Electric cars 2023: calendar, price and models, electric cars: the 12 most anticipated models in 2023

New 2023 electric car

Price: € 36,250 (excluding ecological bonus)

Electric cars 2023: Calendar, price and models

2023 electric cars: what are the most anticipated cars ? We took stock. 2023 promises to be a record year for electric cars. The car manufacturers redouble their creativity to create a place in this expanding market. Indeed, new manufacturers will embark on the electric market in 2023 with a simple promise: price accessibility to make the electric car more affordable.

The number of electric cars models on the European market is more than triple over the next three years. Which will diversify the supply of electric car.

Meanwhile, alternative ecological mobility solutions are almost non -existent. Only 9,000 hydrogen cars are planned by 2025, compared to 4 million for the electric car.

Almost all car manufacturers plan to launch at least one low -emission model in the coming years, in part because they must comply with strict government regulations set up to reduce pollution.

The French metropolises do not also hesitate to reduce the circulation of thermal cars in addition to an ever -increasing pressure on the taxation of thermal cars, the electric car therefore becomes obvious.


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Why buy an electric vehicle in 2023 ?

Electric vehicles make it possible to respond first to the problem of reducing CO2 emissions. They also respond to other issues that motorists may encounter:

  • A more economical recharge price: € 2/100km or on average 70% cheaper than a petrol vehicle, which currently costs € 2 per liter.
  • Aids to buy your electric car in 2023
  • Recharge solutions available in town sometimes for free
  • Aids to install charging stations at home
  • Free parking for electric cars in several French metropolises

We have drawn up an exhaustive list of electric cars for you which should reach our roads for 2023 !

Electric cars 2023

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID3

Volkswagen ID.3, released in 2020, changed appearance in 2023. Here are the characteristics of the pure performance finish

Autonomy: 195 – 405 km (WLTP)

Price: 46,100 € (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): 7:30 am

Quick recharging (10 to 80%): 28 min

Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring, the cheapest electric car

The Dacia Spring signs the first electric car for Dacia, available since 2021 for a price less than € 20,000. This Electric SUV city ​​dweller has all the assets to succeed in launch. Indeed, its attractive price will make the electric car even more accessible to the general public. For 2023, Dacia offers us her electric car with a new design

What’s more, Its mini SUV look will delight the automotive market, appreciating the robustness of these models. Based on the Renault City K-Ze, only available in China for a price of only € 7,200. We can expect a similar endowment for the Dacia Spring in terms of autonomy and performance.

Autonomy: 155 km (WLTP)

Price: from € 19,800 (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): 4:30 am

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): 38 min

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Citroën Ë-C3

Citroën Ë-C3

You know the C3s in their thermal versions, they finally arrive in their electric versions. This car is expected for the current of 2023. In addition, Citroën has announced wish to market more affordable vehicles than these French competitors.

Autonomy: 350 km (WLTP)

Price: NC € (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): NC

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): NC

Hyundai Kona 2023

Hyundai Kona 2023 Profile

Hyundai reserves us the new generation of the Kona for the year 2023. Although we already know what the future electric vehicle will look like, the Korean manufacturer has remained silent concerning the technical sheet of this electric SUV. We should have more news at the start of the year for a scheduled outing current 2023.

Autonomy: NC km (WLTP)

Price: NC (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): NC

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): 17 min

Opel Mokka-e

Opel Mokka E electric on Beev

The Opel Mokka-E is a SUV with a 100 kW (136 hp) engine reaching the maximum speed of 150 km/h.

Autonomy: 255 km (WLTP)

Price: € 35,500 (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): 5h

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): 26 min

Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

Announced in 2019, Fisker Ocean should arrive on the roads of France in 2023 which will mean the return of the manufacturer Fisker to the automobile. The SUV will be equipped with an 80 kWh battery allowing it to reach 483 km of autonomy. The Fisker Ocean will be offered under different finishes and in particular a more sporty reaching 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

The particularity of this model is the presence of solar panel allowing it to provide up to 1,610 km of autonomy per year.

We can therefore expect an entry -level around € 41,000 in Europe.

Autonomy: 483 km (WLTP)

Price: € 41,900 (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): NC

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): NC min



The Kia EV9 was revealed to us in 2021, it is a SUV with a linear and robust design. This futuristic indoor electric vehicle was designed for the well-being of its passengers. Kia presents an electric vehicle with large windows and a panoramic roof in order to be able to “create a direct link” between the passengers and the environment that surround them.

