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One of the biggest advantages of Word is its ability to integrate effortlessly with other Microsoft applications. Need to insert an Excel table or a PowerPoint slide ? No problem. This integration makes the creation of multidimensional documents that are both simple and effective.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It allows users to create, edit and format text documents intuitively. Whether to write a letter, a report or a dissertation, Word is the tool of choice for many professionals and individuals.

  • Why use Microsoft Word on Windows ?
  • How to use Microsoft Word ?
  • What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Word ?

Why use Microsoft Word on Windows ?

For more than 20 years, Microsoft Word has established itself as the essential reference for online word processing, facilitating the writing, reading and sharing of text documents. A real multiplatform tool, this software is accessible on Mac, iOS and Android, offering an optimized experience for the editing of letters, CV, invoices, whether on computer, tablet or mobile.

Essential in the professional world, Microsoft Word meets the needs of almost all trades. From an early age, he was adopted at school for writing homework or the creation of slideshow. With its panoply of tools and options, Microsoft Word is distinguished as one of the most versatile software on the market.

Advanced layout

Word offers an impressive range of layout tools. Whether you want to create a simple document or a complex relationship with tables of materials, indexes and annexes, Word covers you. The options for headers and feet, columns, sections and margins allow extensive customization of each page.

Revision and comments

Macros are scripts that automate repetitive tasks in Microsoft Word. For example, if you must frequently apply the same formatting to a group of paragraphs or modify the capitalization of certain words, you can create a macro to automate this process.

Integration with other applications

One of the biggest advantages of Word is its ability to integrate effortlessly with other Microsoft applications. Need to insert an Excel table or a PowerPoint slide ? No problem. This integration makes the creation of multidimensional documents that are both simple and effective.

Predefined models

For those who do not want to start from scratch, Word offers a large library of predefined models. Whether it is professional reports, letters, CVs or brochures, there is a model for almost all occasions, allowing users to save time and ensure the consistency of their documents.

Research and reference tools

Word is equipped with integrated tools for research, grammatical and orthographic verification, and even quote. These tools are essential for editors, researchers and students who wish to produce specific and well referenced documents.

Online backup and sharing

With the cloud era, the ability to save and share online documents has become crucial. Thanks to integration with OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, users can not only save their documents safely in the cloud, but also share them and collaborate with others, wherever they are.

How to use Microsoft Word ?

Microsoft Word is generally available via a subscription to Microsoft 365, which offers not only Word, but also other Office Applications and Cloud Services. However, for those who do not wish to subscribe, there are autonomous Word versions available for purchase (LTSC). These versions may have a higher initial cost, but they do not require recurring subscription fees.

To take full advantage of all Word features, it is recommended to have a Microsoft account. This account not only makes it easier to save your documents in the cloud via OneDrive, but also offers transparent integration with other Microsoft services. If you choose not to use an account, you can always use Word, but certain features related to cloud and collaboration in real time can be limited.

Microsoft Word is available on a variety of platforms. Of course, it is most commonly associated with Windows, but there are also robust versions for Mac and the web. In addition, for those who are on the move, Word mobile applications are available for Android and iOS, allowing an edition and collaboration on the go.

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Word ?

Although Microsoft Word is a giant in the field of word processing, there are other options that may better suit certain users:

WPS Office

WPS Office is a complete office suite which is distinguished by its compatibility and lightness. Its text editor is designed to look like Word, which facilitates transition for new users. In addition to its word processing tools, WPS Office offers a multitude of formatting models and tools, as well as cloud integration for storage and sharing of documents. Its free version is already rich in functionality, but premium options are available for those looking for advanced features.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a force majeure in the world of text editors based on the cloud. Its greatest strength lies in real -time collaboration, allowing several users to work on a document simultaneously. With an intuitive interface and transparent integration with other Google services, Google Docs is ideal for those who are deeply anchored in the Google ecosystem. In addition, being based on the cloud, it offers universal accessibility, allowing users to access their documents from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection.

OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer, just like Libreoffice, is an open-source solution that has been developed as an alternative to Microsoft Word. OpenOffice Writer is recognized for its stability and its ability to manage a variety of documents of documents. It offers a full range of word processing, formatting and layout tools, all in an interface that recalls the previous versions of Word. For those who seek an experience of word processing without frills but powerful, Apache OpenOffice Writer is an option to consider.


