Electrical scooter regulations: clearing, minimum age, fine, speed … What does the law say?, Unclute an electric scooter: good or bad idea

Unclute an electric scooter: good or bad idea


There are the scooters that we use to go to work, and then there are the electric leisure scooters, those to indulge in the passion for mechanical sport, cross, circuit races. The other possibility of unbridling your EDPM is therefore to ride on circuit or private land. At this time, you can ride as you see fit at the speed that will make you happy. Being in a private place, the law on the highway code concerning EDPM does not apply. But beware, you have to take into account the safety aspect! Unlocking a scooter only makes sense if it has a good braking capacity, and you are yourself well equipped (gloves helmet, plastron. ))

Electrical scooter regulations: clearing, minimum age, fine, speed … What does the law say ?

Driving with electric scooters, such as cycling or by car involves many compulsory rules and equipment. Here is what the law and sanctions say in the event of non-compliance. Among the prohibitions, unbridle your electric scooter is obviously part, at the risk of taking a fine.

The electric scooter is an easy -to -hand transport solution. Light and considered as a soft mobility, this machine offers sensations of freedom. However, this does not give full rights on the road or to do anything with this type of machine. Frandroid Reminds you what the highway code specifies for electric scooters.

From what age can we circulate in an electric scooter ?

The minimum age to circulate on an electric scooter is 12 years. He could however evolve: in March 2023, the Minister responsible for transport, Clément Beaune, expressed his desire to increase the limit to 14 years. Below, a child can always use a non -electric scooter, on a sidewalk where the rule wants that we do not exceed 6 km/h.

This rule applies to an individual machine, as self-service operators can apply specific rules. Example in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux, minors have a ban on riding their handlebars. Others can limit use to 14 or 16 years.

Electric scooter minimum age

Where can we ride with an electric scooter ?

In agglomeration, you must circulate on the slopes or cycle paths, when they exist. In their absence, it is of course possible to roll in electric scooters on all the streets and roads limited up to 50 km/h. Rolling apart from agglomeration is impossible, except in the presence of a greenway, or an authorization from the police on a road limited to 80 km/h maximum.

If a legal vacuum existed until 2019, it has been forbidden to roll on the sidewalks on the handlebars of an electric scooter. This is only possible only in the event of authorization by the mayor of the commune of the place where you are, but at only 6 km/h (pedestrian mode). This is however very rare.

Park its scooter on the road or a cycle path is prohibited. On the other hand, it is possible to park it on the sidewalks, provided you do not disturb pedestrians. Precision, it is prohibited for self-service machines. For security reasons, we recommend attaching your electric scooter with an anti -theft.

Is it forbidden to climb to two on an electric scooter ?

It is prohibited to circulate to two or more people on an electric scooter. Logical, stability is precarious with an additional passenger, you would therefore put a person in danger, yourself and other road users. And a scooter is not designed to operate up to a certain weight, generally between 100 and 120 kg in total. Beyond that, the solidity of the machine can be default.

For self-service scooters, some operators even prepare technologies to avoid it. We discovered that of Lime in March, while Tier develops a similar system for 2024.

Another obligation: to ride in an electric scooter implies civil liability insurance. It offers coverage for material or bodily damage in the event of an accident with a third party.

Is wearing the helmet compulsory in an electric scooter ?

More unstable than an electric bike, and with generally less efficient brakes, the electric scooter is more dangerous to handle. Consequence, the risk of falls and accidents is higher. In addition, the standing position offers great vulnerability, and head shocks are legion. This is particularly the case in the city center, where proximity to other users is larger.

However, the EDPM Act does not oblige the wearing of the helmet on an electric scooter. Road safety, however, recommends carrying it, especially in dense circulation and where the interaction with cars and heavy goods vehicles is common. The helmet must be certified (mention NF), preferably of MIPS standard (mobile structure attenuating shocks), and well attached.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro

We also recommend wearing gloves, because part very exposed in the event of a fall. For complete equipment, you can also add the steps, knees and wrists for optimal safety.

Compulsory equipment in electric scooters

In France, the electric scooter must meet certain legal obligations to circulate, in the same way as a bike or a car. Within the EDPM category, this machine must have certain equipment to be legal:

  • Sound warning (horn);
  • Front and rear lighting for the night;
  • Front, rear and side catadiopters;
  • Brakes at each wheel.

Regarding the brakes, the rule stipulates only a ” braking system “ must act on each wheel. An electric scooter can also include one or more types of brakes: electronic, drum, or disk.

