Download Windows 11 (Free) – Clubic, How to Pair and Connect Airpods to a windows 11 pc

How to peer and connect airpods to a windows 11 pc

Airpods are designed to work seamlessly with iphones and other apple devices, but you can pay and connect airpods to any windows 11 pc with bluetooth. Your airpods can even remember your windows 11 pc, your iphone, and other devices as well, allowing you to switch between them Whenever you want.

Windows 11

The new Windows has arrived. Simplified menus, interface changes, improved connectivity. Windows 11 offers a whole bunch of new features.

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Microsoft Windows 11 is an operating system designed to improve the user experience on several fronts. With a redesigned user interface, customizable widgets, innovative snap layouts and extensive Microsoft Teams integration, each functionality of Windows 11 has been designed for the user. This operating system also introduces new features and improvements that optimize the use of your device, making your IT experience both more efficient and pleasant. Whether you are a professional in search of increased productivity, a creator wishing to express your creativity, or simply a user seeking to maximize the performance of your computer, Windows 11 has something to offer to everyone.

  • Why use Windows 11 ?
  • How to use Windows 11 ?
  • What are the alternatives to Windows 11 ?

Why use Windows 11 ?

Windows 11, the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, is finally available for download. This update brings a multitude of new features and improvements which aim to offer a more fluid and more intuitive user experience. The installation of Windows 11 is quite simple, and users can easily upgrade from previous versions of Windows.

New user interface

One of the first things that users will notice in the new version of Windows 11 from Microsoft is its redesigned operating system. The start menu is now centered, offering a more intuitive configuration for the screen. The corners of the windows are rounded and the icons have undergone an update to be cleaner and modern. This recasting of the user interface makes the experience not only more pleasant, but also more efficient thanks to improved features such as more fluid animations, optimized contextual menus and a more coherent file system.


Widgets make a noticed return in the new version of Windows 11 by Microsoft. These small programs, which live on the screen of your device, offer a personalized diet of new, weather, traffic, sports and stock market data. Fueled by artificial intelligence for optimal personalization and by Edge for rendering, these widgets introduce new features within the Windows 11 operating system. They offer new opportunities for creators and application publishers to provide personalized content. Thanks to an easy configuration, these widgets can be adapted to display relevant information according to your interests and needs. Thus, they allow users to remain informed and organized without having to start several applications or browsers.

Snap Layouts

Microsoft Windows 11 introduces a new key functionality called snap layouts, which offers users a selection of layout configurations for the screen. This innovative feature allows you to easily populate these layouts with the application windows of your choice, thus improving the productivity level by allowing effective management of the workspace. In addition, this version of the operating system keeps your Snap Layouts configurations, even after restarting your device or the applications. This means that you can configure your workspace exactly according to your needs and find it intact each time you start your computer.

Integration of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now natively integrated into the taskbar of the new version of Windows 11, offering users a key functionality for an instant connection. Whether by text, cat, voice or video, this integration allows you to connect with personal contacts on various platforms and devices without having to start a separate application or a browser. Just click on the team icon in the taskbar to initiate a conversation or join a meeting. In addition, this application is compatible with a variety of services and applications, including Office 365. This facilitates file sharing, collaboration on projects and maintaining a constant connection with your colleagues or friends.

Windows Copilot

Another revolutionary feature of the new version of Windows 11 by Microsoft is Windows Copilot, a significant upgrade of artificial intelligence integrated into the operating system. This AI assistant, who uses Microsoft Edge’s rendering capacities, acts as an “AI assistant” for desktop computers. With Windows Copilot, Microsoft reinforces the integration of Bing Chat and Microsoft Edge in Windows 11. Copilot performs Bing Chat, an artificial intelligence chatbot based on chatgpt, in a specific container of the Microsoft Edge browser.

You can request this tool to modify any parameter in the operating system practically. For example, Copilot can activate features such as dark mode or “don’t disturb” mode. You can also ask him to start a special application, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Although based on the web, Windows Copilot is deeply integrated into the operating system and can detect the applications you use. So, if you are in applications like Outlook or Word, Windows Copilot can assist you to write emails or summarize text files.

