Electric assistance bike: 16 Made in France models to ride, velomad, urban and sports electric bikes

French Electric Velo

For those who prefer to have the choice, the startup Vélotafer offers a whole range of accessories to facilitate the use of electric bikes on its site. From travel bags to anti-pollution masks to waterproof clothes or repair tools, Vélotafer has everything a cyclist needs to put himself in the saddle.

Electric assistance bike: 19 Made in France models to ride

It is a phenomenon. The electric bike sneaks everywhere in town. To help you find your future racing car, here is a selection of 16 French startups offering electric assistance models.

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Article initially published on May 16, 2020

In 2020, more than 500,000 electric bikes were sold in France. Or 29% growth in one year, according to the cycle observatory. For all those who have no bikes buried in the borders of their cellar, here is a selection of 18 startups that offer Made in France models.

Starway, LE easy bike that adapts to you

Since 2006, Starway has redoubled inventiveness to develop ever more accessible and easy to use bikes. Research and development are at the heart of its concerns. The company has several patents which allowed it to develop the easy bicycle, an electric bike that adapts to its owner’s effort. Thanks to its speed and resistance sensors, the bicycle analyzes its owner’s effort and determines the most suitable assistance mode among the three offered. Without a chain or derailleur, he requires very little maintenance. It contains two anti -thefts, is assembled in Tours and guaranteed for three years. In the event of theft, the bike is replaced. Its price varies between 1690 euros and 1790 euros depending on the power of the chosen battery.

Mustache, the bike that covers all uses

Created in 2011 by two bicycle lovers in the Vosges, Mustache Bicycle now makes a hundred people live. The startup offers no less than 65 different models divided into 13 families covering all uses: urban, all path, road, mountain biking and even child.

A vibration filtration system, a 90 ° C foldable handlebar for easier storage and a safety lock on batteries, are part of the solutions developed by mustache teams to provide comfort and safety to their customers. The lovers of large spaces will be able to share the effort for a walk thanks to an electric assistance tandem. Thanks to him, you will no longer have any reason to bicker because one of the two makes more effort than the other. The company is committed to the environment and participates in the recycling of batteries. To acquire one of their racing car, count at least 2400 euros.

Angell, the bike that ensures your safety above all

Angell has everything ideal bikes. Design, light, with beautiful autonomy and safe, it clearly has everything to please. And fortunately, because its price, 2860 euros, is not within the reach of all budgets. With this two-wheeler designed by Ora ïto, Marc Simoncini, the founder of Meetic who turned into a serial investor, focusing on luxury and security. For this award, Angell owners will benefit from an anti-fall, an anti-flight alarm, hyperbolic fires but also an intelligent cockpit to guide them where they wish. With an autonomy of 70 kilometers, the bicycle allows beautiful escapes. About 2,000 bikes would have been sold in 2020. To accelerate its development and expansion in Europe, the company raised12 million euros in July 2021. It also unveiled the release of its new model: Angell / s, lighter, more comfortable and more manageable, suitable for people measuring between 1.55m and 1.85m. It is sold at a price of 2,690 euros from August 1, 2021 against 2860 euros for its first model.

Marc Simoncini has signed an agreement with the famous household appliances Seb so that she assembles her bikes in her Is-sur-Tille factory (Côte-d’Or), about 25 km north of Dijon.

MAD bicycle, repairable at home

Designed, designed and assembled in France, the Mad Vélo works with the French Cycle Manufacture, the first cycles manufacturer in France located in Loire-Atlantique since 1925. Rouennaise offers two models, urban and sport. The two devices have a range of approximately 75 km. The battery is loaded at 80% in 1h30 and 100% in 2:30.

The little extra from the brand? The brand has ambassadors in the big cities in France to have its bikes tested and help its future customers to decide. The startup also offers a home or office repair service. The Mad Bike is sold live, without intermediary, on its website. It is delivered 95%. Its price is around 1700 euros.

Neomouv, a full and customizable range

Neomouv designs and distributes a full range of electric assistance bikes since 2003. The company has a design office in the Sarthe in order to improve its products without stopped. Since its inception, the brand has thus developed an all-terrain bike, another suitable for urban lifestyle and a last foldable model. The latter is particularly practical for city dwellers or travelers. The color of the bikes can be personalized, a little more for the creatives.

In the event of a seed on your bike, Neomouv accompanies you. The company has a large stock of spare parts and trains its resellers to repair its models to provide a comfortable and reassuring experience.

