ::

  • They are more attractive.
  • They never last more than a few days.

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Free mobile private sale: broken prices on freebox and free packages

Promotions and private sales are a more than common currency today in the telecoms sector. The competition is very tough between the four giants that are Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free. Even more rough is the rivalry between the subsidiaries without obligation of each of them. This is owed to Free Mobile which invaded the market in 2012.

Today, it remains very competitive, in particular via important promotions on its fixed offers, and mobiles. However, all these promotions are not only on the operator’s website. You can also find Freebox and Free Mobile offers for private sale on the Veepee site.Fr.

Free mobile private sale

Free Mobile regularly offers private sales on the Veepee site on its internet packages and boxes.

A free mobile promotional offer generally has more interest than an offer found on the operator’s website. We have already seen Mobile offers from € 0.99 per month. However, however interesting they may be, these offers are as much rarer than those found on the operator’s website. So, if we are not in a hurry to take out a new package, we can wait for the next free sales promotion free.

When and how can we take advantage of a free mobile private sale ?

It is possible to access a promotional offer in private free sale at any time, as soon as an offer is underway. To find out if a free private sale is underway, you must follow the operator’s news. Mypetitforfait remains ready to report any new offer to come. This is all the more feasible that the private offers of Free are often reported, without being revealed, within 24 hours preceding their online.

As soon as a private sale is online on, you have to connect to this site. There is no point in going to the Free Mobile website, there will be no mention of the special offer in progress on Veepee. To access offers, whether it is a special free promotion or another brand, it is necessary:

  • be registered, Otherwise, it is impossible to take out a subscription or buy a product. Registration is completely free ;
  • enter your personal information and contact details;
  • search for the desired offer. Current promotions are generally highlighted. However, if the special free sale has lasted for a few days, you have to scroll through the screen, or search for it via the dedicated field;
  • Select the offer to access your page. On the latter, all the details of the services offered by the Free Package of Free are given, as well as the conditions of eligibility;
  • Click on “I take advantage of the offer”. We are then redirected to the operator’s site on which we must finalize the subscription to the promotional offer. It only remains to check that everything is good, and to validate the order.

Promotions and private sales

Promotional sites, like Veepee (formerly sale-private) have become essential platforms for people looking for good deals. The biggest brands display promotions ranging -50%, or even more.

What are the best possible offers with private sales ?

Free Veepee private sales remain quite exceptional. There is only a small handful each year. However, these are often offers more attractive than usual. We can thus find mobile telephony subscriptions for less than € 5, or Internet box subscriptions under this same price threshold.

Private Sales Packages and Internet boxes Free

The last private sales of Free Mobile on its Internet boxes and non -binding packages.

These packages are often accompanied by unlimited communications and rich mobile data envelopes. The prices displayed during these promotions are most often applied for a period of 12 consecutive months. The packages then go back to the price at which they are normally offered.

Some examples of private sale of Free:

Private sales history Free
Free Private Sale Date Nature of the offer Offer price Savings offered
From 20/06/2019 to 06/07/2019 Unlimited 100 GB package with Mobile Nokia 3.2 offered (24 -month commitment) € 9.99/month, for life 10 € per month for 12 months + 149 € (mobile price
From 31/03/2020 to 07/04/2020 Unlimited communications + 60 GB € 8.99 per month, for 1 year. Boosted data
March April 2021 Free veepee offer: iPhone 8 offered with the 150 GB package (24 months of engagement) € 19.99 per month for 24 months iPhone 8 reconditioned offered

Free private sale: an iPhone 8 offered with veepee

On the VEEPEE platform, Free regularly offers particularly advantageous private sales which allow you to obtain a smartphone for free. Very often, consumers can concretely Benefit from a refurbished iPhone 8 offered. To do this, consumers must subscribe to the Free Package and engage for a period of 24 months. The Free Free Package is the usual offer of the operator, which includes 150 GB of 5G mobile data for 19.99 euros per month.

This is a Telephone subscription that is relatively complete at all levels. Members can first take advantage of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in many conditions: in France and from Europe, the DOM, the USA, Canada, Israel, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. In addition to that, 25 GB of mobile data can be used in roaming for more than 70 destinations.

