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Orange Airbox chip in my TPLINK6400 router? But no internet access

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Orange 4G Airbox

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Wednesday June 02, 2021

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Wednesday January 25, 2017

Drivers for orange routers.

These drivers allow you to use the router directly with a computer via a USB connection.

  • Airbox 2 4G (Huawei E5573BS-322)

Orange Airbox chip in my TPLINK6400 router ?But no internet access


Gillex Member Messages: 8

March 2021 modified (March 2021) in problems and solutions

Hello everyone,

I have an orange fiber subscription (on Livebox 5 without Failover mode visibly with the Airbox. Suddenly I do not know what the USB is for the back of the livebox), but unfortunately the cable was cut qqpart enters my home and the central :-(, and in the meantime orange my loans an airbox with a chip and 200GB.

Except that I want to use my 4G router rather than their airbox (my PCs operate in RJ45 and are connected to the router in RJ45) and the airbox works in wifi (

I decide to put the orange (loan) chip in my router, which seems to recognize the news from Orange but does not want to connect to the Internet

(I specify that I arrive without problem with the SFR chip from my mobile package)

Do you know if there is a manipulation to do so that the loan airbox chip works on my 4G router ?))

thank you in advance for your help

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Haojy Message Message: 473

Have you configured the orange APN well in the parameters of your 4G router?

Name: Orange Internet
APN: Orange
User name: Orange
Password: Orange

Can you post us screenshots of the interface of your 4G router?