Football: Amazon Prime, Canal, Bein Sports. On which channels to follow the 2023/2024 season?, BeIN Sports-Canal Agreement: what will change for you

BeIN Sports-Canal Agreement: what will change for you

To fully look at the Champions League, the BeIN Sports subscription will be essential. The Qatari channel has the exclusive rights of 104 competitions in the competition, with the broadcast of a French club during each day and a multiplex during European evenings. In addition, Canal+ and RMC Sport will broadcast the two best posters in Co-Diffusion. As for the final, it will be available on TF1.

Football: Amazon Prime, Canal+, BeIN Sports. On which channels to follow the 2023/2024 season ?

The big championships are about to restart and, this season again, football enthusiasts will have to combine the subscriptions so as not to miss anything.

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We left for a season where it will be necessary to juggle between the various subscriptions for viewers of football amateur. Ligue 1 will resume its rights on Friday August 11, at the same time as the Premier League and La Liga, while Serie A and the Bundesliga will start the following week again.

A few rare exceptions, following the 2023/2024 season will be completely paid and more expensive than last year. By adding the Amazon Prime, Canal+, BeIN spells and RMC Sport subscriptions, the viewer will have to pay more than € 70 per month, or € 60 while enjoying the Canal+ Sport offer. Faced with all competitions and multiple offers, Franceinfo: Sport helps you see more clearly.

Ligue 1 and Ligue 2

On which chains ? Amazon Prime, Canal+, BeIN Sports and the L’Equipe chain

The subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Canal+ will be essential to enjoy the entire Ligue 1, which starts Friday August 11 with the poster between Nice and Lille (21 hours). Due to the reduction of the championship to 18 teams, there will now be only nine games per day. Amazon will broadcast seven, while Canal+ offered the retransmission of the Saturday evening match (9 p.m.) and Sunday afternoon (5 p.m.).

To take advantage of Ligue 2 in its entirety, it will also be necessary to be subscribed to BeIN Sports. The channel will broadcast 20 % of championship matches, while the Amazon Prime Video service has the rest of the rights. The L’Equipe channel will also broadcast the match on Saturday evening, at 7 p.m.

At what price ?

Ligue 1 having been reduced to 18 teams, fewer games will be broadcast by Amazon Prime Video, but the subscription will be more expensive. It will be necessary to pay € 14.99 per month to benefit from the Ligue 1 pass, against € 12.99 last season. This expenditure is added to that generated by the subscription to Amazon Prime (€ 6.99 per month or € 69.90 per year). Regarding Canal+, € 22.99 must be spent each month to benefit from the two other Ligue 1 meetings. Regarding the viewing of Ligue 2, it will be necessary to add € 15 of monthly subscription to beIN SPORTS, while the L’Equipe channel is accessible for free.

D1 Arkéma

On which channel ? Channel+

The Canal Group will provide the D1 Arkéma D1 until 2029. The channel will offer two “premium” posters on Canal+ Foot, Friday and Sunday at 9 p.m., while the other meetings will be accessible on Dailymotion. Canal+ will also broadcast the four games in the final phase of the championship, a format that comes into force this season.

At what price ?

To take advantage of the entire female championship, the Canal+ subscription amounts to € 22.99 per month, but several games will be accessible for free on the Dailymotion channel of the Vivendi group.

European cuts

On which chains ? Canal+, RMC Sport, BeIN Sports, M6 group

To fully look at the Champions League, the BeIN Sports subscription will be essential. The Qatari channel has the exclusive rights of 104 competitions in the competition, with the broadcast of a French club during each day and a multiplex during European evenings. In addition, Canal+ and RMC Sport will broadcast the two best posters in Co-Diffusion. As for the final, it will be available on TF1.

As for the Europa League and the Europa Conference League, they will be broadcast by RMC Sport, while Canal+ and the M6 ​​group will transmit the best poster of each day.

For the period 2024-2027, it will however be Canal+ which will ensure the dissemination of European competitions. The group has indeed won all the lots concerning the diffusion rights of the C1 for the period 2024-2027 and also those concerning the Europa League and the Europa Conference League.

At what price ?

Two subscriptions are necessary to benefit from the entire Champions League. The individual subscription to BeIN Sports amounts to € 15 per month, while those at RMC Sport and Canal+ are respectively € 19 and € 22.99 monthly. It is nevertheless possible to take advantage of the Canal+ Sport offer at € 25.99 per month, which allows you to enjoy the entire Champions League, as well as the best posters in the Europa League and Europa Conference League. In addition, the RMC Sport + BeIN Sports Pass at € 29 per month offers the possibility of monitoring the almost integrality of the three European competitions.

Premier league

On which channel ? Channel+

Canal+ retains the exclusivity of the broadcasting rights of the English championship in France until the end of the 2024/2025 season.

The encrypted chain will ensure the retransmission of the Friday evening match (9:00 p.m.), those of Saturday afternoon (1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m.), those of Sunday afternoon (3 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.), and finally that on Monday evening ( 9 p.m.). The season will open on Friday August 11 with the meeting between the promoted Burnley and the champions in title Manchester City.

At what price ?

For € 22.99 per month, the Premier League is accessible on Canal+.

Liga, Bundesliga and Serie has

On which channel ? bein Sports

Like the previous season, BeIN Sports will be the benchmark channel for Spanish, German and Italian football enthusiasts. The diffusion rights of the Liga and Serie A are the property of the Qatari group until 2024 and 2025 for the Bundesliga.

