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Paramount+ was launched in March 2021 in the United States and arrived in France at the end of 2022 . Since then, it has attracted more than 60 million subscribers. Its content is integrated into several offers, such as the Canal+ Ciné Series pack . Amazon Prime Video also offers an optional subscription that gives access to paramount content+. However, it is quite possible to access it in isolation.


Paramount+ is a SVOD solution available in France and around the world. It offers many films, series and cartoons streaming. Paramount+ Available in web, TV, iOS and Android version and is included in the Canal+ Ciné Series pack.

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Paramount+ is an American SVOD service dedicated to lovers of series and cinema. Available in web, TV, iOS and Android version, it has conventional features: search for movies and series, video reading, multi-screen streaming, parental control, etc. Paramount+ offers the contents of the channels of the Associations Distribution and Production Group: Showtime, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Smithsonian Channel. It is available in many countries including France and is notably included in the Canal+ Ciné Series offer.

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Why use Paramount+ ?

Paramount+ is, just like Netflix or Disney+, an American platform dedicated to fans of video and cinema streaming. Translated into French, it was created by the group for the production and distribution of paramounts Global films.

Paramount+ was launched in March 2021 in the United States and arrived in France at the end of 2022 . Since then, it has attracted more than 60 million subscribers. Its content is integrated into several offers, such as the Canal+ Ciné Series pack . Amazon Prime Video also offers an optional subscription that gives access to paramount content+. However, it is quite possible to access it in isolation.

Because of its recent launch, the Paramount+ streaming solution is not as rich in films and other videos as its competitors. She recently joined the catalog of the Showtime channel, which previously had its own SVOD platform. Apart from that, there are recognized channels, such as Nickelodeon or MTV. A new collaboration between Paramount+ and the production company Gaumont was announced in the spring of 2022. This partnership should make it possible to add to the Paramount catalog+ many original series.

Paramount+ offers generalist content, which is suitable for both adults and small. There are, in fact, in addition to various films, series and documentaries of many cartoons as well as Japanese animated. However, if the Paramount group has more than 4000 programs, everything is not yet available on Paramount+.

Paramount catalog+

Paramount is based on several recognized channels, listed in its “Marques” tab. We thus find on Paramount+ the films and series from:

  • Showtime (Dexter, Les Borgias, Nurse Jackie, Yellowjackets, etc.)).
  • COMEDY CENTRAL (South Park, etc.)).
  • MTV (musical programs, etc.)).
  • Nickelodeon (Avatar, Welcome to Les Loud, Bob the sponge, etc.)).
  • Nickelodeon Junior (Pat Patrol, Dora the Explorer, etc.)).
  • Smithsonian Channel (this channel brings together many documentaries inspired by museums and research at the Smithsonian Institute).

The SVOD service of the Paramount studio offers not only exclusive films and series but also original content: 1923, fatal link, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Star Trek Discovery, The Offer (which tells in particular the history of creation From the film the godfather by the Paramount Pictures studios), etc..

Compared to its competitors, Paramount+ offers relatively few new products. There are a number of successful classics and films. Because of his youth, his catalog remains, for the time being, restricted: it may be interesting to couple it with other streaming applications, especially since Paramount+ is included in several offers (Canal+ Ciné Séries, Amazon Prime Video )).

Personalization of results

On its home page, Paramount+ highlights the news, films and trend series as well as the different brands that constitute it. Then come the original and exclusive programs followed by several categories: action, family, essential, to devour the weekend, humor, nostalgia, etc.

Paramount+ offers quite a few recommendations based on user habits. The latter however has a list of favorites in which he can pay the programs he likes. Beyond this tool, personalization remains less advanced than in competitors like Netflix, where we can indicate what has been thought of in content or access a list of suggestions.

Paramount features+

The Paramount+ platform is classified by series, films and brands. Each service tab goes up all of the available videos. It is possible to filter these results by gender (adventure, action, humor, police, documentary, drama, kids, horror, animated, thriller …). Some content is classified by collection (for example, in films, we find the Indiana Jones or Scream category). Paramount+ also provides a basic search mode.

