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The success of this browser is due to several aspects, as being developed in OpenSource, its performance, its evolution or its addons system, imitated by other developments.

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You are looking to navigate free on the internet ? Mozilla Firefox is made for you. Free, in French and compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser that allows you to quickly load internet pages when you browse online.

There are many software and applications to browse the internet. Among these browsers, two stand out by the number of users who installed them ! Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The two compete on the point of functionalities in order to recover first place, which delights their users who are the first to benefit from their rivalries.

What are the features of Mozilla Firefox ?

Like all latest generation Internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox offers tab navigation. On computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) The tabs are at the top of the Mozilla Firefox window. To open a new tab, just click on the + located at the top right. Tab navigation allows you to open as many internet pages as you wish at the same time. It is possible to pin tabs, they are then grouped to the left of the tab bar and are reduced to the simple favicon of the site visited. This can for example allow you to always have certain pages at hand: your email address, your bank, your calendar, a messaging service, etc.

Note that you can configure Firefox so that the open tabs are kept when you close the window. For this you must go to the settings (icon containing three lines located at the top right of the address bar) and indicate that you want the browser to keep the last tabs open in memory.

Mobile tab management (iOS, Android) is different: click on the small square at the top right that contains a figure (this is the number of open tabs). The open tabs appear in an online list with an image of the web page, its address and title.

Mozilla Firefox has a simple and customizable interface to which it is possible to apply visual themes. You can also install additional modules that will allow you to add very practical features to the browser: advertising blocker (remember, however, that your favorite sites live thanks to it), tab detection (put in the look of the tabs of which you Do not use to recover system resources), spelling and grammar corrector, etc.

What are the safety features of Mozilla Firefox ?

Like all Internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox is able to keep your usernames and passwords in memory, which allows you to avoid having them re -enact them with each connection. He also offers you a very random password generator and as it retains for you, it is ideal for securing your various internet accounts. Mozilla Firefox Allows the synchronization of your research and data on all your devices. To do this, simply create a free account (Mozilla only sees your username and not your password) and connect to all the Firefox instances on all your devices.

All data transfer features to the Mozilla Foundation can be set via the Firefox setting menu, which allows you to always know what you are sending and why. It is also possible to use a private navigation window that allows you to navigate without leaving any trace.

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Version 117.0.1
Last update September 25, 2023
Licence Free software
Downloads 45 (last 30 days)
Author Mozilla Foundation
Operating systems Windows 64 bit – 7/8/10/11, Android, iOS iPhone/iPad, macOS, Linux, Windows Portable – 7/8/10/11, 32 -bit Windows – 7/8/10/11
Category Internet


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Surfing by internet has become one of the most usual activities we do on a PC so that if you want to enjoy the best experience, it is important to count the best browser. Firefox stands up as one of the best thanks to its performance and stability.

The best browser in the world

We dare not say so much but since Mozilla Firefox appeared with the hand of Mozilla Foundation in 2004 he followed a success path which led him to become a plus used on the planet, By fighting for the title against Chrome by Google and the Internet Explorer and Edge of Microsoft (Safari, Opera and the others are well behind).

For Windows, for Mac, for Android, for iPhone, for Linux … Multiplateform success.

The success of this browser is due to several aspects, as being developed in OpenSource, its performance, its evolution or its addons system, imitated by other developments.

Addons and extensions of Firefox : additional options for the browser

The extension system of Web Browser de Mozilla is one of the most likely elements to other users: you can Add all kinds of new features to the already available. Anyone can develop and install them from the additional site or uninstall them from the configuration extensions manager is very simple.

For years its extensions have noticed other browsers.

Other browsers like Internet Explorer were clearly lower in this area because they did not improve their services among developers of other programmers, professional and amateurs.

And Quantum arrived.

Version 57.0 introduces the project Firefox Quantum that appeared before beta. And even if Firefox Quantum is not a new version of the browser like Microsoft Edge is on the Internet Explorer, we are still in front a partial renovation of Firefox which introduced a lot of new products. Between them, the new CSS must be highlighted engine, Developed with the Rust programming language, and the capacity to perform simple processes in parallel ways on the nucleus instead of the sequential load.

Another of the characteristics to underline is The decline in the consumption of the RAM in the Chrome. Mozilla claims that he is able to spend up to 30% less in resemblance conditions and who succeeds thanks to the prioritization of the active tab in addition to the mentioned multiproacted execution mention.

main Features

This browser has several options, but here are the most important:

  • Compatible with web standards (HTML5, XML, XHTML, SVG, CSS, JavaScript, etc.).
  • Rendering engine.
  • SSL/TLS security system to protect the connection with servers.
  • Smart cards for authentication.
  • Private navigation mode.
  • Start page configuration.
  • Tab bar.
  • Pop-up blocker.
  • Markers and integrated research.
  • Support for extensions and supplements.
  • Personalization among themes.
  • Synchronization between devices thanks to Firefox Sync.
  • Download manager.
  • Hidden options and features.
  • Protection against trackers and ads.
  • Reading view to read without any distraction.
  • Version 32 and 64 bits.

What browser is it better? Firefox Vs chrome: comparison

Tastes and colors are not discussed but there is from different aspects that differentiate the two navigators the most used in the planet.

  • Interface : Chrome has not changed too much as to its graphic appearance since its appearance in 2008. Mozilla, on the other hand, has changed over time because this browser now has an interface that allows you to use complete themes.
  • Speed ​​and return : The two browsers have a yield resembling according to the various measurement tools such as Jetstream, HTML5 Test or Kraken and but generally the Google browser obtains better results by measuring GIF animations or starting JavaScript elements.
  • Extensions : Google does not give information from its browser but its subscription leads to supposing that it has the necessary and that the web store is well nourished. We can leave the battle for equalities because the Mozilla navigator has more than 15.000.
  • Personalization : apart from extensions, Chrome is not as flexible when allowing the user to personalize his navigation experience. On the contrary, his opponent has the possibility of modifying certain aspects which make the use of the interface more convenient.
  • Confidentiality : In principle, Mozilla has never shown interest in the data generated by the activity of their users. This is an advantage for a large number of users, worried because of personal information flights.

Ultimately, There are no big differences between the two software that a definitive choice can condition. These are small details and the preferences of each who make the decision between choosing to download Mozilla Firefox Or do the same with the Google browser.

In any case, you should know that Firefox is a browser that has properly adapted to the various internet changes and who succeeds in doing it in an increasingly effective way.

News from the latest version

  • New color combinations and theosters for the browser.
  • Update of Windows 11 Style Scroll bars.

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