Electric MG4 64 kWh trial: more than 400 km of autonomy in the city, less than € 30,000, we confirm, MG4: price, performance, autonomy, recharge

MG4 Electric

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Electric MG4 64 kWh test: more than 400 km of autonomy in town, less than € 30,000, we confirm

  • 1/10The light signature of the MG4 reminds a little that of a Yaris Cross
  • 2/10The front of the MG4 is strangely like that of a C8 corvette!
  • 3/10The glass surfaces of the MG4 are quite reduced compared to the body panels
  • 4/10The 204 hp of the MG4 guarantee it very correct performance
  • 5/10The MG4 trunk is announced at 350 dm3
  • 6/10The drawing of the MG4 dashboard is basic
  • 7/10The MG4 touch screen measures 10.25 inch and comes as standard
  • 8/10The MG4 seats are comfortable and the driver easily finds a good driving position
  • 9/10The rear passengers of the MG4 are well off, with space and a well -padded bench
  • 10/10MG4 traction control intervenes a little late in curve
  • 10/10The light signature of the MG4 reminds a little that of a Yaris Cross

This model interests you ?
Electric MG4 64 kWh test: more than 400 km of autonomy in town, less than € 30,000, we confirm

Electric not missing arguments, the MG4 offers two battery sizes. If customers mainly choose the largest, it really is worth the additional cost ?

  • Convincing autonomy
  • Very correct habitability
  • Unbeatable price
  • Agile frame.
  • . almost too much
  • Very average finish
  • Recurring electronic bugs

Compact watteries the cheapest on the market, the Chinese MG4 has been a great success in France, regularly appearing in the top 5 electricity sales. It is true that a Renault Mégane e-tech is around € 6,000 more expensive. If the small MG battery, which uses LFP technology (Lithium-Fer-Phosphate) offering 51 kWh of raw capacity, already has beautiful autonomies, customers nevertheless opt for the one, more expensive, of 64 kWh preferring lithium- ion nmc. Buyers choosing to switch to electric seeming to have less budget concerns than average, they prefer to reassure themselves with the greatest autonomy. In mid-July, they will even be able to order this MG4 in its large autonomy version of 77 kWh, promising up to 520 km of WLTP autonomy, against 450 for that with 64 kWh.

While waiting to be able to measure the performances of this future version, the 64 kWh is already doing well since we have measured, During the cycles carried out on our basis of Montlhéry measurements, a very sufficient radius of action in town with 405 km, and interesting on the road with 329 km. While it reaches 227 km on a highway. Enough to make steps of about 160 km between two charges since it will be used in this use only 70 % of the battery because the recharging is really fast – 142 kW maxi here – that from 10 to 80 %. But the increase in autonomy of 25 % is welcome for those who frequent the highway, because the small battery MG4 is less comfortable.

Solid performance


Depending on your use, the additional cost of the big battery (+4,000 €) can therefore be justified. But, in this case, opt for the high luxury finish. Billed certainly € 2,000 more (€ 35,990 before bonus), it is the only equipped with an effective heat pump to heat the interior in winter without starting the autonomy too much. For the rest, the slight performance gap between the 170 hp of the basic MG4 and the 204 hp of this version are not decisive since the torque of 250 Nm remains identical. In both cases, we have solid accelerations and very tonic times: 5 s to go from 80 to 120 km/h against 5.4 s for the least powerful. And traction control, which we had criticized during our first test for its slow reaction in order to limit the skating of the rear wheels – it is a propulsion -, now reacts to avoid, at least on dry bitumen, survey who could be disturbing. ESP anti -slip would still benefit from acting more promptly in the case of a turn that is closing, because the rear axle then shows an agility that can appeal to a minority, but worry the greatest number.

However, this sophisticated chassis, with a multi -branded rear axle, is not devoid of talent, with a direction offering good consistency and an extremely effective braking (only 60 m to stop at 130 km/h), like the best sporting. Without forgetting suspensions whose springs play comfort with the top of a very progressive damping, including at low speeds, a rare thing. Too bad its suspensions are too sound, with very deaf resonances on small shocks. But there is enough to travel in good conditions for a family, especially since the rear seat offers enough space space for adults. The trunk, with its only 41 cm height under tablet due to the electric motor positioned under its floor, is however limited, with just 220 dm3 measured (280 dm3 with the small battery), less than certain city cars. Side on -board furniture, this Chinese alternates the good and the mediocre.