Unlike its competitors, Paramount+ sticks to the essentials: the vignettes of the videos have no annex functionality or any shortcut. Only a blue ribbon signals the novelty of the film or the series. By clicking on a sticker, we access a presentation sheet with very little information (only a summary of a line, the periodicity, if it is a series, and a trailer). We find, for the series, a list of episodes. Paramount+ also highlights programs similar to the selected content. Videos rating is very well indicated thanks to small colored pastilles indicating the minimum age required.

By clicking on a “watching” button, the user can launch Paramount video player+. The latter also has simple functions (reading button, back / advance 10 seconds, volume, full screen, subtitles, Chromecast diffusion, picture in picture). It is notably possible to modify the size, fat and color of the police as well as its background.

The user can start viewing content on one device and take it back on another. On smartphone, Paramount+ also includes content downloading for offline use among its features.

On the young audience side, it is possible to define suitable profiles and set up a parental control, based on the use of a PIN code.

How to use Paramount+ ?

Paramount+ users can access it from many devices, including:

  • A web browser.
  • An iOS or Android application.
  • Apple TV 4 and 5.
  • A device compatible with Android TV, Firetv, Roku, Chromecast.
  • A Samsung or LG television.

It is also possible to watch the videos of the paramount+ platform+ through orange TV or by connecting from it from Amazon Prime Video or Canal+ (with the Canal+ Ciné Series offer) with the required subscription.

For the time being, Paramount+ service is not accessible in the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal , Romania, Serbia, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden. Users located there must go through the ScyshowTime platform to use Paramount+.

How to subscribe to Paramount+ ?

To subscribe to Paramount+, just connect to the official service website, click on the “subscribe to Paramount+” button and create an account with an email and a password (you have to, of course , accept in passing the conditions of use of the platform). You must then choose the type of payment (monthly or annual) and provide your postal address as well as its bank details.

New arrivals can test the platform for free and watch your movies for 7 days. After this period, you have to pay a subscription at a price of 7.99 euros to continue to take advantage of the paramount+ service and all its features (in comparison, in the United States, the price of the subscription without advertising has passed during the first quarter of the year 2023 from $ 9.99 to $ 11.99). There is in particular an annual formula for 79.90 euros which saves 2 months of samples.

The subscription gives the right to the creation of 6 profiles per account. If it is possible to use Paramount+ on as many devices as desired, simultaneous viewing is limited to 3 screens. The platform offers its videos in Full HD (1080p). For the time being, it does not offer HDR or 4K. On the audio side, the sound is in stereo. Multichannel format 5.1 as well as the Dolby Atmos are not available.

Alternatives to Paramount+

Paramount+ has recently arrived on the SVOD applications market and it is clear that its competitors are numerous. Let us quote, for example, the Netflix giant, which has embarked on the field for more than 15 years and which has existed in France since 2014. This service also produces original works and has a very important catalog of series and films. Meeting a nice success, he won first place in the video streaming market.

Although it has more than 230 million subscribers, Netflix is ​​today followed by the Amazon Prime Video platform, which offers various content (films, television shows, sports programs, etc.), videos on demand as well as subscriptions to additional channels: we find in particular paramount+ in its offer. Amazon Prime Video is now on the way to exceed Netflix in the United States, which is not nothing.

Among the other platforms, we can also cite Disney+, which has the advantage of having several renowned licenses, such as Marvel, Starwars, Pixar or National Geographic. By being straightening, we also access all the productions of the firm with large ears, which is very interesting when you have children. Although Disney+ has expanded its content by offering “adult” oriented videos, this SVOD service is however loss of speed and lost more than 6 million subscribers in 2023.

Do not hesitate, if you are looking for other alternatives, to read our comparison of the best streaming platforms of current video .

Paramount+: Take advantage of 1 month of free trial with a code

You want to enjoy a free trial month at the Paramount streaming service+ ? Currently, a code allows you to go from 7 days of free trial to 30 days of free trial by selecting the monthly subscription. All the details of this good plan are to be viewed in the rest of the article.

