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Electric scooter with cheap saddle

“Well, autonomy is limited.””

Electric scooter with cheap seat

Wispeed T850 electric scooter

“Purchased for small daily journeys (races, breads, etc.) and some sometimes longer (10km).
Make the job, go up the ribs gently, a little more torque/power would improve the note.
The cushioning is not its strong point, but it remains a scooter.
In short, positive overall opinion after 40km … “

“It is my son who serves it every day”

“I use it to make the house-job trip (7km). The battery is well (after the 14km round trip the battery level remains above 60%).””

“Everything is excellent damage that there are no indicators!””

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Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter


“Lack a bit of power in the coast. Do the job.””

“For a first scooter it’s not bad. On the other hand the cushioning is very bad. Raising a small side of sidewalks is frankly difficult (especially in Paris)
Also after a few months of use, the scooter has already lost 2 reflective strips.
If I buy one I will leave on a scooter with more cushioning and thicker wheels in order to be able to take a cycle path without having to slow up to the maximum at each level pass “

“Well, autonomy is limited.””

Electric scooter with cheap saddle

Decathlon R900E electric scooter

“I have used it to go to work for a week and for the moment no minor worries. Very good product good stability/display sober and efficient handlebars/good braking
good sufficient power in the urban world. I recommend. Tourville seller La Rivière with a professional and smiling top.””

“This is the second for 3 young people: to avoid war … ��
Rapid load !””

“Panne due to a screw on the brake handle, screw which has been deleted, apparently frequent breakdown on this model. Otherwise the recharging plug that protects from the water did not hold it badly and I lost it. The spare part was not replaced not existing.””

“Superb scooter. Good look, pleasant to drive and powerful (in sport mode 25km/h is top).””

“Excellent superb scooter”