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Inertia radiator: why use a thermostat

They then advise you the devices best suited to your needs, your preferences and your budget. They install your radiators and configure their equipment. They finally help you find the best establishment for your connected thermostats and to start them.

Electric radiator with inertia with thermostat

Electric radiators today offer optimal heating comfort and a very good energy efficiency. Diffusing a gentle and homogeneous heat, while limiting their energy consumption, inertia radiators are today the most efficient devices on the market. For even more comfort and savings on a daily basis, they can be equipped with thermostats, temperature regulation devices.

So how does an inertia electric radiator work with thermostat ? What are the advantages of this equipment ? And towards which devices to turn ?

Why opt for an electric inertia radiator with thermostat ?

So that the electric radiator with inertia diffuses constant heat and perfectly suited to the needs of the room, it must be equipped with a thermostat. This temperature regulation device also saves long -term energy savings (the radiator does not consume unnecessarily).

What is a thermostat for ?

Each room of the accommodation must be kept at a temperature suitable for its nature (wet or not room) and attendance (living room, bedroom, extra room). Indeed, not all parts have the same heating needs. ADEME recommends, for example, to heat the living rooms around 19 ° C and the bedrooms at 17 ° C. When occupied, the temperature of the bathroom must be increased to 23 ° C (while it can be maintained at 17 ° C when it is empty).

Modern and efficient heating device, the inertia electric radiator works on the principle of heat accumulation. Its heart of heating (solid or liquid) storks the heat produced by its electrical resistance, to redistribute it later, according to the heating needs of the part. The heat is thus soft and homogeneous, and the inertia of the device allows it to save energy. He continues to release heat, even though he no longer consumes electricity.

For the radiator to diffuse constant heat throughout the day, it must be equipped with a thermostat. This device makes it possible to control and adjust the temperature of each room according to its needs, and therefore to save energy. Indeed, the radiator only works when necessary, and does not consume unnecessarily.

Thanks to the thermostat, the electric radiator with inertia diffuses a stable and suitable heat. Installing a thermostat in each room of the accommodation allows the temperature to be adjusted independently, and more or less precisely (depending on the performance of the thermostat). The temperature is thus perfectly suited to the preferences and the life of the inhabitants of the accommodation, for optimal comfort.

What the thermostat of an inertia radiator looks like ?

There are several types of thermostats for electric radiators in inertia. They can first be mechanical: they then come in the form of a manual roulette, to be adjusted to the desired temperature.

But thermostats can also be digital and connected. Today these are the most modern models. Wireless, intelligent and equipped with screens, the connected thermostats of electric at inertia radiators are easy to use: they can indeed be programmed or controlled remotely, via a dedicated application.

Radiator Radiator Rothelec Radiator Thermostat

How does a thermostat work ?

The thermostat makes it possible to stabilize the temperature of the electric radiator to inertia, depending on the programmed temperature and that noted in the room. The device begins by measuring the ambient air temperature. According to the information noted, it triggers or stops the operation of the radiator. Thus, if the ambient temperature is lower than the programmed temperature, the thermostat gives order to the radiator to heat. Conversely, if it is a temperature above that expected, it cuts it.

Connected and wireless thermostats can be programmed upstream. The temperature and the radiator operating hours are pre-regulated: the thermostat performs the recorded instructions.

But these modern thermostats can also be controlled remotely, via a dedicated application (on tablet or smartphone). The user can thus adjust the temperature of each room of the accommodation in real time. For example, if he decides to come back to work earlier, he can increase the temperature of the bathroom for the time of his return. If he has forgotten to lower the temperature of the radiators as he leaves on weekends, he can do it from a distance.

Why choose inertia radiators with Rothelec connected thermostats ?

To operate, intelligent thermostats must be able to be associated with the home home network, and connected to WiFi or Bluetooth. They must also be compatible with installed radiators and with remote control devices and interfaces. Rothelec offers particularly efficient dry drivers with driving, equipped with intelligent and wireless thermostats. These devices keep the temperature at the nearest half degree, for optimal thermal comfort and long -term energy savings.

To enjoy ideal thermal comfort

Rothelec dryer radiators are equipped with a Heater in Thermofain®. Offering the best performance in terms of heat accumulation, earthenware diffuses gentle, homogeneous and continuous heat throughout the day. Taking advantage of a double heating heart, with a rapid temperature rise unit, our radiators also ensure quick and efficient heating.

In addition to their modern and innovative materials, electric radiators with Rothelec inertia are equipped with deported thermostats. The temperature intake device is integrated directly into the thermostat box (on the piloting device). Installed remotely from the radiator (heating device), it thus offers a fairer and more precise measurement of the ambient temperature.