A. of Alerion, light and practical !

Designed by two French engineers, the Alerion electric bike is intended to be light for daily use. With this two wheels in the sober name, you can pedal to the office or make ballads on weekends.
The startup displays a simple goal: to offer a reliable and simple experience to its users. This is why, Alérion Cycles opted for a single speed transmission with a gates belt which requires absolutely no maintenance. Its users also benefit from a dashboard integrated into the handlebars, a lighthouse connected to the battery, an intelligent stop fire, hydraulic disc brakes and damage and optional flight insurance. To pedal on this bike, you will have to pay 2190 euros minimum.

Velobecane, a design like a motorcycle

Velobecane also develops and manufactures a full range of electric bikes for the city, leisure or travel. These folding models can easily transport or stored at home. The Fatbike Velobecane Road is inspired by the Harley Davidson style (without its capacity). The design and shape of the different models offered should allow everyone to find a bicycle that suits them. The brand also hosts a blog on which it gives tips and tips to use well and choose your electric bike.
The first bikes cost around 1200 euros.

Iweech, the smart little, easy to store

The Iweech bicycle, designed and manufactured in Marseille, is focusing on simplicity. The company raised 2.8 million euros in September 2021. A single button, placed on the handlebars, allows you to know the current assistance mode and the battery load thanks to a color code. The bike also has an “intelligent gauge” function which allows us to know what distance can be or not traveled in electric mode and a second “intelligent destination” which allows you to optimize its route. In total, Iweech has a range of 130 km.

An anti -theft system is integrated into the bicycle. A GPS tract completes it to facilitate its search in the event of theft. Last asset of iWeech: the 40% space gain caused by its rotary gallows and retractable pedals. All these advantages have a price: 2950 euros minimum.

Teebike the wheel that transforms classic racing cars

You already have a comfortable bike, you do not want to part with it but the electric assistance makes you eye ? Teebike wheel may be the solution you need. The Nice company has developed an electric front wheel, without cable, with a powerful engine. The product is installed in a few minutes and is equipped with a Bluetooth system which allows you to adjust the desired level of assistance from your smartphone. A lock is directly located in the wheel to alert its owner in the event of suspicious movement or manipulation.

Its recharging is carried out in 4 hours. The company is committed to the environment by participating in the recycling of wheels but also by funding reforestation projects. The Teebik wheel costs 750 euros, a price much more accessible than a full bike. To industrialize its product, the brand has launched a crowdfunding campaign via Sowefund.

Queen Bike, the vintage bike developed with Velco

To give pep to her vintage racing car, the young French shoot Reine Bike benefited from the support of Arcade Cycles, manufacturer of bicycle and Velco, known for its connected handlebars Wink Bar. Because to differentiate itself from her competitors, always more numerous, Reine Bike has decided to offer her users a communicating bicycle. The bicycle has, in fact, an innovative and hidden device with several features: geolocation of the bicycle on a card, suspicious motion detector with alert, sound alarm, blocking of electrical assistance and engine. The owner is also warned of the battery level and the revisions to be made according to the journeys made.
The launch prices of these first two models amount to 2990 and 3,490 euros.

Shiftbikes, everyday electric bike

With its electric bike made in France, Shiftbikes is focusing on minimalism and comfort. Sober, having a wide handlebar, a royal gel saddle and hydraulic brakes, the two -wheeled startup presents itself as the daily means of transport. Its battery has a capacity of 70 kilometers and can be recharged on site or dismantled. The counter installed on the handlebars makes it possible to select from one of the five assistance modes available, to know the number of kilometers traveled as well as its speed.

The brand’s bikes are designed and assembled at the French cycle factory. Their price: 1890 euros pre -order.

Whatt, a boost for difficult climbs

Newcomer to the universe of electric bike, Whatt is a model released in 2020 after 4 years of research and development and 4 patents deposited. Designed in Annecy by lovers of sport and outdoor, Whatt is aimed at bicycle lovers who appreciate the walks on the dish and need a little boost in the coast. The TT, for double transmission, combines two technologies it associates a conventional chain transmission which relays the pedaling effort, and an electrical transmission which does not offer permanent assistance but rather a “boost” manually managed by a trigger in the trigger handlebar. It is therefore not intended to be continuously in electric mode.

To roll with this racing car, count around 3990 euros.

Caval, design and electric bike

With their fine frames and their hand -folded handles, the rider’s bikes have the appearance of Dutch bikes. And it is completely logical since they were developed with a Dutch company. The design is at the heart of the product and future owners will be able to choose the size of the frame, to correspond to women and men, and even add options: luggage rack, mudguard, crutch.