The Windows subsystem for Android on Windows 11

The Windows subsystem for Android is a major innovation that allows Windows 11 users to run Android applications directly on their computer. This functionality opens a world of possibilities, not only for end users but also for Android application developers. By understanding the technical requirements, the parameters of the subsystem and the considerations relating to the compatibility of the inputs, the developers can optimize their applications to offer a fluid user experience on Windows 11. In addition, the subsystem offers advanced features such as redirection to Windows applications and a specific virtual machine life cycle, thus offering additional integration and optimization opportunities.

How to use Windows 11 ?

To download Microsoft Windows 11 for free and legally, several installation methods are available. If your device has been selected by Microsoft for the first wave of updates, the migration of Windows 10 to Windows 11 can be carried out via Windows Update software. You can also force this free update using the Microsoft update assistant. For the most impatient, two other options exist: downloading an ISO disk image file from the official Microsoft website in the section dedicated to Windows 11, or the use of an installation USB key (minimum 8 GB ) and download the Microsoft Windows 11 Media Creation Tool. Old DVDs are no longer necessary !

If you opt for an ISO file, a tool like Rufus will be required to create an installation disc on a USB key or another storage device. Some Windows 11 features may require a Microsoft user account. Although the creation of an account is optional, it offers several advantages, such as synchronization of your settings and data on several devices, access to online services like OneDrive and, and the possibility of downloading applications and games from the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 is available on PCs and tablets. It is designed to operate on a wide variety of equipment, including laptops, office computers, tablets and 2-in-1 devices. However, there are certain minimum system requirements that your device must respect to be able to run Windows 11. For example, your device must have a compatible processor, at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, and it must support secure start and TPM version 2.0.

After installing Microsoft Windows 11 on your device, the first step is to connect with your Microsoft user account. Then you can start configuring your preferences and applications as needed. You can customize the appearance of your desktop, select the applications that will appear in your Start menu, and adjust your operating system settings. In addition, the Microsoft Store allows you to download a variety of applications, while the Microsoft Edge browser offers optimal navigation experience. Integrated tools such as email, calendar and photos are also available to improve your productivity.

Before upgrading to Windows 11, it is recommended to check the compatibility of your PC using the PC Health Check application . This software, developed by Microsoft, allows any user to ensure that its device is compatible with the new operating system. It also provides a precise diagnosis to identify any incompatibility problems, thus facilitating understanding of the required requirements.

What are the alternatives to Windows 11 ?

If you cannot or do not want to go to Windows 11, there are several alternatives that you can consider.

Windows 10

The first option is to stay on Windows 10. Microsoft has confirmed the support of this version until 2025, which guarantees security and functionality updates for a few more years. Windows 10 is a mature and stable operating system, rich in personalization functionality and options. In addition, if you are already an experienced Windows 10 user, maintaining this operating system avoids the learning curve linked to the adoption of a new system.


Another alternative is Linux, an open source operating system available in several distributions, each with its own advantages and functionalities. For example, Ubuntu is appreciated for its ease of use and its large community of users, while Fedora is recognized for its stability and its safety features. Linux also offers great flexibility and total control over your system, making it a viable option for advanced developers and users.


If a change of equipment is possible, MacOS, the Apple computers operating system, is another option. Known for its elegant design and ease of use, MacOS offers close integration with other Apple products. However, it is important to note that the use of macos requires the purchase of a Mac, which can be more expensive than comparable Windows devices.

Chrome bone

Finally, if your use mainly focuses on web applications and online services, Google Chrome OS on a Chromebook could be a solution. This operating system is designed to be light and fast, with a simple user interface and close integration with Google services. However, chromebooks are not as versatile as Windows or Mac PCs and are not ideal for heavy tasks such as games or video editing.

Each operating system, whether Windows 11 of Microsoft, Linux or MacOS, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The optimal choice will depend on your specific needs and preferences as a user. Before making a final decision on the installation of a new operating system, it is recommended to do in -depth research on each option available.

