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There are three “in-lines” modes:

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Mobile and portable edition of the famous Minecraft construction and adventure game, Minecraft – Pocket Edition allows you to play on your smartphones and tablets.

Why play Minecraft – Pocket Edition ?

What are the news of the latest version of Minecraft – Pocket Edition ?

With which OS Minecraft – Pocket Edition is it compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Minecraft – Pocket Edition ?


Minecraft fans, you can play your favorite game from anywhere thanks to the mobile application for Android, iPhone and iPad smartphones and tablets.

For those who do not yet know the principle of the game, Minecraft is a “sandbox” type game, developed by Mojang, which allows you to build what you like, in a cubic universe. The geometric design of the elements may surprise at the beginning, but the infinite possibilities of the game have won millions of players.

Several game modes are available. The creative mode allows you to give free rein to your imagination and build everything you have always dreamed of: from the fortified castle to the pyramids, passing by haunted houses and amusement parks, you can do everything !

The Survival mode embarks on an adventure in its own right where your only objective is to survive, in a hostile universe, populated by monsters and zombies. Finding resources, building a shelter, making weapons will be your main actions to be carried out and then be able to explore your environment.

New mods, addons and updates are regularly performed to provide new elements and renew the game experience.

Note that Minecraft is also available on consoles and computers equipped with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. Many tutorials present you the different possibilities of the game and the tools that can help you in the chosen game mod.

Why play Minecraft – Pocket Edition ?


In Minecraft you will be able to create an environment in your own way by building absolutely what you want. Note that you can create as many different worlds as you wish and go from one to the other.

When you launch Minecraft for the first time, you do not have an existing environment. So you will have to click on Create a world. Once you have started playing Minecraft and you have won parts, you can create new universes using the already existing themes that you can buy in the store.

Minecraft Mobile Creation Monde

To create a new tray from zero, you have a number of parameters to be paid according to your desires. Start by giving it a name, then choose a game mode between survival and creative (creative mode is not available in demonstration), difficulty (peaceful, easy, normal or difficult) and the type of environment (infinite , Dish, old). A whole series of other parameters are available (not in the demo).

If you wish, you can create a multiplayer part and choose which users can connect to it (friends, friends of friends, everyone, etc.). This option is not offered in demonstration on Android.

Minecraft Mobile New World

Your environment thus created, discover. The displacement arrows located at the bottom left of the screen allow you to advance in the direction of your choice. To look around, simply slide your finger on the screen. To interact with what is in front of you (tap in particular) you just have to click on it with your finger.

As you walk in this new world, you will recover raw materials that will serve you later. Note that to recover wood, hit the trees by hand for a long time (for that, keep your finger on the tree). Your environment is subject to day and night cycles. To see at night, you will then need to find something to shed light on.

The raw materials are often on the ground in the form of cubes which turn on themselves, go on it to recover them. Once you have found raw materials, they appear in your inventory (bar at the bottom of the screen). Go to the materials creation menu (by clicking on the three small points at the end of the line) and create the materials and the tools you need. For example, with wood, you can create boards, with which you can then build a shelter or furniture.

Minecraft Mobile Creation Materials

The game guides you little by little, the instructions are indicated on the screen. The first instruction is to pick up wood, then as you go, the game teaches you to make objects: a workbench, a pickaxe, etc., which will help you in the rest of your adventure. If you put one of your materials or objects in the wrong place, you just have to destroy it to recover it in your inventory and be able to use it elsewhere.

You just have to build your home, look for new raw materials to create new objects, etc. And if you meet hostile characters, don’t forget to create a sword or any other form of weapon that will suit you to keep them away. In general, it is important to have a well -stocked inventory to create tools and make objects.

You just have to give free rein to your creativity. The only limit is that of your imagination, especially if you embark on creative mode. Remember to take care of yourself, indicators appear at the top of the screen: your level of food (if you are hungry) and your standard of living (especially if you have been attacked), afterwards others indicators may appear.

Note that Minecraft demonstration is only available for download for the Android platform. IOS (iPhone, iPad) apparatus holders only have the paid full version.