Autonomy: NC (WLTP)

Price: NC (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): NC

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): NC

Citroën Ë-C4

Citroën E-C4X

It is a 100 % electric compact sedan, the Citroën Ë-C4 is very close to the Peugeot E-208, E-2008 and other DS3 Crossback E-Tense. The block develops a power of 100 kW (136 hp).

Autonomy: 265 km (WLTP)

Price: € 36,250 (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): 5h

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): 26 min

Nissan Ariya

Nissan Electric - Nissan Ariya 2021

The Japanese manufacturer is one of the pioneers of the general public electric car, in particular thanks to the launch of the Leaf in 2010 and the E-NV200 . However, the manufacturer has not extended its range of electric car on the market. It changed in 2021. Indeed, Nissan launches the compact SUV Ariya positioned on a booming segment in the electric automobile.

A much more minimalist model than its competitors. In particular, in terms of info-division deemed binding by the manufacturer, due to the fatigue that the screens could provide. This is why Nissan, integrate them in discreet ways and without the possibility of distracting the driver.

Despite little information on this new model, a price varying between € 40,000 and € 70,000 would be highly possible.

Autonomy: 335 km (WLTP)

Price: € 47,300 (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): 10 a.m

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): 31 min

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Electric Tesla Cybertruck

Wanting to compete with Ford’s F-150, Tesla announces on November 22, 2019 the brand’s first electric up electric up.

With a rather raw design, leaving no one indifferent, Tesla wanted to differentiate herself from the competition by offering a new model. Available in pre -order since its advertisement.

Cybertruck is available under 3 different “single Motor RWD” finishes on two -wheel drive, “Dual Motor AWD” with 4 -wheel drive having a twin -engine. And finally, “Tri Motor AWD” a three electric motors version that will arrive much later. This finish will be able to reach 800 km of autonomy against 400 km for the Single Motor AWD finish according to the manufacturer. This utility could allow you to transport 3,400 kg up to 6,350 kg, depending on the finish.

With a price announced in dollars, the single Motor AWD is billed $ 39,900, Dual Motor AWD $ 49,900 and the TRI Motor AWD at $ 69,999

Cybertruck raises many questions, especially on its use in Europe. Indeed, the Cybertruck does not comply with the safety standards in force. It may not be able to circulate on French roads.

Tesla will therefore have to make changes in order to comply with standards and thus market her vehicle in Europe.

Autonomy: 400 – 800 km (WLTP)

Price: NC € (excluding ecological bonus)

Slow recharge (0 to 100%): 10:45 a.m

Quick recharging (0 to 80%): 22 min

Electric cars: the 12 most anticipated models in 2023

Electric cars 2023

2022 was a rather busy year on the front of the electric car. 2023 promises to be a little quieter, even if Several new products are expected. Affordable compact point in view but rather SUVs (still) and overpowered or luxurious models.

Audi: Updates for Audi Q4, Audi Q8 E-Tron Sportback and Audi E-Tron GT

The first one 100 % electric audi celebrates its five years this year. The opportunity to offer a restyling to this first e-tron of the name, which takes advantage of it to change the name. The e-tron becomes q8 e-tron For more consistency with the rest of the range. The basic model and its sportback variant should integrate a new battery supposed to give it better autonomy, and a faster charging system.

Audi Q8 Sportback e-tron

The rest of the characteristics do not change with in particular WLTP autonomy up to 600 km and a 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds. This restyled version should be marketed from 86,700 euros. In addition to the Q8 e-tron, the brand with the rings will also offer an update to its Audi Q4 SUV, as well as to the E-Tron GT sportswoman, notably with new batteries announced as more efficient there again.

Audi Q8 e-tron

BMW i7: a real technological (and luxury) showcase

BMW range I consists exclusively of electric models. This should further grow in 2023 with the arrival of the BMW i7. Like series 7, it comes to oversee the range of electric cars with real limousine that is both luxurious and technologically the most advanced. You only have to see the number of screens that are integrated, from the dashboard that is very classic now, even in the back doors to control the comfort elements. And comfort it will be in The BMW i7 which squarely integrates an 8K 31 -inch TV. Passengers who will be comfortably seated at the rear to take advantage of a real home cinema with the Surround Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

BMW i7 before

On the electrical services side, this limousine more than 5 meters long will have a 400 kW engine (544 hp), which can catapult it from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds. Not bad for a vehicle that accuses more than 2.7 tonnes on the scale. Just as impressive, the 101.7 kWh battery of useful capacity should allow it to travel Up to 625 km WLTP, with comfortable charging power up to 195 kW. A real technological and luxury showcase, the BMW i7 will display a price up to its ambitions, from 139,900 euros.