Rothelec thermostats also take advantage of the Perfotronic 3® regulation technology, a regulation device recognized as the most efficient in Europe. The temperature is maintained at 0.1 ° C. For example, if the programmed temperature is 19 ° C, the system ensures ambient temperature between 18.9 ° C and 19.1 ° C.

The thermostats of our inertia radiators thus guarantee a stable temperature, for optimal thermal comfort.

Dry Radiator Schema Dry Rothelec

To achieve even more energy savings

Rothelec programmable inertia radiators also benefit from Tri-Chaleur® technology. They combine the three fundamental and complementary convection functions (for rapid heating rise), accumulation (for energy savings) and radiation (for ideal thermal comfort). In addition to offering soft and homogeneous warmth, they allow significant energy savings on a daily basis.

Rothelec connected thermostats allow them to be even more economical. A dedicated application (accessible from smartphone or tablet) makes it possible to remotely control and control all the radiators of the accommodation. Each room can be heated independently, and the temperature set at any time of the day. Radiators of little used parts can easily be lowered, put in out -of -gel mode or even extinct.

Rothelec radiators and thermostats are finally particularly easy to integrate into the home automation installation of housing. They are indeed compatible with the Tydom box, with Alexa (Amazon) and Google Home, or with the Swee connected station (EDF subsidiary).

To enjoy other smart features

All our electric inertia electric radiators can be associated with our connected thermostats. In addition to offering optimal heating comfort and even more long -term energy savings, Rothelec thermostats indicate the outside temperature and the rate of humidity of the part.

Our smart radiators can also be associated with other modern devices, such as presence and open window detectors. If a window remains open, the radiator automatically switches to free frost mode. This prevents him from consuming energy unnecessarily.

Installation tips for your thermostat

A thermostat must be installed in each room equipped with an electric radiator with inertia. For a precise measurement of the room temperature, the thermostat box must be placed:

  • On an interior wall: avoid installing it on an outside wall or on a adjoining wall with an unheated room (garage or laundry room for example);
  • Sheltered from heat and cold sources: the device must be placed far from the radiator, any other heating system (fireplace or stove for example) or a device emitting heat (an oven) and Areas exposed to the sun. It must also be removed from possible air currents (therefore far from doors and windows);
  • at a height of about 1.5 m, to remain accessible.

Radiator inertia gentle heat intelligent piloting

Rothelec support

To find out more about the installation of your Rothelec radiators and thermostats, do not hesitate to contact our team. Rothelec experts first carry out a real energy study of your accommodation. For this, they study its geographic location and natural sunshine, the quality of its thermal insulation, the number of windows and glass walls, the number of square meters, the ceiling height, the layout of the parts ..

They then advise you the devices best suited to your needs, your preferences and your budget. They install your radiators and configure their equipment. They finally help you find the best establishment for your connected thermostats and to start them.

For more information on our connected heating systems, do not hesitate to request our guide. It is free and without obligation.

Inertia radiator: why use a thermostat ?

To be comfortable and pleasant to live in, your house or apartment must be heated. The heating device must be efficient and offer optimal thermal comfort. In addition to being perfectly adapted to the use and attendance of each room, the temperature must also be able to be regulated precisely, so as not to cause an overconsumption of energy or a feeling of discomfort. Taking advantage of innovative materials and modern technologies, Radiators in inertia are also equipped with thermostats, which optimize temperature management.

So how to choose an inertia radiator with a good thermostat ? Why opt for Rothelec equipment ?

How the thermostat of an inertia radiator works ?

White Radiator Rothelec Radiator Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that manages the temperature of a radiator. If there are different types of device with variable features, the location and use of your thermostat remain essential levers to improve your thermal comfort.

Thermostat: a temperature management device

The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of a room taking into account the lifestyle and the preferences of the inhabitants. For example, it can be increased by one or two degrees just before their return from work or school. Installed in each heated room of the accommodation, the thermostat manages the temperature independently and independently.

Device operation

To maintain the desired temperature in the room, the thermostat reacts the radiator: it triggers or stops its operation, increases or lower the temperature.

The thermostats of the electric radiators with inertia can be manual and mechanical: they are equipped with a wheel, with or without. But these models gradually give way to digital, connected and wireless thermostats. Today, the thermostat of an inertia radiator can be:

  • programmable : the temperature and operating hours of the radiator are programmed upstream directly on the device. The thermostat simply performs the pre-recorded instructions;
  • Connected and remotely controlled : the temperature can be controlled in real time (increased or decreased), at any time of the day from your smartphone or tablet. Programming is also defined from the application. So in the event of a program change or if you have forgotten to plan it, your expectations are dictated to the thermostat through this real time.