Unequal quality

The glass surfaces of the MG4 are quite reduced compared to the body panels

If the dashboard is dressed in flexible plastics, the counter-door is hard and sound hollow, while the carpet of the bouloche trunk already after a few thousand kilometers. Finally, on this pre -series, we have undergone many bugs: distance regulator, automatic regenerative braking function (while the braking dosage is easy), vocal ads of the on -board computer mixing French and English or the wrong date. Without forgetting many refusals to recharge. So many problems that MG will have to solve on the models delivered to customers. And, as long as it would be good for the Chinese to revise the operation of the assistance to maintain in the queue – which must be cut at each start by several actions by entering the menus – whose interventions are far too much brutal and sometimes in a set time, to the point of worrying its driver. Especially since you really have to force on the steering wheel to stop bad corrections.

The 204 hp of the MG4 guarantee him solid performance


The drawing of the MG4 dashboard is basic


The rear passengers of the MG4 are well off, with space and a well -padded bench

The MG4 trunk that we measured at 220 dm3 is a bit tight

Our classification and our measurements of rechargeable hybrid cars which travel the greatest distance in all electric mode

MG4 Electric

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MG cars

DC recharge (max.))

From € 29,990 *

* TTC out of penalty or any bonus

The opinions of our members

Configure your MG4 vehicle or request a trial for free.

Classified in the category of electric compacts, the MG4 is available in several technical configurations. Offered for less than € 30,000 excluding bonuses, it authorizes 350 to 520 kilometers of autonomy according to the chosen version.

MG4 dimensions

With 4.29 m in length, 1.84 m in width and 1.5 m in height for a wheelbase of 2.7 m, the MG4 is placed in direct competition with the Renault Megane Electric and the Volkswagen Id.3.

Depending on the finish chosen, it offers 350 to 363 liters of loading volume (1,165 to 1,177 liters folded bench). On all versions, the towing capacity can go up to 500 kilos.

“>Standard “>Comfort “>Luxury “>Extended luxury “>Xpower
“>Length (mm) “> 4 287
“>Width (mm) “> 1 836
“>Height (mm) “> 1 504 “> 1 516
“>Suffice (mm) “> 2 705
“>Ground clearance (mm) “> 150/ “> 160
“>Trunk volume (L) “> 363/177 “> 350/165
“>Empty weight (kg) “> 1 635 “> 1 648 “> 1 672 “> 1,748 “> 1,800
“>PTAC (kg) “> 2,083 “> 2 113 “> 2 123 “> 2 209 “> 2 261
“>Towing capacity (kg) “> 500

Interior of the MG4

In the passenger compartment, MG puts on a minimalist configuration. Reducing the number of physical buttons as much as possible, the manufacturer rests on a central touch screen of 10.25 inch installed in the center of the dashboard. Compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, it is completed by a small digital instrumentation of 7 inch. The speed selector is at the central console level.

MG4 motorization, performance and autonomy

The MG electric sedan is available in several technical configurations:

  • The first combines a lithium-fer-phosphate (LFP) battery of 51 kWh of raw capacity with an engine developing up to 125 kW of maximum power, or 170 horsepower, and a torque of 250 Nm.
  • The second has a Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery (NMC) with a raw capacity to 64 kWh. The engine is also a little more powerful: 150 kW, or 204 horsepower.
  • A new Xpower sports version has just been unveiled by MG. For the time being, we do not have all the technical details concerning the battery but we have an an apervised of its technical sheet: 435 horsepower, 4 -wheel drive and 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds
“>Standard “>Comfort “>Luxury “>Extended luxury “>Xpower
“>Power (KW/CH) “> 125/170 “> 150/204 “> 180/245 “> AV: 150/204
AR: 180/245
Cumulative: 320/435
“>Couple (nm) “> 250 “> 350 “> 600
“>0-100 km/h (s) “> 7.7 “> 7.9 “> 6.5 “> 3.8
“>Max speed. (km/h) “> 160 “> 180 “> 200

MG4 recharging

At the load level, the configuration will vary depending on the declination chosen. While the standard version has a 6.6 kW charger by alternating current, the large battery declination is climbing 11 kW with a three -phase configuration.

Same thing for the fast continuous current load (DC) with a peak power announced at 117 kW for the 51 kWh version and 135 kW for the 64 kWh. In both cases, the connector used is the combo.

