Electrification of heavy goods vehicles: new emergency in Europe, the very first 100 % electric heavyweight in France arrives near Vichy – Le Parisien

The very first 100 % electric heavyweight in France arrives near Vichy

*These figures include a battery replacement by truck during its life cycle.

Europe is attacking heavy goods vehicles

Heavy goods vehicles and trucks contribute widely to global emissions. In Europe alone, the trucks represent less than 2 % of the vehicles on the roads, but they generate almost 1/4 of the emissions ! The European Commission now seizes the subject.

After having announced in 2022 the final stop on the sale of thermal vehicles in Europe for 2035, the European Commission also intends to put a brutal brake on polluting heavyweights, for 2040 this time. The solution ? Switch to 100% electric.

Discover how technological advances finally make possible – and financially viable – the transition to electric and how the recharge industry is preparing for this transformation.


Electric heavyweights surpass their hydrogen equivalents in reducing emissions

According to the International Council of Clean Transportation (ICCT), the switch to the electric battery truck could save up to 63 % GHG emissions compared to its diesel, hydrogen and natural gas counterparts, throughout the vehicle life cycle.

This figure represents a significant reduction in emissions, assuming that the electricity used to power these electric trucks comes from the current energetic mix.

If we now imagine that electricity of renewable origin is exclusively used to manufacture and recharge these trucks, GHG emissions on the entire life cycle could decrease up to 92 % * .

By 2030, recharging electric vehicles will be the cause of 90 % of the reduction in CO2 emissions. But charging service providers (EMSP) can already help their customers achieve this objective now by offering them to recharge their electricity vehicles with renewable electricity.

At Virta, we understand the importance of the energy source (renewable or not) and its use in the recharge of electric vehicles. This is why we offer our customers a recharge with renewable certified electricity thanks to our Virta Origin service.

*These figures include a battery replacement by truck during its life cycle.

The transport industry acts quickly, supported by European bodies

The European Commission offers regulations requiring 45 % emission discounts by 2030 and 90 % by 2040 compared to 2019.

The legislation does not only target trucks. The proposal also includes all the new urban buses which will have to be zero issues by 2030 .

While the law has not yet been voted, the main truck and truck manufacturers already take the lead by committing to that by 2030, 70 % of sales in Europe are heavy electric vehicles (HDEV) .

The major operators in the transport sector are also preparing for a future without emissions. In December 2022, 44 major transport operators sent an open letter to the European Commission to ensure that all new freight trucks are zero emission from 2035.

The regulatory pressure on these operators has encouraged them to switch to the whole electric faster than expected. This means that the development of charging infrastructure adapted to industrial vehicles, that is to say ultra-fast recharge (HPC) and, soon also, recharge to the megawatt, must accelerate.

The construction of HPC or Megawatt charging sites can take up to 18 months. Which only strengthens the urgency of the transition, to achieve the objectives.

For certain road axes in France – with the intense trafficking of heavy goods vehicles – the installation of catenaries for a supply of vehicles along the water makes sense, despite the very high costs of these infrastructures. Again, this kind of project is funded by public-private consortia

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in favor of electric heavyweights

The total cost of ownership (total cost of possession) is the cost of purchasing an asset attached to its operating cost throughout its life cycle. The TCO of electric trucks should be lower than that of comparable thermal models from 2025 . The main elements which make it possible to establish these costs are largely based on investments in the charging infrastructure and electricity prices.

Optimization The use of fleet of electric trucks requires new capacities and new knowledge:

  • Choice of electricity supply mode
  • Optimization of the existing electrical system
  • management of charging times according to fluctuations in energy prices

The right supplier of charging solutions for electric vehicles should be guided in your choices. At Virta, we offer various intelligent energy management solutions that optimize your charge and guarantee that your vehicles are loaded each time you need it – while saving you money.

Intelligent management solutions of

In France, a subsidy of up to € 100,000 set up for the purchase of an electric truck (heavy goods vehicles, bus and car). The installation of charging stations is also subsidized up to 60 % of investment costs.

Most other European countries also offer purchase aid and financing for electric trucks. Since the initial costs are high, these aids can help lift brakes for purchase for fleet managers.

Another economy associated with the zero emission heavyweight fleet concerns toll costs . By 2024, EU member states must provide electric trucks up to 50 % reduction on road tolls . This can represent a saving of more than € 10,000 per year for freight businesses.

The recharging sector is preparing for intensive electrification

The electric vehicle recharging industry is already on track to meet the needs of electro-automatists. But to prepare for the wave of electric heavyweights, there is a strong need for a network of ultra-fast chargers (HPC) and a new technology that further reduces charging times . Fortunately, the two are in preparation.

The Standard Megawatt Charging Standard (MCS) dedicated to electric trucks has been developing since 2019. It is currently tested by the Charin association, which has set it up. The MCS should become the industry standard for the burden of heavy loads. by 2025.

One of the initial concerns of heavy -truck fleet managers who hesitated to switch to electric was the lack of charging infrastructure adapted to PLs.

Malence, a joint venture of the Traton group, from Daimler Truck and the Volvo group, aims to build a European charging network of more than 1,700 charging points for electric trucks in the next five years.

At Virta, we associated ourselves with Nimbnet, a Swedish operator of charging stations and Kempower, the Finnish manufacturer of charging stations, to develop a network of ultra-fast chargers in Sweden in order to meet the growing recharge needs of truck trucks Swedish electric.

Join the movement

If you are a fleet manager or charging operator, it’s time to join the movement.

You will find with Virta a supplier of charging solutions to allow you to successfully operate your electric vehicle charging business.

Suitable equipment

Our ultra-rapid charging stations range from 150 kW to 600 kW and are pre-equipped with our back-end solution.

Bouquet of Chargers

SaaS software

The Virta platform gives you a complete overview of the operations, remotely, thanks to a SaaS tool easy to use.

Intelligent energy management services

Our energy management solutions guarantee that your electric heavyweights are loaded at optimal levels and moments ! The charging power delivered is adjusted according to the capacity of your electrical system.

Automated fleet solution

If you exploit a fleet of hundreds – or even thousands – of vehicles, you are probably looking for solutions facilitating the automation of many tasks and easy access to data. We have what you need for you !

The very first 100 % electric heavyweight in France arrives near Vichy

Delivered to Thévenet transport in Creuzier-le-Vieux, this 44-ton vehicle built by Volvo costs three times more than a classic truck, but its carbon footprint is a solid commercial argument.

The new nugget of Thévenet transport will be recharged with green electricity, in the company's car park. LP/Geneviève Colonna of Istria

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