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Yes! Lime Offers A Text-to-Unlock Program. To use, riders can pay using on li.Me to load money onto their lime account, then text “unlock vehicle #####” To 415-463-3473 following the steps below to unlock a vehicle.

Rental of electric scooters

Update the Uber application. Press on 2 wheels, Then follow the instructions to reserve the nearest scooter.

Let yourself be electrified

Discover the pleasure of riding in electric scooter. Press the accelerator to have an effortless speed.

Roll carefully, be responsible

We recommend that you wear a helmet, respect the highway code, drive to a reasonable look and give way to pedestrians. Avoid steep slopes.

How to move

Book a scooter or find one on site

In the Uber application, press the scooter icon to reserve an electric scooter nearby, or just head to that of your choice.

Get started

Scan the QR code on the handlebars of the scooter to unlock it, and off we go ! (Or manually enter your 6 -digit identification number.) We strongly recommend that you wear a helmet.

Make your race

To curb, press the left handle of the handlebars. To move forward, press the right handle slightly. Start gently because the scooter is powerful.

Stay in an appropriate place.

Place the scooter in the reserved area indicated on the application map, and never in a place where parking is prohibited by the municipal authorities. Do not block pedestrian crossings, access ramps, nor areas that can be borrowed by people with reduced mobility. Consult the official website of your city to find out the rules in force concerning the scooters.

More choices with Uber

Choose the service that suits you

At the one two or three wheels more space

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Register to order a race

Certain conditions and features vary according to the country, the region and the city.

* Only available in certain cities.

Access the help center

Move with Uber

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new York

Founded in 2017, Lime is the Large and Most Experienced Micromobility Operator in the World. We Serve More Than 230 Cities in Over 30 Countries, Deploying More Than 200,000 e-bikes, e-scooters, and adaptive vehicles Every Day. Lime Riders have Taken More than 394,000,000 wrinkles – 99.97% of which have been incident-free globally.

Lime is proud to be partys with New York City. New York City Riders Have Completed 2.1 million Trips Covering Over 2.4 million Miles, Avoiding Over 520,000 vehicle trips and Saving Over 24,000 Gallons of Gasoline. In New York City, Our Motto is OUR SERVICE NEVER SLEEPS – We Provide Round-The-Clock Trips to Our Riders, and 24/7 Service to the City.

Micromobility Information

Are Helmets Required for Riders?

Riders Should Always Wear a Helmet While Operating A Lime Device. We Provide Free Helmets to Nyc Riders – Just Email [Email Protected] with your request and download our app to receive information on ourmet giveaways and first ride academy events.

Where can i ride?

Lime is currently operating in a shared micromobility pilot in the bronx, east of the bronx river and woodlawn. (See a Map of the Pilot Area here.) Please Ride Your Lime In The Pilot Area On The Street and In Designated Bike Lanes.

How can i get an accessible vehicle?

Through Our Lime Assist Program, We Deliver Adaptive Vehicle On Demand Within Ou Pilot Area To Anyone Who Makes A Request. VEHICS Are Delivered Within Two Hours of Request. Request a Lime Assist Delivery here or in the app underty center> Adaptive vehicle reservation.

Guidance for safe riding

Guidance for safe riding is always accessible through the help center in the app and via our safety center.

Rules of the Road

  • Riders Must Be 18+ Years Old.
  • Sidewalk Riding is prohibited.
  • RIDE IN BIKE LANES Whenever possible.
  • Don’t bring scooters on transit public.
  • Onely one rider per scooter.
  • Never Drink Alcohol and Ride.
  • Yield to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • MAY RESULT in Education, WARNING, AND/OR Platform suspension violations.

I Need Help!

Go to our Help Center to submit a Request or Call 1-888-546-3345 to speak with a customer service representative.


Lime in New York Costs $ 1 to unlock, then $ 0.42 at minute to ride. Check to see if you qualify for free rides through lime access or lime assist.

Can I pay with cash?

  • Paynearme: Through Paynearme, Riders can pay with cash at More than 1,000+ NYC LIKE 7-ELEVEN, WALGREENS, AND CVS Rentals, and CVS. Riders Receive A Paynearme Code from Lime, present the code to a clerk at participating rentals, pay with cash, and use the receipt as proof of payment in the lime account. See the Graphic Below for more information on How to Use Paynearme.
  • Paypal: Riders can add credit to their lime account balance using paypal.
  • Prepaid Credit Cards/ Cards Debit: All Riders can use prepaid cards on an app just like a credit card.

Uber Gift Cards: Riders can purchase uber gift cards at thousands of retailers for cash, then use the cards to reserve and pay for lime vehicles through our exclusive uber integration.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can i still ride with lime?

Yes! Lime Offers A Text-to-Unlock Program. To use, riders can pay using on li.Me to load money onto their lime account, then text “unlock vehicle #####” To 415-463-3473 following the steps below to unlock a vehicle.

Lime Access in New York City

Lime Access is our global equity program that provids free and discounted rides to eligible residents. It is part of our core mission to provide sustainable transportation options to all.