Players have 3 online methods: the “local” mode can accommodate up to 5 players on the same WiFi network; the connection to the world servers not affiliated with the publisher Mojang, which can accommodate an unlimited number of players; The Realms paid service which allows you to play with others, even when the owner of the map is disconnected.

There are other Minecraft applications. Minecraft Education Edition is an educational edition specially designed for class use, allowing Minecraft to make an educational and didactic tool. The features are simpler and accessible and allow in particular to take images (in JPG format) to present the construction work to the teacher. This edition is based on the other version of Minecraft, named Bedrock. It differs from the Java version (the original of Minecraft), by more dynamic graphics, a revised ground, exclusive objects and an official addons system, 4 connection modes, etc.

If you find that your mobile edition of Minecraft is lacking in objects and that it bridles your imagination and your creativity, know that there are mobile applications to add add-ons to your game. With Master Mods for Minecraft PE – Addons for MCPE (compatible only on Android) or Mod -Master for Minecraft Pocket Edition (to download Android and iOS), you can import new skins for your characters, new universes and buildings, new animals, new objects, and many other elements.

What are the news of the latest version of Minecraft – Pocket Edition ?

Like many current games related to an internet practice, Minecraft offers regular events, and often related to the seasons. These events allow players to have access to original objects. The game evolves mainly thanks to its community which puts online new content on a regular basis.

For this summer 2021, immerse yourself in the 1st part of the update: caves and cliffs (cellars and cliffs) with creatures, blocks and new fun objects ! Advent yourself underwater with an axolotl (kinds of small Mexican salamanders) and enjoy the sweet light brought by the shiny octopus. So much for the expanses of water. And during your mounting explorations, be careful to avoid goats because they have the easy horn ! Finally, this update invites you to undermine copper and use it for your structures, your weapons and other useful tools. This rare resource which can only be extracted with a stone pick at least, can be melted with a high stove to make copper bikes for crafts. Note that if you build your house with copper, it will oxidize over time and turn green.

The second part of Cave and Cliffs was deployed in November 2021 and focuses more specifically on the regeneration of land in the basement (caves and caves) and in mountains (cliffs). Indeed, you can dig up to 64 blocks and climb up to 320 blocks. Two new biomes for caves have been added: lush caves and cave cave. Players will be able to discover new landscapes of stalactites and stalagmites, underground rivers and copper ore veins.

In terms of mountains, new biomes are appearing: meadow, grove, snowy slopes, shredded peaks, frozen peaks and rocky peaks. Obviously, the more you go up, the more the vegetation will be rare.

The Wild Update update takes place in June 2022 and adds a new Deep Dark biome, which will be added to the new underground structures. A new creature will appear there, the Warden. The Biome Marais is enriched with tadpoles and frogs.

The next update will take place in the spring of 2023.

With which OS Minecraft – Pocket Edition is it compatible ?

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the mobile edition of the famous game Minecraft (to download for Windows, Mac and Linux but also Xbox, PlayStation, Switch).

You can download it and install it on Android smartphone or tablet from our link to Google Play Store, but also for Apple brand mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) via the App Store. The game being free, you will have to deal with advertising to unlock certain elements.

What are the best alternatives to Minecraft – Pocket Edition ?

Survivalcraft is a game for mobile device whose universe is strongly inspired by Minecraft. It’s a survival game type game. You must find materials to build and make what you need.

Free, and open source Minetest is available in Windows, Linux, Mac and Android version. Here too, you will be entitled to a sandbox type game in a highly pixelated environment. Pick up the raw materials you need and build your universe.

Always in sandbox games, but with action levels, you can also download and test Terraria. Indeed, in Terraria, you will have to cross levels by facing formidable enemies. But to move forward, you will need to create objects, modify your environment, etc.

The last game of this selection is a somewhat special game since it is a question of Roblox. It is a free application for Android and iOS, which you can also open on your computer via online service, or the Windows 10 application. With Roblox, the player can create any type of game and play games created by other users. Roblox takes the sandbox system in a new universe.