Concept is distinguished by being more than a simple text editor. It combines writing, task management, creating databases, and much more, all in a refined and modern interface. Although its learning curve can be a little more abrupt than that of Word, its versatility makes it a powerful tool for those who seek to centralize their workflows. In addition, its ability to integrate multimedia content, web links and widgets makes it particularly suitable for users who seek to create interactive and dynamic documents.


Microsoft Word is word processing software from Microsoft Office suite. It allows you to quickly and simply create professional documents.

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Why use Microsoft Word ?

What are the news of the latest version of Microsoft Word ?

With which Microsoft Word bones is compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Word ?


Microsoft Word is the Microsoft Bureau Office Office Treatment Software, recently renamed Microsoft 365 For its subscription offer. Each new version contains new characteristics and improvements that allow you to improve your documents.

Microsoft Word is also compatible with the cloud system Microsoft OneDrive (free) Microsoft This allows you to work on the same documents with other users simultaneously and to save your data on the cloud. There is also a possibility of exporting your files to PDF format, this very practical format which fully retains your layout and allows you to send documents to your contacts even if they do not have the same version of Word as YOU.

Microsoft Word can no longer be bought alone, it is part of the suite Microsoft 365 Or Microsoft Office. This suite allows you to download and install all Microsoft software (depending on the license chosen), so you will find it Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, etc. If you do not want to install software on your computer, or just want to test the functionality of the office suite, you can use the free versions (which offer almost all the functions of the pay) or in the form of a smartphone application and tablet (Android, iPhone, iPad), either with online service (to open with your web browser). In any case, you will need to create a free Microsoft account (if you don’t already have one).

Why use Microsoft Word ?

Microsoft Word is the reference word processing software in the Microsoft Office suite. It is the best known but also the most complete of this type software. All its functions are easily accessible via the very famous ribbon menu located at the top of the work window. This has also been taken up on the online version (to display it as on the software, click on the small arrow which is right to the right of the ribbon).

Microsoft Word Ribbon menu

Its interface is therefore easy to access and clear for all users regardless of their level in computer science. The various menus are displayed online, and when you click on one of them its content is displayed in the ribbon below. The ribbon is fully customizable, allowing you to choose the order of functions, add absent functions or delete them, which Allows you to always have on hand the tools you need.

Word is therefore a writing application, in simpler words that means that you can use it to type text: a letter, a course, a duty, a customer file, etc. So this is the first use of the application. But, of course, it does not stop there. You can indeed subject your presentation a whole bunch of mutations to transform it into a professional project of quality.

There are first of all formatting tools. These tools are accessible via the Home menu, which is the main menu. Since this location it is possible to change the font, the size, put in bold, in italics, highlight, highlight, bar, put by exposing or index the words you have hit. You can also define the alignment of your paragraphs: centered, aligned on the left, right, back, choose the point of place, the spacings of the paragraphs, etc. Word also allows Dictate via your microphone (free), copy, stick, etc.

You will also have access to the brand new smart editor set up by Microsoft. This publisher allows the Correction of spelling and grammar (free), but also goes much further (premium only). Indeed, he is capable ofanalyze the text that you have typed to make you suggestions for phrases turn. He will also be able to warn you if you have used incomprehensible expressions. But that’s not all ! Indeed the publisher is able to tell you the time necessary for reading and for its presentation (reading aloud). It is an ultra intelligent tool, users with a license Microsoft 365 will be able to use it in its entirety.

To put an end to this first menu, it is also from there that the shaping. You can Create titles with several levels. Using styles to create your titles it is then possible to automatically generate a table of contents (Car Word will recognize all levels of titles, only in the office version with paid subscription, that is to say installed on your computer).

Creating a beautiful project well presented is therefore very simple. But writing is not the only interesting function of Microsoft Word. The application will also allow you, via the Insertion menu, Insert a whole bunch of objects, which you need to illustrate your file. It is thus possible to insert tables (with choice of the number of columns and lines), images (including online images from your cloud Microsoft OneDrive or from the Internet via research with Bing), links, comments, symbols and emojis (or emoticons). It is also from this location that it is possible to insert the page numbers and create your headers and feet of page with all their particularities: first different, pairs and odd, etc.

To end the insertions, Word proposes to insert content by adding specific applications via the Store Office. It is thus possible to directly insert quotes from Wikipedia, emoticons, digital signatures, barcodes, geographic cards, photos from free or free platforms (like Pexels), etc.

Microsoft Word Additional Office

THE Layout menu will allow you to define the information related to printing such as margins, orientation, size of the paper, but also for paragraphs withdrawals and spacings (which we had already seen in the reception).

