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Between the bike or the electric scooter, the price difference is important. Much more than you might think elsewhere !

Electric bike or electric scooter for daily journeys ?

Now is the time for micromomability ! Faster, easier and more ecological to move, the electric bike and scooter each have significant advantages. Being stuck in traffic jams will become a distant memory !
To make your choice, different factors are to be taken into account. This is the case of portability, comfort or autonomy. Can you bring an electric bike into your studio ? Port one to climb the stairs of your building without elevator ? So many elements not to be overlooked ! So, are you rather electric bike or electric scooter ? We take stock !

Electric bike or electric scooter: how to choose between the two ?


What is the fastest ? Draw ! Electric bikes and electric scooters generally have a similar speed. However, if you are used to driving in dense traffic or in the streets engorged in a city, speed may not be your main concern.
Note that the VAEs have A limited speed by regulation at 25 km/h. If you come across an electric bicycle that goes on bitumen, it is probably a speed-bike, a means of transport in the category of mopeds (45 km/h, headphones, gloves and mineralogical plate compulsory, prohibited of track cycling).
In terms of electric scooters, mostly roll at A look of about 25 km/h, Others are power monsters that can reach a top speed of 80 km/h. Needless to say, they are costly, dangerous, massive, and officially prohibited, or rather unknown.


Electric bikes and electric scooters are both a great way to move around town. However, there are some essential differences between the two. The most obvious is autonomy : an electric bike can travel up to 100 km with a single load, while an electric scooter generally has only an autonomy of approximately 20 km.
That said, electric scooters are relatively easy to transport. Autonomy is therefore less worrying for commuters who can connect them to the office to recharge them.
If you have to browse long distances, the electric bike is the best option. If your journey is less than 20 km, an electric scooter will do the trick perfectly.


Without surprise, Electric scooters are much easier to transport and to store that electric bikes. They do not take up much space and are foldable, Which is very practical when you live in an apartment without elevator. Or if you have to regularly borrow public transport. It is also useful if you cannot park your bike in front of the office.
An electric scooter generally weighs between 10 and 15 kg. On the other hand, few electric bikes weigh less than 20 kg and only a handful of light electric bikes (very expensive) manage to go below 15 kg.


In terms of comfort, The electric bike definitively wins the palm. ��Il has a comfortable seat and handlebars, which allows you to easily cover long distances. You can use it almost everywhere, even on the trails !
Most electric bikes have a frame and wide tires to support the weight of the battery and the engine. Mountain and hybrid VAEs are equipped with suspension systems, as useful on bumpy urban roads and dotted with hen nests as on the trails.
This does not mean that the electric scooters are uncomfortable. Many models are even equipped with large tires and suspension systems, but this makes them more difficult to fold and transport. For most commuters, these additions go against one of the main assets of the scooter: the commodity.
Obviously, standing on a scooter will never be as comfortable and restful as being sitting on an electric bike.

Departing man to work on his electric scooter by avoiding traffic jams


You may be one of those who are worried about leaving their bike unattended in front of the office, at the station or simply at the bottom of a building !
Indeed, the bikes, and even more electric bikes, have A high flight risk. You can imagine, the price to resale is important. This requires investing in a good anti -theft and subscribe to a insurance. It would be a shame to make it fly ! VAEs also ask for much more maintenance than electric scooters.
Regarding scooters, they can be carried everywhere, which avoids leaving them outside.


Electric bikes are heavier and more stable that electric scooters. Their structure is designed to support your weight, which avoids the risk of falling and sliding. Without forgetting that the wheels of the bicycle absorb the many irregularities of the road.
This is another pair of sleeves for electric scooters. They can be easily unbalanced and the slightest nest on the road can attract you from trouble. This is one of the main causes of accident.
Trottinetists are also less visible to drivers than cyclists, which increases the risk of accident. On the other hand, in the event of a fall, the standing position allows you to fall more easily on your feet.
Finally, indicating your direction when you raise your arm when you want to turn is much more dangerous scooter than by bicycle !
If you are looking for something safe and secure, the electric bike will be your best ally !


As we know, on the road, the quality of braking is important !
Here again, Braking the VAE is very efficient thanks to its large wheels. Bike brake pads are far from the wheel axis, which allows effective braking. You will not need a lot of strength to stop your racing car.
Electric scooters have generally 2 brakes : one on the handlebars, the other on the wheel. They take more time than bikes to stop when they hit an obstacle, which can be dangerous when you drive in agglomeration.