How to peer and connect airpods to a windows 11 pc

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Updated on December 2, 2022

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What to Know

  • Put your Airpods in the case, open the case, and press the button on the case unit the light flashes white.
  • Go to Setings >Bluetooth & Devices >Add Device >Bluetooth > Select your airpods.
  • Your airpods can be paired to other devices at the same time, but they can only work with one device at a time.

This article Explains How to Connect Airpods to a windows 11 pc.

How to connect airpods to a windows 11 pc

Here’s How to Connect Your Airpods To A Windows 11 PC:

The Windows Icon Highlighted on the Window 11 Taskbar

  1. Right Click The Windows Icon on the taskbar.

Highlighted in the Windows 11 Taskbar Settings

Click Setings.

Bluetooth & Devices Highlighted in the windows 11 Settings Menu

Click Bluetooth & Devices.

The Disabled Bluetooth Toggle Highlighted in Bluetooth & Devices in Windows 11

Click the Bluetooth Toggle If it isn’t already on.

+ Add Device Highlighted in Bluetooth & Devices in windows 11

Click + Add Device.

Airpods in an open case

Place the airpods in their case, and open the case.

The button on an airpods case

Press and Hold the button on your airpods case.

The Flashing White Light On An Airpods Case Indicating It's ready to peer

When the Light on the Case Flashes White, Release The Button.

The Light May be inside the case or on the front of the case Depending on the version of Airpods you have.

Bluetooth highlighted in the add a Device Menu in windows 11

Return to your windows 11 pc, and click Bluetooth.

Jeremy Laukkonen's Airpods Pro Highlighted in the windows 11 add a Device Menu

Wait for your Pc to Search for Devices, then click your Airpods When they appear in the list.

Done highlighted in the windows 11 add a Device Menu

Wait for the connection to be established, then click Therefore.

How to use airpods with a windows 11 pc

Airpods Will Automatically Connect To Your Iphone When You Open The Case In Close Proximity To Your Phone, and you’ll also get an automatic popup on your mac asking you to connect if your mac senses your airpods. Using airpods with a windows 11 pc is a little more complicated, but it’s easy to reestablish a connection and use them with your pc whenver you want.

If you’ve been using your airpods with another device, Here’s How to Use them with your windows 11 pc Again:

Airpods and case sitting on has windows 11 laptop

  1. Take Your Airpods Out of the case, and place them near your windows 11 pc.

The speaker icon highlighted on the windows 11 Taskbar

Click the SpeakeR icon on the taskbar.

Click the > icon to the right of the volume control. Icon to the right of the volume control highlighted in windows 11 “Width =” 1920 “height =” 1080 ” />

If the Bluetooth Button is grayed out, it yours Bluetooth has been turned off. You’ll need to click the Bluetooth Button before clicking the > button.

Headphones (Airpods Pro) Highlighted in the windows 11 Audio Device Menu

Click Headphones (Airpods) In The List of Devices.

Do Apple Airpods Work With Windows 11 pcs?

Airpods are designed to work seamlessly with iphones and other apple devices, but you can pay and connect airpods to any windows 11 pc with bluetooth. Your airpods can even remember your windows 11 pc, your iphone, and other devices as well, allowing you to switch between them Whenever you want.

How do I disconnect my airpods on windows 11?

Select the Speaker Icon in the Taskbar and choose the Default Speakers to Disable The Headphones. To unpair your headphones from your pc, Go to the Bluetooth Settings, chooses your airpods, and select Disconnect.

Why do my airpods keep Disconnecting from my pc?

Your Airpods Might Be Going Into Power Save Mode when you are a playback audio break. OPEN THE WINDOWS Device Manager, Go to your Airpod’s Properties, and Disable The Power Management Feature.

Why Won’t My Airpods Connect To My Pc?

If Your Airpods Won’t Connect, It Could Be due to Low Battery, or There Could Be a Problem with Windows 11 Bluetooth. If All Else Fails, Reset Your Airpods.

How do i turn off my airpods?

You can turn off airpods. They go into power save mode when not in use. To can be battery life, keep your headphones in the case when you are done using them.