You can also test and download Stardew Valley, an adventure RPG with simplified graphics in 2D, for PC and Mobiles. At the junction between Minecraft and Terraria, this game guides the player in a rural universe where he must learn to cultivate, raise animals and live in community by weaving social ties.

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Portable version

Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft Pocket Edition was the old official name given to mobile versions of Minecraft, intended for devices under iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It was presented in demonstration at the E3, on the Sony Xperia Play stand [8] .

From October 29, 2011, this edition was no longer reserved only for Xperia Play, but was available on all Android and iOS phones. Also, from December 10, 2014, the Windows Phone version was available on the Windows Phone Store. From July 29, 2015, a new edition reserved only for Windows 10 was available.

There was previously a Lite version which then offered an experience similar to version 0.2.1, but without the possibility of safeguard; This test version was deleted on October 21, 2013.


Gameplay []

The three versions (Android / iOS / Windows Phone) have the same gameplay [9], which is similar to that of the current Java version almost.

There are three “in-lines” modes:

  • The local mode, requiring two devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network and which can accommodate up to 5 players;
  • The world servers hosted by companies not affiliated with Mojang that can accommodate a large number of players;
  • The Realms service that can allow you to play with others even when the owner of the map is disconnected. This service is presented in the form of expensive subscriptions, but a free trial period is available.

Exclusive features []

Correspondence page : Exclusive/laptop features

The portable version includes many exclusive features (cauldron filled with potion, water smoothing. )).

List of objects []

List of blocks []

The portable version included more than 370 blocks available, namely:

Creatures []

The portable version included around 40 creatures, namely:

  • THE
    sheep s in the 0.2.0.
  • THE
    Zombie s in the 0.2.0.
  • THE
    pig S in the 0.2.1.
  • THE
    Cow s in the 0.3.0.
  • THE
    hen s in the 0.2.1.
  • THE
    skeleton s in the 0.3.3.
  • THE
    spider S in the 0.3.3.
  • THE
    CreEper S in the 0.4.0.
  • THE
    Pigs-Zombies in the 0.5.0.
  • THE
    Endermen in the 0.9.0.
  • THE
    Villagers in the 0.9.0.
  • THE
    SLIME S in the 0.9.0.
  • THE
    Silver fish in the 0.9.0.
  • THE
    wolf in 0.9.0.
  • THE
    Poulpe S in the 0.11.0.
  • THE
    Magma cubes in the 0.11.0.
  • THE
    Ghast S in the 0.12.1.
  • THE
    Blaze s in the 0.12.1.
  • THE
    WITHER Skeleton S in the 0.12.1.
  • THE
    Village zombies in the 0.12.1.
  • THE
    OCELLOT S and
    cat s in 0.12.1.
  • THE
    snow goles and
    iron golems in the 0.12.1.
  • THE
    rabbit s in the 0.13.0.
  • THE
    Witch S in the 0.14.0.
  • THE
    horses, the
    donkeys and
    mules in the 0.15.0.
  • THE
    Vagabonds in the 0.15.0.
  • THE
    mummified zombies in the 0.15.0.
  • THE
    Horses in the 0.15.0.
  • THE
    Guardians in the 0.16.0.
  • THE
    Great goalkeepers in the 0.16.0.
  • THE
    Withers in the 0.16.0.
  • THE
    Ender Dragons in the 1.0.
  • THE
    White bear in the 1.0.
  • THE
    Shulkers in the 1.0.
  • THE
    Endermites in the 1.0.
  • THE
    Lamas in the 1.1.
  • THE
    Evocative in the 1.1.
  • THE
    Vinders in 1.1.
  • THE
    Vexs in the 1.1.

Gallery []

Smoothing of lighting on water in the portable version.
The home screen of Minecraft Pocket Edition In version 0.12.1 on Android.
A screenshot of the game in creative mode.
Notch holding a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.
A sunset on the portable version.
Inventory of the creative mode of the portable version in version 0.13.1.
Smoothing of the color of the grass between the two biomes.
The inventory bar in the portable version.
A multiplayer server.
Main menu in version 0.13.1 alpha.
Creation of the advanced card in version 0.9.0 alpha.

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