These two wheels do not only have an aesthetic aim. With less than 15 kilos on the scale, they are part of the featherweight in the sector. The battery reaches, for its part, the 50 kilometers of autonomy, which leaves the possibility of going to its work and returning or making a small promenade in town.

To acquire this racing car, it takes 3,450 euros minimum.

Voltaire, the connected bike

Designed in Paris, the Voltaire models are then developed – for the electronic part – in the Sarthe then assembled in dawn. Each bike can be personalized with: three color choices, a basket, a battery or an additional charger. At the mechanical level, the Voltaire characterized by an aluminum frame, hydraulic brakes, a foam saddle and anti-hassle tires made from renewable raw material and recycled.

The battery recharges in 2h30 on a sector outlet. But the little more proposed by the startup is the connected character of the bicycle which aims to ensure the safety of the cyclist. The intensity of the front and rear lights can be set via the application. Thanks to an anti-theft system, an alarm device and geolocation, Voltaire seeks to respond to the scourge of bicycle flight. The bicycle unlocking is done with NFC badge and/or the mobile application.

To acquire this bike, count minimum 2390 euros.

Coleen focuses on the solidity of the materials

It is in Biarritz, in his workshop that the Coleen company designs, manufactures, assembles and paints its electric bikes. To provide new experience to its customers, the company has developed a high -end engine that brings the same feeling as a pedal engine. Managers also opted for a battery incorporating microprocessors to optimize the battery. Under normal conditions of use, Coleen batteries can be used minimum 8 years.

The Coleen bikes also have a cockpit and are linked to an application that allows you to geolocate the bicycle, unlock it in the event of loss of the keys but also to have an eye on the state of the battery.

Coleen racing cars are sold from 6,860 euros.

EOVOLT, the foldable bike that does not take up space

Eovolt bikes are produced in Genas, in the Lyon region. Their particularity ? They fall back in a few seconds to be stored in an apartment, in a workplace, in an elevator, a car trunk or in public transport. It is a product intended for city dwellers who do not have a bicycle parking or live in a small space but also for travelers in roaming in motorhomes or boat. The battery is located in the rod of the seat which facilitates its recharge.

To acquire these bikes in practical format, count 1500 euros minimum.

02Feel, family bike

Created in 2010 by two French engineers, 02Feel develops its own communicating batteries PowerPack and iPowerPack. The full range of O2Feel electric bikes is designed to meet the different needs of each user: light folding bikes, mountain biking but also a family bike. This last model, named EQUO allows you to envisage different types of use thanks to its transport basket, a bi-place saddle and many accessories. The startup has a network of resellers divided between France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, England and Spain.

Gaya, two models to “facilitate” the life of cyclists

Imagined by Amélie Guicheney while her family was growing, the Gaya bike range aims to improve the daily life of individuals. Mission company, the company has developed two models of multi-plates and connected electric bikes. These are insured against the flight, geoloclisable, assistance is offered in the event of a breakdown and the maintenance and maintenance are offered at home.

The compact model allows you to add a second passenger, child or adult. While the cargo model can bring up to 160 kilos- goods- or three passengers on the luggage rack. Small more from the brand, its design. Gaya bikes look like moped.

To acquire these bikes, you will have to count around 1,700 euros for a compact and 2,300 euros for the cargo model.

Hyboo Bike, bamboo bike

Developed by the company Tripbike, the Hyboo Bike bikes rely on sobriety and lightness. Designed from bamboo, they want to be both resistant, recyclable with a low carbon footprint and an almost feather weight of 15 kilos.

In parallel, the company has developed accessories such as a storage cover or a helmet in. Bamboo of course !

“”The battery is connected by Bluetooth and ordered from a discreet controller fixed on the handle, Details Hyboo Bike on its site. The loading model we offer is both practical and fun, almost identical to the recharging of a smartphone: you connect the battery base to the mini battery load, which you then connect to a standard domestic electric power outlet. If all the green lights are on this means that the charging time is finished “.

Small more: the electric assistance kits that equip the frames of the Hyboo Bike bikes can also settle, on request, on conventional bikes not with electric assistance.

In an already very competitive electric bike market, other startups have chosen to embark on the electrification segment. This process allows both to keep a bicycle on which its owner feels comfortable but also to reduce the costs of acquiring an electric model.

At Virevolt, the transformation of a classic bike generally takes 72 hours. The customer chooses the model of its battery and its engine according to its use (urban, mountain, leisure..)). The operation costs between 700 and 1200 euros.

Vélokit offers, for its part, a kit which can be installed by individuals. It includes a wheel in which the engine is inserted, a sensor that attaches to the frame and a battery stored in a bag. In the end, it is not visible, which reduces the risk of theft and gives a vintage side to the bicycle. The kit can be used for any type of bicycle and costs 690 euros.