Paramount more

Click here to enjoy this good plan

Available in France since December 1, 2022, Paramount+ gives you the opportunity to subscribe to the monthly price of 7.99 euros as a new customer, with 7 days of free trial. But, at the moment, a code allows you to Take advantage of a month’s testing month offered instead of 7 days.

To benefit from it, simply click on the deal of the deal and then on “subscribe to Paramount+”. After clicking on “Continue”, you must enter your name and surname, your email address and your word to pass, and accept the conditions of use. Following these steps, you must select the monthly subscription, enter your bank details and above all indicate the coupon Rabbithole in the box below the mention ‘you have a promo code ?’. Thanks to the entry of the coupon, the free trial period will end in the next 30 days.

Finally, finish the subscription route to Paramount+ by clicking the “Accept and subscribe” button and do not forget to terminate your subscription (in account settings) to avoid future direct debits. Even if the termination will be taken into account, you will keep your free trial period for 1 month.

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Paramount+ is available for free for free, here is how to take advantage of it

Paramount+ arrives in France ! For the arrival of the video platform, you can try it for free for 7 days. We tell you here how to take advantage of this good plan to enjoy the catalog of films, series and documentaries without paying.

Very popular in the United States, Paramount+ arrived in France a few days ago. Like its competitors like Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+, this new video streaming service provides a catalog rich in films, series, documentaries and other exclusive content. Paramount more is a streaming service that brings together different universes. In addition to original productions, it offers many content from all its channels, namely CBS, Showtime, Comedy Central or The CW. Without forgetting either the content made by the Paramount Pictures studio which has signed hundreds of mythical films and series in Hollywood since the post-war period. For the youngest as well as adolescents, Paramount+ provides MTV as well as Nickelodeon, offering to see programs adapted to this audience. Different major franchises are on the new paramount service+. We can for example cite sagas as a mission impossible, Star Trek or Indiana Jones. Other productions well known to the general public are on Paramount+, like the sponsor or pulp fiction trilogy. Paramount Plus also highlights French cinema, with achievements like the three brothers, the Grand Bleu, Cloclo or the boys and Guillaume at the table. Like all other streaming video platforms, Paramount+ also has multiple series to watch. Some of them are exclusive to streaming service, like The Offer, The First Lady or Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. If you are looking for series that have marked history, the essential South Park and Dexter are also available. The youngest can be entertained in front of series like Bob the sponge and Pat’Patrouille in particular.

Paramount+ is free with Amazon Prime Video

The Paramount+ catalog interests you ? For its big arrival in France, the streaming service is free for 7 days ! At the end of this trial period, the Paramount+ subscription costs 7.99 euros per month. Paramount more is offered at the same price as in OTT. This is a non -binding formula that allows you to put an end to it at any time, free of charge. This subscription offer in Paramount+ is offered for Amazon members prime as part of their subscription. Amazon Prime is the loyalty program for the e-merchant. With a premium subscription, you benefit from advantages such as free and unlimited express delivery, exclusive discounts on the site as well as access to entertainment platforms such as Video, Prime Music, Prime Gaming or Prime Reading. It is precisely from the Amazon Prime Video video platform that you can get paramount+ for 7 days. The subscription to Amazon Prime costs 69.90 euros for a one -year commitment, or 6.99 euros per month without commitment. In the event of a new subscription to a bonus, you benefit from 30 days of free trial and without obligation. A preferential rate is even offered to students with Amazon Prime Student, at 34.95 euros per year. Amazon Prime Student even allows you to test the Amazon subscription for 90 days and allows you to have even more exclusive offers, such as 10% discount on a catalog of Microsoft Surface items. From Amazon Prime Video, many contents are available like the new Lord of the Rings: the rings of power as well as The Boys. Paramount Plus brings together a multitude of programs and intends to win market share with its offer. At the end of 2022, Paramount+ had 43 million subscribers, to which are added the 22.4 million in the Showtime channel. So don’t delay to take advantage of this good paramount plan+ on Amazon Prime Video !

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