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Wish for Android

Wish has everything to please with its very complete catalog, its many reductions and its ease of use. A seduction operation that has largely proven itself to millions of users around the world.

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The Wish e-commerce platform offers more than 300 million fashion items, accessories, beauty products, decoration and much more. Often compared to e-commerce giants like or Alibaba, it puts sellers and users in direct contact in order to offer a catalog of items at sacrificed prices.

If success is largely there, its free application for Android is nonetheless criticized because it lists certain poor quality or counterfeit products. In order to limit disappointments, it however offers many promotional codes and clever features.

Wish: the temple of shopping at a low price

Founded in San Francisco by a former engineer from Google, Wish has everything of a paradise for shopping addicts. Acting as an intermediary that manages payments but does not store products or manages returns, it offers a platform that allows sellers to list their products and sell them directly to users.

If the fashion world for women, men and children is very well represented, Wish does not stop there and also offers beauty products, decoration, electronics, articles for manual activities and DIY etc. All, offered at unbeatable prices. The application does not also manage to draw one of its unstoppable weapons: ephemeral promotional codes. Everything is done to seduce the user and push him to buy.

Varied features to navigate

Wish offers a relatively simple to handle interface. Its main menu on the left highlights the essentials, and gives quick access to the user profile, the desire list, the basket as well as to the various available promotional programs (wish cash, discount codes, rewards, Wish Delivery eco). The latter are particularly attractive for the most diligent users who wish for example to combine points or make regular purchases in exchange for reductions.

Among its key features, the application also makes it possible to carry out research by keywords or to browse the articles by categories and filters. Each product sheet also benefits from a description and notes and opinions left by its users. A particularly relevant element that allows you to learn more about quality, packaging but also the delivery time.

Good deals to take with tweezers

In appearance, the Wish application has everything to please its very complete catalog translated into French, its many reductions and its ease of use. A seduction operation that has largely proven itself to millions of users around the world.

However, it suffers from a reputation somewhat tarnished by the lack of control over the products available for sale. Deceptive photos on goods, counterfeits and poor quality products are unfortunately numerous and vigilance must remain. Another frequent criticism among users, the sometimes high price of shipments and hazardous delivery times. These can indeed reach several weeks for products from China.



Buy while having fun thanks to the application Wish. Real cyber boutique it offers trendy products, and inexpensive at unbeatable prices.

With Wish, You access thousands of references ranging from simple city clothes to sports items, including shoes, makeup to electronic products and all accessories essential for everyday life. You will be able to benefit from discounts ranging from 50 to 80 % all with your fingertips very quietly installed in your chair.

Finally, come and download Wish From the Android store or simply use its online version accessible from any web browser.


Version 23.29.0
Last update 09/20/2023
Licence Free
Size 95.84 MB
Operating systems iOS 13.0 or later, online service
LANGUAGES French English
App Store note 4.4 • 336,578 votes

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