Couple in electric bike ride


That the bicycle can resist the time tests is one of its main advantages. Many bikes go through decades without speeding.
How to explain it ? There are standards on VAE parts. Several years after purchase, they can be repaired without problem. They are never untied (almost) !
Regarding scooters, each manufacturer has its own standards. How to change the parts in the event of a breakage if the manufacturer no longer exists ? Should we change everything ? Buy a new one ? Will it be possible to make repairs in a few years ? Nothing is certain ..
The lifespan of batteries of bikes and electric scooters is included Between 2 and 5 years old, Depending on your use. Most are in lithium-ion with A lifespan estimated at 500 cycles of complete loads. You can travel thousands of kilometers !

The price range

Overall, the electric bikes are more expensive. For an electric scooter you can count on average between 400 and 1000 € (although there are much more expensive). The note is more salty for electric bikes since The average price of an urban VAE is 1500 to 3000 euros.
The most economical option is undoubtedly the electric scooter ! One of the most popular is the Xiaomi M365 which benefits from very good value for money. For less than 500 €, it includes: a range of 30 km, a speed of 25 km/h, a 250 Watts engine, an EABS system, an LED lighthouse or an ultra simple folding system.

Conclusion: What is the best option ?

You have seen it, bikes and electric scooters each have their advantages and disadvantages. But what is the best choice for you ? It really depends on the nature of your trips.
Electric bikes are more profitable long -term. They are powered by the engine but also by pedaling, while the electric scooters are supplied only by electricity and constantly require battery (which must possibly be replaced).
If you intend to use them to do your shopping or take your children to school, the electric bike is the best choice. It has many options: large luggage racks, additional seats, a large loading capacity … If you want to exercise during your trip, a light VAE will suit you more. Finally, if your ideal mode of transport consists in sneaking in traffic, traveling light and having the opportunity to easily climb on a bus, a train or in the metro, the electric scooter is essential to you.
In short ! Need something that goes into the trunk of your car and does not ruin you ? Opt for an electric scooter ! Want to make a little physical effort and roll over long distances ? Get an electric bike ! You have the means ? Adopt both !

Electric scooter bike there are 14 products.

EVO 26 electric bike

This ultra -light electric bike with electric assistance all path will allow you to appreciate your urban trips as well as walks on the countryside – 250 Watts brushless engine – Removable batterie 36 volts lithium – Scooter mode with accelerator handle – 6 SHIMANO SPEE – Large wheel 26 inch – Autonomy approximately 80 km guaranteed 1 year

Campaign electric bike

“Campagne” electric scooter bike

Bike Electric Assistance Exclusive This model has an accelerator wrist for the 36 -Vols 12Ah Volts 12Ah WATTS SUSPED ROOM SUPPLY ROOM STAGE WITH STAGE WITH CENTRAL ON BATTON ONE BY Bike with electric assistance will allow you to appreciate your trips in town that the countryside with its fork.

Available in stores or expeditions within 48 hours

Small boat electric bike

Foldable electric bike Small boat

Velo with electric assistance Model: Small foldable boat ultra light exclusivity has an accelerator wrist Mode scooter small size and foldable will allow you to appreciate its maneuverability and its pass everywhere for your trips and its practical side for transport Car – 36 volt lithium battery – 250 watts engine -.

Available in stores or expeditions within 48 hours

Lithium electric bike

Foldable electric bike

Electric assistance bike Model: Foldable Skiff Ultra Leger Exclusive has the scooter mode on the wrist It will allow you to appreciate your trips in town as well as the countryside and all with the comfort of an electric assistance bike – Battery 36 Volts Removable lithium – 250 Watts engine guaranteed 1 year

Available in stores or expeditions within 48 hours

E-Smart electric scooter

E-Smart electric scooter

Bike e smart is an electric scooter The normal sale price is € 1290 It is sold on promotion at € 990

ELEC 1000W 36V biker

Foldable electric scooter 1000 watts.

New 2022 Electric Step Cutting A approved for teens and adults ideal on the roads but also on the paths because this new model has a front and rear shock absorber with a separate pendulum – 1000 Watts engine – 36 volts 14 Ah battery – front and rear shock absorber To adults and teenagers from 12 years old guaranteed 1 year

Mountain biking bike 26

Velo A All Terrain Electric Assistance.

This all -terrain electric VVT with an urban trips and walks on the countryside adapts to all levels thanks to its ultra -light weight and above all to its 5 levels of electric assistance size advises: from 1.50m to 1 , 75m battery 36 volts 12 ah lithium 5 level of electric assistance Aluminum frame Shimano 21.

Available in stores or expeditions within 48 hours

Mountain biking bike 26

Velo A All Terrain Electric Assistance.