Security is also an essential point on the road, whatever its mode of transport. To be visible to everyone, do not hesitate to have a jacket or a reflective backpack. Two French startups, Storm Age and Galanck offer models that will allow other vehicles to see you by far. For those who wish maximum protection, Urban Circus has developed a jacket with airbag which can be re -inflated even after a shock.

For those who prefer to have the choice, the startup Vélotafer offers a whole range of accessories to facilitate the use of electric bikes on its site. From travel bags to anti-pollution masks to waterproof clothes or repair tools, Vélotafer has everything a cyclist needs to put himself in the saddle.

French Electric Velo

Urban Elite in town or out of urban area, it’s up to you to choose.
Sport elite in town or out of urban area, it’s up to you to choose.
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Urban Elite in town or out of urban area, it’s up to you to choose.
Sport elite in town or out of urban area, it’s up to you to choose.
Sport + for nervous driving, definitely more Mad.
Urban 2 which made our success, better.
Sport 2 which made our success, better.
Cargo Mad the ultra-compact cargo velomad.
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Elite range

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  • Open or closed framework
  • Urban Elite is perfect for daily use in town
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Sport +

€ 896.66 /month in 3 times

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Sport + is made for the city, but also for your biggest walks, thanks to its fluidity, it takes up what made the success of the sport model, and makes it even better.

V2 range

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V2 range

€ 549.66 /month in 3 times

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  • 4 colors
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€ 896.66 /month in 3 times

€ 896.66 /month in 3 times

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  • Valomad shop delivery Paris and Rouen only
  • 2 colors
  • 1 adult + 1 or 2 children
  • Up to 70km of autonomy
  • Eligible for state aid
  • Cargo fork made in France

The Mad Cargo is the lightest ultra-compact bike on the market.


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Sport + has a removable 475Wh battery for an average autonomy of 80km.

475Wh refers to the capacity of its battery and the energy tank of its assistance, not that of its engine. Integrated into the frame, our battery is better protected in the event of a shock, provides an additional rigidity and better distribution of the masses.

The battery recharges 80% in 1h30 and completely in 2:30.

Between 70km and 180km of autonomy

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Lithium 475 watt/hour battery equipment (37V – 12.8 Ah) – V2 test

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We design and assemble
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With our experience of more than 5 years in online sales, we have been able to set up a more efficient after -sales service. We have a team dedicated to your care and have developed a network of partner repairers everywhere in France to take care of you as quickly as possible.

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Our helmets, in addition to ensuring your safety, will go perfectly.


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How to choose your bike ?

Electric bike is a purchase that can satisfy a large number of people, because it is all public. It can satisfy athletes, non
athletes, and that, at all ages. The purchase of an electric bike represents a substantial investment, however the cost of recharging the battery and its maintenance are much lower than a car or a scooter. It is therefore a real alternative to go to his workplace if you live in town. The electric road bike has many advantages, we can cite the following:
● It is practical. It allows you to drive easily when there is wind,
or set up the ribs. Driving on this bike is comfortable.
● It is ecological. This is a means of transport that is not noisy and polluting. Which makes it possible to make a gesture for the planet.
● It is good for your health. Exercising every day is recommended by the World Health Organization, therefore making an outdoor bicycle and spending yourself while controlling your efforts is a very good thing.
● Maintenance is easy. The maintenance of the electric road bike is similar to a conventional bike. It is therefore inexpensive.

Can my velomad run in the rain ?

The battery and the control screen are waterproofs and allow you to
ride in the rain. However, it is necessary to check before
each manipulation of the removable battery, that the base where
The battery is not wet, to avoid any short circuit.

How many km can I travel with my velomad ?

Our average is 70km. The autonomy of an electric bike is calculated from the weight of the cyclist, the level and the frequency of use of the electrical assistance and the route. Weight: our bikes weigh approximately 20 kg thanks to their aluminum structures. With a cyclist of 80
kg, the set will be 100kg, hence the influence of the weight of the user. Electric assistance: Its use can propel the bike up to 25km/h (legal maximum authorized by European legislation). Beyond, assistance is cutting. With a permanent adjustment on half of the available power, the autonomy may be doubled.

The usefulness of having a bicycle helmet ?

To start it is important to recall the importance of a bicycle helmet. This is an element that aims to ensure safety at the head of the user during the bicycle practice. A helmet is therefore protection for the skull in the event of a fall. It thus reduces the risk of head trauma.