Ninebot kickscooter p65e

An electric scooter must include catadiopters at the front, back, as well as on the sides, like a bicycle. The front and rear lighting is mandatory only at night or in low light condition. However, they have no obligation of light intensity. Know that the higher the light flow (Lumen), the more you will see in front of you and will be visible.

Please note, it is forbidden to have flashing lighting at the front, but tolerated at the back. Some models are indeed equipped with a more intense, even flashing, braking. Finally, some electric scooters may include indicators (optional), practical to indicate your change of direction without letting go of the handlebars of one hand.

The noise warning is generally a metallic bell, when some rare scooters adopt an electronic sound warning. Other equipment is common but only recommended, such as the crutch to park the scooter.

What maximum speed in electric scooter ?

In view of French law, the scooter responds to the domain of motorized personal movement gear or EDPM. This category also includes monoroues, gratus, balance sheets, electric skates or hoverboards.

The Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3 is very pleasant to drive

In France, the electric scooter must restrict its maximum speed to 25 km/h. All models sold in the country must therefore respect this limit. Rolling at this speed is not an obligation, and it is required to respect the speed limit of the tracks you take if it fixes at less than 25 km/h.

Reminder of the traffic rules to be respected with electric scooters:

  • Maximum speed of 25 km/h;
  • Tracks/cycle routes/compulsory greenways so existing;
  • Prohibition outside agglomeration unless specific authorization;
  • Traffic prohibition on sidewalks and off -agglomeration;
  • One person only;
  • 12 years minimum;
  • Civil liability insurance.

Let us not forget that wearing a self -replication vest – also called yellow vest – is necessary at night, or in low light conditions.

Can we unbridle an electric scooter ?

The temptation to unleash an electric scooter is large, especially since some brands or resellers promise higher theoretical speeds. It is possible to drive at more than 25 km/h by unbriding it, but it is prohibited on the public highway. Rolling at 30, 40 or 50 km/h is only reserved for private tracks and circuits.

Another specificity, self-service electric scooters can have their own rules. Some cities like Paris limit maximum speed to 20 km/h, or incorporate areas at 10 km/h where pedestrian density is strong. Please refer to operators or on the agglomeration site for more details.

What a fine for an electric scooter ?

The rules dictated above are therefore compulsory, but not all offenses are housed in the same brand. Their fines vary from 11 euros to 1,500 euros depending on the offenses committed, because of different categories (1 to 4). Here are the applied sanctions:

  • Incomplete braking system: 11 euros;
  • Absence of catadiopters or sound warning: 11 euros;
  • Absent/not on night positions at night: 11 euros;
  • Not port of retro-reflective vest: 35 euros;
  • Traffic outside of a compulsory track/cycle route: 35 euros;
  • Child under 12: 135 euros;
  • Traffic on a sidewalk: 135 euros;
  • Use of an audio helmet or atria: 135 euros;
  • Travel to more than 25 km/h: 135 euros;
  • No civil liability insurance: 750 euros;
  • Unbridled speed at more than 25 km/h: 1,500 euros.

Here, you now know everything about electric scooter driving, to circulate safely.

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Unclute an electric scooter: good or bad idea ?

Child on a scooter

The electric scooter is the urban means of locomotion par excellence. Light machine, simple driving method, possibility of passing almost everywhere, priority on cycle paths, without providing efforts, its assets are numerous. Electric assistance makes it possible to reach a significant speed and, to the ease of movement is added that of speed. To the point that some, because they love speed or because they feel gray, no longer set limits and want to ride always faster. Unleash an electric scooter offers them the possibility. Which does not fail to pose different problems, legality, risks. And this in a context where the multiplication of electric scooters in our cities is increasingly arouses hints of supervising their presence and use more strictly. So, unbridle an electric scooter, what does it mean, is it a good or a bad idea ? This is what we will see.

What does an electric scooter mean to debride ?

In the same way as another machine which benefits from an engine, an electric scooter advances thanks to the presence of a battery which, following the impulse you give, drives the engine. And the more you accelerate, the more speed increases. Until a certain point. An electric scooter with standards no longer accelerates when you reach a speed of 25 km/hour. The capacity of the battery and the power of the engine of a scooter can allow it to roll faster, but the speed controller will be configured so that the engine is cut if you reach the limit speed. Unlocking an electric scooter means making some changes on it so that nothing is opposed to engine drive, even if the limit speed is reached and, thus, exceed 25 km/hour to climb, Depending on the scooter models, 40 km/hour quite easily.

