Free Download of PC updates (Drivers, BIOS, Firmware, Applications), 9 best pilots updates to keep your hardware pilots up to date

9 best pilots updates to keep your hardware drivers up to date

Drivermax is another interesting option, especially if you are looking for a good free pilot update tool. His analysis made it possible to find a good number of obsolete pilots, and it also allows you to download many important components if they are missing.

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9 best pilots updates to keep your hardware drivers up to date

9 best pilots updates to keep your equipment for your devices up to date

Pilots of hardware is one of the most important software on your PC, if not the most important. Unfortunately, many users neglect them, because the operating system does acceptable work to install drivers so that the computer works quickly.

As its name suggests, the pilot is software that controls hardware components so that they operate properly, just like the driver of a car. In the same way that you cannot put a 90 year old person in a racing car and expect you to win the cup, you cannot expect your PC to work properly with old drivers.

Windows usually updates drivers when it updates itself, but it does not cover all the material components and all manufacturers. He can therefore miss many updates or even not install a pilot at all, which leads to the dysfunction of the component.

If you notice blockages, breakdowns, dysfunctions or a slowdown in performance, there is a good chance that it is a pilot problem. Unfortunately, the manual update of the pilots is quite tedious, because you must find the problematic component, its model, the driver currently installed, then search for the latest online version.

If you do not want to annoy yourself, an automatic pilot update tool can update all the hardware drivers of your device and keep them up to ensure the proper functioning of your PC. These tools have a huge database of millions of pilots which assures you to obtain the last driver or even former equipment drivers who are not commonly found.

You will find below some of the best automatic update software for drivers that will solve all your problems related to pilots by keeping them up to date.

Noticed : For experience, I use a newly installed Windows 10 PC, which is updated to the latest version to ensure that all Windows pilots are already installed. You can consult the screenshot of each tool below to see how many obsolete pilots they managed to find on this PC.


Drivermax is another interesting option, especially if you are looking for a good free pilot update tool. His analysis made it possible to find a good number of obsolete pilots, and it also allows you to download many important components if they are missing.


In addition to updating drivers, it can download components such as Microsoft Visual C Runtime, Java, Microsoft .Net framework, direct X and other components that facilitate the execution of games and applications.

It is interesting to note that its free version also allows you to save drivers and restore them at any time, a function that is generally found in paid versions of other tools. Overall, Drivermax is an excellent tool for updating drivers safely and installing additional components if you need it, all for free. The paid version is only facilitating things.


A very simple pilot update tool that does the job with a minimum of confusion. AVG DRIVER UPDATER allows you to update the drivers in two clicks. Just press the button Analyzer To analyze all the drivers of your device and compare them to the database. Then click on Update the selection To download the obsolete pilots and install them automatically.

You can display the details of the obsolete pilots, including the publication date and the installation date on your PC. If you don’t want to update a specific driver, just uncheck it from the list.


In the settings, you can define a notification when a new pilot update is available for one of your hardware components. You can also save the current pilot settings before analysis to make sure that any incorrect pilot installation can be canceled.

You can get this pilot update program at a price of $ 39.99/year. There is no free version, but you can test it using the free trial version.

Iobit Driver Booster

IOBIT DRIVER BOOSTER PRO is a very powerful tool that updates your equipment drivers and offers additional tools to solve related problems and improve the game experience. Its free version is sufficient to analyze and update important drivers, but you will have to click on each obsolete pilot to update it manually.


The Pro version will automatically update all obsolete pilots and install the important game components that are missing for your PC, such as Microsoft Visual C . You can also save the drivers before updating them, and the pro version has a button “Rollback” (backwards) practice to quickly cancel any modification.

Its annex tools include an automatic sound repairer, a network repairer, a resolution repairer, a pilot error repairer and a tool to erase data from the disconnected devices that you no longer use. You can even configure it to update offline drivers, which can be useful to update several devices or update network card drivers.

Update of Avast pilots

Avast also has a high -end driver update tool that allows you to find and update drivers. Avast Driver Updater will quickly analyze your PC in search of obsolete pilots, and you can update them with a single click.

Avast Driver Updater

This tool is very similar in terms of features and analytical power to Avg Driver Updater, from what I have seen. He found the same number of obsolete pilots; You can display details on drivers and configure notifications for new pilots to update. However, it works much faster, and the complete analysis ended at least three times faster for me.

You can also save your drivers to easily go back. The application will cost you £ 34.99/year, but you can test it using its fully functional 15 -day trial version.

Easy driver

Another program for updating drivers rich in functionalities with a lot of annex to facilitating things. Easy driver quickly scanned my PC while finding the greatest number of obsolete pilots, just like Iobit Driver Booster. Its free version is quite good and finds all the pilots obsolete, but you must update them manually.

Easy driver

The paid version allows you to update all drivers at the same time, and you can save and restore drivers in the event of a problem. In addition, you can display full equipment information in the Driver Easy interface and analyze offline drivers.

There is also an option to manage internet proxy, create a complete restoration point of the system and plan automatic analyzes. All these features are also available in the free version.


DriverPack is an entirely free driver update tool that is perfectly suitable for novice users because it can automatically manage all the pilots update needs without user intervention. Just click on the button Start installation so that he analyzes and updates all the pilots automatically.


If you want to manage the drivers to install and ignore manually, click the button Open the expert mode (difficult to see) below to take total control. In expert mode, the tool lists all pilots to update and even offers alternative drivers if there are more than one.

It is interesting to note that the Driverpack website also offers an offline version that you can download to update offline drivers (25 GB file). In fact, they allow you to download their entire driver database for free and use it anywhere.


According to my experience, Driverfix did not find as many obsolete pilots as the others, but I also noticed that he did not analyze the pilots for the connected devices like the mouse/the keyboard. It may be a good thing, because these devices tend to stop working if a bad driver is installed.


Apart from that, Driverfix has all the necessary features, such as the automatic update of the drivers, the backup and the complete restoration, and the notifications. It also retains a complete history of the pilots installed. You will have to take out a paying subscription to update an unlimited number of pilots.


On my PC, Auslogics Driver Updater took a long time to analyze all the pilots, about 4 times more than the average time of other tools listed here. However, he found 23 obsolete pilots, which is more than any other tool on this list. It is interesting to note that he also found an important security pilot that other tools have not detected.

Auslogics driver updater

The free version allows you to update drivers only manually, and it is limited to a number of updates. The paid version allows you to benefit from an unlimited number of updates, automatic installation, complete backup and automatic planning.

All its other features are similar to that of other tools, but it is certainly more effective than others when it comes to finding obsolete pilots. If other tools fail to solve your driver problem, this tool can be useful.


This pilot update tool has also done a good job to find obsolete pilots and found 11 drivers without including the pilots of Enfuhable peripherals. I really liked the interface of Ashampoo Driver Updater because it lists obsolete and up to date, and you can quickly see all the details with one click. This can be very useful to manually find drivers if you think the tool has not found a good version.

Ashampoo Driver Updater

The tool is also more customizable, with the possibility of creating a list of ignored to avoid updating the pilots you consider problems. If you encounter problems after updating a driver, you can use the ignored list to prevent it from being updated in the future. You can also program analyzes so that your pilots are up to date.

Like other tools, its paid version also allows you to update drivers with one click, while other features are available for free.


Personally, I like Iobit Driver Booster Pro because it quickly updates the pilots without putting timer or bandwidth restriction to make the process tedious.

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