BMW i7 rear

Lexus RZ 450th: a first electric car with real innovations

There LEXUS RZ 450E marks a new era for the Japanese premium brand. Indeed, it will be based this time on a completely dedicated platform and no longer shared with thermal variations. The opportunity for Lexus to offer some unprecedented innovations in the automotive industry. Indeed, the Lexus Rz 450th will be the very first car to be Equipped with an entirely electronic steering. Associated with a Steer-by-Wire steering wheel, the system is thus devoid of the slightest mechanical connection. Which promises to be interesting once behind the wheel, which is in Yoke format like the new Tesla Model S which has been so much to talk about.

LEXUS RZ 450th before

The performance of the Lexus RZ 450E will not be outdone thanks to the two engines which deliver a total combined power of 230 kW (313 hp), and a torque of 435 nmm. Despite the more than 2 tonnes, it will only be necessary to 5.6 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. Finally, the electric SUV should be able to travel Up to 400 km WLTP, and have a charging power up to 150 kW. On the price side, Lexus should market the RZ 450E From 75,000 euros.

LEXUS RZ 450th interior

Maserati Granturismo: an electric supercar of 760 hp

Maserati Granturismo

Its price is not yet known but it should be up to the performance announced for the first Maserati electric supercar. Indeed, the Granturismo Announcement no less than 560 kW, or 760 hp thanks to its three engines ! What to ship the 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds Only and reach a top speed of 320 km/h. If the autonomy of the beast has not yet been announced, we nevertheless know that the Maserati Gran Turismo will benefit from 800 Volts technology which already equips the electric models of Porsche, the Audi e-tron GT or the Kia Ev6.

Recharge the 83 kWh useful battery should not take too long thanks to Power up to 270 kW in peak. Finally, the Maserati Gran Turismo will remain faithful to the characteristic style of the brand with curved shapes, a long hood, and especially the imposing grille decorated with the famous trident.

Maserati Granturismo Arriere


Mercedes’ EQ family of electric cars will still grow this year. Raised declination of the EQE sedan which was launched last year, The Mercedes EQE SUV will therefore be the fifth electric SUV from the star to the star. Displaying 4.86 m long, he will nevertheless be more compact than his big brother, the imposing EQS SUV with which he will be able to share the big hyperscreen screen which had been inaugurated with the Mercedes EQS sedan. For the record, it is a giant 56 -inch giant slab which covers the entire dashboard, and which brings together digital instrumentation and the infotainment system.


Which does not mean that the Mercedes EQE SUV will also not be entitled to a technological first. Indeed, the electric car will integrate for the very first time A system compatible with space audio in Dolby Atmos. To see what it will give during our next try. On the electrical platform side, Mercedes will once again give the choice of choice to potential customers. Indeed, the Mercedes EQE SUV will be available in five engines. On the other hand, whether it is the standard EQE 350+ version which will be a 215 kW propulsion (292 hp), or the powerful AMG EQE 53 4Matic+ with its 505 kW (687 hp), all will be equipped with the same battery with a capacity of 90.6 kWh. Thus equipped, the Mercedes EQE SUV will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, and browse up to 590 km WLTP. On the other hand, Mercedes has not yet communicated the price of this new electric SUV.


Smart #1: A new era for smarts

There Smart #1 (yes it is his name) is not the first electric car of the famous manufacturer. The latter proposed a Smart Fortwo not necessarily convincing with a slightly light autonomy and a recharging speed far too low on the 11 kW and more public limits. The brand therefore completely reviews its copy with Smart #1, and deny its concept of malignant car that could be park anywhere, and even perpendicular to the sidewalk. Larger, the newcomer is A nice SUV with rounded shapes.