THE Reference menu Allows you to add the football or end of the document notes (your choice), but also to create an index of these notes afterwards if you created them through this).

THE Revision menu mainly used for work in collaboration. It will allow you to add comments, see the comments of other users, accept or refuse a modification and navigate in the modifications (via the following and previous buttons). This is also where you can use the translator : Select the text to translate and click the corresponding button, the original language will be automatic detected and you can choose the output language (by default English), the translated text can be inserted in the editorial area, instead of the old if necessary, which allows you to modify it at leisure.

You will also have access to the publisher again (configuration, automatic correction options, language), but also your document data : number of words, number of characters (with and without spaces), numbers of paragraphs. To do this, simply select the Statistics button.

Finally, the menu Display will allow you to change the way Word displays the project on the screen: reading mode (without the menus or any other visual discomfort, to go back to normal mode click on modification), zoom, navigation mode (which allows you to pass from One title to another), header and footer, foot notes, ends and end of page notes.

This is also from here that you can activate the Reading aloud of the document via the button ” immersive reader »». The reader is configurable: you can change the speed of the voice and choose between a male or feminine voice.

Note that the software also provides a series of models, when you create a new file they are offered to you. These models are special layouts already ready to be filled: guard page, CV, invitation, cover letter, menu, prospectus, business cards.

What are the news of the latest version of Microsoft Word ?

Word in its new version has brought lots of new features compared to previous versions. First of all at the level collaborative : when you work at the same time as an employee on the same document (via Microsoft OneDrive) You can see the real -time changes, With the name of the employee.

It is also this version that saw the tool of translation And the one of Reading aloud. From Word you can also hand write (very useful when you use a surface tablet) with choice of the type of pencil. For scientists, this edition also makes it possible to use theLatex mathematical syntax tool which allows you to write equations.

In new products, we can also cite the possibility ofInsert 3D objects with in addition an option that allows THE TO DO swing.

In short, always more features and accessibility for products from the Microsoft range.

With which Microsoft Word bones is compatible ?

You can download Microsoft Word for Windows 8.1, 10 or 11 (previous versions are no longer supported by Microsoft). The mobile version of the Microsoft system benefits from its own specific application.

If you have an Apple Mac, no problem, you will need to have up -to -date macOS (one of the last three versions) to download Microsoft Word.

For smartphones and tablet there are free Android applications via the Google Play Store, and iOS (iPhone and iPad from iOS 11.0) Via the App Store. Word exists in application alone or in the complete package Mobile office (which is also free).

And then remember, Word exists free of charge directly online via your web browser. In this version, it is accessible with Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. It is a very close version of the complete with a few small clamps, especially in terms of models, the editor and the table of contents. Find Word Online in our file: Data storage and backup: what the cloud can do for you

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Word ?

If you are just looking for a word processor, there are little available to download and free. Most of the time you will have to turn to complete office (free or paid) office) including a writing application, a spreadsheet (like Excel), a DTP program (like Power point), etc.

But let’s talk aboutAbiword, which is the exception. This is an open source (or free software) program. It is free and without advertising. Very complete and multiplateform you can download it for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is not as advanced as Word in terms of features, but may be enough for the creation of simple documents. Alas, he has not been updated for a while.

Google Docs is the writing platform proposed by Google. Here nothing to download since it is an online service that opens via Google Drive (with other tools: spreadsheet, DTP, etc.)). Note that smartphone and tablet applications are also available for download (Android and iPhone, iPad). Docs has practically nothing to envy Word. It corrects spelling and grammar, and allows publishing in collaboration. It has a large number of functions including advanced formatting (with titles),. He can even insert a table of contents, notes, images, etc. All free of charge and without advertising !

Finally with complete free (and without advertising always) note the presence of two suites from the open source world. It is Open Office (a little neglected by his community) and LIBEROFICE (from the first and with a very active community). Here no mobile version, but software to download. These are two office consequences which include a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet (Calc), a pao (impress), etc. Both are compatible Windows, Linux and Mac.

Wordperfect Office is a direct competing paid solution of Word, edited by Corel. It is actually a complete office suite. It includes Word Perfect the text editor, Quattro pro The spreadsheet, presentations the PAO software as well as a notes utility and a photo editor and manager. This office suite is available for downloads in demonstration version, for Windows only.

Other suite available: WPS Office. Like the others it includes a word processor, spreadsheet, pao, etc. It exists in version to download for smartphone and tablet and in computer version. Its use is free (but contains advertising). A premium paid version is possible to have more features.