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Easy Cash review

Very happy with my purchases always a fear of ordering an online used console because we do not see the product. My console is coming quickly and very clean and it works very well. I recommend that site

Easy Cash review

Easycash customer reviews

Top review: 10/10 samuel, 06.04.2018

Easy Cash as a choice

Easy Cash is a chain of stores which has the distinction of taking up a lot of very different products and especially to give cash ! As a good geek that I am, I first went to the company’s website to, first, check that they do well for video games and then estimate my products online . be a good reactive site;
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10/10 Nathalie, 05.02.2023

I bought a piece of jewelry, the order process is very well unrolled, I had no promotional code, my order was delivered in 4 days, the Livaison delates was respected, the packaging was perfect, Very well protected, the article was in accordance with my request, the quality was at the level of what I asked, I did not need to make a return of the item, on the contrary I recommend the Easy Cash site, Payment eases are very well this allows you to buy a jewel that we like

8/10 Justine, the 25th.02.2019

Really serious site. I bought a laptop there, the delivery was very fast and the package very well protected. He broke down a few months later, so I contacted customer service which was very responsive. I returned the computer to them, it was not repairable, it was therefore reimbursed, as well as the return costs. I bought another laptop at home, no problem with this. Very fast delivery also and well protected package. I therefore recommend this site without worries.


9/10 Guillaume, The 10.08.2018

Fast simple effective

I bought a used computer, cheaper on the market from Easycash in August 2018. The order went well. Validated the next day at the opening of the store. I activated my cashback to see if the store exists and yes perfectly. The package is normally sent today with an arrival within 3-4 days. We will see that. EbuyClub is great when it comes to saving on the purchases we make, I highly recommend this cashback site. I have not yet received the article, I repeat this to you

10/10 cyril, The 03.06.2018

This store is great to buy or sell used, many products. The advantage of the online site is that you can find products on any agency in France, and they will then be expedited for a postal cost.

10/10 coralie, the 24th.05.2018

Very happy with my purchases always a fear of ordering an online used console because we do not see the product. My console is coming quickly and very clean and it works very well. I recommend that site

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Easy Cash review

You have made a purchase in a store or online and you encounter problems: article never delivered, unreachable after-sales service, damaged goods, counterfeits etc.You can testify to this forum.

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Easy Cash Problem

by Guest »September 08, 2015, 7:00 pm

Hello, the commiterion 60 million consumers, I come to make it call for your help.

I explain my problem to you :

Sunday evening I follow to the website “easyCash” I come across an “iPhone6” at a price of 29.99euro, so I smell the good deal right away I place an order receives a confirmation email:

We are pleased to confirm the recording of your order on http: // www.easycash.Fr/

Find below the summary of your order and the details of your payment.

You will receive an email when your order is shipped.””

Today I receive an email from “easycash” which told me its: hello m .

We regret to inform you that we are unable to honor your order placed on www.easycash.Fr

Indeed the product you have selected is no longer available in our stores and we cannot offer you a substitution product that meets your expectations.

We therefore annul your order. The payment made for this order will not be debited from your account.

I send them an email by explaining to them that these normal steps etc..

2 hours later I have a phone call from the store in question and the MR tells me that there is a mistake in their software it is not at the right product to the amount indicate, I tell him that it is not normal he says Mr an iPhone at this price will never find you. He made me understand that the product was always available while their email said the opposite .

What can I do to adjust this probed ? False advertising ? have the product?

thank you for your understanding.


Re: Easy Cash Problem

by Guest »08 September 2015, 19:45

As soon as obviously the price difference is important, that the item is withdrawn from the sale at this price, that the seller says that the amount of this purchase will not be debited to your account, the error in these circumstances is admitted not with a false advertisement.


Re: Easy Cash Problem

by Guest »September 08, 2015, 8:27 pm

Thank you for your answer Michel 34 why the product is not withdrawn in this case the front ?

The price diffect from what referral price ? new product ? percentage 50% 40% ?

Yes purchase not to debit happily

The error given on the email is not the right one so these still lying somewhere


Re: Easy Cash Problem

by Guest »February 01, 2018, 4:36 pm

I allow myself to dig up this topic because the problem seems to be much less trivial than a simple error.

Indeed, EasyCash seems to be the specialist in the order cancellation.
The pattern mentioned may vary from “defective product” to “differences between the product presented and the real product” via the classic “product not available”.

As the amount of the sale is never debited (and still happy !) People let flow.

Yet it shows several things:
1/ Their products are not tested before being sold (contrary to what they claim)
2/ They offer products they have “technically” for sale (since the product is not in working order or does not correspond to the ad).

Only these products supposedly unavailable or not in condition are found on the site. at a different price (which happened to Eternal).
(and what is illegal it seems to me. A seller must sell at the announced price, he cannot cancel the sale on the pretext that he tells himself that he could sell more expensive !))

In the end they penalize themselves by canceling sales, and the customer is not financially injured.
I know that some sites practice the sale of items they do not have in stock, debt customers, and do not reimburse them that. This is not the case here, and I must admit that I do not see the interest of Easycash to do that.
Suddenly, we cannot speak of **** or fraud

But it is not because I do not see the interest that they would find there that there is none (perhaps they seek to estimate the maximum price that they could sell ? A kind of camouflaged auction “it sells for 30 € ? Let’s try 50. it also happens ? Let’s try 80. it does not sell ? Let’s go down to € 60 “), and even if there is no other damage than the disappointment of not obtaining the ordered product it seems to me that they are still borderline with the right.

Unless I am mistaken, a seller has the obligation to honor an order and the prohibition to refuse a sale except legitimate reason, and to say “ah well the products that we actually offer we did not” or “I Le Vendais 20 € ? ah well no I wanted to say 40 !”seem quite average to me as a reason.
(it is legal to offer products that we have not ?))

Anyway, a site that cancels so much sales always seems very ladle.

In short, all that to say that if other people want to share their experiences with us, it may draw attention to the problem, and Easycash will finally be drawn for its limited-limite practices.


Re: Easy Cash Problem

by Guest »05 October 2018, 14:21

I myself was the victim of their advertising “satisfied or reimbursed”. The used external hard drive that they sold me € 103 port included did not work on any of my 3 computers. I detected two anomalies, and of course scanned all the information:
1 ° The technical sheet is blank: no indication
2 ° Unlike my previous maxor (Maxtor is an American firm, a subsidiary of Seagate, that received from Easy Cash comes from Asia (made in China). Was there a manufacturing defect ? Or is it a counterfeit, therefore an illegal product ?
In short, I returned it (at my expense !) by indicating that I wanted a refund or replacement by a new article, so as not to have the same problem. They answer me at 12:05 pm: “The hard drive is very good health (…) We therefore send you the hard drive”. At 12:15 pm (ten minutes later, I answer “do not send me the same, I choose your” satisfied or reimbursed “motto”. Now the same evening I receive a colissimo opinion indicating that the package is on the way. They did not take any account of my request.
I have of course all the supporting documents.
What do you think ?
Best regards