Smart #1 before

A real four -seater, the smart #1 is more welcoming as long as it benefits from a real trunk. More modern, The vehicle is equipped with a large 12.8 -inch infotainment screen. The latter benefits from a nice interface that Apple engineers would not deny, and a vocal assistant appears which is supposed to make life easier for the driver. A promise already heard from other manufacturers, but without competing with solutions such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Smart #1 interior

Smart #1 Green white

In addition to the standard version, Smart offers once again A brabus version to his new smart #1. With two electric motors, it displays a power of 428 hp to ship the 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Not bad for a smart who therefore hunts sportsmen’s land. With a 66 kWh battery, Smart #1 promises up to 440 km of autonomy. 30 minutes of load will be enough to recover 80 % of the capacity with a maximum power of 150 kW. All for a price from 39,990 euros For the standard version, and from 47,490 euros for the Smart #1 Brabus.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz: the sexiest of electric vans arrives on the roads

After the electric SUVs and while waiting for a future sedan, Volkswagen attacks the van segment. Highly anticipated after being a hoped for different fairs, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz promises to turn heads when he crosses roads. This one comes in Two combi and cargo variations. The two models share the same platform as the other Volkswagen ID., Whether it’s the compact ID. 3, or ID. 5 and its different versions. Displaying the same length as the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz promises unparalleled handling, especially with a turning radius of 11.1 meters.

Volkswagen Id Buzz yellow purple before

Suffice to say that the electric van will take as easily as a golf course. In addition to its habitability in the Combi version, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz will offer an unprecedented high-tech atmosphere to date, even if it has to do with the so-decree infodivement system that already equips other IDs., And while waiting for the next version promised by the new boss of the Volkswagen group.

Volkswagen Id Buzz yellow purple

What’s more, Driving aid, and in particular the semi-autonomous driving Travel Assist, are there. A single engine is offered at launch with an electric motor which develops a sufficient power of 150 kW (204 hp) and a torque of 310 Nm. What Go from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds Despite the weight of the machine, and offer beautiful reminders on the highway. Volkswagen Announcement WLTP autonomy up to 419 km and a load power up to 170 kW. On the price side, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz is already marketed from 56,990 euros.

Volkswagen ID Buzz before

Volvo Ex90: The Swedish Premium

His new CEO Jim Rowan announced it last year, “combustion engines belong to the past, and we have to give it up if we want to fight the most serious threat watching humanity: climate change”. It is in this context that the Volvo Ex90 will be launched this year. Under its air of large electric SUV seven seats, it also put on sustainable development with recycled materials and the total absence of leather. The manufacturer also relies on new technologies to achieve its zero -dead goal aboard a Volvo following an accident.

Volvo Ex 90 before

Still displaying 2.8 tonnes empty, the Volvo Ex90 nevertheless promises up to 600 km of autonomy. A promise to put in particular to the credit of the big battery of 107 kWh useful. A capacity that is fortunately accompanied by a suitable charging power with 250 kW peak. 30 minutes of break will be enough to leave with an 80 % loaded battery. On the performance side, the Volvo Ex90 can rely on its two electric motors that develop 300 kW (408 hp) or 380 kW (517 hp) depending on the chosen version. What Go from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, and even 4.9 seconds For the performance model. The Volvo Ex90 will be marketed from 107,900 euros.

Volvo Ex 90 Interior

Tesla Model S / Model X: finally available in France

We finish this panorama of electric cars expected in 2023 with the restyled versions of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Certainly these two models are not really a novelty in itself, but so far They were not yet available in France, The American manufacturer having given priority to the powerful Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid.

Tesla Model X Before

If the changes are relatively modest on the outside, the cabin makes its revolution with a new dashboard. The latter swaps the large vertical touch screen for a central model in landscape mode inspired by the Tesla Model 3. Two other screens are integrated into the front for digital instrumentation behind the steering wheel, and back for passengers who can even play video games.

Tesla Model X Interior

Another novelty, the Yoke steering wheel with two branches that has been talked about so much will be available, unless you prefer a classic round steering wheel that will be available for free. No change either on the side of the few options such as a white interior.

Tesla Model S flying yoke

Displaying (a little) more modest performance, the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X still benefit from a cumulative power of 670 hp with their two electric motors. What to propel The Tesla Model S from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, and the big SUV Tesla Model X in 3.9 seconds. Strong point of the brand’s vehicles (with its well -expanded charging network and its still unequaled planner today), the battery life is not outdone. Tesla announces this 632 km behind the wheel of the Tesla Model S, and 576 km for the pachyderm that is the Tesla Model X. More affordable than the Plaid versions, the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are respectively offered from 113,990 euros and 121,990 euros.

Tesla Model X Chest

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