VVT with electric assistance all terrain urban displacement and country path adapts to all levels thanks to its ultra -light weight and especially to its 5 levels of electric assistance Gabrit XL wheel 29 inch size advises: from 1.70m to 1, 95m battery 36 volts 12 ah lithium 5 Electric assistance level Aluminum frame Shimano 21.

Available in stores or expeditions within 48 hours

ELEC 1000W 36V biker

Large wheel foldable electric scooter.

New 2023 Grande wheel 10 inch 10 inch electric scooters approved for teens and adults ideal on the roads but also on the paths because this new model has a front and rear shock absorber with a separate pendulum – 1000 Watts engine – 36 volts 14 Ah battery – shock absorber Before and rear intended for adults and teenagers from.

Available in stores or expeditions within 48 hours

Lithium 36v electric scooter

Lithium 36 foldable electric scooter.

New model 2021 Ultra light approved electric scooter ideal on town roads because this new model has a front and rear shock absorber with a separate pendulum – 1000 watts engine – 36 volts lithium battery – rear shock absorber – removable saddle – foldable – 3 speeds ( 15.25.40km/h) intended for adults and teens from.

Available in stores or expeditions within 48 hours

City City City Scooter Approved Road

A approved Citycoco XXL Electric Scooter.

New 2021 Electric scooter Brand: Phoenix Model: Citycoco New Gabrit XL, Grand Detocking (COVID-19) !! Reserve quickly !! All Double Battery Lithium 60 Volts X2 serial options, double autonomy 100km approved 2 -seater route ideal for adults is led without permit from 14 years old the best value for money.

Electric car without license

E-SMART electric license car

New 2022 Crazy car Electric car Price Without License Brand: Easy Way Model: E -SMART from 14 years old as standard Full Options: – MP3 Radio+ Bluetooth system – Color rear back camera – Central closure – Right and left electric windows – Speed Maximum 45 km/h – 2000 W engine – 60 volts battery – charging time 6 to 8.

Electric bike scooter


First criterion which is very important: the price.

Between the bike or the electric scooter, the price difference is important. Much more than you might think elsewhere !

For an electric scooter, it will take an average of 400 to 800 €. It is a little more salty for an electric bike, since it will be necessary to count between 800 to 2000 € (depending on the desired characteristics).

You understand, The most economical option is undoubtedly: the electric scooter !

(I want to clarify that I am talking about entry/mid -range scooters here. There are also much more expensive models, but also to increased capacities. For more information, go to our full guide dedicated to the prices of electric scooters).

However, I want to warn you that you should not stop at these prices. Bike and electric scooter is like a car: there is The maintenance to be expected.

Of course their amount is not as high. But in proportion to the cost of the device, it can still cost a small post.

For example, for a change of battery, it will be necessary to provide around 200-400 €. Rest assured, I chose one of the worst examples to allow you to anticipate any possibility.

On average, other maintenance costs are reasonable. This is the case for the scooter as for the electric bike.

Remember that to reduce your costs, it is best to conduct regular maintenance of your device. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our maintenance guide for electric scooters .

II. Autonomy: what two-wheelers is the best ?


The battery life is an essential point. All the more, if you do not have the opportunity to load your device during the day.

So which of these two electric devices will allow you to ride as long as possible ?

This time, It’s the electric bike that wins ! Its battery will allow you to travel up to 50 km without problem. The score is much less good for the electric scooter which will allow you to reach 30 km on average.

Of course, it will not be the same mayonnaise if you decide to invest in a more expensive model. For example, an off -road or high -end electric scooter, will reach up to 70 – 80 km of autonomy. Same thing for powerful electric bikes.

Remains, however, that the point is undeniably won by the bicycle. This is explained by the size of the battery, which is often larger on a bike. But also by its lowest electricity consumption.

To give you an idea: the scooter on average an electrical consumption of 1.4 kW per kilometer while the bike consumes 0.72 kW.

Small clarification: if great autonomy is of great importance for some, it will not have one for others. To assess your needs, it is important to think about your average distance traveled per day (or at least, before you can recharge).

III. Portability: bike or electric scooter ?


Being able to transport your device, can be essential for some. This is particularly the case, if you have to win with you in public transport. Or if you have to climb stairs with it, to put it in your apartment or office for example.

For that, two criteria must be studied: weight and transportability.

We start with the weight. On average, an electric scooter weighs between 12 and 20 kg. It will be more for high -end models, or less if you choose a light model. For its part, the electric bike weighs a little heavier with an average weight of 20 to 25 kg.

The figures speak for themselves: Here is the scooter that prevails ! (Except, if you plan to build hellish biscotos. In which case, the bike is made for you)