“>Standard “>Comfort “>Luxury “>Extended luxury “>Xpower
“>Raw capacity (kWh) “> 51 “> 64 “> 77 “> 64
“>Battery Type “> LFP “> NMC
“>Max power. AC (KW) “> 6.6 “> 11
“>Max power. DC (KW) “> 88 “> 140 “> 144 “> 140
“>DC charging time from 10 to 80% (min) “> 37 “> 26 “> 38 “> 26
“>WLTP mixed autonomy (km) “> 350 “> 450 “> 435 “> 520 “> 385
“>WLTP mixed consumption (kWh/km) “> 17 “> 16 “> 16.6 “> 16.5 “> 18.7

MG4 marketing and prices

One of the most affordable electric cars in its segment, the MG4 is announced at a price of € 28,990 excluding bonuses in its basic version.

Simply baptized Standard, This receives the battery of 51 kWh and has a rather generous level of equipment with, among other things, touch screen, 16 ” steel rims, automatic air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, help in the track, sensors rear parking, fabric upholstery and vehicle device to load (V2L) allowing to recharge devices directly on the battery.

Baptized Comfort, The intermediate finish is based on the 64 kWh battery. Mounted on two-inch two-tone alloy rims, it is billed € 33,990.

There Luxury is also based on the 64 kWh battery. Announced at € 35,990, it includes many additional security equipment and a 360 ° camera. On the comfort side, we note the electrically adjustable adjustable driver seat, heated front and flying seats, heat pump, imitation leather seats, voice controls and wireless load for the phone. Luxury is also available in version extended autonomy With a 77 kWh battery which promises up to 520 km of autonomy.

The radical version Xpower, With 4 -wheel drive and 435 horsepower, is offered from € 40,490.

“>Standard “> 29,990 €
“>Comfort “> 33,990 €
“>Luxury “> 35,990 €
“>Extended luxury “> 39,490 €
“>Xpower “> 40,490 €

The electric MG4 at € 99 per month is it really worth it ?

Electric MG4 // Source: MG Motor

The British manufacturer MG Motor offers the MG4 for a long -term rental for 99 euros per month, with the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus. An offer that seems interesting at first.

This is a strong ad for MG Motor and the potential electric car buyers. The British automaker, a subsidiary of the Chinese group Saic, now offers its flagship model, the MG4, for long -term rental (LLD). All for the modest sum, at first glance, 99 euros per month.

To promote it, MG decided to tease the French executive and Emmanuel Macron, with a slogan: “Mr. President, we hold your promises”. A reference to the president’s proposal on the establishment of an electric vehicle rental system at only 100 euros per month … which is struggling to set up.

The manufacturer challenges Emmanuel Macron // Source: MG Motor

For further

Is the offer really so interesting ?

Enticing on paper, the rental offer of the MG4 is however accompanied by several conditions to meet. This is where it gets worse for drivers.

  • First of all, long -term rental is only valid for 24 months, with a limit of 20,000 km. In the event of an exceeding in terms of the kilometers traveled, the borrower may have to pay rehabilitation costs when returning the vehicle.
  • In addition, the beautiful sum of 99 euros per month hides several important details in terms of financing: for example, it is necessary to pay a first rent increased by 9,500 euros, which can be supported by the aids of the up to 7,000 euros in ecological bonus, then 2,500 euros in conversion bonus.

To obtain these aids to buy an electric vehicle, it is necessary to have:

  1. Either a tax income by share less than 14.089 euros
  2. Either a vehicle sent to scrap and put into circulation before 2011 for a diesel or 2006 for a petrol.

Already very restrictive for any buyers of this electric vehicle, this MG offer leaves other questions. Once the two years of rental completed, the vehicle is no longer available … and the motorist finds himself without ecological bonus. Indeed since 2023, a natural person cannot benefit from a bonus that every three years. If you go on an MG4, you will have to wait a year before you can buy an electric vehicle enjoying the bonus.

The MG4 is already available in France // Source: MG Motor

A practical offer, in the short term

This offer concerns the standard version of the vehicle, which has a 170 hp engine as well as a 51 kWh battery, with a mixed autonomy of 350 km on the European WLTP cycle. It also has a fast charging system up to 88 kW, allowing to go from 10 to 80% battery range to 37 -minute space, as well as regenerative braking.

To return to MG’s offer for his vehicle, already available in France, this is an attractive offer and which could facilitate transition to the electric vehicle to certain users. On the other hand, the long -term long -term rental outlets seem to be too large to allow the most modest households to join. And this is all the difficulty of access to all for electric mobility: despite many aids, there are many constraints that do not encourage (yet) to switch to a long -term electric vehicle.

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