What are the different methods to unbridle an electric scooter ?

Unlocking an electric adult scooter is doable and those who want to exploit the potential of their scooter and are keen on accessories of all kinds to achieve it will get there without problem. For ordinary users, it’s different. • The first method is to change the speed controller. To the model of which your scooter is equipped, you replace another more powerful model, after checking that it is compatible with your scooter and the capacity of your battery. • You can also buy a clearing kit and install it on your scooter by following the instructions on the instructions provided. This is the simplest solution, but it is not without risks for the scooter. • It is also possible to change the battery, by opting for a more powerful model. Which can also involve changing the engine. A very expensive and tedious solution. • It is also possible to unleash a scooter in an electronically. This involves connecting to the scooters of the scooter via an application and modifying the recorded settings. You have understood, a method reserved for connoisseurs of technical applications.

Unclute an electric scooter: bad idea !

In fact, there is only one scenario that really justifies to unleash an electric scooter: use it exclusively on private grounds, for pure leisure activity. Suffice to say that this very restrictive case concerns very few people. For all other cases, unbridling a scooter is not recommended.First of all because it is illegal and rolling beyond the authorized speed limit is an offense to the highway code and exposes you to a fine of 134 euros. >> Read also: what legislation for the electric scooter ? • Then, if it is possible to ensure its electric scooter, the insurance will not work if your scooter is unbridled. Whether it has a technical problem, whether you have bodily damage or cause it, all costs and consequences will be for you. >> Read also: should you ensure an electric scooter ? • Precisely, in terms of safety, riding at more than 25 km/hour in scooter is dangerous. A shock with a pedestrian can be very violent and, on a scooter, almost nothing protects you. • From a technical point of view, unlocking a scooter can create overheating of the engine and therefore a breakdown. And this while an electric scooter is already a small investment. All our electric scooters *Source Image: Pixabay

Unbridle your EDPM: how and when you can do it ?

Drive at more than 25 km/h with your electric scooter Makes you want ? Testing full electric wheel capacities is one of your dreams ? Since the regulation of electric scooters of October 23, 2019, our EDPM (personal travel machines) have been sold limited by construction to 25 km/h. Can we increase your maximum speed ? In what conditions? Which can unbridle an electric scooter? How? What do we risk ? In the family everything to better use their electric scooter on a daily basis, we explain everything to you.

Trotitnette Dualtron Ultra

VSETT10 Trotitnette

Unblocking its electric scooter: when it is possible ?

Which electric scooter can be unbridled?

To start, it’s stupid, but you can only unbridle a scooter if it is restrained. That is to say that the manufacturer has installed a system that voluntarily limits the maximum speed that it can reach when it has the power and battery capacity to go faster. This bridle is either software or physical. It is generally installed to make your EDPM in accordance with the scooter law in force in the area or circulate you. In France, this maximum speed is 25 km/h.

When you can unbridle an electric scooter ?

My scooter is too stranded

There are some exceptions that will not make you pass for the biggest outlaw, if you debarode your gyroroue or scooter.

Indeed, imagine that you have a machine that was restrained not for France at 25km/h, but to comply with the rules of other countries like Germany at 20km/h. This can cause many frustrations. In this case, increasing your speed a little is legitimate. It is thus possible to do so as soon as you do not debride more than 25km/h.

I use my EDPM on a private path And she and I have suitable safety equipment!

There are the scooters that we use to go to work, and then there are the electric leisure scooters, those to indulge in the passion for mechanical sport, cross, circuit races. The other possibility of unbridling your EDPM is therefore to ride on circuit or private land. At this time, you can ride as you see fit at the speed that will make you happy. Being in a private place, the law on the highway code concerning EDPM does not apply. But beware, you have to take into account the safety aspect! Unlocking a scooter only makes sense if it has a good braking capacity, and you are yourself well equipped (gloves helmet, plastron. ))

what speed vsett9 electric scooter

Why my scooter does not exceed 25 km/h?

You noticed it. You only find scooters or gyroroues whose characteristics indicate a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. Yet you saw them well, on social networks, in newspapers, etc. These racing cars launched at 90 km/h. So why don’t it advance ? In France since October 2019, electric scooters have been integrated into a new category of vehicle: EDPM (Motorized personal travel machine). We let you see the complete definition, but the passage that interests us is that they are defined as “restrained by construction” at 25km/h. That is to say that to be allowed to roll on public roads and whatever their power, it must not be able to exceed the maximum 25km/h in 3 mode.