A connected thermostat works from a preexisting home automation network, with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. It must be compatible with the radiator installed in the room to be heated, and with the interfaces and devices used to control it (application on smartphone, tablet or computer). Programmed upstream or remotely ordered, these thermostats offer optimal comfort of use. They also allow you to benefit from excellent thermal comfort and achieve significant energy savings.

How to adjust the thermostat ?

All rooms in the accommodation do not have the same heating needs. Indeed, a friendly bedroom or a living room are not occupied at the same frequency, and a bathroom or a kitchen do not need to be heated to the same temperature. ADEME recommends, for example, to heat the rooms at 17 ° C and the living rooms between 19 and 21 ° C. The temperature of the bathroom must be maintained at 17 ° C during the day, and increased to 22 or 23 ° C when used.

Where to install a thermostat ?

Each heated part with an inertia radiator must be equipped with its own wireless thermostat. We recommend a deported probe thermostat to ensure a precise temperature measurement. For this, it must therefore be installed in a strategic place:

  • On an interior wall: the thermostat should not be fixed on an outside wall, nor on a wall overlooking an unheated room (garage, cellar, etc.);
  • 1.5 meters high at least: the temperature measurement and adjustment device must remain accessible;
  • Sheltered from heat sources and air currents: the device must be placed far from doors and windows, and away from an area directly exposed to the sun or an oven.

The advantages of Rothelec connected radiators

Rothelec dry inertia radiators are equipped with smart and wireless thermostats, which meet all heating needs of housing. Connected and equipped with a remote probe, they offer precision to the nearest half degree. Associated with the regulation system, radiator and thermostats make it possible to make significant energy savings and to benefit from optimal heating comfort.

Perfect temperature maintenance

The thermostat of Radiators in inertia Rothelec directly integrates the temperature taking device in its box: the probe is deported. It is placed on the piloting device, not on the radiator to guarantee a fairer and more precise temperature measurement. You set the temperature to 0.Nearly 5 ° C and benefit from maximum comfort.

Rothelec heating devices then take advantage of an excellent regulatory capacity. Recognized as the most precise in Europe, the Perfotronic 3® regulation technology indeed provides temperature maintenance to 0, 1 ° C. Thus, when you program a temperature of 23 ° C on the thermostat of the bathroom, you are certain that it will be maintained between 22.9 ° C and 23.1 ° C. This high -performance regulation guarantees optimal thermal comfort (without temperature variations) and significant long -term energy savings.

Efficient, connected and intelligent heating devices

Radiator at inertia connected smartphone connected thermostat

For optimal heating comfort, Rothelec inertia radiators are equipped with a Heater in Thermofaïence®. Even extinct, our inertia radiators continue to heat thanks to the heat accumulated in our bricks. Equipped with Tri-Chaleur® technology, they also combine the fundamental and complementary convection, accumulation and radiation functions, for incomparable heating comfort. The heat is soft and homogeneous, and energy savings are made on a daily basis.

THE Connected thermostats Rothelec allow radiators to save even more savings on the electricity bill. Thanks to the Rothelec application, our inertia radiators can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet. Heating devices can be easily turned off, on, put in free frost or standby position, at any time of the day. They thus adapt perfectly to the timetable of all the inhabitants, and do not heat unnecessarily.

Easy to integrate into the home home installation, Rothelec devices are compatible with the Tydom box, the SOWEE connected station (EDF subsidiary) and with the Alexa (Amazon) and Google Home services.
The Rothelec thermostat is available in white or black, to agree with all interior styles. Its sober and elegant design allows it to easily match all your interiors.

Other smart equipment, for even more energy savings

The programmable – or remotely controlled wireless thermostat – of the inertia radiator therefore allows better temperature management. But to make even more savings on his energy bill, Rothelec offers other smart equipment.
The thermostat can, for example, contact with presence and window opening detectors. If a window remains open, in the first case, the temperature will be gradually lowered if the part is unoccupied. In the second, the radiator automatically puts himself in a free frost position.

Rothelec, support throughout your heating project

Rothelec experts accompany you throughout your electric heating project. After carrying out the thermal study of your accommodation and advised you the radiators with inertia best suited to your needs, your budget and your expectations, they come to install them. They also tell you where to install your connected thermostats and proceed to their connection. They put into service all the equipment of the home automation installation (Box Tydom, thermostat, Rothelec application and radiator) and ensure their proper functioning.

You want to know more about the inertia radiator and the Rothelec thermostat ?