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Trail Connect is an application created for the practice of trail.

Trail Connect

Trail Connect is an application dedicated to the practice of trail.

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Trail Connect is an application created for the practice of trail.

You are a experienced or beginner trailer ? The Trail Connect application supports you in your practice, from training to competition.

To access all of the features, you will need a user account on the Trail Trail site. You will have access to a geolocation system, which will allow you to guide and locate on your card. You will be able to consult all IGN cards in France, Switzerland and Belgium, directly on your smartphone.

You will be able to record your traces and load the pre-recorded traces from the Trail Trace library, in order to experiment with new courses, already tested and approved by other trailers.

All cards are available offline after download. Trail Connect allows the user to guarantee his security during his trail outings: you can share your position with your loved ones, activate an alert if you get out of your course, or contact help if necessary.

The application also includes a weather tab, to find out in what conditions you will go out.

All poles


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