This veepee free is therefore very generous, since it allows you to obtain a High -end smartphone for free. The fact that it is reconditioned can also be considered an advantage, since it saves the resources of the planet.

The grade of smartphones reconditioning

During its private sale at Veepee, Free offered a reconditioned iPhone 8 of Grade a. Concretely, this means that the smartphone is in very good condition, but that it can present some traces of wear almost invisible to the naked eye, like micro-scratches for example.

Internet boxes at reduced prices for a year with private sales

In addition to the smartphones offered, consumers can regularly enjoy free private sales that allow you to take out internet boxes at reduced prices. Generally, promotion is applied throughout the first year of subscription. In the past, the operator proposed exceptional discounts, which allowed benefit from an internet box at an extremely low price. Today, private sales are more frequent, but the discounts displayed are less important. Sometimes other types of promotions are offered, such as months of subscriptions offered for any subscription.

Here are the private sales of the Internet box already offered by Free:

  • Three months of subscription offered with the Freebox Revolution;
  • The old Crystal Freebox at only € 1.99 per month for a year;
  • The Freebox Revolution ADSL accessible for € 4.99/month for a year;
  • More recently, less drastic discounts with for example the Freebox Revolution at € 9.99 per month only for a year.

Everything about Free Center

Also read everything about Free Center shops

Veepee Free: a € 0.99 package for private sale

Free finally offers mobile plans for private sale. Consumers who are patient enough to take advantage of such offers can usually soupting among the most advantageous mobile plans by the market. In the past, Free notably marketed mobile packages at € 0.99 per month.

This price was valid throughout the first year of subscription. Several mobile subscriptions were affected by this promotion. Free has for example allowed consumers to benefit from a free package with 50 GB of mobile data, and unlimited telephone communications. During another free private sale, it was the 100 GB package of the operator who was accessible for less than one euro per month During the first year of subscription.

Today, this type of private sale found on veepee is rarer. This is explained in particular by the fact that the operator markets a package on promo in quasi-permanence: the Free 60 to 80 GB series available for € 9.99 at € 13.99 per month.

Short -term private sales at Free

Free’s VEEPEE offers are often very attractive, but tend not to remain available more than a few days. Thus, as soon as an offer of this kind is announced, it is better to benefit from it immediately and not to wait.

What are the steps to follow in the event of a problem with the private sale of free ?

If you encounter a problem with the subscription to the Private Promotion of Free Via Veepee, what is the procedure to follow ? And to whom should we address ? The answer is simple: You must contact Free.

The Veepee platform is just an intermediary, and it is good Through free that promotions are subscribed. You can contact Free Mobile Customer Service if you encounter a problem both with the order itself and with the package after order.

For example, you can contact Free Mobile Customer Service if, as a result of your order:

  • The SIM card of the package is slow to arrive;
  • You cannot activate the SIM card;
  • You do not normally accept the services included in the package.

In order to avoid problems as much as possible, at the time of subscription or order, you must pay attention to all the elements indicated by Free. Make sure you give all the information requested without error. In particular, if you opt for the portability of your phone number, find out the Rio code. Whatever happens, You should not terminate your old subscription yourself : It’s free who will take care of it.

Free mobile private sale problem

In the event of a problem with a free mobile private sale, it is necessary to contact the operator in priority.

In addition to the Rio code, be sure to have transmitted your postal details well. Your new SIM card, for subscription to a new package, should arrive within 3 to 5 working days at most. In any case, check well, before ordering whatever this evening, what is the delivery time indicated in the ad. If you have not received anything once this time has passed, contact customer service quickly.

Free Mobile Customer Service

Also read how to contact Free Mobile Customer Service?

What are the special offers usually offered by Free Mobile ?

First of all, Free Mobile offers promotions on its own site. This has not always been the case, but for several months, the operator without obligation has decided to review his copy. We find it regularly A subscription to promotion at a price of € 8.99 per month with generally 50 or 60 GB in 4G.

In addition to that, you can also find promotions on mobiles or on internet boxes. On the other hand, Free does not offer a sponsorship solution.