The channel will broadcast all the matches of the Spanish championship, from Friday to Monday. The meeting between Almería and Rayo Vallecano, opening La Liga on Friday August 11 at 7:30 p.m., will be broadcast on BeIN Sports 2. It will be the same for Serie A, with four games on Saturday, four on Sundays and two on Monday. This new season will start on Saturday August 19 at 6.30pm with a double opposition between Empoli and the Hellas Verona, while Naples will travel to Frosinone. The Bundesliga will also be disseminated exclusively and in full by BeIN Sports. The first channel channel will broadcast the championship’s opening match between the Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich, Friday August 18 at 8:30 p.m.

At what price ?

The three championships will be accessible on beIN SPORTS from € 15 per month, without commitment. Canal + subscribers can also take advantage of it by subscribing to the Canal + Sport offer, costing € 25.99 monthly.

Saudi Arabian Championship

Time sign, Canal + announced Tuesday August 8, having acquired the retransmission rights of the Saudi Arabian Championship for France and Africa. A choice dictated by the exodus of certain stars, and not the least (Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante), towards this new Eldorado. The agreement, which runs for the next two seasons, provides that Canal + will broadcast two games per week, from August 11, date of the resumption of the championship.

At what price ?

The Saudi Arabian Championship will be accessible on Canal+ for € 22.99 per month.

French Cup

On which chains ? BeIN Sport, France Télévisions

To look at the oldest of hexagonal competitions, it will be necessary to zap France Télévisions or BeIN Sports, which replaced Eurosport, broadcaster of previous editions.

The Qatari channel will retransmate most of the matches from the 32nd finals. At this stage of the competition, France Télévisions will broadcast a match on the national canal and four games on regional channels, then the best match of each round from the 16th finals.

At what price ?

The Coupe de France will be available on BeIN Sports, from € 15 per month.

France teams

On which chains ? TF1, M6 group and France Télévisions

The TF1 and M6 groups will share the broadcasting of the Blues matches at the next Nations League, as well as the broadcast of Euro 2024, while the meetings of the French Women’s team will be broadcast on the channels of France Télévisions and from the M6 ​​group until 2027. The new League of Women’s Nations, the 2024 Olympic Games, the qualifying matches at Euro 2025, the 2027 World Cup and the various friendly meetings of the Bleues will therefore be broadcast on these two channels.

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BeIN Sports-Canal + agreement: what it will change for you

Vivendi, parent company of Canal+, announced Thursday that his channel would be able to conclude an exclusive distribution agreement of the BeIN Sports channels in France. What will it change concretely for football fans (and other sports)?

Michaël Bloch 18/02/2016 at 12:36, updated on 06/01/2023 at 11:58 pm

Half of the Champions League is broadcast on BeIN Sports

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What will it change for you?

Thunderbolt in the world of sport. The two former enemy brothers, Canal + and BeIN Sports will soon ally. Vivendi, parent company of the encrypted chain, announced Thursday that it would be able to conclude an exclusive distribution agreement of the BeIN Sports channels in France. Vivendi’s supervisory board gave the green light to the executive board.

Concretely, this does not necessarily mean that you will have to subscribe to Canal + or Canalsat to access the Qatari sports channel in France. This rapprochement will allow “all customers of the two companies to have a complete offer,” says Vivendi. Canal + “could cut new cheaper and more targeted new packages, mixing CanalSat channels and channels: bein could therefore be included in one or more of these bouquets, at a price between 13 and 40 euros per month”, precise The world.

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“”Like a British sky, Canal+ could ultimately launch new ‘thematic’ packs specially designed for sports fans “, abounds the echoes. “There will remain an offer in BeIN Sports alone for thirteen euros per month,” said a source close to the dossier in the evening daily. We do not yet know, on the other hand, what will happen to Bein Sports Connect, the offer which allows you to subscribe to visualize the group’s channels on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

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What are the rights that each operator have?

Currently the subscription to Bein Sports costs only 13 euros per month, against 39.90 euros per month for the Canal + bouquet (excluding promotions). An offer that gives access to half of the Champions League, eight Ligue 1 games a day, at the Spanish football, Italy, Germany, NBA, Wimbledon and Full of the European Rugby Cup. This plethoric offer has appealed for the moment 2.5 million people. The BeIN Sports group targets 3 million subscribers on the horizon of Euro 2016. The Qatari group has, in fact, the entire competition. At the same time, Canal + only holds half of the Champions League (against all of 2012) and the two best games in the French championship. The Premiere League, for its part, was bought by Altice, the group of Patrick Drahi, for the next three years. From 2016, all the matches of the English championship should therefore be broadcast on my sport channel.

When is the VA-Being agreement put in place?

Not immediately! The agreement between beIN SPORTS and Canal + must first be studied meticulously by the Competition Authority. The organization must first launch a “market test” whose result will be known within a month, before instructing the file. What should take several weeks. Canal + will then try to demonstrate to the wise men that market conditions have radically changed since the TPS-Canalsat merger in 2006. The chain should thus recall that new players have appeared on the sports rights in recent years, in particular telephone operators or international groups like the American Discovery. Not to mention that Canal+ must also face increased competition on its other historic pillar, films and series, with the arrival of Netflix and Amazon projects.