What is a clamping by construction ?

Manufacturers have the choice, they can use a software flange or a physical flange, but it cannot be a simple speed of speed. Clamping should not be “too” easy to access. Even if today nothing comes to define the level of difficulty in achieving, clearing will therefore require a certain number of voluntary actions that can only be achieved.

What is a power clamp vs speed with speed clamping ?

Since the end of 2019, two schools have faced each other. Manufacturers who have decided to limit in power (easiest method) and those who have chosen to bridle them in speed.

In the first case, there are almost all the powerful scooter models. They have thanks to a controller loop or a configuration prevented the exploitation of full power of their engine. It’s a simple and inexpensive way for them. They did not excavate, because they know that their machines will very often be boosted by their owner as soon as the box is left out.

On the other, manufacturers have worked another aspect. When you want power, do we really want top speed or rather a strong acceleration capacity ? They bet on the second answer. They therefore configured their machine to make the entire engine power operated from the first meters. However, as soon as the 25 km/h mark is reached, it is no longer possible to accelerate beyond. This has many advantages because We can remain in accordance with the law while having strong capacity to climb ribs, or to accelerate to double a bicycle.

Men smartphone long scooter

How to increase the speed of its electric scooter ?

Unblocking methods:

To debride your EDPM therefore consists in carrying out one or more voluntary actions to make it possible to increase the maximum speed to the real capacities of your machine. Débride actually comes back simply to remove the speed limiter which did not allow it to achieve its full performance. By unbriding what has been restrained, you can go beyond 25 km/h and reach the maximum speed of your machine. It is important to be very careful when you decide to go for the course. For what ? Because this will cause some consequences: first you will no longer have the right to drive on the public highway and you expose yourself to strong fines, then the manipulation can cause problems in particular if the scooter was not planned to ride at higher speed in countries where it is authorized, moreover you will lose independently what you are gaining in speed.

There are many techniques to do it, more or less expensive and this will require you, for some, some DIY skills. To select the adequate method, it is important to take into account the brand of your machine and the objectives you set yourself. Each machine has its own characteristic, and the aim of unbridling your EDPM in the context of private leisure activities is to have fun by avoiding putting yourself in danger when driving or excessively deteriorating your device.

Electric clamping: how to unbridle a speedway type scooter, vsett .

The clamping mode most often used by manufacturers for powerful scooters are to create a loop on the controller so as not to allow the operation of all the power power. Unleashing is to disconnect or cut the loop in order to release the power. Be careful, if you cut the bad wire and deteriorate the electrical network, you will lose your warranty.

Speed ​​on the clock: how to unleash an electric scooter type Kaabo?

This technique is still provided for models that are restless. Certain parameters accessible from the display menu are then locked so as not to allow the use of all the power of the engine.

Firmware clamping: how to unbridle an electric scooter type Xiaomi ?

This technique acts on the electronic part of the machine in order to modify the programming of the firmware. To do this, you must use a dedicated smartphone application. This application will install a new version of the programming on your scooter. But beware, this method also presents certain risks, such as completely planting your machine. This is the case if you choose a bad application, or there is a bug. This method is often used on scooters which are, at the base, not at all designed to go faster than the speed of 25km/h, like the Xiaomi or Ninebot scooters, so it is not recommended !!

Unbridle by changing the controller, engine or battery.

Extreme practice and not very adequate, for this method, you have to know how to be a good, very good handyman, because you will modify the design of your machine. This method is completely not recommended If you are not an electronics and electricity expert. By modifying the components not only you lose the warranty, but you question the design and therefore compliance with this safety standards. These standards protect against electrical risks, such as overvoltage, or others and thus avoid the risk of fire.

Changing the only battery to identical voltage will not change your speed. The battery mainly conditions the autonomy and therefore the distance traveled in a single load. Changing the battery is a technique just as expensive as the previous one. If you change voltage, you will need to replace the entire power circuit of the device, including the controller and the engine. Given the expenses that this will generate, we advise you to buy a more efficient model adapted to what you want to do with it.

We have shared you the most famous gyroroue or scooters found on the net. If you are not ready to assume the consequences of a slip but you want to feel the full sensations of your machine, you can turn to Speed ​​-based models and not in motor power. A great way to benefit from the full capacity of your mobility, while respecting the 25km/h imposed by law.