Free promotions on Internet boxes, packages and mobiles

What Free Mobile now offers most often are Promotions to acquire a cheaper mobile package. Generally, Free offers a package in addition to the offers that it normally offers. This additional offer is accessible for all people who subscribe to a new free mobile package. Thus, in terms of promotion package, we have already seen:

  • 50 GB for € 8.99 per month for 12 months, then 100 GB package at € 19.99 per month;
  • 60 GB for € 8.99 per month for 12 months, then 100 GB package at € 19.99 per month.

Regarding Internet box subscriptions, These are immediate discounts for new operator customers. These discounts are valid for 12 months before the price of free internet subscriptions returns to normal.

Finally, for promotions on smartphones, Free offers immediate discounts on different models of all the ranges that exist. We must remain attentive to the current offers. In addition to that, the operator can also relay the reimbursement offers offered by the manufacturers themselves.

Free Promo Codes

Also read the promotions on packages and free mobile boxes

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Good plans Free for summer sales 2023: a cheap package, a freebox private sale and up to € 410 discount on your smartphone

Free puts the package for the 2023 summer sales with a cheap package, a freebox private sale and exceptional discounts on a selection of smartphone from the biggest brands ! You want to know more about these good plans signed Free, it’s here !

The Free Series Free Package: 110 GB at € 12.99/month

During the summer sales, Free Mobile displays a perfect limited series for Datavores. This free mobile package including 110GB of the internet each month is offered at the price price of only 12.99 € and this for a period of 12 months. Beyond that, this offer automatically migrates to the Free 210GB of 4G/5G package at € 19.99/month.

Image Frew-Mobile-Serie-Limitee-150Go-12.99 € .jpg

To go into details, this phone subscription includes 110 GB of data on the 4G/4G+ network of Free in France and 18 GB of Internet from overseas and from the European Union. Moreover Telephone package without obligation Includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, from the French overseas departments and from the whole EU. And that’s not all, Free offers you premium access to its Free Ligue 1 application.

Veepee private sale: the Freebox Revolution with TV by Canal at half price

Until Friday, July 7 at 6 a.m., Free offers a super private sale offer on its Freebox Revolution with TV by Canal. This tripleplay subscription with the premium channel+ series offered for 1 year and Amazon prime the first six months is sold at the price of 14.99 € per month. This Freebox package returns after a year at its base price, namely 39.99 € and TV bouquets has 9.99 € and 6.€ 99, ​​if you decide to keep them beyond the free period.

In terms of services, this box includes an internet connection Fiber Up to 1gbit/s in downward speed and 600 Mbit/s in pruned flow (also available in ADSL 2+ or VDSL2) as well as a telephone line with the unlimited to fixes of more than 110 destinations including Metropolitan France, DOMs and the countries of the European Union and to mobiles in mainland France and DOM. For the TV part, with Freebox TV, you will have access to more than 220 channels, digital magnetoscope (immediate, delayed recording, remotely of TV programs and Direct control), Freebox Replay, Program Guide, Radio Radio, radio. With TV by Canal, you will enjoy 50 channels for the whole family including Piwi+, Paris Première, National Geographic Channel, Planet+, Polar+, Téva or November. You will also have access to the MyCanal application to watch your programs where and when you want, even offline. Finally, you will enjoy Canal+ series (1 year) and video bonus (6 months).

There Freebox in private sale in Veepee is subject to a 12 -month commitment with activation fees and breaking costs of € 49 each. In addition, the Free supplier reimburses your termination costs for your old internet box up to € 100.

Free Days Sales: up to – € 410 refunded on a selection of 5G smartphones

As part of the Summer 2023 sales, Free also allows you to buy a new 5G smartphone at Canon Prices. Until July 25 inclusive, take advantage of -€ 4,100 refunded on a selection of smartphones. By choosing Free Flex, the free rental of free accessible for free mobile customers or new subscribers to a non -binding package from the operator, you can acquire a cheap late smartphone.

THE Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4Par Example benefits from an immediate discount of € 210 upon order and € 200 refunded. With the Free Flex offer, the price to pay for the order is € 211 instead of € 411 (or € 11 with the delayed discount of € 200) then 24.99 € per month over 24 months. At the end of the LOA (rental with purchase option), you have the choice between returning your mobile or buying it by pouring the amount of the purchase option of € 98 or a total cost of € 909. .